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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Ants, boys, concealed kaopon observations and renewed computers. 
2nd-Apr-2011 10:13 pm
mao distorted
So~, something had happened to my four year old laptop (...water?) and it had started to act weirdly, or rather, stopped working reliably.

My love for certain keys

To be a little more accurate, it happened Tuesday night. What exactly it was that happened I am not too sure, since it had been drinking water before without any problems. The only thing out-of-the-ordinary that could have made it act up though was a bit of water getting on the keyboard.

For whichever cause, the symptoms at first were as if the command -key was jammed. Which I suppose is similar to they ctrl+alt keys being jammed at the same time.

Result, you can't do shit.

Can't log on anymore, can't type anywhere, the only things I could do was passively clicking links - at least I could watch an episode of glee, since I'd saved it in my bookmarks, and much more importantly, I could still use iTunes.

Else, nothing.

I was working on Wednesday, so I promptly made an appointment at our local apple store. The earliest appointment I could get however was on Friday.

Distress when I got back home and realized that due to me having logged on during work, I now couldn't log on to tumblr anymore. Oh, distress. It's the only really continuously-interesting place on the net these days, and I couldn't access it anymore (despite having my log in information saved on here). [I keep having the most fun in commenting on when my colleagues go on facebook all the time. I only ever see them check and like random statusses, click on photos to see who was with whom where, and chat on there. With the most intrigued faces ever. I sincerely hope you are capable of understanding sarcasm. I've been told that that is practically "what you do" on there. Well. How... interesting.
Either way, today I asked them "So~ anything interesting happening?". O such bored faces when they told me "Nah, not really." I had to bite my lips to not laugh. "Isn't it always like that?", I ask. "Yea~h" they said. ... 'Yeah', huh? Why are you even on a site that is just half-way interesting you, in fact, is boring the fuck out of you? It makes me laugh.Thanks, but no thanks.]

Later that night, it seemed like the command key got un-stuck, just to get jammed again a little while later, and so we yo-yo'd up and down for a while until it finally calmed down. It was possible to use my laptop normally again! tumbluuuuuuuuuu--- ... or so I thought, just to be proven wrong when I tried to type ... and realized that both the 'i' and the 'n' key were like jammed (although there was not the least bit of unusual resistance, as caused by random breadcrumbs etc, under the keys)

... Only when certain keys aren't working, you realize just how much you need them. So for a whyle Y resygmed to wrytymg wyth 'y' amd 'm' for a lyttle whyle ymstead... whych obvyously cam get a lyttle weyrd. Stramge words do happem.

Later I started copy-pasting 'in', but mildly said, that got exhausting. I guess I don't even have to mention how typing anything in Japanese is a thing of impossibility like that, unless you don't care about neither your nerves nor your heart.

Then on Friday, I went to the apple store, and gave them my black darling. As ever, the nicest, friendliest and most caring people you ever meet in any store are those in apple stores. You even get smiles flying at you across the room, smiles when people pass you by... Either way, laptop gone, had a nice chat with the chap, who told me they'd have to remove the whole topcase etc etc, and I was to expect my laptop back in about 3-5 days. So I went back home. Laptopless. ... If I hadn't had my iPod, I don't know what I'd have done. Dark times without music would have befallen me. ... Or actually I would have listened to the only CD I have here - dead stock - on repeat. Hah.

Well funnily I am blessed with a borrowed PS3, so internet -in theory- still was possible for me. (not that it was that important, I had already seen myself being totally cut off at least until the beginning of next week)
I am saying 'in theory', because the things I tend to do most of the time on here still wouldn't really work out. First of all, the PS3 is damn slow... *bitter laugh* which obviously gets a little irritating if you use the internet the way I do. With up to a dozen of tabs open at a time etc etc.
I wasn't too surprised to find out that hotmail didn't work on the PS3 at all. I could log on and all, but I could neither read nor write any emails.

... When exactly is hotmail ever working? ... Not that I actually really use it actively anymore. I just get notifications and uni related stuff on there... etc. Which I would still like to be able to read though, heh.

Else I pretty much despise its guts. I mean, it's useless. So totally useless.

Well, anyway, today at work I got an email from the apple store - everything was repaired and ready for being collected.


Wait up.

