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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[翻訳] SCREW - ファム・ファタール 
21st-Jul-2011 04:05 pm
I was just helping someone with their translation of this one, and as expected I ended up translating the whole thing |D so I'll post it. And maybe I'll continue riding the wave and translate some more lyrics.

The kanji are from the DUALITY booklet, romaji and translation are done by me. English parts are in italics in the translation, notes are at the end of the post.

Feel free to repost, as long as you link back to this post, and please leave me a message if you do, thank you♪

ひらひらと ゆらゆらと きらきらと はらはらと
ひらり舞う ゆらり香う きらり問う はらり交う

Loud applause
しなやかな腰 なめらかな舌 魅惑の花園が誘う

Let's show a dance only for me tonight
三千世界惑わす FAKE SMILE
Let's show a dance only for me tonight

常闇に這う蝶の如く 美しく故に儚く
いついつ出やるお天道様 摑まえる術も無く


hirahira to yurayura to kirakira to harahara to
hirari mau yurari kou kirari tou harari kau

Loud applause
shinayakana koshi namerakana shita miwaku no hanazono ga sasou

Let's show a dance only for me tonight
sanzensekai madowasu FAKE SMILE
Let's show a dance only for me tonight
maware odore SHOW GIRL

tokoyami ni hau chou no gotoku utsukushiku yue ni hakanaku
itsuitsu deyaru otentosama tsukamaeru sube mo naku

(see 1)

Fluttering Swaying Shimmering Exciting
You dance lightly smell swaying care with a momentary flash of light gently mingling together

Loud applause
Supple hips a smooth tongue a fascinating flower garden beckons me

Let's show a dance only for me tonight
Seducing the whole world,  your FAKE SMILE
Let's show a dance only for me tonight

Dance revolving SHOW GIRL

Like a butterfly crawling in everlasting darkness Beautifully, therefore ephemerally
When o when will you come out, o sun without there even being means of catching you [1]

(see 1)

[1] Byou used quite honourific speech/old speech in the last two lines. Note that the 'o sun' bears the connotation of a God(ess).
Knowing a bit about Japanese mythology, this makes perfectly sense. In fact, it reminds me of when Amaterasu, angered by her brother, hid in a cave, and "everlasting darkness" descended upon earth. In short, the other Gods tried all they could to make her come back out, but she would not, until the Goddess of joy put a mirror in front of the cave, then danced a bawdy dance in front of the cave, making everyone laugh, which again made Amaterasu curious about what was going on. She peeked out the cave, and as she was perplexed about the beauty looking back at her (her own reflection), the other Gods sealed the entrance to her cave, and the light had come back to earth. So here's to Byou and a possible reference to mythology.

(1) Repeat the "Let's show a dance" part, and the first three verses.


Fu LJ for prematurely posting entries that aren't even halfway done. Boo you whore.

Feel free to comment and object about the lyrics~

For more, feel free to check out my lyrics translation archive → here

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