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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[翻訳] アヲイ - ここで閉ざして 
8th-Feb-2011 12:54 pm
Finished another one by Awoi.

Kanji lyrics are from the 葵-booklet, scanned by abeltocain, romaji and translation are done by me, and notes are at the end of the post~
The red parts in the lyrics were also printed red in the booklet.

Don't repost without linking back to this post, thank you~







Koko de tozashite
ame ga yamanai no wa boku ga naiteru kara?
kono ame ni oborete shinjaeba ii no ni ne.

tsukarehateta kyou wa mou arukenai kara
karekake no hana ni mo mizu wo yarenainda.
shizukasugiru heya ni nani mo naku nattara
nukegara no boku made keshitekureru no kana?

mou dare mo nani mo iwanaide.
hontou no koto, kikitakunai kara.

daremo inai yoru ga kuroi hako ni natte
owari machitsudsukeru boku wo tojikomeru yo.
dakara mou kimi ni wa aenaku nattanda.
itsuka kimi no koe mo kikoenaku naru kana?

mou dare mo nani mo iwanaide.
hontou no koto, kikitakunai kara.
mou nani mo shiritakunakatta.
hora, mata namida yamaranaku natta.

dare yori zutto tooku natta ne.
namae yondemita yo, todokanai kedo.

Lock me here
Is it that the rain doesn't stop because I'm crying?
Although it'd be grand if I just drowned and ended up dying in this rain, ne.

Because, exhausted, I can't walk anymore today
I can't even give the half-withered flowers water.
I wonder, if everything disappeared in this far too quiet room,
would it do me the favour of erasing even this empty shell, me? [1]

No one say anything anymore.
The real facts, I don't want to hear them. [2]

The night in which no one is, becomes a black box
and locks up me, who continues to wait for the end.
That's why I can't meet you anymore. [3]
I wonder whether your voice, too, one day will become inaudible?

No one say anything anymore.
The real facts, I don't want to hear them.
I didn't want to know anything anymore.
Look, again my tears won't stop. [4]

I've become far more distant than anyone else, ne.
I tried calling your name, but I don't get through.

[1] He is the husk/empty shell.
[2] Facts/reasons/...
[3] Lit: "that's why it became so that I cannot meet you anymore."
[4] Lit.: "became so that they don't stop"


Still up and going with the lyrics.
Love this one quite to bits and pieces. For a lot of reasons. I don't get through, though, w.
Guess I listened a little too much to Awoi yesterday night, my landlady came up to my ajar door and shut it. Lol. Lock me up.

Feel free to comment and object, as ever.

For more, feel free to check out my lyrics translation archive → here

1st-Apr-2011 11:44 am (UTC)
This was actually the first アヲイ song I translated. It was the only one to make an impact on me until that point, actually. XD;

I do find it funny that your landlady locked you in there though. 8D
1st-Apr-2011 07:04 pm (UTC)
Haha, that's interesting... well, it was ~one~ of my first ones, too x'D
When I first started to realy listen to them, a lot of their songs actually had some sort of impact on me. Don't really want them to ~not~ be on my playlist anymore, heh.

She didn't actually lock me up (no keys), she just shut the door. Enough like the song though, w.

thanks for your comment!
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