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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Unexpected FF talk between geeks somewhere in the middle of this town 
10th-Feb-2011 03:29 am
mao distorted


So, after today, including my last exam [Puzzling. Literally so, we practically puzzled over what might be right or not. It was kind of fun though. w Some people even almost had something like group-work going on ahah. Oh well.] I strolled around town in search for something special.

I'd been slightly worried about whether or not I'll get payed for last month |D, even tried to call my boss' wife yesterday at work (since she's handling the money XD Cute isn't it.) howevur, she didn't take the pho--ne... Either way, today in the morning when I checked my bankaccount - YESSSSSS!!!!! <3333 I'mrich!8D
Felt a little... not so great with just 50€ on my bankaccount, but hey, better than what I sometimes had on there, heh.

Oh by the way "morning".

Oh, no 'by the way'. I'll make another entry about it.

So, thing is, it seems that I might get extremely lucky and just happen to live at a place that owns a PS3 from the end of this week on.
I mean.
I've been pining. ...

I mean, there's already the BEAUTIES of all the PS2 releases for FF, and naaaaah the only PS things I have are Pro-Seminars and Playstationportabbles. I did play X2 though, back in Norway. For a beauty. I mean. Heck.

Okay, so when they released another one, my first reaction was like "Yaaaay, a new Final Fantasy gaaaame... T^T For a wonderful thing they should release another master piece... TT^TT"

... and my second reaction probably something like "Oh wait. I can't... play it. |D"

XD I still cheer for it.

However, so there was this possibility. And the moment I realized that I might have the possibility of using a PS3 during my vacations made me lie absolutely hyper in bed, grinning and squealking.

And I got that confirmed, yes there will be a PS3. Unless it suddenly decides to not be working, but well orz.

My outter reaction: *pokerface* Oh. Cool! *smi~~le*

... yes.

So today.

PS3 provided? ✓
Last exam done? ✓
Money? ✓
Free-time? ✓

OFF WE GO! *hunnnnts*

First I checked Saturn, they tend to have lots of games.
And they did have lots of games.
But just for some reason, no FFXIII. I rounded their ps3-games like three times, but... no, none. And I thought it would be on rank 1~5 of most sold PS3 games these days but... X"D Oh well then!

I could have asked someone, but there already were four people or so waiting for the assistant, so I thought I'd check out the next place and then come by later.

So I went to this toy-store that has quite a nice range of console games, too. Just a little chaotic, but unf who cares. So I went there.
It's a little cute, their console game sections is almost in an extra room. Isn't even the floor see-through? Eh, I'm confused now. Well, at least I know there's no Sephiroth in their floor, but still.

And no one was in there, apart from one boy, and two shop assistants, a younger one about my age, dark hair and eyes, and an elderly man with shoulder-long silver hair and blue eyes. They were busy ... working, so I looked for FF in the F-section. The thing is, last time I was there... which was about a month or so ago, I'd actually seen it. It had been right there in front of my eyes. Same height. Perfectly. In front of me. And I remember I'd just been like "hnngh you beautiful thing you..." thinking of the happiness of those who are able to play it XD

Well. I did not succeed in finding it there, but then again, I only looked through some Fs. And I know how chaotic it can be there. People take a random game from say, C, and then put it back on T and so it goessss...

For some reason I turned around (I think reason was because someone wanted something from where I was) and looked at the books and playguides they had there. Ah, I saw the one for FFXIII, hah.

And just then, the younger shop assistant, who'd been talking to a costumer, got 'unbusy', so I turned to him with a flashy smile and went like.

Me: Uhm... Do you happen to still have FinalFantasy~?
Him: Mmmh, which one?
Me: Thir~teen~♥
Him: Hmmm! Letsssss see! If it's not here.... *looks through the Fs* hmm... doesn't look like it...

