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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
The audacity. 
23rd-Jun-2014 08:12 pm
Or, in prettier words, 傍若無人.
I've got a story to tell. About audacity.

I was role-playing [for approximately ten hours jfyi 8D] Saturday until late at night, so I got to bed pretty late.

Sunday morning, around 10:23, someone rang my house phone.

Now, I must say, it is a pretty bad idea to be trying to call me on a Sunday morning, especially when I've been out late, either way, none of my friends would ever get the idea to call me before noon on a weekend day, normally not even family, and usually they would try to contact me via messages first, or via my mobile phone.

Anyway, somebody tried reaching me on my house phone.

I was like, whatever, let's wait for it to stop ringing. I am in no way planning to get up yet.

... Ten minutes later, it's ringing again. My eyes fly open. What the actual fuck?

I'm like, okay what the fuck, I'm wide awake now. Okay let's get up.

So, towel in hand, partially still dripping water, I go to the bathroom, do my thing, and just as I am about to dry my face, it starts ringing again.

At this point of time, I'm basically SEETHING.

WHO would POSSIBLY possess the audacity to ring up a storm on a sunday morning with anyone? WHO?!?

So I go check the phone while it's still ringing - anonymous/number suppressed. I grab the receiver.

Me: "... Hello?"
? : "Oh yes! Hello! This is Mrs. FH!"

Daniさん's elderly landlady, whom I've helped with the iPad and general "modern internet stuff" a few years back. I gave her lessons, and she paid me. Well, years ago. A little while ago, Daniさん had told me that her hairdresser now wishes to 'take lessons' too, all fine with me, so Mrs FH had called me last week or so, to give me her number, and I'd said that I won't be doing any lessons for about 2 weeks due to upcoming exams. Anyway. She was now lost in a torrent of words.

Mrs. FH: "Yes! Hello Ms X! Or was I calling you Ms G? I don't remember, haha, anyway, so, the printer that Daniela and I had set up a while ago, it's not working anymore, and it's a big crisis, we tried to scan things, and that worked, but then afterwards the printer stopped working altogether, and it's such a crisis right now and---"
Me: ". . ."
Mrs. FH: "--- and so, yes, could you come over and take a look at it?"
Me: ". . . uhm . . ."
Mrs. FH: "Today!"


That ↑ was happening on the inside. On the outside, I took a deep, deep breath, and said

Me: "No. Today is bad." Yeah, I was planning to study, but all in all the whole day was lost to household, baking and preparing for Solstice, and then Solstice with the circle. Anyway, yeah, even if I had had the time, I wouldn't have given her that pleasure. Either way. What does she reply?
Mrs FH: "Why not?!"






I need to repeat this again, just replaying it in my head.

Calling someone on a Sunday morning, repeatedly, because you can't get your printer to work, then expect that person to be ready for you RIGHT AWAY, even willing to, and on top of that, questioning their reply?!

What the fuck is wrong with that?


Oh Gods I was BURSTING I was so freaking mad that moment. THE AUDACITY! SERIOUSLY!!!

But okay, I kept "calm" and told her that I was going out later. She then was all like "Ahaha oh my, why did I even ask that! That was so odd of me! (uhuh...)... well when DO you have time?"

Teeth-gnashingly, I looked up times I might have off (just to remind you again, I've got exams coming up and much rather spend my time trying to get all the materials into my head), and, still sleep-drunk, I tell her that Monday 3pm would work out. Totally forgetting that I have class at 4pm. She happily accepts and ok, so it's 3pm.

And then she says "Alright, so around 3pm! Plan for about 2 hours time, there's some other things I want to ask you! Thank you!" and that was it.


So that was PART I of my story.

PART II took three hours of my day today. Guess how much I've been able to study? Bird shit. Yeah.

All in all I don't have that much to tell about the second part. Altogether it took 3 hours, but you know, one of the initial problems why her printer suddenly wasn't reacting or working at all anymore?

You know why?


...Because the fucking contact was loosely plugged in.

Deep breath. Deeeep, deep breath.

"Luckily" there also were software problems, like the printer having updated to some online profile, without one you can't print over wifi, so we had to set that up, while setting it up it told us to reset the router, as we did that, the router's ability to give us wifi entirely collapsed :D and due to there being not a single computer or laptop in the household, we needed her daughter's laptop in order to RE-setup the entire router :D Yes it wasn't working with her iPad :D



So yeah. That was today. At least I got cake. And am now 35€ richer, which is more than what she used to pay.
I'm still not entirely sure what to think of it all. Either way, it's over, people were helped, and I got something out of it, too. Including me telling her that her "why not" was pretty audacious. She'd brought it up herself, "Oh I don't know what got into me when I said that! Why would I say that?!", mmhm why indeed.

Welp. So much about that.
24th-Jun-2014 05:33 am (UTC)
I had a feeling it might have been not plugged in at all but OH NOOOOO ;_____; Did you end up going to your 4 pm class...??
24th-Jun-2014 07:06 am (UTC)
8D "Have you tried turning it off and on again" ...

No, I left her house half an hour after my 4pm class was over |D It took that long ahaha...
24th-Jun-2014 09:03 am (UTC)
orzzzzzz oh no...;; At least you can go focus on exams again ;_; Provided she doesn't come over and keep bothering you to fix something else...!
24th-Jun-2014 10:47 am (UTC)
Harharhar! She doesn't even know where I live ヽ(´▽`)ノ
And I decided to blissfully ignore 50% of all incoming anonymous calls. うんはいそうです!
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