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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
The night before Christopher Street Day. Or, I do so love that city. 
9th-Jul-2012 01:04 pm
mao distorted
So, last weekend I somehow ended up in Cologne again. Bit of a hustle to get there, since the plans to drive with a friend didn't work out, so I had to use the intercity train to get to my other friend's place, and she would drive then.

So I was hella tired both days.

Which doesn't mean that I was tired during the night. HoNk hOnk ;0)

Things you hardly ever find anywhere else - or, to be more correct, things I've hardly ever seen anywhere in the city I live, with hardly being a synonym for "never".

I was walking around with Dani, when I saw this.

Nope. Never seen here. Anything. Of. The sort. Hahahahaah! I LOVE that city, I mean just LOOK. AT. IT. Oh Gods. All of the love. All of it. sO MaNy mOtHeRfUcKiN CoLoRs bRo. mIrAcLeS. [ignore or worship my language and random quirking, idc sldjflsd]

And look at those motherfuckin beautiful cars. Just look at them.

The reason we went to Cologne was A(エース), and the live was SO FUCKING AMAZING, Rookie smiling like a sun, like an atomic one once I smiled and winked back at him, and Nimo why is he so fucking beautiful my heart almost couldn't take it so I CONCENTRATED ON ROOKIE, but that wasn't what I was going to write about. So here's what I wanted to write about.

I doubt that ever in my life I've seen so many obviously gay people, and gay partners holding hands, as that night.

I love cologne.

First we found Ella, a friend of mine we met at the live, a hostel. While she checked in, Dani and I waited on the outside. A security guard came out, and we started talking to him. Told him why we were here, he told us about his life. He's an artist, a cartoonist, and game developer. He made a new concept for a board game - about traffic rules. 3000 had already sold, but still, the nights watch. His name was Rudi Wolf, we were told to check him out on Facebook. Which neither of us has haha. He also mentioned that the next day there'd be the Christopher Street Day and WHY DIDN'T I KNOW ABOUT THIS??? I would have stayed another day daaaaaaammmmmmn. One time I'll go to CSD in Cologne, seriously, it's on the LIST.

Well, Ella came back out, then we proceeded to a McDo so I could have my milk shake. Some guy who thought he was funny asked a friend of his to ask a clerk to refill his ice cream cup, it was empty. The clerks, overhearing it, ignored him. I laughed. We then brought Dani back to the hostel and started our own little nightly walk.

I always take nightly walks through Cologne, it's pretty damn magical to me. Ella said she'd tag along. I was okay with that, but had some qualms as to whether she'd be able to keep up. My "nightly walks" tend to take about two hours. "How fit are your legs?" haha yeah. I couldn't just have let her walk back either, because she had no sense of orientation, so I would have to bring her back. Well okay haha.

We took a walk through the streets around midnight. One street was roadblocked, filled with people - beautiful faces, beautiful bodies. Squishing a way through them. They started early, celebrating into pride's day.

You can't see the sheer masses on here, but the only way to take a picture and feel safe for my phone was once we were outside the (very peaceful) crowd, haha!

I would say there were 90% guys, 10% gals. When we'd gotten through, Ella was all like "Maaaan I hate that... it's so sad, squirming through all of them, knowing you could never have any of them ;-;" HAHAHA yes. But at least you could have lots of close contact while squeezing yourself through the very tight masses aaaahahahahaha!

We were headed for the river, or rather, I was headed for the river, and Ella kept me company. So many, and I mean -so many- gay couples. I squealed a little on the inside every time I saw some walking around, and she laughed xD Which was more often then het couples, and the night was busy, so that means something, haha. It was like dream city.

Downtown, a huge building... I don't know what it is, I thought it was some official political involved one, like the townhall or something, but I cannot be sure. I do think that normally, they have the flags of various countries hoisted up. That night, three of the five were in rainbow colours (oddly enough the picture I took doesn't show that at all. Were my eyes deceives from all the gayness? I doubt it...).

We then arrived at the river. The silver moonlight glittering on the watersurface. People partying and having good times, everywhere.

Mmmmh, my heart. My heart.

