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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Surprises, music, faint constitutions, bottles, and secret sacred languages  
2nd-Dec-2010 02:13 am
mao distorted
Haha, yesterday when I left for work, I had this surprise package in the post-box.
When I passed by the box, I already recognized the shape - the typical CD-Japan one, but its being there had me utterly puzzled.

As I didn't remember ordering anything.

Or rather, I did remember ordering, but I also remembered forgetting all about it (... yes) and how I had no idea of when it would be delivered at all. Adding to that, I just realized, I never got an email saying "We shipped your order today"... guess that was what made it so surprising after all, ahah.

Either way, while walking to the store, I pondered about the mysterious little parcel, soon coming to the conclusion that it must indeed be シド's new single... for I had not ordered anything else. However, had it already been released? |D Oh sooo not up-to-date here.

Either way, it was the single indeed. When I unwrapped the parcel later at home, I had the back of the CD first, with them on it, and when I turned it over, I remembered the wolf, yaah... Obviously I'd pre-order the wolf, not the others heh.

I adore their recent artwork, ugh

Well, 暖炉, the B-side, randomly came up on my way to uni today. It's so jazzy. I love that. キュン... It's perfect for a white winter night... or day. It's snowing here... the image of listening to the song in a room warmed up by fire, drinking hot tea while gazing outside at the snowy, ice-cold landscape... mmh, the image is perfect.

Talking about songs, I also managed to listen to the new SCREW album ~ I had put it on my iPod already last week, but never got around to listen to it. Did so the last couple of days, and oh~~ there are quite a lot of songs on it I really like. Like, quite a lot! *laughs*

For example, a song I just can't seem to get enough of... ahh... the first time I heard it, I was like "oh, this isn't bad. No, this is quite interesting"... but then, each time it would come up, I would like it more and more... By now it's come to that almost every time it comes up, I close my eyes and breathe in the melody in the beginning.

Oh I love the melody. Also, what the heck is Kazuki doing with his guitar? Fucking respect. ... Well it's right, so it ought to be him >.O

Also thought that I could probably chuck out some of the really old SCREW things on my iPod that I only ever use for running, as for example jail breaker fits perfectly into that playlist, too *laughs*

Something else, regarding that entry of Madoka... heh, by now, I've sort of spammed several places about just how it had made me feel, and it's gotten somewhat... farer away... now... but it was... wow.

Either way, when I first had read the entry, tears in my eyes orz, I knew that I had to write him a message. I had wanted to write them all messages about the live anyway, I know that at least Jin and Shou sort of 'requested' that fans write them what they thought of the lives, so yea~h... I really wanted to do that, but once I start thinking, I don't know what to say, ahah.
So before that would happen, I sent him a message, or mail rather, letter, lol, both about his own entry and how I perceived him and or the live, and how grateful I was etcetccccccc... also told him that whatever he wants to say to please go on and say it, his messages won't be lost to European fans, as the blogs 'are being translated' orz orz orz.

Funnily, uhm.

Well, I gave the mail a heading in his sort of style, four kanji, right, 感謝通信, and uhhh... well, when I refreshed my ameba just a little while ago, I saw he had upped with a new entry, and erm, it was called 円的通信... yeaaaaaaaaahright. x.0' *hisses softly* Coincidencccccccessss...

Talking about messages. I'm still working at the old place (in addition to the new one, hah), because there still are some hours left I need to do, ri~ght. Well, so I told my (ex)boss last week-end when I would be able to work this week. However, something changed about the new job, I would work this Friday, too. So I sent my (ex)boss another message, telling him that things had changed, and I would not be able to work on friday, instead on tuesday, and the other days I had told him.

So he sent me a message

"Okay, but I will need you on saturday"

Uhm, nope, no go. Saturdays I'll work more or less the whole day at the new place. So I answered that I won't be able to work on Saturday, as I'll be otherwhere.