I guess at this point, his colleague mentioned how it could practically be anywhere, and I conversationally agreed with a note of "yaah costumers... -_-' they always put things back to wherever..." I mean, I know, right? XD And they were both like "Yaaaah", and started looking through the games, while I just stood on passively XD

I think it was when the elderly one said he's going to check whether somebody had reserved it that the younger guy asked me

Him: So... you uhm, you like FinalFantasy?
Me: Fuck no! I LOVE it, haha 8D
Him: Haha, seriously?
Me: Yeah sheeeeesh. It's like, the best ever. T.T
Him: Hahaha, that's awesome. I mean... we don't really get many girls here who're actually gaming, ya know.
Me: That so?
Him: Yeah. If, then they, like, buy something for their boyfriend or so... but naaah, that's rare!!!
Me: XD Well hn. I do have girl friends who're gamers but...
Him: Hah... Well, no, seriously. Awesome. Really rare. But hey, thirteen is like, awesome.
Me: Yeeeaaaaaah ;-; I really want it... See, I actually don't own playstations, so it's like off-limits...

So I told him about how I might just be able to use one for a little while, maybe, and how I thought like YUSSSH let's do thissss.

Him: Haha, awesome. Well, I really like FinalFantasy too, ya know. Already played through 13 - you won't regret it, absolutely. It's amazing. Already the starting sequence, like... WOAH. And hm well, in the beginning it's a bit of a drag, but when you come close to the end, it's just... Woaaaaah. And a friend of mine, he's already played it for some 180 hours.
Me: Seriously?!
Him: Yaaaaah...

I think the other one had already returned, there were none reserved. The young guy went to check something else, and I talked to the older one.
The younger one returned, saying, that there SHOULD be ONE somewhere XD

Somehow we never stopped talking though, so I was like mentioning - or being asked, I'm not sure - that I'm a student... nah, wait, I think it went fluently from FinalFantasy, like.

Him: Well yeah I guess, FinalFantasy is for both girls and boys. I mean... so beautiful! And the guys, they look quite feminine.
Me: ............... XDDD ........ yeah they do. But uhm. That's kind of a... Japanese thing.
Him: Ohh, so you're into Japan, or..?
Me: I'm studying it... XD
Him:.... *facepalm* you serious.
Me:... yah XD ...
Him: *to colleague* HAH! Would you look at that, there she's like doing all the things that I've been wanting to do!!
Me: ... Oh, seriously?
Him: Yaaah, I have an interest in Japan. Realllly interested in the culture. Now... well, I don't really know so much about the history or stuff
Other guy: *silent smile, shakes head and rolls eyes*
Him: I don't though!
Other guy: *just smiles on*
Me: ... XD
Him: Have you been there yet?
Me: No~~ ... *makes money-gesture*
Him: Gah, me neither. And hn... do you speak it?
Me: Hehe... yeah I do.
Other guy: *looks up from his work* Oh~? *makes a little eastern bow*
Me: XDDD aww *bows as well* yeah I do, not perfectly yet but ehhh I'll get there someday x'D
Him: Woah, awesome. *at colleague who just said something in Japanese* Oy, you know much more than you let on!
Other guy: *smirks*
Me: *looks at colleague* ... hnn, silent waters are deep, nn? *smirks*
Other guy: *amused twitch with eyebrows and a silent nod* (I liked that guy XD)

Don't know how exactly it went on, but we started talking about languages, and I asked him whether he knew about the language at all - he just knew that "one thing can mean a lot of things" XD, and then I started explaining about kana and kanji. While explaining kanji, I showed him my nails xD and obviously he asked what that was, and I told him the names of my favourite band... XD

Him: Yeah? Tell me.
Me: Well, that's *touching each nail respectively* Shoutetsumadokajin aaaand Yuuki.
Him: *blinks* ... woah... don't... know them, but... that's cool!
Me:... XDDDD Hn. XP *silently enjoys*

And somehow the other guy also talked with us, about that he likes languages, and how he'd always liked to learn Japanese. And how he's already able to understand some Italian and Spanish, and is fluent in 5 languages. Kudos. I was like "Well, german, english I guess, obviously, uhm...", think he was Bulgarian... or Hungarian, either way I think he knew both those languages *laughs* and talked about how much easier it is to pick up a language once you know more than, say, two xD So we talked about tha~~~t for quite a while.

At some point we got back to FinalFantasy though. Because, well, somehow it did not seem to be there, right?
So at some point, the elderly one said something to the younger, and left. I hadn't caught that, but he had wanted to check somewhere.

