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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[mem] Ahh I am intrigued... PART II 
1st-Dec-2007 03:49 am
I just found aMOREhaan!!! WAAAHHAHAHA thank you sheeps hee~ I should have gone to bed ages ago but I won't XD not now haha... whee~

The rules:

Choose 12 characters and put them in a numbered list. Once you've chosen, go behind the cut and grab these questions to answer them. No peeking until your list is complete

My list:


The first part is HeRe, ne. Just kurikku.

13. Eleven and Twelve married. How does Twelve handle Eleven's death?

O_o Sakito and Hide-Zou... well first of all, no one tackles anyone's death well, so he'd be terribly depressed, shutting himself down, drowning in his despair, not letting anyone get close to him JusT until the day he remembers the mighty Vampire Power that is inherited within Asagi's clan and he tries to get Sakito back to life...undeath. (_ _)

14. If there was one thing Seven could change about their life what would it be?
Shou... xD Well first of all he'd try and change his Maophobia, ne. Then he'd decide on wearing even hotter boots, have even more cats, wear his shirts more open, and finally leaving cheating Nao for duo_simulacra to marry her and make her endlessly happy (^o^) [Gosh I'm so selfless today... I need to change that XD]

15. If Five could say anything to Ten what would they say?

Chiyu would say to Kai... Well, Chiyu would batter his lashes and smile coyly before shooting Kai that ohHahI'mSoNotInnocent-Look, which Kai himself is a master at. Having his attention hooked, he then purses his lips playfully, get close to Kai, narrowing his eyes and breathing into his ear ~ "Your black scarf, Kai... *pulls at it while his right hand wanders up to Kai's neck, his fingers grazing the shuddering skin*... it ... turns me ON..." ....[Way to go... Hey... I like that pairing.... O_o" Uwaa...

16. A drunken Eight comes home and finds One in bed with Eleven. How does Eight react?

Nao gets back home... staggers up the steps after that drunken night with Shou and Saga, opens the door to his bedroom not bothering to switch on the lights, just about to remove his shirt, as he suddenly realized that the sounds he's been hearing all along aren't coming from some neighbour's apartement but from right there and he almost... almost sobers but. He's mildly surprised to see Maonyan in his bed, actually, not too surprised to find Sakito there, though at the moment he can't remember why.
... The sounds stop as Sakito notices there's someone else in the room.
Sakito: "mmmm... who'sh there?"
Mao *jerking up* "huh? Cher??"
Me: *giggle* "Sssshhh Mao.... *mumbles dirty and sweet words in one breath* He'll handle the situation..."
Nao: O__O WHAT THE! ... Gwen!!! What... what... *sobering up in instants* what the heck is going on??
Sakito: *mumbles while caressing Mao's chest* Ahhhwww come on, Naoko... you secretly have your pants full right now.
Nao: I... what?
Mao: *chuckles*
Sakito: Yeahhh... *lazily* totally. You really need it, if you're as hard you don't even notice how confining your pants really are.
Mao: *seizing his chance since Sakito's attention is somewhat parted and pulls me over*
Nao: Uhh.. ummm... *looks and feels down self* *mutters* sshh...ite...
Sakito: *raising voice* See? So just come and join in.
Me: Heehee, yay, do. You want you know to!
Mao: *laughs and shuts my mouth in a kiss*
Sakito: *smirk* *wriggling for Nao*
Nao: *blusshhhhh* Uhhh... kay...
[holy my fuck... XD it's 4.30am... this is getting dangerous xD]

17. Is a sweet love scene between Six and Nine possible?

Yuuichi and Kyo? Ummm... I doubt it. I mean, first of all, Kyo is much older than Yuuichi. Then, Kyo's music, his soul, everything about him... no, they're too different.

18. Seven and Four are bitter rivals. What made them rivals?

Shou and Ruki are obviously bitter rivals now, because of the little incident with Nao. They both started to want Nao for themselves, after they noticed it's not really working that well in their triangle, ne. It worked all well before, when Nao was just cheating each of them, but Shou and Ruki just compete too much in everything... Voice, Goldpants... not good.