Now prepare for the win. His reply was something like

"Last time you said that you will be there on saturday. I already depended on you last time. I am sorry, but I have to make plans. This is no joke. If that won't work, we will have to part. Sorry"

Okay so, I never said that I'll be there on saturday, because I know that I'll work there at the new place regularly. I even checked my msg outbox, it said clearly, that I will be able to work mon, wed, thur and fri regularly. Afterwards I told him that I could not work this Friday after all, etc, but no Saturdays ever were mentioned.
Somehow that message of his made me laugh. It made me think of some other things I've heard recently, and just really really made me think how much people are being ruled by fear once they grow up. You know. Fear of making just the tiniest mistake and being sacked due to that, reducing themselves to minor living beings just for the sake of not irritating their bosses or whatever, living in fear every day. If I had been in a different position, his message could actually have sounded somehow intimidating to me. Oh fuck that. I'm not yet in such a position, and I'm not a person to work sloppily or unreliably or whatever. You don't want me? Fine. No fear whatsoever, not from me.

So my reply was

"I only have had a contract until the end of November anyhow, without any prospect of its prolonging, allow me, but I've already found myself another place to be. [Ich war so frei woanders unterzukommen] I am merely working off the hours I still owe you from November, even though that means double as much work for me. If you do not want that, that'd be fine with me, it would even accommodate me."

Tadah. ぶっちゃけ. No reply, no complaints. w

Just new working hours, followed by a 'thank you'. As usual.

And the next day at work (which was yesterday) he actually came around, and greeted me with his big grin and handshake, as ever.

Oh would you look at that.

[I'm so glad I have the other place, ugh.]

Well I mean seriously, what could he do. Sack me for not bowing, crawling, and licking boots? Yeah sure, that'll only save me work. I'm practically just doing them a favor. Guess what I ~should~ do is never to show my face again, just take the money from November, and that's that.

Don't get me wrong though, my (ex)boss was quite wonderful. Lovely chap, friendly, attentive, fair, etc. it's just the whole place, the company, the exploitation and whatnot that ticks me off. Yes.

Ah well. Took me a while to get out from there. And let's see how I'll do at the new place. I'm such a noob *laughs* Their little chick, ff.

Haha, I just remembered . . . UnsraW... or who/whatever had quite an effect on my body |D
*attenshun, girl talk* ... I was supposed to get my period just one or two days before the live, yay. ... Well, I didn't... And uh, all in all it was about two weeks late, which isn't exactly usual for me, lo~l...
However once it is late like that, it tends to come with some nasty side effects. At least no cramps during the day today, not really, or well, bearable ones, but when I was at work today (old place), I had extreme problems with my circulation. At times I felt like I might just faint if I had to lift just one more bottle of wine or whatnot, and just clutched the racks for some support, orz. Uhm...そう言えば. My faint constitution had only started after I had listened to Core the Child's "Color" downstairs while I filled up the trolley with the bottles that I would later put into the racks though. I know how that song affects me at times, so I guess I was just hyper-sensible and somehow ... augh well ahah |D

At least I didn't faintttt

Oh what a scene that would have caused, kyah <3

Haha, oh there was this guy at work... I was still busy with putting bottles into their shelves, when this guy approached me. Well, I guess first of all he had approached the racks to get something to drink, but then he pointed at my right wrist, which still bears 哲ちゃん's mark, and I said "That wasn't me! I didn't do it!" and he asked, in English -he seemed of African origin-, who had done it.

Him: Was it your boyfriend?
Me: Ahaha... |D *thinks of the other, not visible one and about how she might have replied something tending more towards yes in that case* Uhm. No, not exactly. Uh... *puts bottles on the shelves* it was a guy from a band.
Him: ... Oh~ >.O Oh well, then. Can I write on your arm, too?
Me: Hahah, no. My arm is sacred now. *smirks and puts more bottles on the shelves*
Man: *walks around me, closer to cash-out* Haha... sacred, huh... Well, you know... *leans in* I know some sacred language of my own. [not sure whether he had said something about an old language, or an old tribe or the such before, he might]
Me: *lifts an eyebrow and smiles* Oh really? What kind of?
Man: *half-whispering something in a different language*
Me: ...
Man: Have you heard of it before?
Me: *shakes head* No, I haven't... *slow brain slowly seems to make sense of what it just heard*
Man: Know what it is?
Me: ... No... *mind races and puts language-puzzle-pieces together* ... *suddenly understood it to be french, and suddenly it made perfect sense*
Man: *just at the same time as my brain realized what he had said* It's the language of passion...
Me: *laughs and thinks なるほどね, definitely recognized the french 'passion' there* Ohhhh is ittt...
Man: So you know a bit?
Me: Yea~~~~h welldepends. *~onwhomandsoon, concentrates on bottles while feeling how she turns all hot in her face*
Man: I could teach you some words.
Me: Ahaha, no thank you, I'm fine, I'm... fine... *bottles, BOTTLES*
Man: *laughs* Alright alright *leaves towards cash-out*
Me: ..............................ohyeahIspeakthatlanguagealright............................ . . .*BOTTTLLESSSSS*

oh orz.

