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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Castles, horses, forests, hedgehogs and Japanese. 
10th-Nov-2011 09:46 pm
or, "What I've been doing and where I've been the past months."

Yeah, right.
I guess I'll let the pictures talk. Figured I could upload and post some autumnal flashs of my life. This one's going to be rather random I guess, with sprinkles of the above mentioned. I'll post another entry with pictures of my visit to the so called druid-grove I spent the weekend around Samhain/Halloween.

Have some pictures! Un!

University has started again. Halfway, anyway.

I also feel strangely compelled to tell you about some of the guys I'm in love with that you might not yet know about. Un.

Currently reading Demian Syndrome 7, to your right. Have been fevering for the new Vassalord, but I'm still keeping myself abstinent. Mainly for reasons of wanting to read the whole series again from the start before reading the new volume. Ahah. Hah. Waiting half a year+ for updates is, um, interesting. But what am I saying. I started reading Demian Syndrome in, uh, 2007? Years of nothing, until I realized "Hey I could check out whether there's anything new... ってか... just read on wherever I stopped ..." So I did. I started from scratch again though. I think I'd gotten up to Vol.3 or something. Or 4. Re-read all that online, but the scanlations had only reached Vol.5, so I bought vol.6, read it, and realized that vol.7 had just been released in Japan, so I went and ordered it... it arrived three months later, haha, all the pining until it arrived but slsdlfjsdjf whatever, together with Vassalord, and I immediately started reading.

I can't even begin to express my love for Jou and Azuma. Dramatic, complicated, vexingly intense love. They remind me of myself. And I love when mangakas can make you both laugh and cry within a couple of seconds. Mamiya Oki definitely can do that. Rips out my heart every couple of pages. I seriously adore her work. Ugh.

Ugh. Just, UGH. All of the pain.

And before I start rambling about Azuma and Jou, or even start writing my own novel about them right here and now, I'll just go on. Ahah. Hah.

Oh wait. Did I say something? About ripped out hearts and so on? Okay. I guess I shouldn't even START talking about No.6 right now. Such beautiful souls. One of the rare stories that make me scared to watch/read on. Seriously scared hah.

I actually wanted to read the novels. So I went to order them on Yesasia, but immediately got confronted with the reason for why I usually choose CDJapan over YesAsia. When it says "in stock" on CDJ, and you order it, you GET it. I ordered some volumes on YesAsia, it said "in stock", but a couple of days later I got a mail telling me that some "items have been cancelled due to them not being in stock anymore", I mean what? When it says "in stock" when I click the order button, and it's IN my order, then I expect to have it shipped to me. Seriously YesAsia, what the jingling fuck? うんはいがっかり。
And now they're like, sold out. Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.

Hah, be still my heart.

Okay. On to other things. Look at that fun car I saw in the street a while ago!

So funny! A chalk-car, hahaha...

Oh and... a little while ago, I almost burnt down the kitchen :3

It's so long ago, I can't even seem to remember how exactly it happened. Uhm... I think I wanted to use the oven. I had already pre-heated it, so I went to put in baking paper. Now here's the clue...

Please children and adults alike, take care whenever you put baking paper on the grillage, or wherever, in your kitchen's oven. The baking paper might burst into flames.


I'm serious.

I've never had that happen before but... somehow the paper touched either the sides or the roof of the oven, and FOOOOSH, fucking huge flame, I mean, like, FUCK! I pulled out the paper immediately and threw it into the sink, which doesn't mean it would stop burning, why ever, there was so much to eat. In a second the fire was like almost EVERYWHERE. The whole fucking paper had burst into fucking flames, right, and I just stand there and wantedtotakeapicturebutIthoughtthatsavingthekitchencomesfirst I needed to reach around the flames to get to the tap and open it, while the flames grow up to the cupboard, fucking lick at it, GRAB the roll of papertowels I got standing there, EAT IT UP while the water calms down the baking paper, but now the flames are like ON THE FUCKING PAPER TOWELS, and I just go and hit the roll so they fall into the sink as well and FLOOOOOOOOOSH water everywhere, and a couple of seconds later the orange has turned to black and I'm standing there in awe. Haha. No, seriously. All that practically happened within ten seconds. Fire is fast. |D

Well I definitely learnt something. A) Cheap baking paper is cheap. B) Oven's can make things burn. C) Trust fire to be hungry.

