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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
-OZ- 2011.01.16. LIVE and signing session 
17th-Jan-2011 03:50 am



So yeah, like, -OZ- are fucking amazing live.

I kind of just want to write that and then collapse into bed, but I do realize that is far too little and doesn't really justify nor explain anything, so I suppose somehow I'm bound to write more *laughs*

Either way~ Thing is, I'm not really listening that much to -OZ-. There are a couple of songs that I like, but that's it. They don't really blow me away, ne. I just know from people who've seen them live (and seemingly made them to a regular event to attend w) how great they supposedly are live. And since I was lucky enough for them to actually come here, plus my mom happening to be quite a huge -OZ- fan, I ended up going. Heh. Oh well, I really was curious.

And, randomly-curse-them-without-cursing-them! What is it about Japanese artists that make me go all "hnggggkyaaaa" as soon as I see them, with my pulse doing interesting things, when I'm not even into them? wwwwww 変態か。|D When we were still standing in the queue outside, some of the members randomly came up to the window upstairs and looked outside, and obviously I'd be all "Kyah! *WAVEWAVEWAVEWAVEGRINWAVEWAVE*". The duh. I think it was either Nao or Aki who looked out first. And I was like "nyanngghhhh! LOOK!" and grinned like an idiot while I waved up at him the second he hadn't yet been noticed, before he waved and made a piece sign, and sat down to become invisible again, cigarette smoke circling upwards. At some point, a staff went to the window and closed the blinds though.

A little later, another member opened the blinds... I think it was Natsuki, and looked down at us and waved, then tried to close them again but somehow they were stuck, so he struggled a bit with them, and the crowd was all like "Ehehehehe >D" ... aw. But uh really. Like, 実はね、natsukiさんを見ると恥ずかしながらなんか…「へ〜すごいなこりゃ…体すごい…つーか、肩の方とか胸の方とか本当にいい感じじゃ…;-; つーか、その姿綺麗じゃ…目をそらせないなーゼンゼン。ホントウニイイカンジこれーーーー。(しくしく)そう言うなタイプ彼氏欲しいよ(涙)hnggggh……natsukiみたいな彼氏欲しいな本当になーー(くっすん)」…………あたし、困ったもん|Dごめんなさい。
本音だけどこれ、本音|D The broad shoulders and all, it was just. Mmh well, kinda close to perfect. I actually turned to Dani and ... no wait, did I? Reality and illusion are mixing up again, I'm not totally sure I did, as I was in a slight state of delirium just then, but I think I turned to her and said that he looked just like some guy from some (yaoi |D) manga. Eheh.

Mentioned delirium might also have been caused by certain songs coming up on my iPod, plus mom going on about how the car's windows always steam up whenever something by シド comes up and I happen to be there, just to make fun of me and prove once more how affected I am. Poeh. >_>' IT'S NOT MY FAULT, kay?

Either way. We've only been waiting since about five in the afternoon, quite a short time for once, and once they started letting us in, it all went pretty fast. The security didn't really keep us long, and woosh there we were, third row in the middle :3

We had quite some space, too, and luckily it stayed that way all throughout the concert. I had perfectly place for headbanging like crazy, it was beautiful I tell you ♥ One or two rows behind us was already the last official row anyway. Behind that, people stood in clusters with loads of space for everyone. There really weren't many people, but that did not matter the least bit.

As soon as -OZ- came on stage, people welcomed them accordingly, and the tension sky-rocketed.

I actually loved the showy way they appeared *laughs* I'm not sure now who came in pairs and who came alone, but they all went to the front of the stage, took an angled position, stretched out an arm, and then lit a lighter, holding it out towards us. Some of those who had lighters, responded with lighting theirs. It was really nice.

I really do have not the least clue about the setlist, I didn't even know the titles to most of their songs. That's how much I listen to them usually |D Anyway, after about one or two songs, the technic worked perfectly, and everything sounded just... well, perfect, practically. The drums' sound was simply amazing, seriously. The guitars were great, not to loud, not too low, and once Natsuki and his mic had warmed up, that was just wonderful, as well.