Have I yet mentioned I love cologne?

I feared Ella might get tired before I hadn't at least done a small round, but she was strenuous and showed no signs of fatigue, rather excitement, when I told her all the little things about nightly cologne that I knew of. Well, not all the things. Just some, to sustain the comfortable listening and watching silence. Where what kind of people sit at the river and what they do. High-class Designer houses and their interiors. Museums, green houses, bridges.

We crossed one, then walked along the shore, the opposite way. The sky was clear, stars. I started to frequently stare up, after a while she did, too. We began stargazing. With my sky view app I searched the sky for constellations. The big dipper, or bear, was right there, and I thought I saw the swan. We stood and stared. Hercules, the dogs, Cassiopaia, the dragon, even sweet Vulpecula. I wondered where Karkles, pardon me, Cancer would be, it being July, but he was yet invisible under the horizon.

Suddenly, a guy walking past us stopped and stared into my held up phone. I turned.

"Are you taking pictures of stars?" not sure about him, he could actually have been het hahaha.
"No, it's an app that shows the constellations in the sky. *smile*"
"Oh! Which ones are there? *gazes*"
"A lot, haha! Uhmmm, there's the dipper there, and Hercules here... And the swan, can you see it? *pointing at the sky* it looks like a bird shape..."
"Uhm ... *tries to make it out* is it on the app as well?"
"Yeah! *holds up phone so he can see it with illustration*"
"And the dragon."

He said something about this being pretty interesting, and I how one's neck goes stiff with time. We laughed, he then wished us a good evening and we parted ways.

People, man. They talk to you there.

So we walked on, more interesting things on the shore. Some people had driven with their cars all the way to it, to some sort of car-river-stare at the scenery-date.

The last bridge, my favourite, next to the Green Man bridge. The one that would lead to the Cathedral. We marvelled at the thousands of locks fastened to the fences. Locks in the shape of fish, turtles, hearts, buddaesque figures.

There were so many more. Augh I love that bridge. I love Cologne. Did you know?

We reached the other side of the bridge. More couples. Men walking hand in hand. I have mentioned I love Cologne, right? Girls in partner look. Some of the female couples actually looked so similar, with their clothes and hairstyle, it was quite striking.

Beautiful beautiful cathedral.

People having good times, everywhere. We turned home after walking around the cathedral. Sometimes it's like I have a magnetic needle inside me that keeps pointing at the cathedral. It happened frequently that on my way back I kept circling in small and large circles around the cathedral just to end up before Her again. Haha.

Not so this time! Smooth leader here. [homestuck has influenced my life, judge my caboose <3] We were just sauntering downwards one of the shopping streets, again, so many gay couples, it seemed unnatural whenever a het couple appeared. Which they rarely did.
What I thought was funny, was that some of the lesbian couples I saw even looked the same. Taking partnerlook to the extreme. One couple, they both were a little busty, short haired with some sort of cool mohawk, black rimmed glasses and a similar shirt, if not the same. Another couple, they both were slim, blond, the exact same hairstyle, and matching clothes. Haha... I only saw one male gay couple with matching shirt. Else, 8latantly gay shirts with cleavages down to the middle of their chest.

ALL of the love. All of it. ♥

So, suddenly, on that street, two guys walked up to us. I had already checked them out from afar, with the idea in head I could ask them whether we're on the right way (which I wasn't too sure yet at that point). One of them was tall and dark haired, quite handsome, the other was short, blond, and too adorable for words. Not an inch of hetness here *laughs*

The tall one was quicker. "Uhhhm hey~~~ how are you! Say, do you perchance know the way to Aachen?"

Me: Uh. Uhm, sorry, haha, no! We're just tourists ourselves!
Him: Oh, reaaaally? Oh no. But maybe you know the way to there anyway?
Me: *thinking* /shit what, isn't that a CITY? Is it a part of Cologne, too? I'm confused what the fuck ahahahaah/
Ella: *silence, puzzled*
Blond guy: *smiles silently, letting the other talk*
Me: Mmmmh, no, no idea, really. *points* The cathedral is that way. And the river.
Ella: *points* Yeah, and the central station!
Me: Yeah, the station is down there, too.
Him: Oh, that's cool, thank you, but we're foot-tourists, we'll walk.
Me: /to Aachens djfsldfjsdfj d ????sdfjdlfj what is going on I need to consult googlemaps later/

We then proceeded to talk about why we're even here in the first place, so we talked about our live hahaha!

