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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Just dropping some flowers of sand. 
7th-Dec-2011 08:30 pm
Although I've been meaning to do meaningful things with meaning, meaning for example buying groceries eeteeshe, as my fridge is scarily empty, the heavy, cold rain outside made me change my mind. So in the end, I just sat here the whole day, doing nothing but translating, while being side-tracked ever so gently by youtube. That's what happens with my spare time. Uguu.

So don't mind me dropping off some things here. Be prepared for absolute non-sense above, between, and below the lines.

I realized pretty quickly that I've been neglecting the visual aspects of Visual-Kei, so ahahaha, mind=blown. Oh how I love it.

Anyway! Not that I found all of those particularly good, but I found good things about all of them. So in order, or not, here I went.

I'd have to lie, which obviously is not exactly one of my favourite things to do, if I were to tell you it did not start one way or the other because of someone connected with UnsraW.

Yeah, of course. Since Shou had upped with the Para:noir CM, I started by checking out that one, and as it so happens, clicked from one PV to the other, from one band to the next.

Have at yeh!

Front tooth and all. Keeehehehehe. I feel sorry for him hating his teeth, really. They're one of his best physical features. Or. Well. Only Shou has them. They're his. And I like them. それはそうだ。意味ないかもw

So, more Para:noir from there on.

I immediately started laughing, when I picked out a certain pattern of how the vocal moves. He's not the only one 'dancing' like that... and... augh, it's the VKei-sickness, haha! Love it though.

Hair, and cheeky grins that I am not sure where intended creepy but ended up cute, or the other way around, or neither.

No, but this one I ended up liking a lot.
Go figure.

I'm only really seeing the vocal.
Again, go figure. Imisshimsofuckingmuch.

The choice of the colour "pink" for the make-up however, I found rather... particular.
Anyway, off to new shores!

... Ah, not yet. The shores will appear later.


Fuck me, I love your teeth.
Like holy shit, I can't even look anywhere else. HNGH Gods!

Uhm, I've mentioned this whole entry came into being because of visual aspects of things? Yes? No? Well, latest now I have. That's why I'll mention the fuck out of visual aspects. And I have a certain fetish for certain types teeth. Like his. So I'll mention the fuck out of his teeth 8D

I mean, FUCK THEM!
I mean, sorry for the intermission, but I will have to stare at his mouth for a little longer.

Have I mentioned his teeth? Have I? Oh look, he's even having a piercing. Have I mentioned his teeth though? Like hngghhh, fuck man.

Kehehehe... Well it's not like I didn't warn you. I told you I'd mention the fuck out of them.

Hi baby, it's been a while.

Dark and desperate.

And then I came across this:

The song is so beautiful aaaaaugh. I had this on repeat for about three times, before I realized I could make an entry. Fufuf. So right now I caught up with the PV and am watching/listening to it again. I've never tried letting myself fall backwards into the waves. I should keep that in mind for the next time I'll be at the sea.

When I watched the next, I found out about the connection between the vocal and Malice Mizer. Funny he should have been their vocal. Not sure I have any Mizer songs from his era though.

This PV made me wonder whether he, or the others, had a cold the next day. Seems to have been cold. And those outfits usually aren't made with integrated cold-protection.

So I happened to find this. This must be the funnest drummer I've ever come across. I mean, look at him, what the heck is it he's doing with his drumset?? Aahahahahahah! I don't have the slightest idea, but it's weirdly entertaining.

They're called G-Zas. And with that, dear children, you also learnt what he-who-must-not-be-named is doing in his spare-time.

I find the song to be extremely catchy. Along with the vocalist's back and hair. They're catchy, too. Kuku. And for once I suspect a mixed-sex-band. But it's a little hard to tell, what with the drummer's face being all concealed.

And then somehow I ended up with DIAURA.

I love love Phantasmagoresque outfits. (Or should I say, Riku-esque outfits? Ugh. I still don't really want to know how come I have a whole Riku-fetish, although I don't know anything of the man and aren't connected to him in any way other than me liking his voice and finding out it's only the first thing I liked about him? *insert face of playful distress*). G-zas' Hah, Jeeesus? w vocal had that, too.

I also like yo-ka's teeth. Haha. Yeah.

From there I got to A(エース), some nice heavy sound.

... o.. okay, whattttt?? I think I might like his voice. And everything about the music. 8D Damn those guitars! AND A FUCKING VIOLIN. This reminds of this other band with a violonist in it - no, not Sugizo - but I can't remember the name right naaaauuu AAAUUUUHHHH THIS SONG IS AMAAAAAZING [Can you tell I'm listening to this at the same time as writing? 8D]

... Forget what I said. The band with the violinist WAS A (-3-') I only remembered that his name was Rookie Fiddler, and he bore some resemblance to the one from the PV, orz, but that is him. ORZ, again.