And the mood was amazing. People shouted until their voices broke, they jumped when they were told to jump - which happened a lot-, their fists and hands shot up towards the band continuously, and heads whirled like crazy. Yes <3

I was only able to see Zukki once when they had actually made spotlights shine on him especially. From my angle, Nao also disappeared behind Natsuki, unless he came up towards the stage, and maw, was he adorable, smiling like that. Tama and Aki switched places quite a lot. I thought I saw Tama crying during Rain Delay... made me elbow my mom, but her teary gaze was transfixed on Natsuki.
There once was this scene when I looked over to Tama, and he seemed to happen to look right back that moment, and so I just kept looking at him, and his eyes didn't move either... I'm pretty sure we actually kept looking at each other for all that time, but I wondered why he did... I just tend to keep a gaze once there ~is~ one, but why he'd gaze over in the first place, I don't know *laughs*

Mentioning those three first has one good reason: My eyes and attention were almost exceptionally on Natsuki and Aki. I mean, from the start I was most interested in Natsuki. However, whatever it was Aki was doing on stage, I was just so... haha, there were so many occasions, I just felt like crying out something like KYUUUUUT. I just couldn't (= didn't want to) control myself in that aspect *laughs* He was so a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y adorable, I couldn't take it. Each time we'd grin at each other, I'd be like "kngghhhhhhhhhhowfuckingcuteisheeeeeeeeaaaahhh" and clench my teeth making weird sounds. Such like the mentioned knnnnnnnnnnnnnnghhhh or kkkaaannnghhhhhhhyaaaaa or heeeeeeeennnghhhhhhhkyah!. Hahahahah! I'm still all overwhelmed over his adorableness. I smiled and grinned at him a lot, seriously. This "looking at someone, them looking back and then laying your head to the side and smiling all the way and them replying with a similar smile". I love that *laughs* And I really loved how he acted out his guitar-play. I mean, I generally really love it when guitarists move their bodies to the music, possibly even sing along [I mean, like... 円……麗……葵………ahah...] it's just wonderful. And Aki, you know, he'd raise an arm in sync with the melody, swing his body, sway, circle an unoccupied hand over his head, swing around, and always looking at people in the crowd, nodding at them with lifted eyebrows, or smiling.

He was wonderful, period. 惚れちゃう。…なんてな

Else, Natsuki... Hmmm, I might actually have ended up looking more at Aki than him, but... I'm not sure *laughs* It was a draw in the end, I guess, haha.

Either way, right from the start and all throughout the concert, he was simply amazing. One of the most amazing things I think was his smile. Like... I mean, as I don't know the band in 'private' at all, I had no idea about him, really. I would probably have thought he was one of those badass vocals, you know, thinking of PVs and stuff. But then he stands there, and fires us up, talks to us and just SMILES with this... gawds, his smile is so warm and adorable! Some of his teeth are a little crooked, I guess that what gives it an extra-cute note. But else... it was really pretty.

I mean honestly, the whole man is pretty pretty, ahaha...hah. No picture I've ever seen of him can do that justice. Not even the PVs. *eyes staring wide in horror while reminiscing on all that beauty* ... 嗚呼… Well! That's just my personal impression though, as always. I loved his outfit. I like those that just look classy, almost minimalist. I do like elaborate ones, too though *laughs* Basically I just have a (huge) thing for guys in suits, so if their stage outfit looks just a little like an actual formal suit, nice ♥. He kept fucking around with his black blazer, throwing it back over his shoulders, baring the white shirt underneath, as iffff he'd take it off soon, but nahw. Tease. I fell a little bit in love with his thumbs

There was a lot of pointing-to-his-chest-while-making-us-shout-for-them. I interpret it as "make your voices reach through until my heart".

I didn't like how they had a security line this time, though [Guess I've just been spoilt during the last concerts I've been at, nya], so there was quite some space between the stage and us, but Natsuki tried his best to reach out to us and at least have some of us grab his fingertips *laughs*. Once or twice he leaped down the stage to the security line and held his arms into the crowd so more of us could get a piece of him, heh. Natsuki also blew water into the crowd. Which was very welcomed, as it was rather verrry hot in there.

