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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
In which I post some random videos again, and drop some apparently unpopular opinions. 
1st-Jun-2011 06:40 pm
uru pain
Just wanted to drop some things here.

First of all, I just looked for a live version of this song by Janne Da Arc, and tada~ I found one.

Category 神曲 ["Divine Song"] indeed.

Although I think that in this live version, his voice doesn't come out quite as strong in relation to the instruments as on the records, I only noticed here how great the drums really are.

I am still having my playlist on "all Jrock". Which is nice once in a while. It's funny to see what songs come up - songs I haven't been listening to in a year, or longer *laughs*
It's also quite funny to see which bands seem to come up more often than others. So much LAREINE for example. Although I don't even have that many songs by them. Less than twenty to be sure, heh.
However to be honest, whenever something by BUCK-TICK/櫻井敦司 comes up, I start to get this feeling of missing my 'almost only sakuraisan playlist' *laughs*

It's also funny how I seem to get into the older V系 bands these days. Paramount example being BUCK-TICK, of course.

Not quite sure why everything is so 'funny', but another funny thing, while watching this, and some other lives by Janne Da Arc -whom I'm not familiar with at all, I only just really overlisten to 月光花, that most beautiful song I posted above- ... but I thought "hey, his face... it looks so familiar... where else does he sing... I KNOW that face >.O" and hey. xD Acid Black Cherry? AHAHAHAHAHA! Oooookay. Your dark side is revealed, Mister.

here, I really liked this one, too.

However now I got distracted by the realization of him being in ABC, so uhm. First thing I clicked was this

And my first reaction was "*pupils turn to slits* ... Oh fuck you and that hair... and those hips... *hiss*" Oh man. Donmai he's a tiny bit older than me and so on. Aren't they all. Alphamegamia at its best 83

Damn, even his way of headbanging is sexy. oO'

But I just realized I got their name wrong. It's Assiddo-burakku cherry apparently. Not Acid black. >.>

WHICH REMINDS ME! Watch this, seriously xD

Even if you don't understand what he's saying, you'll still understand the video XD I love this. Especially the second guy. Or well, technically it's the first guy. XDDDDDDDD Hiisa haisukuuru tiicha! Oh mai goddo!

I also loved this, but for that you'd really have to understand what she's saying.

So enough with the intermission. *goes back to her other youtube tab still open on ABC*

Haha... this one confused me xD At first I concentrated and listened to the lyrics and the melody, and was totally attuned to getting into the ballad-feeling, but then the look they pull off and the way they perform... hehhhhhhhhh? |D I immediately stopped concentrating and just went with it. Although it was a little... weird |D
Well aren't they amazing XD

Maybe I really should get some ABC. When I feel like I need new stuff.

Oh hello

Positively 'hnggghhh'


Blessed be the day Gackt floated naked over my computer screen, making me wonder "what is a Gackt?" for if I had never asked that question, I might never have found this particular world of music either 8D


... Blessed and cursed. For what do I see here. How come on the youtube page I'm on... how come there's ... on the side bar... there's only ABC and Janne Da Arc. Except for the very first "suggestion". Featured video, SID. 夏恋. ... Why. -_-'

Either way.

I remember this sexy piece, I think. Although if I remember correctly, there was a PV... and apparently it's not on youtube anymore |D Too sexy? Hmm~~~~

And I have to say it again, just to affirm it. His headbanging. It's damn sexy. I like it. Very much. ... yes. *creeeeps* .OH WAIT! WHAT WAS THAT! .............................Okay *clears throat* okay. *watches on*

But that reminds me of something else. A little while ago I read how someone ranted about 'fanservice' and how despicable it is that they're doing "such things only to please the fans". Which I find rather ridiculous.

////ATTENTION! Rant about a rant ensuing!\\\\

For one. How do you know they're "only doing it for the fans" in the first place? Surely they must hate kissing, groping, and generally being all sexy with their bandmates. Of course. Because there's no such thing as feeling, uhm "very good" or "in the mood" while performing on stage. It's a thing of impossibility. Especially as it's so very uncommon in underground scenes of certain countries to not be as uptight about sex and gender. [I totally mean it like that. ... Oh wait, it's called sarcasm.]

