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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
What... is ... this 
6th-Jan-2011 06:25 pm
mao distorted



Yes I've managed to somehow never watch this PV, for some reason or other, call it 'accidentally missing out' ... however whenever I do, I seem to catch up at the most appropriate times (e.g. when I have to study or prepare some talk or something ahah)

Okay so.

I'm not sure whether my body is turned on or turned off by this. Actually, it's both. It's... interesting. I love sick stuff that confuses my physical ... aspects like that. I've been watching this unable to look away even a second, but instead my hands kept covering my ears for a strange reason - for I still could hear everything perfectly - and at a certain point, after the "oh snap how ... strange?"-phase, my mouth frantically kept moaning 'ew ewewwwwohhhoh...ohhhhhnnnnghhhh..eeeeeeew!!!!ewwwwww oh.. oh! nnnghhhoh...!SNAP!£$&%£$)&%... ewwwww' ...


It's hot (to twisted me), but not. But hot. But NOT. So I'm like... shitfuckwhatisthissssshit.

Like ohmygawds. I didn't even have such a reaction with Obscure the first time I saw it... the thing with the head is extremely evil I always thought... and Zan is pretty... ew-ish too, along with a lot of other amazing Dir stuff, but THIS HERE OH MY... fuck meyh.

At first I thought "Oh, now they have money enough to hire naked girls instead of drooling sexily over mannequins" and "Hnnnn well if that guy isn't really into SM then I don't know who is" and I was all intrigued and got this premonition somewhere along the way of this maybe getting somewhat ... ~strange~, odd, peculiar, whatever, and then "oh heck he's into blood, too? oh yeaaah" BUT THEN THE THING WITH THE KNIFE AND THE HAND and after that I was just trying to hide while trying not to scream and then this thing happend with my hands pressing against my ears and well what I've already mentioned above, going into this state of ewwwwwwwwwing without pause, while the pages arranged on my lap scattered all over the floor.

Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff (soundoflettingoutairjustlikeI'mdoingrightnow) fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff (okay so now my screen is cleared off dust particles, too, great) .... uhm!!!!! OH gods, kay.

This is absolutely disgusting. I love this.

And since I'm already at it, Dani told me about another unknowntome guy is going to come here soon - well still too far to go there for a guy I don't know, but after she sent me one of his PVs I started to look for more stuff by him on youtube, and awweeee I like... him?♫ (That all was before Nega, so there's no chance to recuperate now orz)

This was the first thing I saw~

just for record.

I kept wondering why he's sitting in a tree... with an umbrella XD And fell into this "Why are they so damn attractive -_-" thing again. Somehow I always try to see them without make-up and their hair-style, and sure, he might not be one of the prettiest guys ever, but still it doesn't help much. He's still attractive I think |D If I met someone in real life who is Japanese+male+piercing+some hints of Vkei relation = ohsnap!

HITT is solo~ I wondered just what it must take to be solo in the Vkei world, seriously. I'm pretty sure it takes a lot.

This tiny performance is what I saw next~

So, I do like it when guys can play piano.

And then I watched this, and this totally cracked me up. I mean... hot, man *laughs*

This is amazing XDDDDD

I want a mini-マオ singing shoobeedoobab inside of me, too.


......................nowait. O_O"

...JustwhatdidIjustsay?|D *whistles and points at a point in the sky to distract* LOOK! The cloud...s .... today, they are so... so...WHITE! LOOK! Won't you look at this cloud!!!!! YES! tHE CLOUD! Waht? No, I never said a thing? I was just talking about the clouds ahahaha LOOK! a clouuuudddd look at it look at it won't you look at it loooooooooooooook *frantic pointing*


Laaaalalala, yeeeeyaaayaaaahhh... shooobadeeboobabbb ♥

Well either way, after that I watched a bit more, and got pulled into ハートレス again (not that they ever left my playlist gurrrr ♥) and watched their Masquerade PV and fooofffffff watched their LIVE version of HORIZON again, and again, and again...

And then somehow I clicked ネガ. And then I happened to write this.


So much of today |D

I should go and pick up the scattered papers now I guess ahah, yes?
(Deleted comment)
6th-Jan-2011 10:09 pm (UTC)
Once seen I guess it's not possible to unsee it. Sooo I suppose I will never forget it in my lifffffe. Kyahanghhh...
|D <3
6th-Jan-2011 10:33 pm (UTC)
HITT is such a change after Nega,actually both I knew them by name but never listened to them,I said I will be counting on you for new bands ne:p

So my thoughts were Nega,oh my gawd,SAW was here XD
Actually it's disgustingly interesting and amusing.

As for HITT well he seems fun,I still like Satsuki as a soloist,but hey it's not fair to compare,each one is different,careful for your laptop next time hihi
7th-Jan-2011 09:59 am (UTC)
OMFGS OMFGS!! OMFGS!!!!!!!!!!!!
This PV is definitely the most disturbing I ever watched. Yes, I thought of Dir en grey, too, but this one is different, it's - simply undescribable.
And it fits perfectly into my emotions about Nega. Somehow I really admire their music very much, because the music in itself has something 'strange', it's so different, it's so 'adult' or 'mature', it's not easy to listen to Nega, thei kind of music is strenuous, but so much fascinating.
Remember how I told you how much I like "Negativism"? There are so many different elements in each single song.

Yes, this PV is sort of fascinating disgusting. Love it.
7th-Jan-2011 11:43 am (UTC)
Nega sure got me intrigued,I like that in a band,definitely fascinating disgusting.
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