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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
A short return to medieval times, and some steps into games soon-to-be future. Includes FinalFantasy 
13th-Jan-2012 08:51 pm
Eggy-tan, if you happen to read this, just as I started to actually write this, the もげソング came on. Obviously I had to sing along.

So today morning there was this scheduled something which caused our house to be without tapwater from 8~10am. Last time that happened, I didn't really care because, as far as I remembered, I was going to get up after 10. Today I had to get up at half past eight though, so I was naturally confronted with the problem of "how do I do things when there's no water?". Of course, prepare some water.
So I filled the water boiler in the kitchen so I could do my morning-dishes, and filled a big salad bowl for my morning-wash.

All set!


It promptly felt as if I'd been transported back into a time where they didn't have taps *laughs* It's something so simple, not having water gush out a tap, one of the many things we take for granted, it was literally refreshing to do it differently for once. I was much more conscious on how much water I actually use. You tend to not really see that when it just gushes out and disappears under your fingers.

I still had the bowl there when I got back from uni, and used it to wash my hands - would you believe it, as soon as my hands had dived into the cool clearness, the wonderful non-colour became streaky. Ew. Subways and stuff.

Speaking of uni, there's this half-Japanese guy in some of my classes (has been for years) whom I never really exchanged words with other than "Hi". And even those you could probably count on one hand.
He tends to have a notebook with him wherever he goes, and usually he's on it during class, checking out sites about Magic the Gathering. Always made me grin, yet I never said a word. Until today.
I sat right behind him when he looked at some of the Innistrad and other cards, haha! He does that every fucking day, seriously. Either way, I wrote a note, asking whether he was planning on going to the Dark Ascenion pre-release or release event. Guess he was a little shocked to get a note from someone out of the blue. Him, and Dani-san. She had no idea why I'd be writing little notes with him. Her face was precious. You? Him? You? ...HIM??


Orz. Well, his girlfriend wondered, too. Haha! Naww... it was fun, "talking" to him. He's not going to events, because they're "too expensive", he rather organizes some himself. He's been playing since '98. I also asked him whether his girl plays, unfortunately no xD "I've been trying to make her, but somehow she just hasn't caught on, unfortunately ._. It's quite a male-dominated game. But maybe if you and your friend could convince her?" XD Well either you like MtG, or it's just not your thing. All I can say is, that it's totally Mona and my "thang", but it definitely is male-dominated. Also, they play differently. More aggressive. We just do it for the fun.

Welp. Mentioned how we could play 2 against 2 someday, and that we'd love to teach her if she so wanted to, but that was all the talking we did that day. No actual talking later, either, as I had to run after Dani-san and Andi-san to get to our next class. Always the sans fahaha...

Oh, something else about uni~ my new tandem partner Taka had his talk earlier this week. I had to help him write it into some understandable version, less Japanese, and less Dutch, haha, and it did turn into a good one when he held it. He read it out exactly to the point it was written, too, so I knew everything he was going to say *laughs*. Apart from that one surprise in the end. Suddenly he said "And thanks to Ms Stone-" everyones eyes turned to me while I probably turend beet-red, like, what what what? What's going on? I was just whispering to Dani-san and suddenly I heard my name -


"without her I wouldn't have been able to make this, so, thank you~" eeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh???? sdlfjsdfdsldfj! You shouldn't have! Ahahaha. I hid behind my folder while Dani-san squeaked for me XD
She actually has found a new hobby. She loves pinching my cheeks after I sneezed. Thinks it's cute.



Well, okay then. xD

The day before yesterday, the demoversion for FinalFantasy XIII-2 was released. At first I didn't find it in the store, until Mona told me she found it not by looking for FinalFantasy, but directly under 'new demos' or something. Welp, I wouldn't even have known about the demo if she wasn't working in the business, ahahrrrrr...

So uh, I downloaded it... and all the XIII-2 trailers that I could find in HD. And watched all of them while the demo kept loading.

Like holy fucking shit, in HD. I mean, AGE-DEE!