He also stage dived at least three or four times. Which was pretty brave I think. I mean, he had to jump from the stage OVER the security line, and INTO us. ... Well okay, sure enough we only were like four or five rows, but whenever he would jump, people would cluster together. Still, that takes quite some courage! He'd be like "ARE YOU READAY???", and we'd be like "GRROOWWL", and then he'd walk to the back of the stage, and start runnnning and JUMP! *laughs* The very first time he did it, I was worried he would go down the second he'd touch people's hands, but he never did. Well, mom said that compared to Yuuki he was a light-weight. I can't really say, I never had a lot of Natsuki's weight on my hands, just his legs and side. It made me smile when I saw he had taken off his shoes before jumping. Black nail-polish, at that *laughs*

At one point, I think it even was flower bead (as I remember I was all frolicking about it being played), Natsuki... fondled his micro stand, sliding his hands slo~wly up and down it in a very very mesmerizing way, lifted it, and licked it... hngh... well. Mom really didn't have to tell me to look at him, because I had already been staring since he started doing that *laughs*

He had a couple of MCs. Most of them were in English, one time he tried in German *laughs*. They were all very cute. How it was there first time here, and so on and so on, the usual "are you excited??" ... and at some point when he paused during the first MC, when he had explained how he can speak a little ... very little English but no German sorry sorry... at one point it was quiet, and I took the chance and shouted out ドイツようこそぅ〜! and he *laughs* looked up like "hnn?", playing with his hair, and then smiled all flustered, looking at the floor and went like あ…あは…ありがとう! before talking on in English *laughs* Awww... that man is just too cute, seriously. He had learnt to say "Ich liebe euchi" though. *nod* ... *nods again* ... made me think of Isshi *laughs* I think he was the first one I ever heard it say like that. ... 'Euchi"... kyah, my heart.

They played an encore of about four songs, I think. Natsuki had said something about 'new song', so maybe it was an unreleased one. I do remember the very last song having been DETOX. Awesomeness. Really love that one. And so much jumping, pumping, and banging. Perfection.

All in all, the concerta was amazing.
Even the fans were wonderful.
Apart from one person.
At first we thought it was male, simply because of the raw force she tried to push her way to the front. She was, simply put, brutal. She jumped at and into people, almost boxing her way to the front... no, not even almost. At one point I saw how she actually attacked the guy who was standing to mom's left. I saw her fist lashing out at him, and I was like "fuuuck, don't start a fucking fight!" I think it even was just after an MC or something, or just at the start of a song, so it was just really... holy shit, common. Dani told me she'd also tried to squish to the front where she was, and she had tried a couple of times just between me and mom, but I had managed to push her back most of the time. One time she had actually managed, just after they had started the encore, and somehow she got really brutal with people in front of us, and they, obviously, complained, and tried to push her back, and something happened I'm not even sure, but suddenly she and my mom were like ... well, shouting at each other, practically, shoving and pulling, and pretty fucking mad, I just reached out my arm to between them, pressing against her, to keep them from each other, while she was like "no, YOU fuck off!!" repeatedly. [Mom told me later that she was close to wanting to choke her to death, seriously.] Luckily, although she was strong, she was not stronger than my single left arm *poses heroically*, and after I told her to "Go back to where you came from!" - "NO FUCK OFF!" - "... Just go BACK from where you CAME from!!!" ... after a couple of these she was just like "Aw come on, please?", and I just ignored her, interlocking my arms with mom for a while and concentrating on the band again. She didn't try again.

I mean, seriously, if you want to go to the front, then DON'T fucking go aw please after attacking and jumping forcefully into people, actually fucking hurting them. The fuck? The others around us all were like "is she crazy or what...", and the boy she'd attacked later was like "what the fuck was she on...", well, who knows. She definitely had issues, her arm was covered in (shallow, but still) scars. Others said she just seemed to snap at some points. And when -OZ- left (there are stairs to the right of the stage, which lead up to a ... what do you call it? a balcony that is actually a 'corridor', alongside the hall), she actually climbed up the... wall... or well, hard to explain it when you don't know the location, but in the back of the hall there were some tables, and from there she climbed up to this balcony thing. Like... oooohhhkay, well, strong body there, kudos, but... ugh. Well, it was definitely interesting.

Anyway! After the live, we gathered our stuff together and went to the merch. Me and Dani got towels, mom got a poster, and then we just stood at a table and waited for the signing session to start. While mom and her boyfriend left for a fag, security or staff already put up some chairs to the side. When the two came back, she told us that Miya had told her -OZ- are seemingly taking a shower first, so they should be there in about half an hour. And just a minute after my mom had told us, the side door right next to our table opened... I didn't even realize, I was looking somewhere else, and suddenly my mom is like "KYAAAH" and I just see either Nao or Aki passing me by, and I was all like *flashbackflashback* and turned around to mom, seeing a black&smooth-haired guy in a black jacket, and she's all like "Natsukiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii♥" and kind of... well, grab-attacked him, sort of, and I was all like んんグっ恥ずかしい! Just when I had told people about how "civilized the fans were at the UnsraW signing session, no one ran to them or attacked them, just quietly let them pass", and then my own mother... >.>'... OH well XD They passed us by then, mom almost dying from heartfailure, and us then filing in the queue.