Ma~n, fun! I want everything there isssss.

Right, and here is what I had seen before, thanks to altair_vega.


Dammit. I really really like their music…みたい。

イッタイナニコレ?????どこあったのってゆーーーーか、ナンデこの前全然探していなかったんだろう…ってゆか、答えは知ってるよwただ、探す時間は「今」だよ、「あの時」なんてじゃなかったよ 笑


And this is how I came across 'new' music of the category I want to listen to every little thing you ever made. Yapp.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, you decide w) I need to stop this now. Exploded mouse-intestines smell absolutely awful [I have no idea how he managed to actually get them to ... a... appear 8D Maybe baby was too hungry 8D ... 8DDDDD) ... as does a larger than nail-size of amount of their blood, ew seriously, I like blood and all, and I don't mind intestines, but mice fucking stink. Ew, like, no thank you. No wonder people stopped eating rats after the war. Boooaaaahhhh *shudder* gross. Only if I need to survive, really uwwaaaaa~~~~~~h.

Uh... since baby also sort of bathed in the blood, I should wash him... But I can't, or the mouse will come right back out 8D Which would be rather undesirable. ... Okay, I'll try to rub him off with a wet cloth. Else he'll probably stink just the same after two days of digesting. Mmh, dried mouse-blood.

... Oh, you wanted some TMI? You're absolutely welcome!


*snorts* XDDD Okay. I'll stop here.

7th-Dec-2011 09:56 pm (UTC)
O-oh... Mouse blood. D8
7th-Dec-2011 10:44 pm (UTC)
And I wondered that it was 九歳, it looked so much younger! @A@'

I washed him after all, and he thought it a good idea to climb around a bit sdlkfjgh, I saw the mouse in his belly move @A@ (not because the mouse itself moved, but his muscles moved the mouse 8D... still... ahah)
8th-Dec-2011 01:34 am (UTC)
You're right. A are absolutely great. I follow them for quite a while already. Got caught by the combination of rock sound and the violin almost two years ago, but it took a long time until more of their music floated around.
Nimo's voice is purely wonderful. Just listened to one of their songs before I got here for reading. ^^ Nevertheless, sad their guitarist left just few weeks ago (or went for travelling how it's stated in their OHP which makes me smile every time I read it).
They've been involved in a charity project with DaizyStripper and FEST VAINQUEUR (ex.SINCREA), DS's drummer and Rookie Fiddler wrote the music for it, wonderful song, great idea and a nice way for me to donate again.
And I liked the combination of the bands who started that project, three bands I already liked a damn lot at that time. ^^

How's the mouse doing? LoL
I think my baby would have liked it as well, but please not that way. xDD
8th-Dec-2011 01:26 pm (UTC)
Okay, fuck that for deleting my comment.

It's not like their the first band to have a violin in their band (someone in Vkei heaven would probably have slapped me for saying that, orz), but it's definitely not common. And his voice is verrry lovely, it was one of the first things I commented on myself when I listened to the the first time. I also quite liked that Adam/Eve thing. Let's hope it really is just a ~journey~, and not a 'journey' including places people usually don't enjoy going to though.

Haha, the mouse has all been eaten. Gladly he still found it quite attractive after I dangled the slaughtered thing in front of his face.
You have a new baby? As in, one I don't know of yet? Believe me though, if it's one who likes mice, it'd probably find an inside-out slaughtered mouse quite sexy. Irresistibly so.

Edited at 2011-12-08 01:27 pm (UTC)
8th-Dec-2011 11:50 pm (UTC)
Deleting your comment?

Yeah, that's true. And that's what makes them definitely interesting. Even though it takes more than a violine I think.
I'm not sure. In news sites it has been named 'leaving the band'. We'll see, it's just been four weeks, so I don't know, if there'll be a new guitarist 'replacing' him or if he will come back.

It's his food, right? So he of course found it attractive. ^^
Did we talk since Dir en grey? If not, it's a new baby, yes. If, I don't know. But I think we didn't talk since then. Haven't seen you in MSN in ages and didn't comment on any of your entries in a long time I guess.
Or you read some of my few entries since the middle of September. Then you might know. ^^
Take a look...
9th-Dec-2011 08:41 pm (UTC)
Yeah, sometimes the connection to LJ seems to sever, obviously when I write comments w

Snakes are a bit picky with their food though, so it's not all that "natural" it's attractive ^^

But I'm glad you finally were able to get a kitten. And he's such a pretty baby! Sooo adorable. Or well, you never said whether it's a he or she w What's the name?
9th-Dec-2011 08:56 pm (UTC)
Since those DDoS attacks started months ago, I got used to copy everything before sending it. Just in case...