These were the remains of the paper towels. The day after. Looking good I guess. I mean, they only burnt for maybe two seconds. In a huge combustion of flame. Un.

Oh right! I finished Final Fantasy XIII somewhere along the line.

So, so pretty... ;-;

Now I'm just waiting for XIII-2 to be released next spring, and Hope being all grown up from jail-bait status, and sexy and available (... in theory), so yeaaaaww. Also, pretty blue-haired seems to be starring in XIII-2 as well. Heehee! All the excitement.

So! Castles!

My grandparents and I went to one. Not one of the prettiest there are (I mean, come on, Neuschwanstein is hard to top *-*), but since there was an exhibition of one of our former (castle-maniac) kings, we went therrrre. Surprisingly, I didn't really take that many pictures, but oh well.

Either way, we had the choice between walking up to the castle (takes about ten~fifteen minutes), or take a horse carriage. Well, what do you think I'd answer when put in front of that choice? 8D

Of cawwws! Horsieeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!! ... *cough*

So yeah!

Clip-clap-clip-clap... ♥

Obviously, my grandfather would manage to entertain the whole lots of passengers with one of his stories, or in this case, and I have no idea how it got there, but the mention of bison meat, and how there's a bison farm close to a place we used to live, and how the meat is so healthy, tastes better than any beef they'd ever have tasted, and has less cholesterol than chicken meat. The other passengers pretty much drooled... and I mean, they're right to. It's seriously damn tasty. Hehh.

And so we arrived at the castle. Or, the springs in front of it. Well without water.

Yeah... I like statues.
Here's the actual castle |D

Not that special from the outside, but still a castle. Un.

The castle park.

We walked back through the park and forest. I was talking to my granddad, when suddenly, there was this person a couple of meters in front of us (well, there were lots of people in front of us, and behind us, and everywhere around us, ahaha, but yeah), and I said "Well, she looks kinda Japanese..." Surely, her hair was brown, not black, but her stature, the way she walked, and the clothes all made me think she could be Japanese. And just as I had said that, she ... swerved... and went into "the wild", aka the forest, to take some pictures... but not of the forest itself, BUT of a little stuffed animal she had! SO FUCKING CUTE.

I turned around to watch her. DAMN right, she was Japanese hahaha! She had a tiny plush hedgehog, and put it on some wood stub, then took pictures of it, rearranged it and took some more. Gawds, that was so adorable! I wanted to take a picture of her taking pictures of the hedgehog, but unfortunately she was done and got up just when I had my phone out. She was about to dash past me, but then noticed how I was looking and smiling at her, being all "wheeee", and how I had my phone out, and as she dashed she was like えぇぇ恥ずかしっ!!!!! [how embarrassing!!], and I immediately replied with えぇ?そんな…恥ずかしくないよ〜♬ that it's not embarrassing at all and かーーいーーよ! and with an almost all-out braking she came to a halt, stared at me and asked "Izzu Japonee... eh... 日本語大丈夫??" whether it's okay to talk Japanese/whether I understood Japanese, and I replied with "OF COURSE HEEE HEEE" xD and again told her how cute that was with the hedgehog and so on and so on, and she said something about how she had to catch up with some others and started dashing again. But she was sooo cute hahaha! Probably in her fourties or so.

So a little while later, when we got out of the forest, we met again. As it turned out, she was with a group of friends - two other Japanese ladies. We found them again taking pictures of cows, hahahah, and pictures of the hedgehog in front of the cows!! HOW CUTE IS THAT, seriously. I waved at them - it seemed like she'd told the others that there's some (crazy? XD) girl talking Japanese, because the others seemed to 'recognize' me when I waved. I went there, said something about "oh here we meet again 8D" and asked whether I could take a picture, too... of the hedgehog... Of course of course, so I did.

I also asked whether I could take a picture of them, or her, and she was like あっかまわないよ!"ah, I don't mind" and so we took group pictures XP All cliche ♥

It's me and the woman plus little hedgehog-san... a friend in the background, explanatory taking pictures of cows XDDDD Too bad I never asked them where exactly they were from (or did I, and I just forgot...), maybe they'd never seen cows before.
They asked me lots of questions, about how come I know Japanese (obviously |D), etc, I don't even remember, hahaha... Just that at some point, the first, cute one, came really close to my face, stared into my eyes and suddenly called out え?!瞳キレーーーーー!!!! (your eyes are so pretty), at which the others came dashing over and stared into my eyes as well ヘー!ホントデス!!! fffff, at which I obviously waved my hand and played all shy and coy XP えぇ?いひゃ,そんな…アハハハヘヘヘ〜♬いや〜〜〜♪ lol hahaha.