I practically went spazzing in front of the TV, like so
[attention, bad language, parental advisory]

FUCK! FEATHERS! WHO IS THIS GUY?! THE PURPLE HAIRED BAD ASS GUY WITH THE SWORD, holy crap, he's hot, okay? yeah. OH GODS FEATHERS! so preeeettyyyyyyy oh holy crap, that's so faaaaaaaast OH FUCK MEH, COME TO ME YOU SEXY PIECE OF ASS! *spazzes* And OH GODS NOEL! NOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL!!! So fucking damn pretty, I can't, oh Gods. And what? Gaius? Caius? CRAP he's hot. Ffffuuuck so hot... What, he's evil? Oh. OH whatever, I don't caaaaaaare, come to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-------


Yeah right, that's me and Final Fantasy -_-'
But hey I'm glad, right~ In XIII, there wasn't a single male character that I was into (which isn't a bad thing per se XP but I ... missed it I guess 8D Fawning over the characters, but at least there was Fang. I fawned over her. Sexy, badass thang.), uhm, apart from Mr Bluehair, who unfortunately only appeared in two scenes, and that was like, IT. Le crai.

And now there's XIII-2, and suddenly everyone is fucking HOT. I mean, ri~ght, in FFXIII there was Hope, whom I thought to be the prettiest male, but sheeeesh, he was far too young for me to like him. Like, eh, he's just a chi~ld.

... but now he's grown up. Means, not such a whiny cry-baby... and taller. Means... uh, nice. ... and stronger. Means, uhm... yeah...
Eh, what? Well okay, I'm not actually interested in Hope. My eyes are all set on Caius (who apparently is the bad guy but hey WHATEVER) and NOEL. I mean, GODS, Noel! Those eyes. So pretty. And I love the pants. And hell, look at those upper arms. Hngh. Like, HNGH. ... *cough* And he's got a sword. I love swords. Only minus-point about Fang was the lack of a sword.

Uh, and that was just about the trailers of which I'd already seen a couple before, not even the game itself. And, eh, I haven't even played it yet |D I wanted to wait until the week-end, because this will be a full weekend off, finally. Un.
Welp, the other reason for why I haven't played it yet, was that I went to Mona's place right after I had watched all the trailers. We were both pretty excited about it *laughs*, and I did like the idea of just watching her play so I could stare at Noel without having to concentrate on the surroundings.

Daniel, her hubby, has been quite sick for a while, so he was in bed when I arrived. Poor thing~ But well. Not sure I should say that. After all, he's one of those men who only ever complain how bad they're feeling and how they're about to die, while the female would still be working her ass off in the same state of affairs. Mona's words. xD

Actually, we also had this kind of conversion.

Her: Before you come here, I'll just have to dress him.
Me: ... Dress him? He's naked atm?
Her: Yeapp.
Me: ............ xD What kind of healing practices are you using on him?
Her: ... We~~ll... XD
Her: I just won't be able to drive you home later on, I already took some stuff.
Me: Stuff, huh.

The more you know! Alternative healing practices and "stuff". Tsk tsk. [Okay, she said "NO! It's medicine, you know, medicine! Not drugs..." Same difference, no? Aha~n.]

Once I got there, we talked about this and that and other things before we had this silent moment in which we just stared at each other, with obvious, neon coloured "FINAL FANTASY?" signposts were jumping up and down in our eyes. We were both thirsting for it, hahaha! It was her who broke that silence. "... F-final Fantasy?" - "HELL YES!" XDDDD

She tried to communicate with her XBox to show me how great it's behaving, but unfortunately the plan suffered under a heavy attack of demo effect. It didn't want to listen to her at all xD


Okay, so we started the XIII-2 demo. Or, she did. While be both where like "uwaaaaaaAAAAAAaahhhh!!" about right from the start or something.

Our conversation from then on was about like this.

