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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Invitation to a book event that turned out different than I had expected...  
7th-Dec-2012 05:45 pm
Mao eye
Some time ago, I got an invitation by a friend to come to her book release event.

I didn't know she'd been writing on a book.

Well, to be honest I don't even know whether I really would call her a friend. She is more of a... distant acquaintance. I got to know her via the shaman circle, saw her there a couple of times, but never talked much to her. Last year around Jul I think it was, maybe the year-shift, when she sent me an email wishing me all the best, etc etc. I was honestly surprised. How would she even know my email address!

Surely that wasn't such a hard task to find out, since my name is in the mailing list. Either way, to go out of your way to find it? Is nice, I guess.

Either way, when I heard she had written a book, I was curious, and told her I was interested to go to her release event.

It would definitely be some event out of the ordinary, I thought, and how right I would be.

The thing is, I had no idea what her book would be about. Translated, the title would be something along the lines of "The secret of Beechdale", and since she's tapping into Shamanism, who knows!
So I went, even though the date of the event was at the same time as our monthly gathering for a journey-evening. No, I was too curious.

When I arrived, half slithering down the frozen steps to a little room, I found a tiny room in a basement, seated guests, and a sort of reading table in the front of a pretty red drape.

Doris, the host, came up to me as soon as she saw me, and greeted me heartily. That was the first moment I remembered who she was, ahahaha! A woman in her mid-fifties, I would guess. Either way, she thanked me so much for coming, etc, and told me there was an empty seat in the first row, if I'd wanted to take that one...

Uhm sure, why not... >_>'

Okay so, all the other guests, a total of about 20-30, were all... much older than me. All of them at least in their late forties, some of them seniors.

When I had scanned the room, I had also gotten a glimpse of the book cover. And at that point I ... chuckled. I think that's the word coming closest to what the internal expression of my current state of emotions was. I should attach a picture. Or stimulate your senses of imagination - it was a young couple in traditional clothing, sitting nestled together, dreamily looking into the far distance in front of a background of a rural area, and, yes, beech trees. The author's name in big letters above the title, on a background of what was an imitation of a wooden plate.

Oh. My. Gods.

A ... what do you call them? Aga saga? Definitely light fiction. And nothing I would even consider touching, oh my Gods where did I end up at...

Well, still, this event promised to be rather interesting! I was even curiouser now that I had an idea about what the theme would be. So I sat down in the front row all the way to the right, and waited. I wasn't surprised to observe how all the others seemed to know each other from one place or the other, and came to sit together in little groups. I honestly did wonder why she had picked out me to come to her event... It had been a personal invitation, no co-addresses in the header ehehe. I am still puzzled about that fact.

After a while, when all guests had arrived, Doris greeted us all, thanked us for coming, and mentioned wine and cookies for afterwards. She also introduced people who had helped her with the release of her novel. Amongst other, her ever-so-patient husband who "let [her] write whenever [she] felt like it, instead of bugging [her] to do things together". Well, the lady had humour, and that humour was well present in her story.

What I found especially amusing was, how she had written all dialogue in dialects. So the main characters would be talking Bavarian... and a side character, the girl's best friend, would talk in Berlin dialect.

I also laughed out loud, when the main male character was introduced, and OH LOOK WHAT IS THAT HE JUST CAME BACK FROM LIVING IN CANADA. Canada. Out of all places. My evening had been made. I leant back, chuckled, and kept myself from waving at her to go on with this event of amusing little things.

Yeah, amusing. Her style of writing was amusing.

Just, the story ... and the story telling... I cringed.

... I can see for why light literature like that would be so popular with *ahum* the older generations, but seriously made me wonder yet again why she thought she'd invite me, and never - as far as I can remember - even drop a hint of the genre of her book and... oh my, I'm laughing right now. This is just so...

I just leant back from typing and clapped into my hands.

I am still utterly amused.

So the story is basically, girl goes back to her home "village", meets a young guy she's never met before, in a tractor, telling her to, ahum, get her fucking VW Golf out of the way so he can pass. Yadda yadda, he picks up a dog he found at the side of the road, ATTENTION HE'S THE GOOD GUY EVERYONE WANTS TO MARRY *chokes* with SO much personality, she ends up falling in love when they meet again, but oh no, shocking plot twist, he is still in love with his ex from Canada, *laughs to self*, blah blah yada, he ends up kissing the girl when they coincidentally meet at a fair and take the ghost train together (mmmmmmhmmmmm, putting hand over her shoulder, girl gets scared by random ghost, she presses into him, he kisses her, MH SURPRISING), but he runs off afterwards telling himself how stupid that was and ...

Then she left us hanging there, never to find out what happened after, unless of course we bought her book.