Okay, didn't know about that, of course. ^^

Adorable and such soft fur, believe me. Extremely soft, gladly short and glittering a lot. Sooooooo beautiful. And huge eyes and ears, sometimes reminding me of a bat. xDD
He's a she. ^^
Her name is 祉優輝 (Shiyuu Akira), even though I only call her Shiyuu.
Six months old.
Shiyuu was my choice from the beginning.
For the breeder it was the first litter (if the translation is correct), so actually all names would start with an A. They have a homepage and gave names to the kitten, just for seperation reasons, without calling them that way, so the owner could name their kitten themselves.
And her name was Akira.
And since her birthday is 2011.05.27....
You see why I had to keep it, right? xDD
9th-Dec-2011 10:23 pm (UTC)
Mmmh, used to do that in the past. Gotta get used to it again.

Awww... so beautiful, too! Also the name. The bat-ears are typical *laughs* Sadly they'll go away once the head grows, unless it's certain type breeds that have bat-ears. Miro used to have incredibly huge ears when he was small, too.
Litter is the correct word, yeah. I know, sounds weird w
Reita, huh XD Of course.
9th-Dec-2011 11:10 pm (UTC)
Hm, don't know how much she'll grow. She already did quite a part, which I even didn't expect, since I saw her mother, when I got her. And her mother was almost of the same height as she was (back in September). And bengals usually don't have small ears. ^^ So I guess and hope it'll remain that way.
Yeah. His 30th, her birthday. Perfect. And I do love that name btw. Always did, so another fitting point. ^^
8th-Dec-2011 09:06 am (UTC)
Oh my goodness, overload new stuff!!!! hehehe ...

1. para:noir: Of course you liked it ... costumes in lilac (and pink) .. well, the pink make-up fits perfectly - look at the pink gloces *smiles*

2. Lotus: Gosh, you are right, sexy teeth behind sexy lips, sexy growling sexy laughing *swallows* REQUEST!!

3. as milk - yeah, that PV is cruel, like the title of the song "disturb" - but what a bunch of handsome guys ...

4. art cube: What a catching voice & beautiful PV & beautiful song REQUEST!! Oh, wait, a white snake ...

5. G-Zao: never saw such a crazy looking band before. A baldhead not Japanese-looking guy? Drummer whipping the drum set?? Ups, but the vocalist looks very tall, and *melts* SOOO prrretty ...

6. A - Bass: Toshi? What the heck ... there is only one Toshi-bassist!! Hm, the style to me is too much baroque, even though the guitars are pretty good. Hm, Maybe should listen more often??

However, your story of intestines and stinky blood obviously triggered a strange nightmare. I dreamt I should take care of your pet - here it was a fish. Not like the fish you owned, it looked different. Somehow his aquarium broke and I ran after him, floundering on the floor, thinking "oh my goodness, he will die, he needs water", me panicking, catching him again and putting him in some bowl, pouring water on him, but the waterjet hurt him, even though I am sure I didn't pour the water directly on him, and he started bleeding heavily - I mean: really heavily, and deep red, and he was winding and I felt so helpless, my heart hammering in my veins, really really panicking now "how can I save him ... you will slaughter me" --- and with this feeling I woke up with a lump in my throat.

Strange, he?

So: did you succeed in making Yudoka yummy again??
8th-Dec-2011 04:57 pm (UTC)
It happened during the last twenty minutes of translating, so I stumbled across one and the next aaand the next and so on, hee heeh.

1. Meh well... yeah. Of course it fits to each other, sommmehow, but I'm still not a huge fan of pink I guess 8D With exceptions.

2. ´Seems they were only active a very short timespan. I didn't find anything about Lotus anywhere on my usual places, only that one song... too bad. His faintly insane laugh was so intriguing.

4. Aren't art cube "too baroque" for you? XP Most other things seem to go into Gothic direction. White snake? Guess I didn't see that moment, always skipping between PVs and translation, haha. The thing I sent you was a mini album I think, with the beautiful song. Can hardly wait to listen to it at home!