Three to five days, right? ... Well, this hadn't even been one day. Ahah... Uhm, guess they fell in love with my pretty single white I-key or the rareness of the black beauty and decided to do it straight away. Either way, asked Sash whether I could get off earlier so that I'd be able to collect my laptop. No problem he said, Marina wasn't against it either, and in the end they even politely chucked me out the store earlier than what I had intended - half past six would have been fine, but somehow I already left at quarter past five.

Well. Thanks? |D [Off topic, somewhen I got this feeling Sash's girlfriend doesn't bed him often enough lately. Again too many mentions of lashes and saltires and swings of love. ... Well.]

So, long story short, I went to get my laptop back then. They told me that apparently there had been some white, dried liquid stuck to the outside of the harddrive - they'd removed that, and then exchanged the topdeck.
Uhm... White liquid?
No idea where that's supposed to come from. I don't even drink "white liquids". Just water. Watherrrr.

Well... Complete keyboard exchanged against a new one - from shiny back to perfectly lackluster, from black and white back to perfectly black. Perfectly black and perfectly working. And the perfectly wrong letters, thought I'd puke, lol. Interesting psychosis I got there, I realized. Even considered getting a new computer just for that l-m-a-o. Well not really just for that but ... yeah. Luckily I can't actually see the keys, As I usually type in semi-darkness. Can't see shit down there. Apart from phantoms.

And the fun part of this all can be wrapped up in one statement: "Uhm... So this usually makes 103€. ... ... Ehhhheh, in this case though... you won't be charged a thing *sweetest smirk ever*" ... Oh-okay then.

... Still considering getting a new one some day soonish. I remember very well that the last time something had been 'not alright' with it, I had made this statement of "the next time something isn't working or has to get repaired, I'll get a new machine...", and I bloody meant it. One huge building site it is, my black darling.

So much about computers.

Today I saw this boy.

I was just getting on a subway back home, when I see this boy sitting in a row of seats all alone. I immediately recognize something, and sit down, put my backpack between my feet and while passengers take up the other seats, I commence reading my edition of the House of Leaves [When I was going ~to~ the apple place, a man with his son on his lap -age around 7- sat next to me, with a still younger son across from my seat. I was deeply into reading, so although my ears heard what they were talking about, my brain filtered it out as being not too interesting, instead, the letters in front of me were. So at some point, the seven year old pulls out a bottle with liquid and babbles about how thirsty he is, then drinks. The younger boy in front of me starts going like "ooohhh I want after him I also want to drink also want to drink can I drink after him please please?" ... sweet boy. Yellow bottle with a cap you have to pull at in order to have the liquid pour out. I never stop reading. Then, apparently the older boy has stopped drinking, does some witty comment and thrusts it into direction of the younger without ever letting go of the bottle itself - FLOOMMMPH - water spilled over the top of my pages. THOSE pages. THOSE pages. How... dare anyone dis-sanctify the very matter those demonic words are printed on. I'm just gazing at the yellow wetness on the paper. Hear the dad scolding the boy, telling him no and how the book was all wet now. I open my backpack, fishing for tissues I know I don't have in there. Still gazing at the yellow wetness, while the dad tells me that luckily it's just water. I tell him, it's okay. I still am fishing for something that isn't there. I look up at the younger boy, gone all quiet. I look up at the older boy, just as quiet. I see he hasn't learned how to apologize to strangers yet, but I sure do see he's regretting his little folly. I look back at the pages. I ask the dad whether he has some tissues at hand, and he replies yes, fingering in the pocket of his jeans until he finally gets out a packet of tissues. I look on in silence. He gives me one. I look at the older boy. He gazes back, very very silent. I say thanks, and start wiping and dabbing at the pages. Then, I take up reading. It takes a while before the boys start talking again.]

The boy might have been seventeen, he might have been twenty, it was hard to say. The first thing I saw was perfectly golden hair. Not natural, but beautiful, and very well styled to the side. I immediately felt he was different, although I hadn't yet consciously registered anything apart from the hair. I just smiled, and concentrated on the written word.

From the corners of my eyes, I noticed how he was fidgeting with a smartphone. Probably even an iPhone, I never saw the actual thing itself much. When I looked up, I registered his amazingly pretty face, and hazelnut brown eyes. Perfect with the golden hair. I also registered how his perfectly trimmed nails had invisible nail polish or nail hardener on them. It made me smile, again. What I had felt wasn't just a hunch anymore.
Well dressed. His feet, in pretty, dark brown boots, crossed at the ankles. He kept smiling at his phone, some fingers flicking across the screen. Pretty accessory on his wrists. Nothing I have ever seen a straight man wear.