Either way. That was a really nice random get-together.

We saw them again when we took the ferry back to the main island. My grandmom had gotten some posters of the exhibition/the king for free ("Do you have grand children?" - "Yes, three of them" - "Here, take them~~" XD), so she asked me whether I'd like to give them one as a present. Haha, why would I not. So I took one, looked for the three Japanese ladies and found them on deck, currently taking pictures of a ladybug crawling around on the hedgehog, and went from there to the cute one's hand. They were all reallly busy taking pictures of it, hahaha... I really love that. It's peaceful, lovely images you'd get of Japanese, like that, nah. Well, at first I just stood by, so they could take the pictures, and when the ladybug had flown away, I told her that if she li~ked, she could have that poster as a little gift (おみやげ of course), and how excited they all were about it xD They had to take pictures of us with the poster.

And then...

And then one of them noticed my nails.


Uhm, normally it's okay because... the kanji on them are readable and all. But today... just then... they were already kind of very worn out, parts of the kanji were missing and stuff, only 勇企 was really intact |D but that didn't seem to matter to them. I tried to hide my hand all shy, and they were like "SHOW US SHOW US" at which I hesitatingly showed them my hand, littering the air with "but they're not pretty at all anymore" and "I should have re-done them" and random "いやーー"s, fufufu, uhm... but they read out what they said... of course they'd read Takumi instead of Shou, they always do XP, and they couldn't read 迅 (they thought it might have been 心, but there really wasn't that much left of it to be sure 8D) until I told them what it's supposed to be 「あぁ!迅速の迅?」「そうそうそう!」「へ〜〜〜!」and then one of the women showed me her hands AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW, she had our flag on her nails! AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! That was just AMAZING, too bad I hadn't taken my phone on deck with me, stupid me, but they obviously wanted to take pictures of our nails together... and so they did xDDDDD

Also, they asked me more questions about how come I wanted to study Japanese (ehhhh |D I think I told them I have hobbies, but when they asked me which, I really didn't want to be too honest 8'D I mean, come on. Bishuaru kei, shounen ai, yaoi, fjsldfjsldf wat. Not sure what I ended up saying, but I think it was "languages 8D" hahaha), etc, and one thing I hadn't been thinking of when I'd given them the poster, but was made aware pretty quickly, was their sense of "being given something - give something in return". First they asked me whether I liked alcohol - funny there because it went approximately like this 「お酒好きですか?嫌いですか?」「嫌い…(not finished)」「嫌いですか?!」「…じゃない…8D」but I guess my answer had been too 微妙 or something, for she went to look for something to give to me in her purse, and found a tiny, terrrribly cute little embroidered little something that turned out to be both a mirror and a pouch to keep toothpicks in. It looked well used. Aw. ♥

That was actually quite incredible. Not only because it definitely was something that she'd used for some time, or because it was both a really lovely gesture and a lovely item, but also because just recently I'd realized I'd want a little pocket mirror. Tada~ Universe is working in quite fantastic ways, haha. Amazing, really.

Well, either way. I again realized how I still have problems with skipping from polite to informal and back to polite, but I guess as 外人 that is perfectly okay 8'D

So much about stories of castles, hedgehogs and Japanese. I think there's just one more thing I wanted to put in here anyway, and that was a random visit in a yew-tree forest with the peeps from the Pagan community, haha~

Not that I'd flood you with pictures... I took a lot, but ... nn, I won't put them up. They are very, very beautiful trees there. You'll see enough trees with my entry about the "Druid-grove", so yeah.

Just, have this one. There were some really amazing stems as well.

It's Wolf's hand. In a tree. Which was still alive as far as I can remember. Hehe~
Also, we tried eating the fruit of the trees. All of us used to get told how they're poisonous when we were children, but really, they aren't. It's just the pits that are poisonous. The rest, or especially if you burn the twigs, might just have some drug-like effects hoohooo~~ Nya. Well, we gathered a lot of information on yew trees in there. To get "poisoned" or have "poisonous effects", you'd have to eat more than a big handfull of berries. Wolf was the first to try one, I followed xD They actually taste really sweet! They're a little messy, but very very good. Nom. You wouldn't regret it.