HOLY CRAP! Look at the graphics, oh Gods, have they gotten even better?? - Dunno... *gazes with open mouth* - Go there! Go over there! - No wait, just let me take a look around *rotates camera* I want to see every.thing. - OH OF COURSE, GO AHEAD! - EEEEEEP! MOGGGGGG! so CUTE! - EEEEEEEEP indeed heeeeheheheheheeeeee - Did it just say Kupopopo? - It DIIIIID, gawds so CUTE! - Man... The raindrops on the screen... - The light in the pools of rain! OH GODS. - The... yeah. - Maaaan - Let me just... *rotates camera in a daze* look at all of thisss... *walks a little* - Maaaan, Noel... you're getting the screen all wet... - ... >_> the screen, huh? - Shh. - I don't know, I think his pants are weird. - Shit man, his eyes are so beautiful. And I like his pants. - Pfff, you like everything. - Not denying it! I mean, look at those armssss - *while walking around and talking to people* - S I L E N C E - ... maa~~~~n... - I know, right. - OH CRAP, BATTLE! YEAH MAN! - HOLY SHIT THIS IS NICE! - THE CAMERA ANGLE! SWEEEEEET! - I know right? I can adjust it with the buttons, sweeee~~~~t - oh fuck that was fast - Serah isn't that bad actually - No you're right, she's kinda okay - Not that pedo-bearish anymore- Ahaha, yeah... and her weapon! - It's so cool. - YEAH. Oh, battle's over. - Okay, let's walk on *walks* ... Hmm? *looks around* There's a treasure chest. How do I get there? - Dunno, it's invisible, guess you can't access it in the demo - Oh right. Moogy, let's go on, there's nothing heeeere for u~s *pauses a little* - Mmh, stay like that *stares at Noel* - Fffff, you're so... - JUST STAY LIKE THAT, it's a good angle! I want to stare at him for a bit longer.


And so on. Okay. Useless paragraph, but! The battle system has gotten much more fun. You can integrate monsters into your team! Mona had never read about that anywhere before, maybe they'd kept it secret until the demo. It's so great though. They have their own crystarium and can level up and everything. Soooo nice. You probably won't be able to use summons the way you used to though. BUT you can fight with Chocobos, and we also saw a sniplet where there was a Tonberry in their team. Also, the battles are more interactive, there's live action, and as promised, there are live triggers in the game, where you've got to decide what you want to do. When it was whether we should try and confront that giant Atlas, or check out the device that might weaken him, you had four options. One of them was asking Alyssa (or what her name was), another to ask Moog what he thinks of it xD Mona let me decide, I went for the Moog option.
Serah: What do you think~?
Moog: I think I like Serah more than Noel! *hugs Serah*
Noel: Oh maaan, don't hurt my feelings...

Haha, not very helpful, but fun. And this chocolina chick? Or whatever her name was. And the crystariums are nice. We'd already started the boss-battle the second time, and then she left the controller to me, because she got a call from her brother. Uhm, okay 8D I lost ahah, but since Mona hadn't touched the Crystarium much before, I tampered a bit with it, leveled up all characters and creatures "Haha, uhm, I think we might beat the boss now, we're a little stronger now XP" and then she just left me to fight again. Okay then xD Aw man, that was fun. So pumped for the actual game.


The demo took her about two hours, although she didn't talk to everyone and probably didn't check out every nook and corner there was. I shall do that later today or something *laughs*

She showed me some other things, when suddenly the door opened, and a very sleepy, eyes-rubbing and quite naked Daniel appeared behind it. Mona and I were just like "... *blink*", while you could practically see the shock spread on his face "OH! ... OH! I'M SO SORRY! I'M SORRY!"


