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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[翻訳] アヲイ オトギ Q&A 2011/02/15 
18th-Feb-2011 12:22 am
yuuki yomi
Well, before I knew it, I took actions against what I had quite firmly pleaded myself to please not be doing, which is getting to know that man a bit better.

If I wanted to keep away, I shouldn't read his blog, right? Or his nau, for the matter.

Anyway, as I've been so good at ignoring my own requests in that respect, and read the Q&A he did on his Ameba nau just a little while ago, I thought, why not post it.

Along with my useless, pathetic, and desperate comments. w Please excuse about those.

Here you go.

Otogi's nau Q&A 2011/02/15

[2/15 21:02]
Yapp, urgent plan, from now on until only 21:10, question time.

[2/15 21:04]
Q, Are you S or are you M? People are fundamentally reversible.

[2/15 21:06]
Q, Have you ever had the thought of wanting to stop singing? No. If I don’t sing, I can’t live.

[2/15 21:07]
Q, What is your height in centimeters? 173.
((Lmao, my initial reaction was like aaaadakadlsdjslfjs he's TAAAALLLLLL but... after... spazzing over his height, not that it matters, I remembered that I'm still taller. Which didn't make me change the "HE'S TALLLLLL ♥"-delusional talk w Yah, weird right.))

[2/15 21:08]
Q, Do you like girls that have a double eyelid? ((/a crease in their eyelids, as western people tend to have)) What is essential, isn’t the eyelid, but the eye.

[2/15 21:13]
Cut it off.

[2/15 21:16]
Q, Will you marry me? Please stop for a moment and rethink.
((... ... |D I'm in love with his comments ahaha *shot*))

[2/15 21:17]
Q, I use to call you Togi-kun, but is that okay? Or would it be better if I called you Otogi-kun? Please, do as you like.

[2/15 21:18]
Q, Do you want to hold girls you like? Or do you want to be held? I want to hold them, ne.

[2/15 21:19]
Q, What fetish do you have? As I’ve said many times, a perfume fetish. ((which ones? 8D))

[2/15 21:19]
Q, Do you like married women? I don’t have an interest in other people’s things.
((Eh, the way it's written in Japanese doesn't necessarily sound as though he'd refer to woman as being 'things'.))

[2/15 21:21]
Q, When do girls behave in a way that make you think they’re cute? When they eat something they like.

[2/15 21:22]
Q, Has it happened that you decided to give someone a hook? ((~boxing)) I’m against violence.

[2/15 21:22]
Q, Have you seen small people? I have.

[2/15 21:23]
Q, What’s a type woman you like? Those that have a ‘gap’.
((HNGGGGGH ♥ He shares my fetish |D ...I'llexplainwhatgapmeansincasepeoplewanttoknowheh))

[2/15 21:24]
Q, Tell me someone you like? Ooken-san.

[2/15 21:25]
Q, On a 12-musical scale, which is your favourite note? A.

[2/15 21:27]
Q, What do you think of girls who, no matter how old they’ve become, sleep while holding teddy bears? Lovely. ((Aaaaadjdjdjdjdjddkdkdkdkdkdkdkddk <33333))

[2/15 21:27]
Q, Have you gone to a school of music? I’ve done that, too.

[2/15 21:29]
Q, If you were to become a kamen rider ((lit. “masked rider”)) you like, which rider would you like to become? Decade. Because he can become all riders.

((unfunf. Nice ↓))

((someone photoshop that and put Otogi's face into it |D))

[2/15 21:30]
Q, Who is a princess you like? Hikitaka Tenkou.

[2/15 21:31]
Answered all questions that were in the range of those I can answer. Thank you for your cooperation.


Right. Not even going to say that I think he's amazing. ... Nope.

So much from me~
18th-Feb-2011 05:47 am (UTC)
He does seem to be quite interesting. And kind of straight forward with his answers, a lot of musicians tend to avoid questions by answering 'cutely.' that can get pretty annoying...

But anyway, what is this 'gap' he speaks of?
18th-Feb-2011 01:35 pm (UTC)
I find honesty to be attractive w

'Gap' usually refers to a "personality gap".
For example, when a guy who'd usually appear as to be pretty tough and 'hard', almost inapproachably so, reveals a side to him (he normally doesn't show) that makes you realize he's actually quite sensitive and vulnerable.

Edited at 2011-02-18 01:36 pm (UTC)
18th-Feb-2011 11:40 pm (UTC)
Honesty = awesome. It's so simple, but beautiful. :)

Personality gap, I see. That's awesome and really interesting 'cause I often think of something similar when thinking about what I like in other people (I've always thought of it as a kind of personality dichotomy: they're hard and mean, but soft and squishy too). :)

19th-Feb-2011 12:13 am (UTC)
It is beautiful, definitely. Not so sure about the simpleness. If it were that simple, people should have it easier with being honest...

*laughs* So you're ギャプ萌-ing, too? Wonder why that is so damn sexy interesting. Maybe it's like a treasure hunt... Hunting for the 'soft and squishy' part in a tough rough guy haha. some hunt forever -.-'
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