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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
It's the Dance of the Red Goose. 
29th-Apr-2011 09:22 pm
So I've just come back from finally seeing BLACK SWAN, so I'll take this opportunity to just-as-finally write an entry of sorts.

I guess it's been a month? Almost. Hah.

I guess there might be more 'finally' in this post than the two three I already mentioned. Well, here I go.


Earlier today I finally [see? again.] got my washing machine installed. I've already been having it for a while, however it turned out that the tap/connector/whatever it is, hasn't been used for so long, it's totally furred up. That's why we needed a mechanician to come take a look at it.

There being a stranger in the apartment, I obviously took great pride in having weird stuff such as UnsraW, OROCHI and whatnot blast through the stereo. :3

On a slightly related note, YES, I've gotten away from my "only Attchan&OROCHI" playlist, for now at least. For one or the other reason as soon as I went to my usual playlist of currently 505 songs and 34 artists, my iTunes chose to give me one after the other UnsraW song, like Bam-wang-woom, どうぞ〜♪. Curiously 桜の涙 already played twice as the "random" first song. I love iTunes.

Either way, after the mechanician had left, before Dragon left as well, he told me that just in case it wouldn't work... ahah... to not call him with bad news XD "Oh hai, I've got a waterbed now"... for some reason that was unwished for.

So now I've finally got my washing machine installed.

Before that I've been living without such a handy little machine, which ended up driving my mom nuts for one or the other reason. Well hey, I don't have fifty shirts to choose from, I need to wash once a week |D

Nnh, now I haven't washed anything since the day I officially moved, which was the monday of last week. Luckily, due to me ~moving~ I already had everything here at my place, so I could wear things that go by the name of clothing, however that I wouldn't really wear outside. [not so much because I'm vain, but because there are holes in them and might make me look... as though I'd gone to rack and ruin, I suppose.]

Aaaand, just a little before I started writing this entry, I put the first load of clothes into it. ... I guess I will need two more |D ... Uhm, yes! I've been crouching in front of the glass door watching my clothes get soaked [for some reason it made me think of a certain someone liking when ...people... get soaked. うん.なんでだろうwいや、汚しい〜]. For a fascinating process.

So, it's running, and so far I'm not on a couch drifting a top of water yet, so I guess that is fabulous.
Also, it's not even that loud. Yet. Great stuff.

Cinemas and making new acquaintances

I've been checking our cinemas programs for at least two weeks to see whether they'd have BLACK SWAN running anywhere in the original version, at a date I both got the time and feel like going downtown.

When I checked a couple of days ago, one theatre still had it - once every second or third day or so. Today... and the next time on Monday. Since I was in the mood for watching a movie [that I've been meaning to see ever since I saw the preview for it |D which is like... what, months ago?] I thought that in case the installation of my 洗濯機 would be over soon enough, I'd go~~~~

And it just so happened that after everyone had left, I still had like ten of fifteen minutes before I needed to leave |D Great stuff.

It played at our wonderful, tiny little theatre I love so much. Been going there ever since I was a little kid. It's still showing the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW on a weekly basis. Wonderful, isn't it? 'T makes you cry. And I di~~~d. [notice my carefully placed songquotes.]

So hey, half past three on a sunny afternoon, who's going to the theatre? MEEEE. Yeah well, I meant, apart from me... Either way, as expected, the places wasn't exactly crowded. Nope.
Got my ticket at quarter past, then went outside and took a little stroll next to the river.
Came back just about half past, and oh, another person in the cinema! An Asian [DING-DING-DINGGG] girl just payed for a ticket, and the girl behind the desk pointed her (in English) to Cinema2, so I knew she was going to see BLACK SWAN, too. I'd gotten in "line" after her because I wanted to buy ice confect. Hngh ♥ [Hey, it's nice. In perfect pre-cut pieces. Perfect to drop and... あっいっちゃた。- pun not intended. (not quite sure why I'm so full of puns these days, bu~t I like it.)] ...

So I entered the room right after the Asian girl, and, as expected, we were the only ones :3 We laughed and sat down, random almost-conversation going on while we chose our seats, middlish middle, her one row in front of me. Still laughing at how we were the only ones, and I went like "Hey, at least you won't have annoyingly big people right in front of us |D" and she laughed... politely, and there I went.