Might miss the lunatics |D ♥
Also had a marriage proposal the other day, orrrrz

And why in all... am I still listening to that song? oO I only ever heard it for the first time today and it's almost at 50 plays now, ahaha...

Oh well! ... Bed calls.

uh.......................wait.................whut? oO

Uhum... ah...…ららバィ. バイ.
2nd-Dec-2010 10:28 am (UTC)
Great. GREAT!
I am SO proud of you!!!
You never should feel as a slave to a boss. You are always a COLLEAGUE and somebody who definitely is there for the profit of the company.
Being f*** scared of bosses, that's so typical American - that's what I experienced when I was over there in the States. Horrible!!

Here in Germany, I guess I never felt that way - even though of course there is a fear to be dismissed. But not because of a self-confident personality that dares to sometimes say 'no', but of a general bad economy.

I'm proud to say that once in my life I had a fight with a boss, too. And I didn't give in. In the end I lost the job - but I didn't lose my self-esteem. And that was more important to me. If I would have been the one to give in, this would have been like accept future slavery.

Sure, you should show respect. But that doesn't mean being the "playball" and having no personal rights.
Sure, sometimes you have to give in. But not only because the other person is your boss.
Sure, there is a contract and you should not act against the rules. In your case, you did anything right. You informed your boss. I guess he maybe just tried to intimidate you ... because he needed somebody badly on Saturday ... but as he was nice to you again, that shows that he's definitely not mad at you.

Remember Animal Farm??
All animals are equal. But some are more equal than others ...

Ahhh Madoka. Hm, yeah, probably I would have fallen in love when I met him. *sighs* He's a very impressing personality, simply adorable.

Haha, UnsraWs effect on your body. I know what you're talking about. I can influence this sometimes with my thoughts, yeah. Well, at UnsraWs live in February, I failed. But I guess it was sort of cool to stand in my blood at the live, hehe, real blood ...
Yes, and whenever it comes too late, I suffer heavily (most of the time). No fun. Looking forward to the menopause ...
2nd-Dec-2010 01:54 pm (UTC)
Awww... I'm glad x"D I almost thought you'd think more in direction "Oh you're so damn cheeky >.<" *laughs*
Which boss was that you fought with?

Yeah I guess sometimes... or often, bosses or 'the ones up there' forget about us being humans with lives. Oh Japan, you paradigm <3

My (ex)boss actually texted me today, telling me to get a key tomorrow for a store on Saturday, so I was like "Like said, I can't, on Saturday", and his reply was "Vergessen :-( Sorry"... cute XD

Madoka's so sweet ;----; Whenever he was not pulling up his insane-face, he was grinning so cutely gjsdjfksfjsdf o... *ahum*

Lmao. Well, it wasn't UnsraW starting my period |D it was just Yuuki making me somewhat weak I guess ahah. >.>"
Oh yay. Was kinda fun to work with two ladies past their 50s at the one store I was working regular at. They also told me menopause stories X"D Like one of them suddenly started drinking disgustingly sweet pop, and the other was like "Ugh, you and your soda..." but when she entered the mp, she started, too XD And the other was like "toldya" XD
2nd-Dec-2010 02:14 pm (UTC)
The boss I fought with? The one from Karlsfeld who moved to Aying ... you surely remember ... at that time, Chibi was with us! You know, I stayed at home, refused to work, until I had final answer from him.
You know how I often told you how hot-tempered he was? Shouting at customers, his wife, me ...

Na, your (ex)boss is nice, somehow. I guess he has lots of pressure from the level above, too ...
And I'm sure that he's quite aware that he's working for a slavedriver himself ...

Haha, I'm really looking forward to the menopause. We'll see if I then like sweet drinking stuff???
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