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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
In which I flood my journal with mostly random old bands 
14th-Mar-2011 09:11 pm
uru pain
I still don't really have anything to say, so I fill the resounding void with music.

Our ex. Vk friend Kazu, who is doing fine and is unharmed, sent mom a video of a band he used to like (?). He's the guitarist's "slave" he says :3 SIN is his name, and it looks like he's Ruiza's sempai of sorts. Kazu called him Ruiza's "master", so which ever way you want to take that. Ruiza is on the left side of the stage here.

Syndrome... they were active around ten years ago. Amazing. I really liked that song, 水中花. Dreamy. Entrancing.

Didn't know they were in a band with KISAKI. Well what do you know.

From there I started clicking through other old skool Jrock/Vkei, and found my "old friends" Mirage again.

For a beautiful face!
Does she say "I wish to be punished" in the beginning?

Oh and here's ... Air.

I remember that about a year ago, there weren't any PVs by them up on youtube. Well, that's nice. I love the scene with the dark sky, it's beautiful
It's pretty, I think. In it's own way. Somehow it seems like a totally different world. It's so strange...

Somehow makes me want to listen to X and LUNASEA for a bit, nya. And old Dir.

And so I got to Phantasmagoria's version of that song.

Hiya, dammit. I still haven't seen any Phantasmagoria lives. I still think that maybe it's for the better. To not kindle the flames of this o-so-strange Riku thing I got.
Look at him. I mean, just look at him.
Thewaythepiercingsseemtotouchthemicrophone. I want to avert my eyes but they're transfixed and won't look anywhere else. There there. Riku-fetish.

What, Riku? Never mentioned anything about him. I said "stage" Just look at the stage! That stage is amazing. Like, look at it! It's so amazing you don't even notice any of the members. Just look at that damn stage already! Hngh. Yes.

Well too bad, now I slid right back into the Phantasmatrap.

Oh dear, the bass. And Riku's voice. Why so amazing? Not surprised KISAKI has his own little... altar on that stage w Holy. Why doesn't he sing like that on the records... I... should probably try to type the least possible right now to prevent me from typing the same handful of asterixes all over again. And when they all sing the chorus? T.T


Amazing. *adds Phantasmagoria back to her playlist*


So so beautiful. I'm not sure I can listen to the whole thing though. It's beautiful but... it hurts. Too much connected ... When songs trigger things that are too beautiful and gone. It's so sad.
Oops there I go again crying my eyes out. Oh well.

Slightly related, a little while ago I read that apparently when you cry, depending on which eye the tears spill from first, one can tell whether you cry from sadness or from happiness. Now I just need to find again which way it was. Because just now it was the right one. [*found it later, it said if the first drop comes from the "right" = happiness w lol. Proved it wrong, unless they meant not the actual spilling w]

Fuck that, on we go.

I love when his voice goes all raspy like that. Sheeshh. I missed out. Wow wow wow wow is all I can say right now. ... Wow. ...... wow... Wow. 2:50. Wow.


*goes on totally disregarding the fact she's been meaning to make food for about an hour now*


Forever laughing at this song somehow happening to come up as I pressed some random buttons.



And I'm back to terribly old stuff.

Not sure why, but these old PVs seem to have a sort of surreality about them that make them weirdly special.

Orivia. Oh Gods, what is this. This is too adorable for words. And I'm far beyond even caring what gender these creatures have. I really don't care at all |D I totally love the vocalist's make up. Guess it's not just me when I think "young Kyo" though heh.
Oh look, their drummer was in LAREINE.

... XDDDDD Not sure what this is either, but I feel better already.

I think I need a Japanese friend close by who just happens to listen to all these old bands, so I randomly get to know them *laughs*

And to add more colour and loudness, here's S

How come their voices sound so different from the voices these days? I kind of like S though. No I kind of really think I like S. Take that which ever way you want.

XD And I thought they only wore those outfits for one PV. Seems they always wore them? Heh. 遊雪の中で…意味解らないけどw

Okay, since my stomach really started revolting now, I'll leave you with something everyone should know I guess, so here is LUNASEA <3

Mother, in silence.


From Asagi over Riku and lots of unknown people to Ryuuichi and Sugizo. Not that bad w

16th-Mar-2011 11:47 am (UTC)
It's so heart-warming that Kazu's mail triggered this entry ...
Yes, he's safe, so far. Well, he was, because who knows what will happen to the nuclear plants now? He wrote me in another mail that they are not very well informed by the officials, and of course, he's very afraid. It's so terrifying, and I couldn't stand the situation if you were over there now.
You can't see or smell radioactivity, this could extinguish the whole of Japan. Not at once, but within thee years to come.
It could affect all of our beloved bands, too.
What a terrible thought.
16th-Mar-2011 01:23 pm (UTC)
Well I don't really have anything else to add or say about that really.
16th-Mar-2011 02:08 pm (UTC)
Yeah. It's hard to find words or say anything at all.
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