Me: :33... Where are you from?
Girl: Ah! Aimu furom Japan!
Me: >D ... あぁそっか…日本人ですか〜♪
Girl: えぇぇえええー Yuu supeeku Japaneesu? 8D
Me: うん…まぁXD

Hahahaha... I'm still laughing. I mean, common. There I am choosing to go see a movie I had the chance to see numerous times before, end up almost alone at a cinema [Insert almost dirty thoughts of being together alone with certain people while watching a movie], with the only other person there being a girl/woman from Japan. ORZ. My life <3

Well, obviously we started talking. Although I again realized how rusty I've gotten - HIROSHI COME BACK! I NEED YOU TO PRACTICE! ... ... *ahum* but well, either way. She's working here. As far as I understood, she'd just finished her degree and went to somewhere and somewhere and then here, to work. She's also taking language courses.

... You know what I really hate about getting to know someone new from Japan, though? ... Not knowing how to address them. And then I end up switching between using formal and informal speech all the time. I mean. Seriously XD Usually I try to avoid them altogether (which is quite impossible unless you keep to one-word-sentences w) and listen to what they use.

Either way! She was quite eager, asking me for my name and totally mispronouncing it of course, nyaha, AND whether I'm on facebook - my reply was that typical 残念 while you're actually thinking "it's not so 残念 though" - and was all sadface when I told her no, adding a "oh, to keep contact and hmm~" but hey. We exchanged numbers and email addresses right on the spot. ... [ofcoursesheownedaniPhoneffff] so maybe, maybe I found myself a new tandem partner-san. Yay! Her name's Ryoko, she's from Tokyo~ She seemed about 30 to me |D

While exchanging numbers she was like "Ehhhh!! You have Japanese on your nails!!!!" and I was like "eehhhhhhh ahahahha yes well 8D *hides hand*" XD She's fond of laughing. At me. And me being silly. So yay.

Ryoko then commenced taking pictures of the 不思議な room, with its paintings on the walls and transvestite David statues and whatnot ♥

Have I mentioned I quite love that old, old theatre?

Guess I have.

... and we "talked" some more (being me feebly trying to pull out words fitting into the conversation and her nodding and laughing politely at everything I say w before saying some things on her own), while I was asked what "よろしくお願いします…naisu too meetchuu" was in German, and she tried, she really tried hard, but hey, it's kinda difficult. |D "Es freut mich, deine Bekanntschaft zu machen"... Yeah sure. UHM. YOROSHIKU ONEGAISHIMAAASU 8D ... Much easier. Why do I even bother with it? orz. Hey I'm grateful for being born in that country I dislike, for that way I don't really have to learn the language. I just happen to already know it. Kaha.

Her attempts were cute though. Something like "Essu fwoindolih mih, daihne bekanntoshafuto tsu... mahen..." hnya. Of course there also was this obligatory "You're SO GOOD at Japanese" followed by the "IYAAH MADA MADA DE-SU *insert waving with a hand in front of face*" ... ackk, I love Japanese xD

Then the film started.

Then the film was on the screen.

Then it ended.

... Yes!

I then asked her what she thought of it and she said "Shuweeaaa!!! 難しいー!", meaning that she hardly understood anything because her English wasn't all that great |3 I felt sorry for her.

Oh no, I'm not going to write a review about a film everyone has already seen anyway. I LIKED IT! Want to discuss its contents and minor mindfucks with me, go on :3 I had a deep repulsion for the mother ever since I first saw her black eyes. Not that I got anything against black eyes. Just, her.

Annd-uh I wondehrr whehrr I'veh seen-uh diz-uh forenchuh acteur before-h!

Aw too bad, I cannot come up with a fitting English word.

I meant to say "Ausklang" which normally means 'conclusion/end', but if you take the word apart it also can mean 'stopping to sound/ring'. Languages are great un-things.

For I am sort of at the end of my sort of entry, finally! (just to use the word again), and also the washing machine has stopped ... sounding. Yes. Ausklang indeed. Also, this will lead into the Ausklang of my day.