Me "Uh, it's okay, not the first time something the like happened 8D", "I'm SOOO SORRY! *as he hides behind door and proceeds to talk to his wife about that he's hungry while I keep laughing*
When he left ~to get dressed~, we just sat there in a moment of amused silence, until she said "Well. I TOLD him you'd come by and he should get dressed. Tsk." I just laughed. "It's gonna be his responsibility if something happens to you because of some shock or trauma..." HAHAH! We'd actually already mentioned that before the whole FF thing, I remember that she'd already told me about having told him to get dressed when he'd get up, so I wouldn't get the fright of my life or something, and I'd said something like "Eh, is there anything shocking about it? I wouldn't find it shocking I think." And she was just like "... ... Well. ... " XD

Man, they're so funny. First time I see her father, he's in undies. Next time I saw him, in suit and all, I didn't even recognize him xD Now I've seen her husband rather... unclothed as well ahahaha, alright.

We had some pancakes later, and then she showed me the new HEROES of Might and Magic. I loved the one I had - my first computer game ever. I think it was III~ The new one is so much like it, just with realllly nice graphics, and some extras. She let me play a bit (= an hour or two >_>;) it's so much fun! Eeep!

Speaking of 'eep', it snowed a little today when I went back home from uni~ sooo lovely. I didn't even bother to take out my umbrella *laughs* Obviously there had to be some elderly damsels quite sure that "someone" will have a severe cold or pneumonia next week. I just laughed and said "Neither~!" Aahh, townsfolk. Sorry for worrying you~

Yap! So much about "recently". Looking forward to the DarkAscension pre-release heeeeeh~! Also the release event, it's been half a year since our last 2HG I think? Sadly I won't be able to stay for the whole tournament, badly planned concert just right then, ugh. But oh well!


13th-Jan-2012 11:06 pm (UTC)
In XIII, there wasn't a single male character that I was into (which isn't a bad thing per se XP but I ... missed it I guess 8D



14th-Jan-2012 01:11 am (UTC)
AHAHAHAHA! Holy crab though, I was just laughing out so loud, I had to slap my hand on my mouth really hard to prevent the ... noise disturbing the neighbours in their sleep. My bed is right next to their bedroom it seems. It also seems they can hear me giggle when I read manga in bed. So that was quite a close call just now. 危なかったデス.

BUT! the de~~~~~mo... Is only the demo, I mean think what the game might be and ー well ok, the story could be shit and stuff, but really, uh... Ehehehe~ (nmh? What are shekels? My autocorrect just wanted to change the ehehe into it. o.O

Hai. I'll be sleeping. After I post this.
14th-Jan-2012 01:17 am (UTC)
@_@ Ah, but but but lksjdf

I just really liked the cinematic fighting, like, with the extra L stick and face button mashing slkdjflsklds.

Ah, that's a bit... 8D; Well, I guess it's safer to be reading manga out in the lounge or something, then?

I thought shekels were coins...
15th-Jan-2012 02:31 pm (UTC)
I loved that, too. First time it happened, I messed it up because staring at Noel instead half sleeping, and they had a "Plan B". Reelli kewl!
But when I suddenly realized whom Noel looks alike, I felt a huge pang of guilt ahah. Hah. o_o

Ehehe... naw.. it's like, my bed is in the same room as the living room, but when I sit on the couch, the sound waves are being dampened down by the huge closet-like thing between me and the wall to the neighbours' bedroom. When I'm lying in my bed however, there's no such barrier, and... yeah.

Oh are they. Thanks for the information. Oh I see. Wiki told me the rest, ahah.

Edited at 2012-01-15 02:31 pm (UTC)
14th-Jan-2012 08:09 am (UTC)
Ahahahaha, you and FF ...

Well, when I received the message that you updated your journal, my heart pumped heavily, you know, I thought maybe there's some news from Uni ... you know ... kitchen decision yes/no ...

OK. Countdown still running I guess. *swallows*

Erm, watched the new "Verblendung" on Thursday. The opening sequence already had heavy effects on me, shivers, goosebumps, the urge to laugh or cry or both. (New version of) Led Zeppelin's 'Immigrant Song' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljbBayiWglg and it's visually aaaaaawesome.