Here, have a little me, and sunshine.

There were so many big and tiny frogs in that forest by the way! Sooo adorable! I kept running after them hahaha... Also, that very day people started to call me eagle-eyed. Just because I cried out every couple of minutes "A FROG!" - "... Where?" "RIGHT THERE!" or "Oh hey, there's a bug... *while passing a twig on which the bug was sitting*", or "*while casually passing by some other twigs hanging right down into the path* Ah, take care *to person behind me* so you won't run into the spider", or when I'd start dashing off into the forest again "Did you find a frog again~? XD" "Yes! THERE WERE TWO. And look at that little snail I just found!", haha, or later, when we were trotting down some country lane and I warned them when there were snails on the ground and so on. The things I always do, in short. [I just happen to not mention them to people who aren't that interested in the little life around them.] Just that these people were the first to really comment about it. I mean, I'm so used to it, it's pretty normal to me that I'm aware of the tiniest ants in front of my feet even as I walk however miss things like signposts or anything that's run-into-able 83, but apparently it's not to other people. "Damn! She seriously sees everything, how is that even possible!!" ... Does it take Pagans to notice that about me? Hah... I don't know. It was funny though. Also, one of the girls dropped a comment I found pretty funny-slash-interesting, she said "Hmm, I dunno, maybe it's her first life as human?" I didn't think lots about it, I just liked the mere fact someone would even consider thinking something like it. It makes me smile.

Also, a few weeks later, and just a little while ago, in aforementioned Druid-grove, where I was with some of the same people, they added "owl-eyed" to "eagle-eyed", hahaha! That one made me laugh. It had to do with me hiding in a cave while watching everyone pass by the entrance of it, staring into it, but never seeing me. Then, after I got back out, one of the guys asked me how the hell I even was able to see in there, at which I merely shrugged and said that it's not that hard to see in there. Nnh? Guess you just have to be used to darkness I suppose, but he tried it out, and when he came back he just stared at me like ">___> ... hmph", for he still hadn't seen anything XD Therefore, "owl-eyed" *laughs* Oh, and another occasion, when we'd been out until after nightfall, and tried to go back from inside the woods... everyone else stumbled along with flashlights and candles while I skipped twenty meters ahead of them without any of the likes haha. Nyah? Some people just don't seem to trust their eyes with darkness, nnh.

Either way, so much about me.
Should make dinners. I'm kinda late. ... As always, when I want to finish entries |D

11th-Nov-2011 02:06 pm (UTC)
Oh my goodness, you almost burnt down the kitchen/yourself/the whole flat?? Really shocked me, reminded me that most accidents happen in households, and how FAST this can happen, indeed ... So is your kitchen, oven, and you OK??? This surely is a sign to buy you a new one, a complete new one ... even though it was not the oven's fault ...
Just had a look at my baking paper, and it says on the packaging (of course, never ever reads warning notices and such stuff):

"Backpapier NICHT bereits beim Vorheizen in den Backofen legen. NICHT verwenden bei Zuschaltung des Grills. Direkten Kontakt des Backpapiers mit Heizspiralen und heißen Innenwänden vermeiden"

However, it's "hitzebeständig bis 220°C", but of course not in direct contact with parts of the oven that are hotter than that.

Luckily you reacted very good and succeeded in Fire Extinction ... but I really do not want to think about what could have happened ...
Puuhhhh ...

Erm, one question: When you were at Herrenchiemsee - did you have the feeling you already were there, you knew it somehow? When I looked at your pictures, a flash beamed through my brains - I could physically feel it - especially at the picture of that bronze (or whatever) guy of the fountain. I opened my cabinet in the office, grasped a scrapbook marked 1984-1987 (can't tell why I knew this was the correct one), flipped through it, and: tada ... here you go ...
Yes, you already have been there, even though the 'YOU' was still in a different "atomic condition", somehow. The two halfs of your DNA were there, but these parts were not yet united to be your DNA. Yes, your parents were there, on June 21st 1984. And there's a picture of me, hugging this metal fountain-guy. And I also took pictures of the lion with the deer. At that time, all of them spitting water.

This gave me goosebumps.

Oh, Wolf. I dreamt of him last night. Well, I dreamt of you & him. Strange dream, very strange.