Then, yes there are bands who're doing it more than others. In some bands, the members have never even come close enough for even being gently kicked in the arse by a bandmate. In some, they periodically are all french-kissy over another. Neither is a sign for the band being particularly bad or good. There are extremely good bands who seem to enjoy giving some fanservice here and there. There also are some incredible bad bands doing it. Fanservice itself doesn't have much to do with the quality of their music. And only quality will really keep the fans. The fans, and the artists themselves. Of course, if you truly think that it's only lusty fangirls hoping for a ten-second kiss in two hours of concert who are paying for the tickets, then well... poor, poor musicians who think their music is too bad to gain fans and have to resort to such resources to... Or no wait... Is that really 'musician'?
But c'mon. No one in their right mind will pay for a ticket only because they hope for guys groping each other, while they're not enjoying the music at all. And if you don't enjoy it, how about just shutting up for those moments and letting everyone else enjoy. Including the members, if they so do.

Honestly, if you're too... uptight or whatever, to not be able to tolerate same-sex snogging, you're into the wrong kind of music. You should have noticed by now that it's a more or less frequent occurrence within Visual Kei. If you can't take people being sexual, watch a Justin Bieber concert instead. It might do you good.

Well, I'll shut up about that for now. And just in case, this isn't meant as a personal message to someone specific. The ranter who triggered this doesn't even go here. And that very specific ranter wasn't the first I heard rant, either.


end rant.

On with the music!
Not sure why when I typed in "awoi", it gave me this as the very first one... but since it's already there, why not.

Not that I know them. But hey, growling, bass. Teeth. Piercings. Insane laughter. Mmh. Also, the next videos in the suggestions are Awoi's abelcain and Dio's Carry Dawn, haha.

For some reason, ABC made me want to listen to Hyde-san, so here I go.

And that's enough teeth and fangs for today.

Have some recent pictures of my baby.

He tried climbing up the wall on several occasions. Destroying the plant on his way, hahaha...
Curious little buggarrr~ ... ♥

This made me flail. So much. [On the inside, of course. As Mister is pretty unlikely going to approve of flailing directly in front of his nose |D]

Mrrr~ So much. したらな〜
1st-Jun-2011 05:53 pm (UTC)
Gahhhhhhhhh, he's just so adorable! ♥

And such lovely colouring, too!

Now, about the rant... I agree completely. If you like men who habitually try to look a bit androgynous (or even extremely feminine), you've got to expect that they are comfortable enough with their sexuality to not mind getting all up in another man's space--and you've also got to expect that some are past simply being okay with it, and actually enjoy it. Yes, there are certainly some performers that might use it kind of like a gimmick, or might do it just because the mood is right in the song, but why should that make it 'wrong' or 'disgusting'? People who have that mindset should just stick to listening to recordings of these bands' music and not bothering anyone else with their opinion of something the artist is probably comfortable with. Just as you can't assume there are NO artists that have a problem with doing fanservice, you also can't assume the opposite. I mean, if you think about it, it's almost never every member in a band that participates in this stuff, and that's how you know that they're not being forced into it, because otherwise that member that never really does anything fanservice-ey, well, would. I mean, you could choose to be cynical and assume it's all a big act, and absolutely all of those moments are planned, but I personally think that is ridiculous. Just look at the expressions of surprise or amusement on a member's face when another suddenly does something without warning idk is that just an alice nine thing? XDDD and it becomes a lot harder to believe they're doing anything because they feel they'll lose fans not doing it. Surely one of the main reasons they do things like that is because fans think it's cute/hot/whatever, but if you think about it, any performance is like that, and they certainly don't regale us with good music just because we like to hear it--they love putting on the show.
2nd-Jun-2011 02:02 pm (UTC)
*laughs* And he's so sweet. As much as snakes can be sweet, but yeah |3

What you wrote just made me think of Golden Bomber - whom for some reason, I never even thought of during my little 'rant'. They're one of those, I think, you can never be really sure of |3 They have so much bullshit in their heads, it seems, it could just strike at any time x'D I'm not into them too deeply, I just had a day-session of watching comments and shows with them. You can expect them to always do something outrageous, but whether it's rape-pinning the other against something, kissing a member, or beating him up... you really don't know beforehand |D And how much they enjoy that, well xD I guess they can't really ~hate~ it, including the victim, else I guess they wouldn't be a band still.
And no, it's not just an Alice Nine thing, xDDDD although I guess they're one of those being more into fan-service than some others xP Sadie is quite into it as well (or let's say, especially Mizuki is xD) Can't quite get rid of the idea that Nao brought the idea into Elvis. From Fatima... *cough* and all |D
And yeah. If they got negative response from the fans, they'd probably stop. It's just like "oh hey, my fans seem to like it when I touch their hands? Okay, I'll keep stretching out my hands to them then." < they wouldn't do that if they didn't want to be in contact with the fans.