I had actually really been looking forward to the signing session, because I had already had plans of what to say to Natsuki regarding my mom *laughs* But well. From where we were standing, we could see Natsuki perfectly from the side, and somewhere behind him Nao, as he kept leaning over the table a lot, so he wasn't hidden behind vocal-san *laughs*. Aah, Natsuki. I didn't look at him all the time, but at some point when I did, when my gaze once more had fallen from his forehead down his pretty nose and over his lips down his chin and dropping to his hands, I turned back to Dani and randomly said "He's so pretty! >___<"... and then turned back again. ... heh...|3 No I seriously think he is beautiful. And mom kept going on about his upper lip and almost swooned over it *laughs*

It took a while until we could even move as much as meter, and then mom was short for a collapse. Iya well, we managed, and a girl close by who was really compassionate about her state, let us go in front, and then we actually already were at the table. Natsuki unrolled mom's poster, and since she had held the ticket with her hand as well... or actually had put it on the poster? I think she held down the poster with her left, trying to help him, and the ticket was there. So Natsuki looked up and said "ah... only one...", but I think she had never intended to let him sign the ticket. He then looked up again and pointed to himself on the poster, asking "... me?" with his pen hovering over himself... Maybe I and her said 'yes/hai' at the same time, not sure anymore. So he signed it... me being just totally randomly amused over the scene for some reason, and mom then said something like "I'm sorry... I'm sorry I'm so old... but I really love you ;-;" and Natsuki just looked, and I grinned, and then the staff girl next to him leaned down and translated, and Natsuki looked up at her and was all like "Oh, no no! You're beautiful!!" ... ... aw... ... just... AWWW.

And then mom was already on the way to Zukki, but I was like "Oy. Wait a second, come herrrrre...", pulling her back, and so I started speaking to Natsuki... and went like "母ちゃんですけど…(ふふふ)" [telling him she's my mom] and he was like "... oh...?", looking back and fro, and then I started ramsing up what I had wanted to say, like ... how she always is like へ〜natsukiすごいなーT^Tとか、natsukiさん大好きーとか………なんか…natsukiのことすごく憧れそう……blah blubb, basically just how much she adores him, the girl staff just smiling, and he looked up at me/us, I don't know whether he was confused from the sudden flood of japanese words, *laughs*, there was just something adorable about his features, really ♥ I asked him whether he could do some 特別な思い出作っていいですか… eh, whether he would do something special for her, awhg, I just love giving them something to do XDDD And he was all like... 「特別な……思い出…*puzzled* *racks brains*」 and I just giggled to myself and said 「なんでもいい!なんでもいいから!」[anything's fine] which I guess puzzled him even more, and in the end he said "Ah... ich liebe euch!", and we said our thanks and I giggled myself into oblivion on the inside. XD Well. I thought he could have come up with something better than that *laughs* but a lot of the 'something better' might have put him into doubtful positions I suppose, haha.

Either way, so mom went on, and I put down my book for Natsuki. I had had this sudden idea when we were queuing, so I asked him to please write a kanji he likes as well. *giggles* Mou, I loved the idea, and Natsuki was all like 「んん…*thinks*好きな漢字…」and then wrote one down, and he even explained it to me, pointing at it and looking up, while the security unfortunately already was nagging at me to please go on, so I slid slowly further, while Natsuki told me it's おとこ, and then said something, followed by "gentleman." If I had had some more time still, I guess I would have said something like 「natsukiらしいの男?^\ω\\^」[So, a man like you?] Ah..hah...(照)Well you know, after he wrote it down and all, it made perfectly sense to me. He definitely behaved like a full-fledged gent the whole night yesalsosuggestivelickingcanbeforgiveninthatcase in my eyes. うん. *smitten* I failed to find the kanji though, as I suck at certain handwritings. It's a nice kanji though.

