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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[翻訳] UnsraW - 腐現 
26th-Feb-2011 08:54 pm
I'm not really sure what kind of objective introduction is fit for this song. Guess there are no objective introductions to this one, at least not from me, so I suppose I'll just post it, ff.

The kanji are from the booklet as scanned by sorane1028, romaji and translation is done by me. There is a part that is being repeated in the song, however is not printed. I left the kanji the way they were in the booklet, however added the repetition in [brackets] in both the romaji and translated part.

If you want to repost this, please credit/link back to this post~


艶やかな夜に また孤独が この心を
笑顔を忘れ 偽ることが出来ない
過去を捨てて これ以上はもう歩けない


閉ざした 心は今も褪せず
言葉に出来ない 感情と冬空

溺れる 暗闇に犯された
悲しみの果てに 淡き明日を捨てて

何ーつ 信じられず
独り 抱えて逝こう
さよなら 愛し日々よ

itsukara nandarou
ikiteru imi sae wakaranakunatteita
mabushikatta sora wa ima de wa mou karekuchiteiru
atarimae ni omotteita hibi ga ubawareteyuku koto ni yagate nareteyuku no darou ka (1)

adeyaka na ya ni  mata kodoku ga kono kokoro wo
eguridashite kizuguchi ni tokekomu
egao wo wasure itsuwaru koto ga dekinai
kako wo sutete kore ijou wa mou arukenai

kawaru koto no nai 「genjitsu ga」
tsuresaru no nara 「koroshite」

tozashita kokoro wa ima mo asasezu
kotoba ni dekinai kanjou (2) to fuyuzora

[kawaru koto no nai 「genjitsu ga」
tsuresaru no nara 「koroshite」]

oboreru kurayami ni okasareta
kanashimi no hate ni awaki asu wo sutete

nani hitotsu  shinjirarezu
mou taekirenai kara
kesenai kako mo genzai (ima) (3) mo
hitori kakaeteyukou
sayonara itoshii hibi (4) yo

Rotten Reality
Since when has it been and what was it
That I've started to not even understand the meaning of living
The sky that was radiant, now, it is already withering and rotting
I guess before long I will get used to that the days I thought of as being a given, are going to be snatched away

In the bewitching night again, loneliness  hollows out this heart
and melts into the wounds
Forget the smiles I cannot pretend
Throw away the past I cannot walk any further than this

If the unchanging "reality"
takes me away, "kill me" [1]

My locked  heart, without fading even now
I cannot put them into words emotions (see 2) and the winter sky

[If the unchanging "reality"
takes me away, "kill me"]

Violated by the darkness that sinks [2]
At the end of sorrow throw away the pale tomorrow

Without believing a thing
It's too much to take it anymore
The past I cannot erase as well as the present (see 3)
Alone I will hold them and perish [3]
Good bye beloved days (see 4)

[1] He doesn't specify whether it is an I or an it etc that ought to be killed.
[2] Theoretically this could also be read like "I sink violated by the darkness", however I chose to keep it in the same style as the verse with the locked heart, it functions the same way. Usually he doesn't sever his lines, but if you think the other version works better for you, feel free.
[3] The way this is written would make you think he just sings "I will be holding them (close)", however he chose to write it in a way that makes it into "I will hold them (close) and perish".

(1) This whole part is the part he whispers at the same time he sings the first verse.
(2) Written kanjou (emotions, sentiments), sung omoi (thoughts, feelings, emotions, desire, ...).
(3) Written genzai (the present), sung is the ima (now) in the brackets
(4) What he wrote here would read "aishi hibi yo", however what he sings and what I hear is "itoshii hi yo". The difference is, that the first would be something like "(be)loved days" as in "the days that I love(d)", whereas the second, sung version is "beloved day/daylight/sunlight/..."


If he'd found any words more fitting to my own situation, I ... well. さすがに勇企ング様。

Comments and objections etc are always welcome~ shoot!

For more, feel free to check out my lyrics translation archive → here

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