On an unrelated note, I just found out that I like having my back beaten by fists.
Ah, I think it's called "massaging" ... some sort of... that, yes.
Like, uh~ baby.
... Too bad I can't reach my shoulders on my own |3

So I suppose that's all I'll end up saying this time around.
Although I could mention what I've been doing all this time.
... Or something.

Well, I've met and re-met with various people, one of them being my grannay! I even met her twice. First time around we went to my favourite museum, one that had a special exhibition with prized photographies and lots of animal-exhibits and hundreds of moths. Which I took lots of pictures of but obviously I'm too lazy to...


So here's from the exhibition.

No. It's not a Zebra.
Just in case.

Look at them! I mean, look at them!
Are they not absolutely beautiful? Made me want to go to a butterfly-show.

There were a lot of those. Not just that kind of ... content, but reptiles, mammals... I always find them a little creepy. I mean sure, it's a perfect way of preserving species for hundreds of years, but... it's still creepy. Thinking of Faust. And just generally of mad scientists being surrounded by hundreds of those. And thinking of a certain RES song, too - 胎教なる羊水遊戯

Mutated Sheep~

More butterflies and moths.

I also took pictures of some of the amazing photographies.

Bullied Owl. According to the description, that owl always was being bullied by some crows. I mean look at the owl's face. She ain't even mad. or so it may seem.

A fish-eagle capturing a seagull in mid-air.

I just had to take a picture of this. And if it's just for my memory. This piece was gorgeous. I was standing in front of it for at least five minutes. The artist is Mauricio Biancarelli, the photo is called "A wild wonder of Europe"

Okay. A dozen pictures later I'm done. Haha.
Also, my clothes are drying to try, and I guess I'll grab something to eat and watch an episode of Grandchild of Nurarihyon.

And then shower, and to bed. Gotta get up early tomorrow. Heh.
30th-Apr-2011 06:31 am (UTC)
Aaah I was waiting all the time for a mail or a call that the machine works ... I'm really relieved that it actually does now, without problems and/or floods. So now your household is nearly completed, isn't it?

THIS cinema. Hnn. It always reminds me of my grandma, her tiny apartment with the bathroom outside of it, high walls, very special smells, Schinkennudeln and Butterbrezen. Still, I miss her so much. Is it strange that this is my 1st thought tied to this cinema? Only the 2nd thought is about the Rocky Horror Picture Show - and as you can still watch it there as I watched it 25 years ago is sort of 'history repeating itself' or it feels like a time-warp. Strange.

You know that there is no coincidence and you've always been magnetic for Japanese people, no matter where you are or were you go - flights to or from foreign countries, for example. It's nice that you exchanged numbers :-)

Butterflies. Reminds me of me visiting the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. last year. There was this special butterfly exhibition - I mean: living ones - and there were some of this huge brilliant blue/black ones flying around.
And there was this little girl, one of the butterflies landed exactly on her cheek and she was squeaking and wanted to grab it with her hands ...
30th-Apr-2011 05:11 pm (UTC)
Yes, it's quite wonderful. I shall see about having a house-sharer very soon, too. If Nobby won't reply well that's too sad then but aaahh

I always think about the fact that she's lived there whenever I'm in the area. The area means a lot of my childhood to me, even the IMAX although we just went maybe twice or three times. I've walked down that road next to the cinema - it always makes me think of that relative I've never known. But she's my ancestor, right...

Haha... just today we had a Japanese couple with two - or three - kids in the store. It was funny, I went closer and obviousl I understood them, grinning from one ear to the other (it was about how 'in' and cool some of the things were etc), but I didn't say anything. They left before I could, and then I thanked them for visiting the store, and they were lie 'eh what' xD

That's exactly the kind of butterfly exhibition I'd love to go to. I think there was one in Munich a little while ago, but we missed it unfortunately.
1st-May-2011 06:00 am (UTC)
I hope that you catch Nobby at the right time when you call him again and he finds some time to talk to you!

Yeah, she's your grand-grandma and I do have so many memories. Not only in my heart, but in my flat, too. That porcelain elephant in the living room, for example. And a little wooden box with old German money in it that ran through her fingers. She liked playing cards, and we often played when we visited her, but I can't remember the name of the game right now.
I do not have a single photograph of her - but she might appear on some old ones, stoed at your grannies.

