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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[翻訳] Mikaru blog entry, 2011/04/30 
7th-May-2011 01:57 pm
mao distorted
Orz… so… I've been meaning to translate and post this entry by mikaru.
Because that man is too precious to not to.

And because while reading, my whole face wrinkled up in a way as though it'd just freeze and never smoothen out.

Excuse for random useless comments.

So here is.

Mikaru's escapades (in)to the zoo. Is this man even for real.

Please, do enjoy. I know I did. Ahaha 8D

2011-04-30 15:04:16
Mikaru/Newcomer Nakamura-san.

Joined the group yesterday, tapir Nakamura-san . (all the way to the right on the picture)

With a gargantuan atrocious attitude, Justin Davis bears Tanaka-san,

And, come along from Shanghai, shy, totally M-ish panda Sato-san.


Come along from the Tama-zoo, tapir Nakamura-san.

I went there yesterday.

To the Tama-zoo.

When I woke up it was 2pm.

When I was done with preparations, it was 3pm.

The place I chose would close its stage at 5pm. The latest time to enter the park, 4pm.

Will I make it…?

Mm, what shall I do…?

Maybe I should let it be already, today…

Hesitated, but in the end, I left!!

Since I didn't know about when the train would arrive, I checked while I was on the way to the station, and found out that all together it would take about 45 minutes!!

I phoned the Tama-zoo, just in case.

Mikaru: "Hello! Uhm, what is the latest time to enter the zoo today?"

Tama-zoo-person: "Ah, just a minute, please hold on."

Tama-zoo-person 2: "You've been passed on. Tama-zoo-Mister-so-and-so speaking."

Eh? And who was the person just now? Doesn't even know the final time for entering the zoo, ha~h! Oh well, whatever.

Mikaru: "Uhm, when is the final time to enter the park today?!"

Tama-zoo-person 2: "Since we are having business today one hour longer especially, the final entering time will be 5pm, and it will close at 6pm."

Mikaru: "Oh really!!"

Tama-zoo-person 2: "Ah, but in order to be able to see the animals, it'd be good to come early~."

Mikaru: "Yah, well, I'll be dashing from here on!"

Tama-zoo-person 2: "Yah, ah, we'll be waiting (laughs)"

Yosh. Current time, 15:15.

If I get there at 4pm, and had two hours, I guess I should be able to see it all! But he said 'early'… If I wanted to be able to see the animals… he said, so, are there things apart from animals I'll be able to go to…!?

Nah, well, if I could see elephants, giraffes, lions and tigers today, that'd be great!!

Eating soft serve ice-cream while watching elephants, that's my dream for today!! ((I think this is where I started to laugh in a way I couldn't stop anymore. It's called 'brain theatre" by some.))

Dashing, I move towards it! That's the first time that I come that late with the Keiousen ((train))

Damn…. I'm hungry…

Being that hungry… Even though I might see animals, I might end up thinking of them as being delicious or something!!

I gotta eat something!!

15:45, station, arriving at station so-and-so.

First of all, something to eat!! Ah!! There's a MacDonald's there!! Somehow I'd started to very much want to eat Mac!!

They had something like a Teriyaki-burger-double!!

Yosh, let's get that!!

Is it okay if your fries will take just a little, three minutes?

Ah, yes. (I don't care!! I don't care, just do it quickly!! The animals are waiting for me!!) ((snort-attacks))

With a dash, I gobble up the teriyaki!!

Arrival of the fries.

Since they've just been made they're all fresh and so hot I can't eat them!!

But I gotta hurry!!

While it seems like the insides of my mouth get scalded, I eat them! Eat them! Potato! Potato! ((…screaming))

Even though I eat and eat, the potatoes won't decrease!! ((I'm roaring.))

I don't need ya anymore!!!

Come now, to the zoo!!!

It's crowded with children♪

I'm with my hair semi-peaking, in a jacket and boots.

Perfectly odd!!

I hadn't been thinking at all~!!

But it's not like anyone's looking!!!

Never you mind!!

Got a guide-book at the information desk, and with the map in one hand, I went the tour around!!

But, ne.

As 5pm passed, gradually the people disappeared, and also the animals disappeared…

It seems like for the usual feeding-hours, the main-animals in general retreat to their breeding huts…

Since there was a place you could go around to the back of the breeding huts, I was able to see elephants and giraffes eating their food!!

African elephants really are huge!! Erefan!! Erefan!! ((he used the Japanese word for 'elephant' first, and then said it in Engrish. Same with ↓))

Your neck's so lo-ng!! Giraffe! Jiraafu! Jiraafu!!

But there are no lions or tigers whatsoever…


It also has gotten colder gradually, it's not even a place to eat soft serve ice-cream!!

I discover a place called 'Insect-house'.

It was shocking, but worldwide there are like eight different types of cockroaches, well mh, so gross, that can't even be, but since it was the first time I saw it, I was impressed!!

Ah, after that some boys talked to me, so we messed about a little bit♪

Uh damn, I don't have time!!

I gotta leave already!!

Mh well, since I'd started to want a souvenir, I bought the tapir - they say it eats dreams!!

Lately I only ever have nightmares, so I entrust it to you, Nakamura-san!!

… I said, and promptly, I had nightmares today!!

Oi, Nakamura!!

Get a grip!!

… that said, please welcome Nakamura-san who just joined the group!!

I'll be off!!

See you then!!


Isn't he amazing? I just... can't.
The dio-blogs com is still down, right? For a shame. Someone should translate his blog entries on a regular base. He's just too precious.

Or is that already happening? |D
8th-May-2011 07:16 am (UTC)
He absatively should start writing at least 'short stories'.
Yes, lots of 'brain theatre' start at reading this, he's so damn kawaiiiiii ...
8th-May-2011 11:49 am (UTC)
Ah, I edited the entry, the picture didn't appear first time around. Also I had a typo with the time once.
His stories are amazing. They're always quite long, but reading definitely pays off xD
8th-May-2011 04:11 pm (UTC)
I love the obvious obsession of J-Rockers with stuffed animals. KAWAIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!
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