So the both of us started talking about something... again... yeah, FinalFantasy actually. Like, he told me how his first one was VII and how amazing that had been, like, "amazing" doesn't even cover it, and I told him how I started with VIII and how that was like my first "real" computer game ever. And he was like "Aww VIII, yeah it's great. It's really romantic!" XD And so he told me that he'd practically played all of them... well, not really, but like, lots. He'd just finished ten, I think, and he'd really loved that, too. Recommendations, etc. And I told him how I'd just finished CrisisCore, and he was like "Yaaah, that's the pre-story for VII, right." ... and so on and so on.

Also talked about what if they really don't have it, how I could go to gamestop, and some other places. Didn't quite catch where they were located, but hnf |D he explained it to me either way. Like "where did you go already" and I told him that Saturn hadn't had any... and I was all like "but shouldn't they have some? I mean, isn't that sold a lot...?" and he was "hmm well, the price..." and I was like "oh... right" XD

At some point, his colleague came again, and comment-lessly stretched out his hand towards me. And I was all like

Me: .... GYAAAAAAH!!!!! *flail* *grabs it*
Him:.... Oh... X3
Other guy:... *silent smirk*
Me: ... nnyaaaaaAAAAhhhh ♥ *touches cover and everything* Oh daaaaang yeaaaaaah hahahaha
Him: *laughing* *to colleague* which version was that, the one for 60?
Other guy: Mmmh yeah... *takes it from me and checks price*
Me: ... well... it said that on the cover...
Other guy: *after having scanned it* Yupp. *giving it back to me*
Me: *sparkly eyes* Damn, that's awesome... heeeeeyaaay... 833
Other guy: *moving his eyebrows in a way as if asking whether I'd take it*
Me: Uh, totally taking it! Like... No way I wouldn't! *holds on tightly*
Him: XD So you're taking it?
Me: !!!! Of COURSE I AM! XD ... Just got my pay-check, so heeee~~
Both: *laugh*
Someone from the background motioning
Him: Ah... gotta go though.
Me: Heh, work calls?
Him: Nah... my break does XD
Other guy: Yeah, and I may drudge on, heh.
Me: Aww... haha, well, good work! (ehh... don't remember what exactly I said, because whatever it was didn't sound quite as Japanese XD fail)
Him: Well then... have fun...! You won't regret it, seriously.
Me: Heeee, looking forward to it!
Him: *moving away lifting hand* Well... might see you around some time then? ... (I think he liked me XP)
Me: :3
Other guy: *continues silent grin*
Me: *leaves happily to cash out*

... hahaha! That was aaaabsolutely amazing!

I love getting to talk to random strangers. It's like, waaah.

So yeah. That was the Pleasant Happening of the Week entry XD

Cheers. Uhm. Bed. Like, seriously.
Oh *checks inbox* no, wait. |D
10th-Feb-2011 07:52 am (UTC)
Enjoyed this entry very very much ... *grinning from ear to ear*
So you see, other people, people who know nothing about you, are impressed by you. Which proves that you can be proud of yourself, without any pressure XD.
10th-Feb-2011 11:59 am (UTC)
XD Oh shut up XD I'm impressed by people being able to talk some Asian language, too. So I'm not that special XP

By the way, new kyo-icons, heh? x3 Nice butwhychoosingtheoneofhimtouchinghimselfugh|D
10th-Feb-2011 02:31 pm (UTC)
Hehe, I don't know if you can see that these are gifs?? Kyo is moving, not only touching ...
No, I won't shut up LOL
10th-Feb-2011 03:13 pm (UTC)
The gif doesn't work for me. I mean, I Know the gif, I should even own it.. xD but it's not working for me here, can't see it move.
10th-Feb-2011 05:46 pm (UTC)
You find it on my Tumblr :-)
10th-Feb-2011 05:56 pm (UTC)
I don't need it, I have it ^ ^
Just saying that it doesn't work on (my?) lj.
10th-Feb-2011 09:43 am (UTC)
I love random conversations with complete strangers. They're one of my favorite things. :)
10th-Feb-2011 12:01 pm (UTC)
*laughs* It's absolutely lovely. I especially like it when elderly people tell me their life-story. Happened before during train- and bustrips. Find that very intriguing, heh.
11th-Feb-2011 05:20 am (UTC)
Isn't it, though? They always have the most interesting stories to tell! :D
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