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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
And when I said the thing about wielding a sword in a PV... 
21st-Nov-2010 06:47 pm
Ah, the way VII-SENSE's vocalist played around with a sword n one of their PVs had irked me so, I wrote a whole paragraph about just how... *laughs*

Wait, this one, to Revelation:

My words to that 'incident' were

"Also, fake swords? Ew. Come one, if you want to play with swords, then use a real one, or at least one that looks more real than that, that's just ridiculous. Or at least if it has to look as unreal, then wield it in a way that looks as if you're familiar with swords! Guh. That way just looks like... dunno, give me high heeled stilettos and let me stalk over a cat-walk with them, that's what it looks like. Can't make holding a sword look cool, don't do it. Just please. Shaura, no matter how fake it is, you're gonna hurt someone with it. Put it down, please."って

Well, I guess he at least tried. >.O But seriously, no, just... don't try anymore. |D

Anyway, so now I happened to stumble upon someone who, in my humble opinion, is doing it right.

Funny enough, it's "Shaura's original" XD How awesome is that.

Now this... this is what I call "doing it right".

Well, guess they can actually afford having real things in their PVs.
Nice looking real things even.

Oh look, a horse! *3*

I eh, actually do think that D are doing a lot of things "right" in that PV 8D Like mmmh, wow, Nice work.

Trying to not stare at Hide-Zou, but then again, luckily [...? |D] the camera moves fast enough to not get lost, orz. Should dream of him one day. That might be fun.

... I know I mentioned something about monster hunting... I'm actually on it |D
Dani just sent me the PV, that's why~~~~ I got distracted. Mmhn *nod*

*concentrates on slaying*

EDIT: Couple of hours later I found out that there's a new Screw PV/album (lol), obviously I went to watch it.

Woah the sound.
... For some reason I didn't quite expect Byou's voice at all though. When he started singing, I was kind of ... startled. XD So weird.

And is it just me, or... is this ~not~ Screw's first PV that starts off with a shot on Jin's thighs? It seemed such a familiar... scene XDDD
24th-Nov-2010 06:55 am (UTC)
Oh, D's PV is really amazing, wonderful! Great setting, like a little movie ... the howling wolf, and the heartbeat and lightning in the end ... uuhhhh, that's "big cinema"!!

Screw's new PV, haha, seductive bitch Byou again, haha ...

Hm, this hairstyle (Byou) seems to be very "IN" at the moment. Kyo has his hair similar - a little curly, and of course Mao now has this blonde curls. That's soooo sexy :-))
24th-Nov-2010 11:59 am (UTC)
Deshou? (= right... XD) Lots of their PVs are like you said, little movies. Pretty movies with pretty costumes and the such.

Hah, well he has to have some seductive elements in his vids, that's just him.
Hmm... well, more than 'in', I'd say there might be some "copying sempai" in it as well as "PSC-Company rotating hairstyle" XD
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