Which is where the talk got entertaining.

Him: Oh... *looks at me* Hey, that's a cool tattoo there! Uhm, sorry (for staring XD) haha!
Me: Heeeeh, hahah thank you!
Him: Does it have a meani~ng?
Me: Uhm, yeah of course, all my tattoos have meanings *wonk* But I don't tell.
Him: *waves with arms defensively* Yeah yeah, nooooo, sure, I get that. I just wondered. Aren't those kinda Christian symbols?
Me: AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah, but NO, not mine, he's not Christian in the LEAST! aahahahahahaha
Him: *chuckles* yeeeeaah, he looks a little evil.
Me: *keeps mouth shut about that* Uh yeah, but it does have meaning alright *mumble*
Him: Yeah! Well, mine don't!
Me: Oh?
Blond guy: *laughs silently and looks away*
Him: Yeeaaah. It's his name, and mine.
Me: ... Oh? But then it does have meaning!
Him: HAHAHA no, it doesn't mean anything to me, I was drunk.
Blond guy: *awkward grin, turns to look away*
Me: ....... oh shiiiiit xDDDDDDDDD Seriously...
*everyone laughs*

... and then we said good night and parted. It was half past 1am at that point of time.

Oh right! We also saw two drags on our way back, one a seriously tall caucasian guy with AMAZINGLY full lips, a blond wig, for a hip swing, and man did he pull of those heels, AND a slightly smaller, evenly slim black guygirl SO BEAUTIFUL both of them. I would have liked to take a picture but they walked quickly and in the middle of a deep conversation.

I brought Ella back to her hostel, the security wasn't there, so I said good bye and left to mine. Everyone was in bed when I got back, at around 2am.

I then slept until around 7, when for some reason, I was wide awake. Slumbered until 8, then got ready to leave and waited for Dani to wake up. We checked out early and took a little walk through the city (to get breakfast haha) before we left and went back home.

We got into a huge congestion for about 20km. I slept most of the time. I was so tired, augh.
They had little warning lights? fireworks on the ground? I have no idea what those things are called. I'd never seen them before. You can see one to the left on the first picture.


Chaos, but that was just right in front of the site of the accident. Gladly, nothing much had happened, only the cars were damaged, and a girl had her head bandaged, else everyone was alright.

After that, peaceful streets.


Kind of amazing, hah.

We stopped by her place first, so I got to see her baby kittens. They were on my lap instantly *laughs* SO ADORABLE oh gods, they fit into my hands. And nibbled at absolutely everything.

IMG_4947 kittens insta

They moved around so quickly it was hard to get pictures of them *laughs*




Isn't she The Cute? ;-;


He's eating my finger *laughs* She, the red one, was more of a nibbler, he really gnawed hahaha.

So much about me!
9th-Jul-2012 04:10 pm (UTC)
Ohh,lucky you got to see Cologne and a concert , seems like you had a great time~,I am like your friend absolutely no sense of orientation haha,I wonder if I should add Germany to the list of Countries I want to visit XD

So far I have Sweden and Norway and of course Japan.

Awww,the kitties made my heart melt*absolute cat lover* so adorable<3
9th-Jul-2012 05:11 pm (UTC)
I love Cologne, savouring every time I can go there! It's my favourite city here by far, haha!
(but else I don't think you should add it to your countries-to-visit, there's a lot more others that are more worth seeing, imo.)

NORWAY most definitely.

Kittensssss are the best, hehe <3
13th-Jul-2012 01:57 pm (UTC)
Hahaha,actually since I know so many lovely people all over the globe,I feel like I want to meet up with them,see their countries and experiment things together.

Yes,Norway looks wonderful and well if they speak English then most def. I am going there soon.~

I miss having cats and kittens ^^
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