I looked at his face again. The soft smile. The little faint mole on the side of his nose. I smiled more. I thought "If I'd be a gay man, I'd so totally lost myself. I'd so fallen in love with him right on the spot." Which made me smile even more. The boy was love, so much love. I could feel it around him.

It was a thing of beauty, real beauty. I had to write it down. Black on white, white on black.

Only when he got up a couple of stops before mine and got out, I realized the huge, pretty handbag he had. I guess I am so much used to seeing Japanese boys wearing handbags, it didn't even seem 'unusual' to me. It was yet another thing that had made me chuckle.


They're building houses again. Crawling everywhere. They've only been starting to do this a couple of days ago. It made me smile. Spring's sprung.
Gotta be more careful about where I step down again. Be careful, too, little darlings.

... Talking about steps, my feet hurt |D Too much work without breaks for the last couple of days, youch... Reminds me every time that I need new shoes, mine are totally worn out. Shock absorption, what is that? I guess something the like did exist for them, once, years ago. Along with wonderfully cloud-like soft soles. Nothing the like can be felt anymore, but they're still the most comfortable and fitforthejob shoes I own outofthefivepairsofshoesIindeeddoownorz-sandalssneakersrunningshoeschucksTHEM. I tend to forget this "I need new shoes" each and every time. Until I've had another day of work, haha.

Yush, so much about me and things.
Guess I'll watch an episode of 東京dogs nau, wan.

And no, no obsession with ドレス whatsoever.

Also, what is it with this sudden appearance of handcuffs and whipped cream on my profi~~~le~? Kehkehhhehehehe... I feel like avenging with ropes or stufff. You. I see what you're doing there XD
2nd-Apr-2011 10:21 pm (UTC)
Can you remember only using a PS3?
I have a friend who does.
No PC. And even no own TV, just the one in the (supposedly) living room.
My situation with the laptop and old PC was worse and I don't want to give my new one for anything, I think (okay, we know there are things I would give it away for xDD but not many).
But even my situation before, with waiting and so on was better than using a PS3.

Your description of that boy is wonderful.
There's an image arising, but this usually is something totally different from reality, ne.
3rd-Apr-2011 12:01 am (UTC)

But ugh, my condolences. Do they at least have a keyboard to go with it? Couldn't imagine doing things like blogging or writing in general with the ps-controller. They keyboard I got here already was slow, but so much better than using the controller. And the screen... so ti~ny x'D Had to zoom in when I wanted to be able to actually read something *laughs* Glad my laptop is back so soon~

He was one of the type strangers I just want to hug tightly out of nowhere. He felt so wonderful.
Does the real image matter then?
3rd-Apr-2011 12:12 am (UTC)
Don't ask me why. LoL
I wondered what you mean and it took me like a minute to find out.
I think you guess I meant 'imagine'.

No, just the controller. She says she's quite fast with it because she's doing this for some years already. But okay, her entries aren't as long as yours. ^^ In general. I doubt they would get that long, if the circumstances were better.
I can understand this. Each time I'm using a different PC than mine I'm like 'What? That's so tiny.' 'cause my screen is so huge. *love love love love* Imagining three to five days back to the laptop (you remember how it was last year).... hm better than nothing but no, I don't want to have this.
So I really can understand that you're glad. ^^

Not really, but as you know, I'm badly curious. xDD
3rd-Apr-2011 12:21 pm (UTC)
Yeah, thought so.

Hm, "quite fast", but it's still impossible to be as fast as with ten fingers. That's immediate typing, with the controller it still takes time to flit from one letter to the next. Hmm, my laptop in itself is tiny in comparison to your screens I suppose. The TV screen actually is huge here, but there's still two meters from the couch to the TV, so you'd still have to zoom in.
Mmh, awesome service. Much faster than expected, and for free on top of that~

3rd-Apr-2011 12:44 pm (UTC)
She's by war not as fast as I. But she says she's better with the controller than with ten fingers. I think that's normal, if always only using a controller but actually never a keyboard.