The people there of course were all heads over heels, one woman told her "Oh my! I so need to buy this now, how could you just stop there! It really leaves you wanting more." I just sat there, silently, not knowing what I should do or say. *cringes*

Just... don't do anything. Do nothing. Yeah. Do absolutely nothing. Talk to no one. Steal a cookie. Say goodbye and thank you, and leave.

Well, that didn't work out quite that well, since I added the "observe weird people all around you while in invisible mode", and yeah, that was interesting. Realy interesting.

... Man... That definitely wasn't what I had expected. And all that praise!!!

Sure, for that age group I guess it's really ... good... "light" literature as mentioned... anyone can guess what would happen... the humour was great, we all chuckled. But else... its literal worth? *clears throat* Yeah.

The sad thing is, these kind of things get published. From her finishing the book until it was on the shelves only took about a year. She had sent it in and it got accepted right away. Just think of all the great authors out there who are being denied by publishers numerous times, although their work might literally be amazing. I'm thinking Neil Gaiman, for example.

Too bad I'm neither into historical novels, light novel romances, crime or aga sagas. Tadummm.

Anyway. I laughed. I really did.
7th-Dec-2012 05:32 pm (UTC)

I would have had the exact same reaction as you. XD
8th-Dec-2012 07:15 pm (UTC)
YEAH SERIOUSLY! It was so... so... captivating, why would she suddenly stop, we want more, MORE, MOOOOORE!

At times I thought "This is just like a bad fanfiction..."
Why does it sell... why does it sell so well *weeps*
8th-Dec-2012 07:38 pm (UTC)
Well, there are just so many people who like reading stories like that, and who don't want to have to do any thinking about a deeper plot, or an overarching lesson... I mean, just look at how well the 50 Shades of Grey series sells!

And it really WAS bad fanfiction. LOL.
Okay, so... it's more *cries* than LOL, but you get it... XD
8th-Dec-2012 10:16 pm (UTC)
I know this all to be nothing but facts, but still, it saddens me ahaha *shot*

xD Yeah I get what you mean. Howeverrr... if 50 shades of neigh really was just a fanfiction, then what was it a fanfiction of to begin with? ~.0
8th-Dec-2012 10:31 pm (UTC)
Oh, you haven't heard it?
It was actually originally Twilight fanfiction (basically, the person re-wrote the three books, I guess) and in order to publish it, changed all the names and everything. So... it literally IS badly-written fanfiction.
8th-Dec-2012 07:47 am (UTC)
Nothing is coincidence, right?
Maybe YOU inspired her somehow long/some time ago and something of you can be found in the female protagonist so she invited you ...

It's a shame that it seems to be much more easy to find a publisher for "light" literature than for really good stuff.

However, you could manage both.
8th-Dec-2012 10:19 pm (UTC)
-_-' I'm more prone to believe that the others she might have sent the invitation to decided not to come lol. I didn't really find any character likenesses between me and Baerbel either x'D
I think she didn't know me yet when she'd already finished the book :)

Yeah, it's pretty sad ~.~

Maybe... xD I can't really see myself get happy writing light literature though. Especially not Heimatromane o-o
9th-Dec-2012 07:20 am (UTC)
So this was sort of a Heimatroman? Oh my goodness ...
The market for such stuff seems to be huge, so the publishers are eager to find writers.

I remember that Andrea's mother earned her living with translating english love stories into German. The kind of love stories that are published on a weekly basis in booklets and you can buy at newspaper stores.

The "True Blood" books - to be honest - are not more than light literature, too, and the authoress spits out a new book each year - still we love it :-) (maybe because we watched the TV series first and met Eric Northman, haha ...)
11th-Dec-2012 01:05 am (UTC)
If I write a book I am definitely bringing it to you first XD
I'll have a sure best-seller on my hands.

Chick-lit, fan-fictiony stuff is just to appeal to the (unfortunately mostly female) masses. =_= It does block the way of true artists, unfortunately...
It's like when they took an incredible show like Firefly off the air, but My Super Sweet 16 *growls* is still going strong.
Makes me so maaaaddddd!!!!

"I don't care, I'm still free"
You can't take Captain Mal from meeeeeeeee...

18th-Dec-2012 04:31 pm (UTC)
Yes, bring it to me. :3
I'd totally want to read it XD

Also why haven't I seen your comment before now? x_x'

And yeah, that's sad but true. If I'd try and publish anything, it wouldn't really be the typical "please the masses" thing, so uhuhm, expect a decade to pass before it might get published xDD

And I do not understand your reference. But that is ok... I guess xD <3
18th-Dec-2012 05:49 pm (UTC)
The reference is from 'Firefly' :D
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