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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[翻訳] ネガ - 魂泪は紅い血に 
30th-Jul-2011 07:41 pm
As per request by unsraws_bitch, NEGA's Konrui wa akai chi ni

I did take the lyrics from the older version of the song, being the one from ЯeBirtH Under the Chaos. The lyrics have not been altered though, so they should work just fine.
Romaji and translation are done by me - notes are at the end of the post.

Don't repost without linking back to this post, and it'd be nice if you left a message if you did, thank you~












Konrui wa akai chi ni
hirakareta tobira no mae ni
fusagareta kokoro wa ima mo susumenai

tozasareta omoi no naka de
nakidashita sora wa itami wo mashiteyuku

naze darou
itamu tabi ni kodou wa hageshiku

me no mae ni mieru 「shiawase」
yogareta te… tsukamu koto sae dekinai

kuroku somatta kokoro wa
「shiawase」wo yurusenai

kono sora no katasumi de naiteiru saiai no kimi ni
「aitai」to negau kono omoi wa kokoro no yami ni kesare

uso ni somatta kokoro ga
hakidashita 「kuro」ki uta

kono sora wa hate no nai kokoro no yami ni ooware
「ikitai」to negau kono sakebi wa hakanaku kiesatte…

…soredemo kokoro wa 「ikiru」koto wo kobamu…

kono akaku nagareyuku chi wa kanashimi no hate ni
「shiawase」wo negau kokoro no oku no sora ga nagashita namida no ame

kono ame wa furitsudsuku 「ai」to konrui wa akai chi ni…
subete wa ima (see 1) ni ikiro to…

Soul-tears into the crimson blood
In front of the opened doors
My stopped up heart cannot move on even now

Inside my locked sentiments
the sky that started crying is going to increase the pain

Why, I wonder
is it that whenever I hurt, the throbbing grows intense [1]

The "happiness" I can see in front of my eyes
My dirtied hands… cannot even grasp it [2]

My heart that has been dyed black
I cannot permit it "happiness"

Most beloved you, who is crying in a corner of this sky,
these sentiments of wishing "I want to see you" are erased by the darkness of my heart

My heart that has been dyed by lies
spit out a "black" song [3]

This sky is covered by the never-ending darkness of my heart
These screams wishing "I want to live" fleetingly disappear…

… and yet, my heart refuses to "live"…

This blood, that is going to flow crimson, is the rain of tears
that the sky inside of my heart, that wishes for "happiness" at the end of sadness, shed [4]

The "sorrow" this rain continues to pour and my soul-tears, into the crimson blood… [5]
"Live everything, now"… (see 1) [6]

[1] This kind of throbbing usually refers to the heartbeat/the blood pulsating through one's veins. Also note that literally, he didn't say the throbbing grows intense, there is no written word. Literally it is more of a "the throbbing intensely [...]"
[2] "Dirtied hands" in this case could imply "bloodstained hands"
[3] "Spit out/vomit".
[4] This "end" here is more of an "extremity" than a "stop".
[5] Literally this would be "The 'sorrow' this rain continues to rain", it being 'sorrow' instead of 'water' that the rain is ... raining. But that doesn't work so well in English, so in comes the 'pour'. Just bear in mind that there isn't an actual "pour" in the original, just a normal "rain".
[6] Note that the last line is a quote.

(1) Here he wrote 'genjitsu' (reality), however what I hear him sing is 'ima' (now, the present). That way, this statement/quote seems to say something like "Live everything in reality" mixed with "Live everything now", so in a way a "face reality and forget the past", but that is just my interpretation.


So what do you know, this is my first ネガ translation, isn't it? Heh. Faintly weird.

I've always loved the older version. It's so haunted... I tend to get goosebumps whenever I listen to it [His voice is like a silk-knife]. The new version on the other hand seems more refined, and so terribly powerful somehow. While I find the older one to be much like a well audible cry of lament, the newer version with its "silence" might just kill you in your sleep.
Pleasant dreams.

Feel free to comment and object, as ever.