It is. 21" wide screen, 1920x1080 resolution.
No fitting wallpaper on the net anymore, but I don't really care. My baby's on it, I couldn't find him online though, ne.
Yeah, that's really great, fast and for free. Couldn't be better. ^-^
3rd-Apr-2011 06:33 am (UTC)
Good to learn that your black beauty is back and in a good shape :-)
Yeah. In the future, you should be a bit more careful with any liquids around ...

The boy with the golden hair and the handbag. Sure he was a boy? Maybe transgender? It's good to have such people around. People who are different.

Erm, ants? Hopefully not in the apartment?!

Shoes: In the OEZ there's a Deichmann. Next time you have to work, just take a look if you find something, ne?
3rd-Apr-2011 12:16 pm (UTC)
Yeah, he was as boy as boy can be. Plus some extra.

Outside on the streets~

I don't think Deichman have Lowa, but I'll check. I'll need new chucks too actually, they tend to start falling apart after a year.
6th-Apr-2011 01:57 pm (UTC)
Oooh nooo injuries and deaths to laptops always hurt my heart T____T I've had that happen so many times, but so far everytime I've dripped water on the keyboard, the keys will freak out for a day or two and then return to normal :/// Just luck I guess. At least you could still watch your episode of Glee taha o__o <3 lmao I agree, FB sucks, but then most people don't know how to use it! You're supposed to spam everyone with dirty videos and pictures and press the "like" button to them having a bad day and such taha They should really call it "SpyBook" though because that's what it's used for mostly I think...just lurking around spying on what everyone is doing >___> (which I do quite frequently...oh whaaat) Tumblr does beat this taha

LMAO the apple store seems like a nice shunshiney place o____o *slips in to get some brilliant smiles and feel happy* taha In my computer store everyone either looks pissed to be there or paranoid >__> lol You seem like a tab queen like me. Sometimes I'll have ten (or more...idk ><) up and then random music will start playing or voices talking and I'll freak out clicking tabs trying to find the source taha Once my sister walked in and some random pornish moaning started up from a porn site I had hidden somewhere *facepalm*

</small>lol Seems like your friend's girlfriend needs to pay him more attention....swings of love you say *eyebrow raises high*

LMAO white liquid stuck to the laptop??? omu....I would have had to make some really awkward joke/comment about that >__>whatchu been doin?

Man, your laptop sounds really sexy for some reason >__> lol That's too awesome you didn't get charged! heh heh

lmao I hope you scared the shit out of the perpetrator that wet your pages @____@ Staring silently or giving the evil look usually does it taha

Wow....the way you described the boy on the subway is so lovely. It's nice when you see something or someone different...out of the ordinary....someone who just has a feeling or a look to them that makes you glance twice...or just stare. I actually read that paragraph, your descripition, a few times, and I could see him so clearly in my mind's eye. I love encounters like that.

Aaah ants T____T *tiptoes around them quickly* I hate those little suckers so much taha Do you need a nice foot massage? o__o Having good shoes when you're on your feet all day is key T___T I could give you at least five pairs out of the twenty I own. I have no idea why I love shoes lol >___> It's like I collect them taha

I love hearing about you and things, more? XD

Uum....what? *chuckles* Do you really know what I'm doing here? *shoots you wide innocent eyes* 0___0/ heh heh I recieved a nice little WHIP on my profile....nice black leather whip it seems. I wonder what the sender of this little device wants me to do with it? *taps finger to chin* hmmmm <3
6th-Apr-2011 06:23 pm (UTC)
Ohoho, yeah it also works well in order to be mean to people? xD "I FEEL SO HEARTBROKEN, AS IF MY LIFE IS ENDING" ... 94375934people liked this comment. ... ...

Idk xD Did you know that there's already a scientific term called 'facebook depression'? My mom told me about it, I think it was on TV. Apparently teens get mobbed for not having enough facebook friends - if you have under, say 500, you done and out. Ouch.
Well I'm glad you can see why other places beat fb in numerous ways xP

! The apple store is amazing. You can also partake in trainings for free, and try out all the new computers, iPads/Pods etc etc they got there. And then such nice staff always trying to do their best to help you with your little silly problems |D ... Speaking of which. have you ever seen this? XD. I love how all the apple staff is like "... this is totally normal. Happens every day." XD

Kaha, the tabs. Wait. (at least I've only got one browser open right now xP) ... I've got exactly 10 open right now orz. If I'd work with firefox right now as well, there's be another 10 or so... it always opens with the same tabs |D *geek* Oh and those mysterious sounds... I KNOW RIGHT? I hate when it's little ads that start talking to you. I think it was when I was watching "Misfits" online... I watched them on some site where there always were ads starting to talk while the link to the video loaded. Always the same annoying ones... like... "In our daily life, we are being faced with myriads of bacteria blablabal" GAAH *SHOOTS* ... >.<
... The thing with the porn... XDDDDDDDDDD Fanfuckingtastic. I tend to either turn down the volume, have my music play simultaneously, or use earphones when I go on ~loud~ pornsites ...XD You never knew just how much your neighbours will hear orz.