Some 7, 8 or 9 years ago there was a living butterfly exhibition in the Munich Botanical Garden, I went there with "DJ Heini" (the guy who took me to Sushi at Fuji's for the 1st time!).
1st-May-2011 03:29 pm (UTC)
lmao It's always nice to surprise strangers with Jrock -___- and watch their reactions >__> lmao you have a very good itunes *pets her slowly* I found I've been listening to UnsraW a lot lately....just in need of some hardcore evilness taha....and headbanging.

You sound like you're having fun with your brand new washing machine o___o heh heh and what's this about people getting soaked? *instant mind rape* Since I can sit on my washing machine and bounce around, it's probably time for us to get a repairman as well lmao >__< I'm just glad you have success with your own @___@

Whaat I love your little theater already if it's playing Rocky horror every week *dresses up as Frank N Furter and goes to see another showing* >__> I love going to the theater at odd hours so the whole place is deserted o__o And how awesome is it that you just happened to share the theater with a girl from Japan? x___X Random loveliness taha lmao were you having an orgy in the theater in your mind? The girl sounds so cuuuute <3 Especially the heavy accent and the fail at German XDD Random encounters like that are awesome. Black swan was definitely a nice mindfuck wasn't it? >___> I was pulling confuzzled faces throughout the thing but the story and imagery were beautiful and dark, liked it a lot actually.

tahaha *beats on your back in some sort of massage motion* 0___0 Dis be a kinky massage obviously.....Where do you go to get your back beatings? lmao

Oh that's awesome you got to hang out at the museum with your granny :D Wow...I love those butterflies, so gorgeous. How did you not spend all day examining them? XD I go into trances studying art and the such *heavy sigh* lol oooh booones...the mutated ones are the best @__@ love the photographs as well. Why didn't that owl just turn around and bitch slap the crow? *eyebrow raise* taha

Omu those last two picchas...I want to be there *grows wings and flies there* Come with? XD How beautiful -__--

I've missed your entries lately, but I'm glad to see you're doing great and having some adventures heh <3
2nd-May-2011 12:07 am (UTC)
UnsraW is always great *smiles*

Ahah... well, it's new, so it haaas to work >< And so far it's doing that just fine XD Already had two loads in, and there's still more to be washed. ... That's how long I've gathered dirty clothes and stuff ahah |D well, and I really want to wash my bedsheets soon >> Uhm, what? Soaked... what? |D I don't know what you're talking about. *cough*

Haha, you'd go as him? Amaaaazing xD My best friend and I once saw it at an actual theatre - as in... saw the play. It was quite a 'noble' place and all XD We ended up being the only ones dressing up as original characters from the movie. She was Magenta (she's already got that hair xD) and I was a transylvanian xD I even had step-shoes and wore them... they clackketeeclicked all throughout the halls. It was amazing. There was another group who seemed to have dressed up as vampires, but yah... seemed like we were the only 'true' ones xD And it was so great... we had a seat in the second row, and the real Magenta saw us and smiled at us appreciative hahah it was greeaaat.

Orgy? haha, no, not with her, I'm sorry to say. I don't usually find Japanese girls that terribly attractive to begin with (eh... unless they look like boys? *FAIL* .. no, not really but hn.) , and so she was more of the 'business woman' type.

Ah, I didn't pull so many puzzled faces as I pulled surprised and painful faces. ... The movie was really good with giving you painful images I just don't want to see. Like, ugh, her bloody toe, or when she pulls feathers from her nails, also nails getting clipped and GJSLDFJLFJSDF CAN'T HANDLE.
The imagery indeed was beautiful. I did love the movie.

Hahaha, thank you dear~~ Not sure how beating can be ki...... uhm,never mind that. And... no where, I've only done it myself heh.

I really love hanging out with her at museums and all. Actually, with both my grandparents, just my gramps doesn't like going downtown that much and all ;-; We spent hours there though xD
Oh I wonder about the owl. Then again, crows are a little smarter as far as I know... eh |D maybe she wasn't so smart.

If you can grow wings, come get me and fly me there, nya~ I'll come with you there. Of course ;3

Aw, I'm sorry I haven't really shown up in... almost a months? sheesh. But well, now with uni starting again I guess I'll have lots of things I'll need procrastinating for, so don't worry, I guess I'll be back |D
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