So next up was Zukki, and he did his sign, and then I asked him the same. And Zukki was just... too amusing XDDDD He was all like "uhm... a kanji I like? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" and kept thinking and thinking and thinking and I just stood there all amused and laughing my ass off -on the inside of course-, also how it is obvious that a lyricist would be pretty quick in finding a kanji he likes, whereas drummers... well XD... I then started joking around and suggested him to write "drum set"... XD and said 「まぁ…漢字じゃないけどねXD」hehehehe and he STILL had no idea... and mom already was at Nao or Aki's, and I think she called out to me and went like "THEY'RE TALKING JAPANESE TO ME, HELLLLP!!" ahahahha, and I was all like "Gaaaah, wait a bit wait up wait upppp" XDDDD and she said something about "my daughter" pointing at me, and they looked over, and I don't know whether it was then or... well I have no idea, but I heard one of them, I think Aki, say "beautiful!" and I have no idea whether that was supposed to be about ~me~, but I was all like "THE FUCK DON'T YOU FLIRT WITH ME WHEN I'M NOT ACTUALLY THERE YOU cutestofall PRICK! T^T" ...


Well. After like a century, Zukki settled with... 川……………… AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The fuck? XDDDDDD Well I don't know. It's a cute kanji. But. I mean. ... XDDDDDDDDDDD Either way I was terribly amused, and I think he realized, because I actually said "kawa... ahahah" when I read it. XDD

Tama next to him already had heard everything that had happened, as, well, mom had already passed him by ages ago, and between me and her there was no one. He flipped the pages, and then I realized that they AGAIN had gone into the wrong direction, so I was half way panicking when I saw he would be signing on the other side of UnsraW, so I was like うわっ、ちょっと…… and hurriedly flipped the pages over into the other direction. Tama already was mumbling something like 好きな漢字……んん… and after a very short break of thinking, he wrote 酒 (alcohol XD). I read it as he finished it, just as I had done with Zukki, and giggled, and he said something about German alcohol/beer... XDDDD <3 Okay dear alcoholic. He wrote it very purty at least. I think that he winked at me somewhere during the whole process of writing, but in a cute way.

So then I finally got to Nao and Aki, who seemed to sit really close for some reason. I might be mistaken, but it seemed to me that there had been quite some space between Tama and Nao. Either way, mom on the verge of panic, since they apparently had been talking in Japanese to her all the time, until I got there... and I was all like "hnn? |D What's happening?" and I think before I even could say a word, both of them look at me, and Nao's all like "You supiiku ... Japanese?" and I said that I did. Well, as usual I said that I do speak a bit which I guess is true, but after today I thought I should just drop the 'a bit', because I suppose, they notice pretty quickly how much or little this "a bit" actually is, and I don't want them to assume I don't actually understand them when I label it "just a little" xD
Either way! So they were like "ohhhh!" and I think mom again said that I was her daughter, and then I pointed at me and said "daughter" and then told them in Japanese how she's my mom, and I have no idea what happened first, but Nao, seemingly totally fixated on me, asked me all like "WHEEE" whether it had been fun, and this and that, and I was just like "yeah it was really fun and you were cool and it was so great and gah" だせー in Japanese, and obviously that made him all happy XD
Well, he also wrote his favourite kanji, but I had no idea what it's supposed to be, and he didn't read it out to me either, so, eh, fail. I found it though, it's actually 武. Nice one~

I know that there was something more with Aki, but uhm, I fail in recollecting it. I know that I WANTED to tell him how cute he was and all, and how I might just fall for him... *shot*, but obviously I didn't. ... Fail. I just told him again how mom is, well, my mom, and he was all like "woaaah", leaning back in the chair and then like 「仲良くて!!」[you're getting on quite well] which I could just agree to, and we held around each other just then all picturesquely *laughs* and I think it was him, and not Nao, who said, in Engrish, how my Japanese was "goodzu!"
He then wrote his favourite, which turned out to be 赤 [red], which made me smile, both thinking of his name and how mom had called him the red-head just when we had a discussion where I would be standing in the hall - more towards the left, or more towards the right? Nao-ishNatsuki, or Aki-ishNatsuki?
He then suddenly leaned forward and reached out to me and took both my hands, holding them... (my heart liked this a lot)... and told me 気を付けてね! and I totally felt like saying something, but I was just... totally incapable of saying anything anymore *laughs*
I mean! I hadn't even come close or made the least bit of notion of wanting to shake his hands or anything, and then he just takes them... TT^TT

Ahah, either way... Mmh, well, I love that I had that spontaneous idea with the kanji. I love giving them something to do, and favourite kanjis is actually something I'm really curious about. Guess I'm going to ask that everyone from now on *laughs* It's just so nice, you get to know something from them, and you also make them think. Like Zukki, orz

So, it was really really really great. All of it.