Ssshhhhht, not the laptop, but the harddrive.. >.> Like... INSIDE of the lapto.........OkaythatsoundsevenworseXD I have no idea what that could be. How did it even get to the harddrive? ... I mean... the only 'mysterious white dried liquid' I know is the stuff coming from batteries. ... And that is no good x0x
But yes! My laptop is sexy! Sleek and black <3

x3 He was such a wonderful person. He radiated something. So many things, actually. I'm glad you could see him. He was too beautiful to not be shared hnya. notsoundingwronganywherenowisit

*laughs* I don't mind ants! Well, I guess I'm not too fond with finding out that I've been standing in one of their nests for a couple of seconds already, with sandals on orzzzzz... and the red ones are quite aggressive here. But in general I like them~ I think I even had a little ant farm once as child xD
Would your shoes even fit me! XDDD *has big feets*

You do? :3 I love that you love hearing about me keeeh~

... I.. actually am not so sure, now that you're asking. Trying to coax me into a finely woven net with no escape and keeping me forever? |D ... Mixed with a twisted version of the carrot and stick policy? ... Mmmhhh what, a whip? O____O Ohhhh I wonder what that's supposed to mean uhhhh~ *shudder*

13th-Apr-2011 01:02 pm (UTC)
Of course it does! I just go crazy with the like button somedays....oh your life is shitty *LIKE*...mine is too lol >__< ! Well some aspects at least taha

You know what, I can so understand what this Facebook depression thing is. I could see how some depressed teens would do something horrible because all the bullying that goes on there :/ It's pretty sad. Aah I must be a loser because I'm barely over a hundred *goes to tie the noose* ><

Aww...now I want to buy an apple computer just to interact with these lovely people XD *rolls over laughing* Yeah this must happen all the time for people to just be standing around...not even looking o___o lol I wish I saw things like this everyday >__>

Well with people whose minds run in ten different directions at once, you really can't but help having ten or more tabs open! taha Aaaah I HATE that, when the ads just keep talking while you're trying to enjoy your movie *pulls hair out in frustration* I don't want to know about mucous and car insurance biaatch. Yeah bacteria and mucuous seem to be the most popular ads lol

lmao You're the smart one hon. I guess I don't care if my crazy religious neighbors hear o__o Sometimes I want them to hear. They even had the nerve to tell me to put on a dress while I was working in my garden with shorts on the other day...in HOT weather. Come on now. And then they'll tell my dad to turn his music down but he'll just turn up his amp lol They already think we're from the devil, they can hear my pornz XD

Ahh well your harddrive heh heh So it was....INSIDE you say?? *getting random images* hmmm lmao I hope nothing was leaking in your poor computer, it's been through enough I think T__T My laptop is messy...she has nerdy stickers all over her taha >< *my laptop pushes her nerdy glasses up and eyes your sexy computer* uh oh

Shaaared? o____O Why yes, thank you! lol I study people like some strange perv. *puts on pedophile glasses and sits on a bench* Actually I just love to observe mannerisms and the like, I guess it helps with writing. I would have died over this beautiful boy XD

Aaah no one likes getting bitten by the ants...well unless they were masochistic like that taha Fire ants terrify me o__O I'm acutally allergic to them *shudder* awww ant farms are nice though! As long as they don't escape. It's fascinating watching them work.

Idk >___> What size are you? heh heh

I love that you love that I love hearing about you o__O uh huh.

Sssshhh...that's not it at all! How could you think something like that of me?? *hides net behind back and starts whistling* Oh what the hell.....*does a quick maneuver and suddenly you're all tied up with no hope for escape* taha This whip was obviously meant to be used XD *bends you over a chair, while you're still tied in a maze of ropes* heh

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