Oh, don't have the time right now to comment further on your entry. But - as usual - I enjoyed reading, looking, sensing and feeling.

Thank you for your wonderful gift to write such beautiful things!
11th-Nov-2011 04:55 pm (UTC)
First thing, about the oven... that already happened about a month ago or so, orrr at least before you came over the last time |3 Funnily nothing else burnt, not even the sides of the kitchen wall or so, the fire was still really nice to me and the interior of the kitchen. It was just really amazing to see how quick fire really can spread, without anything like ... eh... whatever it's called, like alcohol or stuff to make the combustion bigger etc.

And secondly... oh. Okay, uhm... The thing about Herrenchiemsee was, the whole time we were there, especially that place with the springs and statues, I knew that place, and I kept asking grannie whether we'd been there before, because I was SURE I knew the place. So so so so sure, but she couldn't 'remember'. I mean, she keeps track of all the vacations in her diary, right, and she told me that we hadn't been there before, apparently I mixed it up with some other castles we'd been (or Starnberg and the Falkenschloss etc), but that couldn't shake my feeling of familiarity with the place. Even when we were just about to arrive there in the carriage, it felt totally natural to me that I'd already been there as a child, so it came as a huge surprise when she told me they'd never been there with me. And I'm very sure the only castle we ever went to during school time was Neuschwanstein, but that was already back in 12th grade or so. Maybe I saw your pictures... I mean, I surely saw your pictures. They must have burnt themselves into my memory... but it seemed more like that. I mean, I don't usually get such a feeling of familiarity just from pictures... ugh.

Oh, tell me of the dream. Very interesting, for I had one myself just recently, also with him in it, and it also was strange. Tell me~?

Haha, it was just a regular entry, nothing special... can't really do anything about my gifts either, didn't choose them haha. Or so I thinkkkk.
12th-Nov-2011 06:52 am (UTC)
Weren't you scared? I mean - the fire? I surely would have panicked. Yes, it can happen so quickly, within an glimpse of an eye. I know how fast and hungry flames can eat up hair. This is totally different to sitting on a fireside outside and feeling the positive warmth. Fire is dangerously two-faced ...
You see, so I read the notice on the baking paper for the first time in my life, hehe ... maybe one should put more attention to such stuff.

I know that we never visited Herrenchiemsee since you were born. Hnn, probably the pictures were burnt into your memory, that's a logical explanation. But we both know that some things go beyond logic, ne?

I don't know if you ever showed me a picture of Wolf, or if my brain just produced one out of your stories about him. It's strange enough that I knew that the man in my dream was him, and it's strange, too, that I dreamed of you - as you are in person. Most of the time people do not look real - and if they do, then it's a nightmare.
Like most of the time, I can't remember details from this dream, but just the situation as it was - like single pictures.
You seemed to have had a relationship with him, and you broke up with him - and you looked very happy about this. You beamed sort of supremacy over him, that's why you finished the relationship - you couldn't stand his dependency and even submissiveness any longer, you wanted to be free again. As you told me so, I really felt totally strange, because 1st I never knew before that you had a relationship with him and 2nd I almost was scared by your "presence", giving me a feeling of being sort of "tiny" and not-important-at-all. You know what I mean?
(Deleted comment)
11th-Nov-2011 08:50 pm (UTC)
Hahaha... yeaaaah, I cook about every day, but that was the first time something the like happened. Then again, I am one quick to burn myself in the kitchen. Well, there's those who tend to cut their fingers, I burn them |D Fair I guess.

Oh, thank you for liking my pictures! I'm glad you enjoy.

Haha, don't be jealous. It's not like I don't use dictionaries |3 Nnh. Either way, I'm really really glad I got to the point where I can understand written Japanese good enough to be reading and enjoying what I read *laughs* I remember I tried before I reached that level, it wasn't that much fun haha...