And hello there 3:30am. I should go to bed. |D

For some reason I still see Natsuki's eyes in front of me, orzzzz



Yes well. Good night! 8D
17th-Jan-2011 07:41 am (UTC)
I've just got to the bit where you mum ambushed natsuki (she sounds awesome, can I borrow her?) but I love this report so far!! The *squee* of it is just too much *dies*. I'm glad that they are good enough for you to enjoy without knowing all their songs *hardly knows any*. Thanks for the report ^^

17th-Jan-2011 05:28 pm (UTC)
Hahaha, yeah you may borrow her *laughs* I'm pretty sure she will love that request XD <3
... Squee, huh? Guess I was a bit squee-ish excited when I typed it down x'D
If you ever have the chance, go see them. You will not regret it. Evarrr.
Thanks for commenting!
17th-Jan-2011 08:12 pm (UTC)
I love reports that are full of squee, I'm not a big fan of the uber serious ones. I am going on saturday! I don't really know many of their songs so I'm glad that you managed to enjoy it even though you don't either. I'm a bit annoyed because they moved from a venue where you stand like RIGHT infront of the band to one with security and a really high stage T_T I'm about the same height so I can either look at the band or mosh, not both -_- I hope he still trys to crowd surf but : / there is a BIG gap.
17th-Jan-2011 10:06 pm (UTC)
Oh then I'm glad *laughs* I always write the reports I write quite personal. They're more lively than serious ones, are they not? I probably wouldn't even be able to be all cold-dead-facts about something I'm passionate about.
Aou? that sucks... well, they had security there, too. The gap was at least one meter wide, and the stage itself I guess was about chest-height. But I'm pretty confident that, if the mood is as great, Natsuki will at least jump down into the gap and contact people from there, he did that at our location, as well.
All the best for you! Have funnnnnn <3 ♪
18th-Jan-2011 10:35 am (UTC)
Waaaaaahhhhh reading your entry nearly made me cry ... reading all this again, and how much YOU had fun even though you're not "into" -OZ- ...

The first thing I recognized when they came onto the stage: NO single picture shows them how they really are. They all look VERY manly, more mature and older, and: much much much more beautiful!!!!

Yeah, I loved Aki's moving and bending to the music, and singing the songs without micro, and wiping single streaks of his hair (sweat dropping from it) with his wonderful hands (aahhhh this hands, visible veins!!!!!!)

Nao's such a sweetheart, his smiling, he radiated so much warmth! Yes, he and Aki seem to be good friends or the such ...

Thank you so much for your support at the signing session :-))) this meant so fucking much to me! It was so overwhelming wonderful when Aki and Nao talked to me in English, and when I told them "my daughter speaks Japanese" they suddenly started talking Japanese to me, hahaha ... I guess I really looked helpless. Dragon was watching me all the time and later he said "you looked like a very young girl". Hehe ... I think I should throw my fear overboard that I'm too old!

It gave me a good feeling that Dragon really enjoyed the live. It was his 1st J-Rock live and he spontaneously decided to join me, and he didn't feel bad among all these fans! He was very impressed by Natsuki's singing skills, and he liked their loveable manner, too. Now he knows what I'm talking about all the time ...

Oh, and I want to say Arigatou that you hindered me in murdering a certain person. I never was so aggressive before. I guess I was 12 or 13 years old when I had a serious fight with a girl, but that was the only time in my life ...

Still, I'm so overwhelmed by this life. Even though I screamed and shouted SO much, my voice goes back to normal. My right arm still hurts (yah, that fucked-up girl ...) and I feel the muscles in my calves (jumping too much??) - but I do enjoy these pains very much ... I even would prefer that they never go away, because this is a very LIFE feeling as if I still were there ...