Which actually is another point I get a little annoyed with at times - fans finding it despicable/whatever, when other fans go and touch the bandmembers. And with ~touch~ they don't even mean sexually harass. If the members wouldn't want to be touched, they wouldn't get so close. And fans that don't want to touch a member's hand/arm/leg/torso/whatever, won't do it. That's all there really is to it. Not a reason to be all "ew they're all such lusty bitches", for that's not really everyone's reason to touch someone.
2nd-Jun-2011 02:51 pm (UTC)
It really seems that way, and it's making me want a snake of my own even more! :3

Ahhh, yes, Golden Bomber. My opinion is that, while their outrageousness must certainly be part of their performance/gimmick, I can't imagine a group of people acting outrageous so much if they didn't want to. Just as a comedian likes to make jokes and so does make jokes, those members must really enjoy trying to shock/surprise/annoy/whatever eachother (and fans). I mean, once again, you could be cynical and argue that everything is scripted, but... that just seems ridiculous. If everything was scripted, I'm sure it would feel quite a lot more fake to watch than it does.

Well, for Alice Nine, I always like to point out the fact that they're getting popular even among guys now, so really, their fanbase would be strong/big enough to be able to drop fanservice with no real impact, I think. Plus, being major, you could argue that less fanservice might actually attract a bigger variety of people. Therefore, the fact that they still do it, seems proof to me that they enjoy it on some level, or that it just kind of happens on the fly when they're in the mood. Shou has said "it's just a stage performance" at least twice when interviewers have brought up the high frequency of fanservice between him and Saga (instead of just saying "ohmygodno I'm not gay!") but I don't think that means it disgusts him, I think it just means that he's trying to say it happens with their performances, and that outside of those they're just really good friends not that I'd prefer to believe that muhahahahaha.

jfc only uptight people who are extremely insecure with sexuality could think that these little kisses and gropes and hugs and whatever else must be torture for a straight person. It seems to me like these people can't fathom being comfortable enough to do things like that, or can't fathom a person being bisexual, or even gay in vkei. It's FUN to switch gender roles roles that shouldn't be so rigid in the first place.

Ah, well I get uncomfortable seeing other fans touch the bandmembers during a performance, even if only their hand, because I can't imagine doing such a thing myself. I mean, I don't think they're desperate or anything (though there are always some crazy fans out there), and if the member is jumping down close to the crowd or whatever, clearly they WANT to have the screaming fans reaching for them. I really don't think I could touch even their hand, myself, though. Not because I think it's disrespectful (how can it be, if they're coming close enough and shoving their hand or whatever else close to you?), but because I just don't like touching people very much. At the same time, I realize there are many members who must absolutely love being touched by adoring fans. It must give them a huge ego boost. rofl.
2nd-Jun-2011 05:13 pm (UTC)
lsdfjsdfj You know what, yesterday I had him out just a little while before I realized I'm hungry and should make food... but I don't like putting him back into the terrarium and taking him out again. And it's definitely been too little time with him xD So I just wrapped him around my neck and started making food... It wasn't anything that took much on my part, just some pastries in the oven. I only had to prepare them, so that's what I did... and he was so cute, wrapped tightly (garghl XD) around my neck, watching what my hands were up to. As opposed to, snaking down my arms/back/wherever and getting away x3

Naaah, I don't believe it's scripted. Maybe to the degree that they're like "Hey, during this or that song, lets do something", or maybe they plan to do something, but surely not into detail. Unless they're all extremely good actors (which I doubt ... highly |3) that's quite unlikely. I know of ~one~ example that leaves me a little unsure of whether the victim was pleased about the rape attack *laughs*, it's Sakurai Atsushi's performance of Fantasy xD Especially in the end. But hm... I guess when you're about to work together with Attchan, you gotta know beforehand that it's a risky business xD

Hahaha... So he's not really giving any information about his inclinations? XD Well, as you said, I think whenever they say that it's just a stage performance, they only really (want to) say that "No we're not groping each other every day and we're not a couple". It doesn't say "If it weren't something I need to do for the stage-show, I'd be disgusted by the idea of kissing my band members" Although who knows what they're doing with their free-time |3

Mmh... homophobes are a pain in the ass. (... pun intended) It's so sad. During the past few years, I've gotten to know/know of a variety of people who are either insecure about their own gender, or feel they're of a different gender than their sex, etc, it's really tragic to see so many others being so intolerant/hateful/scared/etc ._.