5. Aren't they amazing? Didn't find anything more of them though, or not much. They don't seem to be active anymore either. But I liked that combination of Vkei and a bit old-school glamrock... made me wonder whether the drummer is a girl... hehh... And the singer makes up for the hair the other is lacking, isn't he. And he is gorgeous, so androgynous. He could star as vampire somewhere *laughs*

6. Hehehehe oh I don't mind, then they'll be alllll mine. I love them already. Hnn... there's this one beautiful ballad, let's see whether I can find it on youtube. Ah, here
I think I also found it live, should check it out once I'm home.
There's a difference between a Toshi and a ToshiYA though :3 There only is one guitar by the way. The guitar player's name is Muchas Gracias, hahaha! aren't they funnyyyyyyy.

Hmm... whenever I have dreams about people having to take care of my pet, they fail ^^' And I tend to get mad when they do. Happened with granny, and happened with you, and always Yudoka - and one time a turtle. I also once dreamt I had fish, as well as snakes, and the fish died in the tank. But no one tried to take care of them, they just died ._.'
Kind of distressing, your dreams. You seem to be so out of control in a lot of them. As in, not having any control of what's going on. I doubt I'd slaughter you, though :3
Isn't it interesting what roles family take in dreams? My own used to always be the bad people in my dreams. Almost exceptionally. Sometimes neutral, but rarely really 'good'

Ahaha, I don't know about that, I did wash him, but whether there's still dried mouseblood on him or no I don't know hahaha. Huge mouse in tiny snake, kuku... Although he's grown. He's broader now. And about 230g "empty".
9th-Dec-2011 03:35 pm (UTC)
*nods* yes, my dreams are depressing - and annoying! Don't know why I always fail ... and that panicky sweaty feeling was even worse ...
Honestly: Yes, I'm afraid to make something wrong when I take care of Yudoka, some time. With cats and dogs I never would have any problems, they are familiar to me. But fish? snake? guinea pig/rabbit? urrgghh ...

Ah yeah, luckily Yu-San is a proper guy again, hehe. So he gained weight? Well, you care for him perfectly, ne? Oh, skin-thing coming up again soon, is it??

I usually do not dream of family. When it happens, it's at least strange. But never dreamt of mother/father/sister.

btw - already watched new Nega PV? Deluge? Nice, yeah, really nice *smiles*
9th-Dec-2011 08:46 pm (UTC)
Mah well, I'm not too much into rodents, or at least not the stupid kind. I really don't have a thing for stupid animals. Or... well. Never met an especially smart and loving guinea pig or rabbit, it's just not my thing. Sadly I wasn't able to admit to that when I had to take care of them -_-

The PV is horrid. ww I mean, it's an amazing PV. Just that I felt a little sick afterwards. Such typical Japanese horror elements - everything's just a game, and you're helpless and, well, die most horribly. Yeapp. Obviously I wouldn't like something like that. But it's a great PV. And they're so pretty.
11th-Dec-2011 01:46 pm (UTC)
Ahm, yeah, I always knew that you're not much into guinea pigs and stuff. Actually, I can say "dito". See, next memory comes into my mind ... the desperate attempt of giving you animals again ... Andrea's guinea pig & rabbit ... I was not convinced that this would fill this huge gap inside of you, and what was the worst thing to do: nobody actually asked YOU!! Andrea was - as she always is - so full of euphoria and "I am the best person in the world, I sacrifice my beloved animals to you" - how could I thwart her? I know that I felt bad from the beginning, and I felt more than bad when this animals died ... all her unspoken accusations ...
She thought that she had saved your life in giving you these animals. I knew she had not, but as usual at that times, I didn't dare to disagree ...

Oh yeah, Nega's new PV is horrible, however it's not too much disturbing - that's what I feel - even though its tremendously cruel. There is sort of sarcasm in it (not this graveness of Dir en grey PV's), and that makes it somehow "lighter". Hm, just my spontaneous thought.
11th-Dec-2011 06:19 pm (UTC)
Mmh. I felt horrible about that, myself, and hid behind a teen-wall. I didn't need 'just an animal', I needed a companion, and they just didn't fulfill that for me, sadly. I didn't even click with their personalities. The female guinea pig was a bitch, the male one was a dumb casanova, and the bunny was just being ~there~.
I probably wouldn't have been able to say 'no' to it if I had been asked rather than presented with it all, with no ability to realize what I can or can't do, and no ability to say no.

Hmm... I don't know, I found it worse than Dir PVs. Dir's are so ... surreal that they don't really get that 'close', I think. You don't see men with multiple slimy dicks with heads on them every day, or women biting kids' head off. They're PVs are more like some fantastic nightmare. DELUGE however is quite realistic, that's what I "didn't like" about it.
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