You like Soul Eater, right? Who's your favourite character? :3
(Deleted comment)
11th-Nov-2011 11:07 pm (UTC)
Just keep going :3

Haha... Right, my bad. I can see where I went wrong. Obsessing too much with Death the Kid that I read him into everything that has "Death" in it.
(Deleted comment)
12th-Nov-2011 12:49 am (UTC)
x'DDDD lksjddlsfjdlfjdslf. Death Note orzzzzzzz GAAAAH
22nd-Nov-2011 05:07 pm (UTC)
You know this is the first time I have seen you in a picture XDD

Whoa castle and the likes are very fun,that reminds me of Warwick castle in England,it sure is nice,and lol at the Japanese ladies,I would get tongue tied and never know how to say anything :p
About skipping between formal and informal,its like French with me,I keep having problems with the Tu and Vous,bah I will get by one day,just wait for me french ppl uwhahaha

The fire incident is scary,but thrilling at the same time,and there is so much to comment about it,but as always I enjoy reading your journals,and I am running outta time nau
25th-Nov-2011 12:18 am (UTC)
Hahh, is ittttt |3

I love castles. Or anything of old, really *laughs* The Japanese ladies were really nice hahah! I'm glad I don't really get that terribly tongue-tied anymore, and when I do, it's always the same "smile and nod" tactic which isn't always that smart, but what should you do |D
*laughs* Aw yeah, but that kind of formal/informal isn't quite as hard, I think. Not that many things you'd have to take care of. Besides I'm used to tu/vous-like differentiations Japanese is so complex uhu~

It was a great lesson. And it's been a lovely fire |D
25th-Nov-2011 01:37 am (UTC)
Ah, so I've finally made it here! *celebration*

So many things to comment about; I will most definitely miss some things.

So from the beginning...

No. 6. I DIDN'T KNOW YOU READ THAT *spazz* I've heard quite a lot about it recently and I've decided that I want to read that too~ It's gone onto my "to read list". But I've heard people have big crying/rage sessions after finishing it because of the ending ne.

Yesterday I was in a Japanese bookstore and saw a book of No.6 anime illustrations well actually, it's like this compilation book of the steps they took to animate the novel detailing from the basic drawing to the final product and I was quite excited :D

That fire was quite >.< Amazing to see but also requiring a lot of adrenaline haha. I'm glad you made it through without getting injured or the place burning down. I loved your description of the event ^^

Final Fantasy XIII! Reminded me first off of Shinji because he's such a fanboy of it :P Such beautiful images!

The castle was WOW. Makes me think about the royal residences in St. Petersburg.

The meeting with the Japanese ladies was so magical ne! It's great that you could communicate with them; speaking the same language as someone else always seems to establish instant rapport. That hedgehog was soo cute XD And then the whole gift-returning session~ How sweet of them huh?

Out of curiosity, what did you have painted on your nails?

"Eagle-eyed" and "owl-eyed"; reminds me a bit of myself ne. Though I don't seem to be as eagle-eyed as you. I always am the first to notice bugs and spots on the walls and ceiling of my surroundings and the little details don't escape me much. And I think I can see better in the dark than in the light after my eyes adjust. Not to say that I can READ in it, but to make my way around places in general. I guess when it's dark, you become more alert and atuned to everything around you but when it's light, you miss all the things you assume you see and then you end up tripping over a great many things. I always find myself capable of tripping over plain ground. I'm more comfortable in the dark anyways though; too much light happens to make my eyes sore >.<

Such wonderful experiences you've had!

What's the whole thing with 'Pagans' about; it seems quite interesting! Like occult and witchcraft stuff? I remember there was a time where I immersed myself in books about that.
30th-Nov-2011 06:40 pm (UTC)
Hahaha, yes and hello again.

I must say, when I first read your comment... I did so when I was still in bed just waking up, and I freaking spazzed all over it ahahaha. Well, my legs did the spazzing, but still. Eh |D Trigger was the, uhm, bit of 'mentioning' you did with No.6 ... 83 Ugh. I love love love love love it. But I watched it first. It's so so so so beautiful. I watched it all, and then decided to get whatever there is. Or to be honest, I suppose that wasn't so much an actual decision as it was a need. *guilty laugh* Ugh. Ah well, I'm not going to start to explain what they mean to me. It's just my own way of feeling anyway~ But if you find something in the story for yourself, then that'd be lovely. *smiles*

Ohhh, I'd love to see that book, too, haha~ Maybe they'll have it somewhere around I doubt it orz, but who know~s .

XD The adrenaline hasn't been used for a while, so it was fectly-per okay for it to jump into action just then. I love fire, though. And thanks X'D My description should have mirrored what was going on in my head at that moment. Hahaha...

The visuals were so freaking beautiful in that game, at times I just stopped my character and moved the joystick about to look around. And stare in awe. I mean, everything... even reflections of light in the hair and clothes of the characters and everything, it's just... wah.