Ah I see, but then, as you said, it's more about your own comfortability - some might not enjoy touching other people that much. It's like I said, those simply won't reach out for the artists, in case they're close enough to start with. I've just heard a lot of voices saying they don't like it when people touch the guys. For whichever reasons. I personally like getting in contact, so when I'm given the obvious chance, I do it. And yeah, some guys really seem like touch-whores to some aspect XD I personally love that, but I can see for why some (esp minors |D) might be intimidated by those guys' behaviour. Like, for example, Mikaru. He tends to be so much into the people at times, it almost seems he's more into people than on stage xD Or, I've seen guitarists lean into the crowd in a way that their weight is totally and only supported by the many hands holding them, while they keep playing guitar. I found that pretty amazing - I mean, I guess it's somewhere "obvious" that your own fans won't just drop you, but still, it takes courage and trust to do that. There also are people who grab back, and pull fans towards the stage. or grope them |3 I think it's just fair though xP So yeah, ego boost indeed 83
2nd-Jun-2011 10:24 am (UTC)
Waaa, Mr.Snake seems to like the surroundings... Do you think he still likes the four corners of his Terrarium when he obviously has the chance for free rides in outer space?? Seems to be quite busy in exploring anything, hehehe ...
2nd-Jun-2011 02:07 pm (UTC)
*laughs* Mr Snake especially likes the surroundings he's not supposed to go. And Yuuchin still likes his terrarium, yeah. He's only out for a couple of hours at a time anyway, when he is. He's gotten so comfortable, it seems, he changes the places to sleep. he used to be curled up in the corner behind the "bark", or directly under it. Lately he frequently comes to sleep under the moss in the front corner of the terrarium (like today). Yesterday he slept under the tree. :3
And with exception of myself and the desk, he's not allowed to go anywhere. The place isn't very snake-safe. He could easily disappear under the wandgarnitur and never come back out again. x_x'

By the way, have I mentioned? I hate superglue -_-

P.S: Here's the video of the cat xD hereeee

Edited at 2011-06-02 04:18 pm (UTC)
3rd-Jun-2011 07:22 am (UTC)
1. cat video - I started laughing insanely - Miro sitting behind the laptop and showing no reaction on that cat, hehehe ... what did they give this cat? Is it on speed or what??

2. ABC: not exactly my kind of music, but: he has a fantastic voice, fantastic moves and wow, yeshhhh, sexyyyy headbanging!!! And ... crooked teeth ... oh what, hei, so much fanservice in this live, uuuuuhhh .... and I like the costumes in 'Jigsaw' - btw, 'Jigsaw' would be my favourite here XDD

3. Hyde - oh I didn't listen to Hyde for a long time and had some "Hyde-flash", his voice, yeah!!

4. The Engrish tiichaa. You didn't promise too much. LOL ... "Ankuuruuuu" ...

5. Snake-san ... it's good that you limitate his curiousness of detecting anything ... reminds me of me, being a child and owning a hamster. Some day I let him out of his cage and he hid in the shoe-cabinet, means: in a shoe, and for a long time we didn't find him, furthermore, Dad was NOT amused ... so that was the end of letting Hamster run around freely :-))
13th-Jun-2011 07:31 pm (UTC)
whoops wrong account >____< This means beatings....*waits on knees impatiently* mmhmm
14th-Jun-2011 12:25 pm (UTC)
Eheheh... so you like to be being served as well as serving? I'm almost surprised. Or is that only so that you can retaliate later...

But yes! Gackt was the first one. I was on a vicious tour of clicking through the suggestions on youtube though, so after my very first Jrock PV ever ("miserable" |D) I got to Gazette quite quickly and obsessed over a certain "black and white guitarist" as soon as he bent over the scre...en... Yeah. *cough*

Lmao, so it's Yasu for you, huh? XD I mean, yes. He's very ... sexy. I think actually while I watched those videos, I was like "....... hm... .... well yeah, he could do me. :3" so yeah I feel you there x"D *shot*
Oh my Gods how cute XD His heart being all "KYUN" about Hyde XD Dammit xD
But I love how accepted it seems to be in the scene, this "I don't care whether it's man or woman, as long as they're beautiful" (< not talking about the outside only though)

Yeah. Our English is quite horrible, isn't it XD

I agree with that xD (How could I not when you agreed with me in the first place orz) There are great bands doing fanservice too though, and that's just hngh~ (ASJDFLSJFSLDFJSFS ... uhm. That was supposed to become "atsushi sakurai" but I guess I failed in expressing myself xD)

LMAO 15 year old girl? XDDD

I have no idea where he always thinks he's going. He's trying everytime. Maybe he thinks there'll be a hole in the wall he can slip into. But hey. Ai ish verie pleashed joo laikz mah bebez |3

XD I'm sorry for the burn. *washes your eyes*
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