Well, I adore David Fincher, he's a f*** great director (Fight Club, Sieben, Benjamin Button ...) and I like Daniel Craig. Good actors in this movie, yepp. Even though I knew before that nobody, definitely nobody can reach the 'original' Lisbeth Salander. Yes. Nobody can reach Noomi Rapace. She's more than special, she brings life to the person out of the book. Rooney Mara is much too 'sweet'. The piercings, hair style and clothing only look like a bad disguise. But well, she really tried her best to do a good job. Even though, in my opinion she fails (and even though the rape scene made me cry and I had to press my hand against my mouth to not scream), that doesn't downgrade the movie as a whole.
I liked it (He did not. Not at all).

See you Wednesday, then??
14th-Jan-2012 12:48 pm (UTC)
Honestly, I don't find that a very nice way to put it, pushing it on the -kitchen-, just like last time at the kitchens' place. It's not like it is my burning wish to get a new kitchen. Also I have no interest of heart at all to go to Japan, right. *sarcasm* Know you probably meant it as joke, the "in that case you'd actually wish it won't work out" or whatever, but the intent isn't exactly positive to me, I pretty much hated it.
So here's to your stupid kitchen, sorry the wording, but yeah. Go and make them build it.
Or whatever. I mean, in case I find some other way to go there, I still won't be here, AND there'll be a new kitchen for a stranger, ever thought of that? Yes? No?
And yeah, I'm upset in case that wasn't noticeable. The reply came today. Also it would be nice with some sort of clear statement from my family whether it really would be possible to go there on my own accord, with financing and whatnot, or not, and still have leftovers for certain other big plans. I heard it's normal to need about 1000 a month usually, in Tokyo. "We'll figure out something" just doesn't always sound very convincing to me.

Sounds like an interesting version, no wonder really, with that director. I just don't like Rooney in that role. She just doesn't seem to fit the role at all. But as you said, nobody can reach the "original" Lisbeth.

Yeah, see you then, if you so will.

Edited at 2012-01-14 12:49 pm (UTC)
15th-Jan-2012 08:43 am (UTC)
I'm sorry, and rather confused now, actually, I'm shocked because I'm not aware what I did wrong. I couldn't read anything in your entry that indicated an upset You. Making the kitchen new was just a thought about the old refrigerator + oven + making your home more nice and cosy to you, and only you, not for anybody else.

Of course I thought about that you might not be there even though Uni's decision is negative, but my inner feeling from the beginning was that this time it would work out. Of course this is sad and disappointing for me, too, because again I'm in a helpless position and don't know how to help or to give solace.

Honestly - couldn't you have told me somehow? Searching for a dialogue between you and me instead of just now slapping my face?

The last time you wanted to do it on your own you didn't find a way, means you told me there is no way, even though I tried to make some suggestions.

How can I give you assistance when I do not know anything? I (means: your family) would need some facts to then discuss if we all can make it, right? Can't make any guess out of the blue.

The idea with the kitchen was meant to show you that we all care and we all want you to feel comfortable - that's why we asked you before if you would like to have a new bathroom, that's how it all started. In case of the kitchen - I signed a contract and I must tell the people there if they can throw it away or not, that's all. I don't know why this is an offense to you. You simply could have said from the beginning that this way or another there's no need to look for a new kitchen.

Yes, I'm really confused.
15th-Jan-2012 10:50 am (UTC)
OK, I checked, so here is my clear statement (because I don't like the criticism)

You could have at once 8000
You could have another 10000 by end of September
Your own savings are 25000 available mid of October - your own decision what you do or do not with this
Don't know nothing about grannie's financial situation