For more translations, do check out my lyrics translation archive → here

31st-Jul-2011 07:05 am (UTC)
Ooohhhhh thank you SO much for this translation!!
Hm, yeah, that's what I could sense somehow. I didn't expect anything else than this sort of lyrics, of course.

So your first Nega tranlation? Interesting ...

Foot not 3: Of course I would prefer "vomit", this perfectly fits into the song, and it perfectly fits to Jin basically, him naming himself "Vomiter", right?

Gosh, now I'm more than terribly excited to listen to the "old" version!!! This new version already gave me goosebumps and tears - more than this last cry in "Guilt trip".

Again, ARIGATOU!!!
31st-Jul-2011 12:49 pm (UTC)
You're welcome. Seeing to that I've got the scans to the whole album, if you have any other requests from it, I can do them, too.

Yeah, well, there's lots of bands I've never officially translated anything from. ^^'

Mmh, both words work fine, whichever you'd prefer.

Old version coming soon.

These exact lyrics are on my icon by the way.
1st-Aug-2011 08:16 am (UTC)
Really like the 'old' version, too ...
Makes me so fucking terribly sad that the lives in Cologne and Berlin are already sold out. On the website of the "Werkstatt" Cologne it says "completely sold out" with a hell a lot of exclamation marks.
I guess now I do not need to worry about my US visit any longer.

How can they dare to name only 4 cities a "Europe tour"? Gosh. And I was so so desperately waiting for them to come here ...
31st-Jul-2011 08:54 pm (UTC)
Hey, I was just searching for some Nega lyrics on Lj and I came across this post.
Could I make a request for a Nega song?
31st-Jul-2011 11:21 pm (UTC)
But of course you may.

The better if you got the lyrics, best if you can provide me with scans of the booklet they're from. (nevermind if it's from Rebirth, I got those)
1st-Aug-2011 10:42 am (UTC)
Ah great!!
I'm actually looking for three translations in particular for a long time now:
The heartless people
Oboro (朧)

However, unfortunately I can only provide you with scans for Oboro, and ofcourse I realize three songs is a lot of work, so I'd already be overjoyed if you could manage one of these. In fact, just the romanizations would already be of great help!!!

I wanna give you the scan, but I'm not sure how...
Can I mail it to ya, or what is most convenient for you?
1st-Aug-2011 12:01 pm (UTC)
You could upload it on mediafire, megaupload or something the like and send me the link, if you like. Maybe we'll find the others in the meantime.
I won't be back before tonight for it though, but with a little patience, you should have at least Oboro on your hands soon~
1st-Aug-2011 04:00 pm (UTC)
Here's the link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7JJIF9UF
And don't worry, take all the time you need, sweety!! ^^
2nd-Aug-2011 01:13 pm (UTC)
*blinks* Oookay... so he tried some 'sortofKanbun' with his lyrics there. Fun. (ornotIwillsee83)
I'll be working with them today I think. After work. ID
5th-Aug-2011 11:40 pm (UTC)
It's up by the way ^^
19th-Sep-2011 09:25 pm (UTC)
The Heartless People is up ~
9th-Aug-2011 10:59 am (UTC)
Meanwhile I have been listening very often to the old and new version.
The new one is a bit slower - and it's 20sec. longer ...
Listening to it one after another, I sense more sadness or tragedy in Jin's voice in the new version. Moreover, what makes it 'deeper' in my opinion is that there's only the piano - until drums, guitars and bass suddenly suddenly break in after 4 minutes as sort of a climax.

Oh, really love that song ...

And: Yeah, would be great if "The Heartless People" are translated some day :-)
10th-Aug-2011 03:05 pm (UTC)
Yeah, while translating, or rather, before, I had both of them in a playlist consisting only of those two songs. Listened to them for a couple of hours. :3

I love the new version, too. But it only really has a great effect when the sound is right (obviously). At home it's perfect, but with my earphones being worn out like that, sadly its effect is so much less.

If I had lyrics, I'd do it... ^^'
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