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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[翻訳] UnsraW - under the skin 
30th-Nov-2010 01:16 am
Alright, found this again on my desktop, or rather, again became aware of it lying there, and forced myself to some free-time to revise my translation so that I will be able to post it.

The lyrics are from the CALLING booklet, romaji and translation done by me. English lines are in italics in the translation, and lines that aren't printed, yet sung, are in [brackets] in the romaji and translation part.

Notes are as usual to be found at the end of the post, and please don't repost without linking back to this post, much obliged.

under the skin
Bust the life
吐きつけられた罵声 最高のシャワーさ
Waste the life
馬鹿にすればいい 豚の餌食


壊れたガラスを集めて 血塗れの中

土に還るまで 明日を照らして
そう 記憶の中で

泣き叫べ 狂おしい程に
ひれ伏してみろ 跪け
救えない 散るは真理
閉ざされた 再会の夜
この愛に 薔薇は枯れ死んだ
侵されてゆくだろう 白色の涙

土に還るまで 明日を照らして
もう 繰り返されぬよう
目を開き 焼き付けた荒れ果て地
求めてはいない 歪んだ愛情


under the skin
Bust the life
hakitsukerareta basei saikou no SHAWAA sa
Waste the life
baka ni sureba ii buta no ejiki

[Bust the life]
hakisuterareru teashi ni kachi nado wa nai
[Waste the life]
sabaitemiro yo
nani ga dekiru?

kowareta GARASU wo atsumete chimamire no naka
nouri ni shirusareta MERODII ga toki wo kizamu

te wo kasane yakitsuiteyuku ai ga tooku
tsuchi ni kaeru made asu wo terashite
sou kioku no naka de

nakisakebe kuruoshii hodo ni
hirefushitemiro hizamazuke
sukuenai (1) chiru wa shinri
tozasareta saikai no yoru
kono ai ni bara wa kareshinda
hitasareteyuku darou hakushoku no namida (2)

te wo kasane yakitsuiteyuku ai ga tooku
tsuchi ni kaeru made asu wo terashite
mou kurikaesarenu you
me wo hiraki yakitsuketa arehate chi
motomete wa inai yuganda aijou

kioku wo keshite

under the skin
Bust the life
The disgorged, spit out jeers a great shower, ha [1]
Waste the life
It's okay if you make fun of me pig-prey

[Bust the life]
The swiped and thrown away limbs are of no worth whatsoever [2]
[Waste the life]
Try judging
What is it you can do? [3]

I gather the broken glass bloodstained
The melody written down in my mind marks the passage of time [4]

The love that piles up hands and is going to scorch them is far away [5]
Until you return to earth shine on tomorrow
Yes  inside my memory

Cry and scream like maddening
Try prostrating yourself kneel down
Can't save it what scatters is the truth
The locked night of reunion
By this love the roses have withered and died
They are going to be violated, aren't they? White tears (see 2)

The love that piles up hands and is going to scorch them is far away
Until you return to earth shine on tomorrow
So that  it won't be repeated all over again
Open your eyes torched earth, falling into ruin [6]
Undemanding  distorted love [7]

Erase my memory

[1] From the way he wrote hakitsukerareta, it is not clear whether he meant the 'spit' more in a connection of 'attach' (making it seem like 'spit at'), or of 'soak'. Both images would work; more usual would be the first.
[2] Here I found it interesting that if he had chosen to write the haki with a different kanji, we would have been at the 'spit out' again from the first line.
[3] Note that here, as well as in any other places in the song where I chose to use the first person, there is no definite indicator that that is the actual meaning. It could mean "What can I do?" as much as "What can you/they/... do".
[4] Instead of 'written down' this could also mean 'remembered'.
[5] He doesn't say exactly what is scorched.
[6] This is not an imperative. It could as well be him opening his eyes, and whatever he sees upon opening them, is the "torched earth".
[7] Distorted/perverted. Not clear whether he wants to express that the love is "undemanding", or "unwanted/unasked for".

(1) Although he definitely wrote sukuenai, there's no way I hear him sing it. What comes closer to what I hear could be 'owarenai' - instead of "cannot save", the meaning would be "cannot put an end to" or "cannot pursue".
(2) He doesn't seem to be singing namida, instead nami, which would then mean not "white tears" but "white waves".


UnsraW-lyrics that leave me with nothing to puzzle over in the end would not even be half as much fun.
Also, I feel sorry for neglecting lyrics. I'm trying desperately to get some free-time before the moment I turn too tired to move, let alone think.

If you feel like commenting or objecting, or find mistakes, feel free.

For more, you can check out my lyrics translation archive is → here

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