Clear statement from your side would be appreciated, too. Plans, decisions, need for assistance yes/no for what or how.
Should know if the next Uni-fee must be paid or not. This would be due after our holiday (23.Jan to 14. Febr) at the latest.
15th-Jan-2012 12:26 pm (UTC)
Okay, I'm sorry it confused you, I feared you weren't conscious about how those statements were resonating with me. I was being very upset and sad about the message from them when I went to read and reply to comments, and there I was confronted with a rather ambiguous wording on your part, which made it look like you'd find it more important to know about whether the kitchen could be built or not, than my going there. Which when I read it immediately brought up the memory of when we were at the kitchen designer's place and you said so nonchalantly that 'in that case you'd almost wish the stipend wouldn't work out'. I guess you really didn't mean it, but it still confused me a bit, because it resonated really bad within, as if you really didn't want me to go, and that was a little bitter to me. So I had those two statements, and you again, in that first comment here, just mentioning the kitchen as if it were the main interest of everyone, just hit me where it hurt, in a moment when I was already hurt.
So if it's about what you "did wrong", if at all - since you didn't do it consciously I guess I'm not sure what could have done about it - was careless wording that hurt me. From my PoV it just seemed like an undermining of one of my biggest wishes that I thought I was being supported in.

In case that was another misunderstanding, I don't mind getting a new kitchen at all. It's nice. It was just a very unlucky combination of the two things, kitchen 'or' travels.

That wasn't meant as criticism either, but as suggestion. I'll keep the numbers in my head and talk to a co-student next week who's been to a private school for half a year. He had to pay everything himself, but apparently it was worth the experience (he's going again next year, same place...) so I'll see about that.
There will be at least one more half year. Likely to be the last though.
16th-Jan-2012 06:22 am (UTC)
Sometimes spoken words face to face would be better, especially when you are stirred up - would avoid misunderstandings.

Of course it was just a misunderstanding from your side that the kitchen is more important to me than your biggest wish.

At the kitchen's designer place it was just a silly phrase to the salesman, nothing more. My actual biggest wish was - and is - that I could tell him right away, that we do not want a new kitchen because you do go to Japan. This kitchen idea just arouse from the thought that oven and fridge are rather old.
So forget bout all the kitchen bullshit.

I am sorry when I hurt you, that was never my intention. I just want to make clear that of course I am aware of your biggest wish, there was never any doubt about it. As already said, I was sort of sure that this time it would work out and it makes me sad and angry that it does not.
In my last mail to Kazu I already informed him that you probably will come to Japan - so you see, I didn't want to have any inner doubt about that to maybe positively influence my wish that it works out with this, too.

16th-Jan-2012 12:36 pm (UTC)
Okay where to start where to start,okays I will make it a bit short lol so yeah having no running water is really depressing , I'm glad it was only for a short while. Omg the demo is out Wahh I didn't know about it. I loved the moving gifs btw *amused* I didn't think any male chara from the previous part was hot so now from your despscriotion seems I'm in for a treat~ hahaha how embarrassing for both of you must that been seeing your friend's husband naked.
16th-Jan-2012 03:12 pm (UTC)
At least it was just for the morning *laughs* so no biggy there. Was a new experience, really, but it makes me wonder how people could live without electricity these days. I mean, how would we even get our food warmed up? Not at all, huh? Unless you got a BBQ and coals but hn...

It is out! YOU SHOULD GET IT! If you've got ps3 or xbox that iiiis. It's so amazing, like hngh. That's right, XIII was a little 'depressing' in that aspect XD Snow wasn't my type at all, and Hope much too young - but well, it's not like it's a bad thing to not fall for a character in a game. Actually that's quite a blessing -3- ... Well, there was Fang. Holy crab, Fang. Loved her. So hot. lsjdfd
... XIII-2 however... hurr. Prepare for beauties coming your way.

Oh that wasn't really embarrassing to ~us~ really, but he was rather embarrassed XDDDD I found it amusing hehehe (and so did she I think fufu~)
26th-Jan-2012 02:05 pm (UTC)
I know,sadly I can't put sympathize with people who don't have these luxuries as running water and electricity.

I do have a PS3,but lately I haven't even touched it<.< reasons are as follows A.no worthy games,B. work work and family,but ohmaigawd you are absolutely truly right,YAY more hawties FF always nail it with it's virtual hawties*faints*~

Ahaha,I think it's awkward but I am glad that you both found it amusing XDD
16th-Jan-2012 03:09 pm (UTC)
Alright then. *smile*
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