Oh, I've been to St.Petersburg! All I really can remember though is water, and a golden hare... |D I'm mixing up memories as well, I guess, because I also can remember some park, not sure whether that was there though, heh.

I loved meeting the ladies. It was so totally unexpected. It was really nice.

What I've been having on there for a couple of years now ~.^

Mmmh, moving in darkness... I love it. I personally don't think that eyes is all one uses in darkness. Definitely not. The way your body just knows where certain things are? I'm still wondering whether it's the ear taking over that (echoes from sounds make shapes, concentrating on what they hear is a way also blind people can learn how to see shapes, it's pretty amazing), although 'normal' people tend to not be able to 'listen' to shapes unless they learn it, but hn~ Either way, it's amazing. Feeling in darkness is nice, too, kekee
I also do think that it probably just has to do a lot with what you're used to perceiving - I've been having more interest in animals than humans ever since I was a little kid, so I suppose it wouldn't be too surprising that my attention would shift. You trip over plain ground? How adorable XP
Hahaha! Yeaaah, I prefer dark rooms to bright ones.

Hmm, well the circle I currently meet up with, is quite mixed. There are some Wiccans (that would deal with what you called 'witchcraft'), but most follow the Celtic path, some are on their way of becoming druids, some are following a matriarcal path, others again the Norse/German tradition, some are esoterics in all kinds of directions, etc etc. It's really mixed a lot *laughs*
3rd-Dec-2011 07:11 am (UTC)
Indeed, hello~ *waves*

*imagines your legs spazzing* That is quite an entertaining sight, ne. I can relate to your love of No. 6 even though I haven't gotten into it yet. Haha, the extreme need to get it. I do believe that I'll watch the anime first when I finally get the time to immerse myself and I'm sure I'll most definitely find my own connection with it. And I know I will end up crying over it.

I'm pretty sure you've seen that book already from that link in my post ^_^

Your description mirrored what was going on in your head very well~ And "fectly-per", how unique!

Wow. I've always heard that the graphics for Final Fantasy are amazing but I've never played it myself or watched people play so. But to the extent of reflections of light in the hair...okay maybe I should make some effort to see that game in person on a high resolution screen and be awed.

You have? Yay~ It was raining when I went and there was quite a lot of water and gold, haha. Well water apart from the rain. There were tons of fountains. I do remember parks in the palaces too; well at least for one of them, so your memories aren't off.

Ahahaha I love that answer! So correct and yet at the same time, giving nothing away~ But I shall persist! I mean what words did you have inscribed on there? I hope I'm not prying.

I completely agree with you on how your body just knows the location of certain things. It might be the enhanced hearing though, since when you are deprived one of your senses, the other ones become sensitive. But that usually doesn't happen until you've been deprived for a while or you're trying really hard, I think. Feeling in darkness is nice, well until you stub your toe on a sharp corner or hit your shin into something. Then it's not so nice. Eh, adorable? *blushes*

Oh wow, that circle is very interesting!
6th-Dec-2011 03:51 pm (UTC)
Haha... ehhrrr, sometimes that happens. Are you making fun of me? XP Then have fun (..?) with it once you decide to start ^^

Haha, fectly-per is Jin-speak, it's not like I made it up. Or well, to be exact, I guess I did make up the English equivalent haha.

Ahahah! You never played FF? Maybe you should give it a try. The way -how- to play it I guess is better with the ones before XIII (a lot of people complained about its linearity), I personally didn't mind much, but yeah... the second part, coming out next year March, should be better :3 But the graphics are definitely more than stunning.

When did you go to St.Petersburg?

Maybe you are? x3 I shall say as much, parts of them are in the entry, and all of them are names of a band you might have heard of.

XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Sorry, but the image of stubbing one's toe ... I've seen too many memes about that to not find it funny hahah! Ne, close your eyes?
11th-Dec-2011 07:44 am (UTC)
Oh no, I'm definitely not! I just mean it's rather adorable to watch ^_^

Oh it is? Haha. Well, you were just being the translator then.

I should give it a try shouldn't I? But I don't have the system for it and I don't think it can be played on a computer right? Oh yes, part two coming out in March; Shinji must be so excited :P The graphics are amaaazzziiinnnggg indeed; you've successfully wowed me. Well, and my own web browsing.

I went to St. Petersburg iiinnn...huh. 2006 I believe. Yeah. I hope I've remembered right. I've been to a lot of places, so over the years everything starts blurring in my memory about when I went to where.