19. Is a happily ever after possible for One and Twelve?

Only in a very restricted sense. As in... a happily ever after for friends, ne. Because, surely, Mao wouldn't even as much as want that hot six pack under Hide-Zou's shirt, not for longer than... a few ... couple of times, eating cream and strawberries off it and feeding me them... See... only in that kind of sense xD

20. Four undergoes a gender-swap. Who would he/she sleep with first? Six or Five?

AHAHAHAHAH!!! rUKI as a woman??? Sorries but I just can't imagine... that's so... so ...so wrong. But, if I must... Yuuichi or Chiyu, he'd go for Yuuichi, because well... there will be reasons for that gender swap, as in, wanting a man. I suppose he wouldn't go for the cute-looking ones. Yuuichi, then.

21. If Seven had to be stuck on a island with Two or Three which would Seven choose? Why?

Gah. Shou has to choose between Uruha and Aoi, damn that's too hard... He'd probably stand and ponder for a while, look from head-cocking, sweet-smiling Aoi over to gently thigh-exposing, smirking, too bright Uruha... Choosing Uruha, then, but smuggling Mr. Flexy in his suitcase. [Shou is smart, of course hehe]

22. One and Two are romantically involved when One's original love, Eleven returns from the dead. How does One handle the person's return?

Ohhh... I like this... Mao and Uruha... *purrrr* Sakito returns from the dead? Ahh no, bullshit, he's never been dead. Just very exhausted from, well, the foursome just a while ago, and of course Nao turned out to be more insatiable than he'd thought, so that was a bit much to handle... Who ever thought he was dead, well, I don't know, maybe overly worried Kai, guess he's just gone out to get an ambulance [because, well, he lost his phone, and his purse, so he has to find someplace he can make a phonecall] when Sakito regains consciousness. Mao handles it quite well, after all, he knows Sakito's body already thoroughly, glad he's back, he lets Uruha take over me for a while in the meantime. (*^o^*)

23. Nine is forced to choose who will live between Three and Six. Which one does Nine choose to live?
Well first of all, no one chooses about anyone's life. ≥___≤" But Kyo might tease a bit... And it's between Yuuichi and Aoi... so he'll set up a little tournament to make them struggle and sweat, fight for dear life... he might have some fun watching that. Of course, the two might not like the fact he just teased them all along. [No worries, I'll calm Aoi down...]

24. Seven falls in love with Eight. When Seven gets the opportunity to be with Eight he/she is happy... until he/she finds out that Eight is only using him/her to get close to Two.

Shou falling with Nao... again... No. He never stopped being in love with Nao, ever, especially not after he found out about the think with Ruki. Shou never ceased in his efforts to win Nao back, and in the end, when he makes it, he's just as happy as a man can be. Starting wondering though why Nao seems to brighten up so much more everytime their good friend Uruha is around. Yet, Uruha has no plans whatsoever with involving himself with Nao on anything that is more than just sex. He has already his hands full with Mao and me, and since Sakito got back... No time and need for yet another relationship, as he sees that he actually loves having Mao and me around no matter in what situation. He feels to fulfilled to want others. Nao just has to see that the only man there will be, for him, will be Shou. And since he's married... He'll have a woman, too. It's just fair, ne.

Homfgs... xD I was about to say "next time I'm starting things like that so late... stop me from doing it" but hey... it was fun... of course, ne XD
1st-Dec-2007 08:56 am (UTC)
I think my favourite bit would be how you said goldpants instead of gold pants. XD
Why? Bevcause the goldpants are hot XD

[I would have mentioned the part about you sending Shou over to me but we're already married anyway <3 he knows who to come home to every night and if he would like to bring home a friends or two *cough*naoandsaga*cough* who'm I to complain? XD]

Oh, and inserting yourself in that little foursome... XD
1st-Dec-2007 12:18 pm (UTC)

*shrugs with big innocent eyes* I cannnnn't do anything for it... Mao dragged me into it... (__ __)


1st-Dec-2007 05:22 pm (UTC)
Ah. Of course he did. Mischievous boy, Mao.
1st-Dec-2007 08:47 pm (UTC)
Lol... since that it's clear that I have been inserted and didn't insert myself in there, might I just ...

[I would have mentioned the part about you sending Shou over to me but ...

You DID mention xXD

... But... you know that, haha xD
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