My ears listen to -OZ- different now. Now this is tied to the personal impression I do have of this wonderful persons, it's hard to NOT cry ...
19th-Jan-2011 11:56 am (UTC)
*laughs* I still left out some things, though. Like the bottle-throwing... and there was more, I remembered later.

mmh, that's true with the difference from image to them in real life. But that's like that with most artists I've seen so far. It's just different when both the 3D effect and their aura is added to what you've only known two-dimensional.

HAH! Now I remember again what I forgot to mention, the sweat dripping from his hair ... thanks for reminding, haha. Also loved the way he looked from the side when he had his mouth stand open. Just before he'd smile. It was cute. ... >_>'

I am glad the signing session turned out so great for you. I was aware it was special, both because it was -OZ- and because it was your first, so I hoped that we could make it into something really nice to remember, not just shaking hands, if at all, and getting something signed, and no contact. *smiles*
Yeah I think you should throw that overboard, but haven't you already with the first time you went to a Jrocker concert?

Ah yeah, I was confused. I thought he'd already been at one, but then in the end it was only Manu, hn?

You're welcome. I wouldn't really have liked to see dead people there.

... Yeah, I heard you scream and squeal, it was cute XD I've had muscle aches in my neck, but they were not that noticable until I spent 10mins bent over a magazine, THEN my neck got really stiff and hurting, heh. And yes, my calves. XD When I got up in the morning I was like "ooookay... this is unusual."

♥ Proud of you, mom.
20th-Jan-2011 12:37 pm (UTC)
Oh, thank you so much for this last sentence ... (really? you are??) *hugshugshugshugs*

The difference from image to reality: It never hit me so hard before like with -OZ-. OK, Miyavi is prettier than any pic could show, but I never had this "oh, GOSH, they look really different" impression. Of course, Natsuki's special tooth gives him endless charme, and you only see this tooth when he's smiling, what he never does on photos.

Hm I don't know if you can ever throw something overboard like this feeling "too old", even though I get so much confirmation (like this two girls hugged me, and others commenting like I'm a cool Mum and so on).

No, he never was at such a concert before. The only life both of us visited was Marilyn Manson. I had the ticket for UnsraW for him, but gave it to Manuel then because at that time he was in Frankfurt because of his daughter's surgery. And the D'espairsRay life was cancelled out of well-known reasons ...

Good, so you sensed your calves, too. Must be that jumping *smiles*. Strange that I didn't sense nothing in my neck, even though I was heavily headbanging and tumbled only once, strange, ne?

Oh, they played nearly the whole "Rouge" album. Listen to it, and lots of memory will come back ... there are so nice songs like "Bitter and Sweet": we headbanged and then waved again coz that song changes speed rather quickly ...

Oh that signing session, I'm so grateful that you were here, you made it more than extra-special!! Because you could tell the guys a little bit, and I didn't feel so helpless there ...

*sighs* still I'm so deep in all that feelings ...
20th-Jan-2011 01:45 pm (UTC)
Yeah I am.

Guess I had this 'different' thing most of all with Gazette, but with them it wasn't just their looks, it was the aura. They didn't really seem very human to me. *smiles*

We're just a special family. There is no 'too old' or 'too young', we're just who we are.

My neck was fine, too, until I spent ten minutes or longer bent over a magazine. When I lifted my head again suddenly my neck hurt like mad *laughs* but everything's painless now.

And yeah, I think they played all the songs I still have on my playlist. I loved that they played flood bead, I think I squealed... or screamed, when it came on *laughs* And I think bitter&sweet just came on at some point yesterday and I was like "ohhh yeahhhh *gets up and jumps*" XD

I'm so glad you finally had a signing session! I love them, they're so special. They give lives such an extra boost, I think. Simply by getting into contact like that.

22nd-Jan-2011 05:12 pm (UTC)
Hm, well, I had that "sort of inhuman" thing with Dir en Grey. But with no other artist this extremely "different" (with the exception of Miyavi being much prettier, but even though it was the Miyavi I "knew" from pics).

Still now, when I look at the poster, I don't recognize them. I KNOW they look different ... (btw: we neeeeed the other Tokyo-live, this one where Natsuki wears this white stuff)
Oh, I watched this one live again, and I must say: Natsuki and Nao don't laugh as they did in Munich.

Oh sweetheart, the signing session was "THE" event ...

Yes, we are special. Luckily!!!!
22nd-Jan-2011 05:39 pm (UTC)
You know I've tried at several times to find it and didn't succeed... Maybe per chance I will, one day. ._.

Glad <3
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