Oookaaay. I'll go and play detective then~ ALRIGHT! I've figured it out. Wow, I can't believe I didn't get it earlier; it's quite predictable! I was mislead by "Shou" since I instantly thought of Alice Nine but of course then realized nothing else matched up.

Memes? The way you say it tells me that I probably don't want to see what you saw... *closes eyes*
13th-Dec-2011 04:05 pm (UTC)
Unless you were someone lying too close to me right that moment, for then I might end up kicking you... xP

That's right. Most/all of the recent FF series seem to be console-only. There's XBOX and PS3 for XIII as far as I know... some of the old ones will be released on PSP and iPhone/Pad/Pod, but nyah...
Wish I could take screenshots, but even taking photos with my phone kinda works.

True that. I think I went in ... xD 2006? Or 2005.

Hahah! Well done, Mr Watson. It took you a while though xD Funny, though I used to really be into AliceNine in my beginner time, the Alice-Shou is the last that'd come to mind whenever I hear "Shou", fufufu.

Aw, no. I guess some of them just make you cringe a little, remembering the pain of stubbing your toe, kuku. *moves around* Do you still know where I aaaam with your eyes closed like this? *chuckles, then sneaks up on you after a couple of seconds and chuus your nose* x3 Nyaw.
16th-Dec-2011 03:15 am (UTC)
Oh dear, now THAT would be a problem wouldn't it? *makes sure to keep a safe distance away*

Ah, consoles. *doesn't have any consoles* Phone pictures are very nice though! They're already so beautiful~ Must be a high quality camera you have on that phone.

Oh wow! We went at around the same year xD

Yes...it did take me quite a while... I can be rather slow at realizing things sometimes, even if they are right in front of me. Haha, that's probably because you love the other Shou so much~ I tried getting into Alice Nine before but just...didn't like them much. Their music never agreed with me.

Hmm...I guess nnnooootttt so much... *flails when you do that* A-a-ahhh!! *in danger of losing balance*
16th-Dec-2011 05:32 pm (UTC)
HUGE problem. Maybe.

Ohh ya... I don't actually really have any, either. Apart from an old Nintendo64 xD I have my handhelds though *purr*

...Nya... I like him lots and lots, he's a sweetheart, so in that way I do love him, but otherwise I'd be a bit careful with that word XP
I did really like them in my beginner time, as I said. True, his voice is kinda "special", but hnn... the way their music developed didn't really agree with me that much either. But to be honest, I haven't been listening to their new stuff. I did go into harder directions though, so yeaaah... don't really think I'd go back to them.

*laughs* Nee, don't faaall *catches you with both amrs*
21st-Dec-2011 03:41 am (UTC)
THAT WORD~ haha. I do tend to use it pretty loosely. I thought Shou's voice was too raw for me and it didn't...connect with the music too well. It was as if his singing and the music were two separate entities that were badly mixed together and they just didn't...bond to become one.

Harder directions? As in metal?

*falls into your arms* T-thank you.. *is embarrassed*
21st-Dec-2011 02:47 pm (UTC)
Hoho... That could sound quite harsh for any Alice fan 8D I never really thought I it like that, them not connecting, bit who knows |D Shou's a good lyricist, and his voice is special in its own way, so all the best to him nya. Oh hey, still got an Alice-icon, hehe.

Fufufu, metal? Naaaah... Just 'not very poppy J-music'. Like Dir en Grey, UnsraW, ネガ, lynch etc etc. Can't really call most if their music gentle 8D Well, Gazette's either, really xD

Hee-heee~ you're welcome? *purr* What's with that red face? X3
23rd-Dec-2011 02:21 am (UTC)
Aha, that's probably true. I am quite...ruthless at times with my criticism. You should have seen the things I said back in the day when I disliked the GazettE; they were pretty bad too.

Perhaps I'll give them another try! I don't know, I've already tried so many times and consecutively was not successful...so I hope something will get me to like them.

Ahh, not very poppy J-music. I actually don't like that 'very poppy' stuff either other than シド I guess. I was surprised at why I didn't like Gazette in the beginning because their whole theme is much more my style than シド. Perhaps I will go check out some of those bands you mentioned! Any song recommendations~?

W-well...u-umm I wa-as falling and you c-caught me... *sheepish grin*
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