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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
A working woman 
12th-Oct-2017 03:27 am
uru drama
I realise way too much time has gone by since my last non-private statement of how my life has progressed the past months. A lot of things have happened, and I keep making notes to maybe at some point make into some sort of entry, and it rarely ever happens, which makes all those amazing little and big news completely outdated by then, but hey, you have to start at some point.

The point is now.

To make a huge update a little shorter [a little... *cough*], I've applied to and successfully acquired some jobs in late August, which I meant to update about. My main job (both part-time actually, since my official full-time job is university aaaahahahah...hah... haaaaahhhh) is in sales, or correctly, so far it's been in door-sales for a company that sells products for well known Norwegian firms, both in door-sales and phone-sales. The second job is a tutoring job. I started out with one student, by now I have officially 3-4.

Anyway, it's the door-to-door sales job that I meant to talk about. At first, I was kind of wary about the whole idea of staying in sales, because, while I'm good at it, it's not really what I love doing. I only sell well what I am convinced of to begin with, as I prefer being honest to customers (and will be, heck, I've un-recommended the shoes I used to sell and sent customers to other stores 😂 It builds trust though), and even then I don't really love selling things. It's never been my calling, I've just been doing it because why not. Another reason for why I was careful to jump into a "omg awesome I've got a job, I'll love it no matter what" stance was that I personally don't like strangers coming to my door, be they annoying salespersons or annoying religious persons. I just... no. And for me to become such a person? How???

But after I'd been doing it for a little while (also, unexpectedly successfully, I've soon become one of their top three sellers on the team lol) I realised that I actually really liked it. And it wasn't the sales part, that hasn't really changed, but I absolutely love being able to walk around unknown areas unknown cities, look into people's gardens and actually get a justification to walk into their property and see all the little different details of how certain people live or how they keep their garden or porches or entrance areas or living rooms or what ever I am able to glimpse. It's so great! And I love getting to talk to random strangers. It's usually the little things about them that really add to my day.

So, the way it works is that each day (for me, 3/5 days) we meet up at the office, some times we have a little focus meeting, and then we'll all get into one or two cars, and drive to a predestined city somewhere around, in which we'll then get dropped off at around 3 or 4pm, to do our jobs and then get collected again around 9pm. That means a lot of walking around... which I enjoy immensely.

What I meant to do is collect those little glimpses of people or their houses, impressions that I get while out on the field, and post those. Of course, those further in the past are hazy now, but there were some great stories out there, so I'll give it a try to catch you up on the best up to now.

The People We Meet

・On my very first day, I was in a condo, rang a door and this old lady opened up. She said it was a really bad time for her right now, because she was watching her absolute favourite show, and she didn't want to miss it. I apologised for interrupting, and she said "Oh, but you're welcome to join me!" I was so surprised I said "Really???" before realising "Oh, but I'm working right now, I really can't... that's so nice of you though!" and yes, really, she'd meant it. On hindsight she probably was lonely and would have loved for me to watch it with her, but alas. I had to get some numbers 😂

・There was this man in his 50s who asked me to come inside because he didn't want to stand around in the doorway and had dinner to put away, asked me to sit down at the table while he did so. Then while I talked to him, he frequently reminded me to "properly roll my Rs", while his little son, also sitting at the table, kept rolling his eyes at him and said "Daaaaad!!!" as if he felt awkward for my sake. I kept reassuring him that I was trying to roll them as best as I could. Turned out he knew quite a bit of languages and spoke them quite well. ... maybe he even was a linguistics professor and I never knew!

・This little girl in underwear that ran up to his dad while I talked to him during bed-time, she said "I love you!" to him, and ran off towards bed. It was so heartfelt and adorable.

・A little girl walking past me outside with her mommy next to her. The girl held a little red sycamore leaf in her hand and showed it to me and said "It's so pretty!" I told her that it was indeed. She then said that "It's for daddy! It's his birthday today."

・And old lady that asked me inside as well. She had a remarkable collection of porcelain dolls all over the house, many of them in traditional clothes - she told me she'd made most of those clothes herself. She was very eager to show me all of the house (three floors, she only showed me 2 of them) and all the appliances that used electricity and so on. Turns out she was just about a teenager now - her birthday was February 29. She also lived together with her ex-husband, but since they "are not un-friends", and fine with living together still despite on a 10 years break, that's what they were doing. She had some big figurines of nisser (the Norwegian pendant to Santa, but making more sense as there is a lot of them) that she also put into traditional clothes. She showed me the entire lower level with pretty little bathroom and storage room and a complete apartment in sailor style. I loved that: pictures of old sailors with pipes in their mouths, figurines of sailors in striped shirts, ship wheels at the walls, paintings of the sea, a lot of blue... And one wall decorated with black and white photographs of what I correctly guessed to be her family tree. When I pointed it out, she told me who was who on each of those many pictures. It went back to her great-great grandparents.

・Another old lady who was very sceptic and almost closed the door on me as soon as I had said hello, but then I said "Oh just one thing I meant to say, I really love your garden!" It had a kind of wild, heathen look to it, with an old decorated spinning wheel somewhere, a hand-crafted bench with lots of flowers, and skulls of rams and other about. It had an amazing flair. Her whole face lit up when I told her, and she said "Really??? I've not been able to do much with it since my husband died, but... oh thank you!" Oh, she also had some sort of tipi (the poles anyway) in the beginning of her driveway, which carried the house number. Loved that too.

・Yet another old lady who I told that it smelled so overwhelmingly of apples, and she told me to just take any apple I'd like, if it were looking edible to me.

・An old man who was extremely sceptical of door-sellers and actually said he hated them after getting tricked once, but still he stood and talked to me for more than ten minutes, about which he then said that "You've really done your homework!" because "no one's ever been able to keep me at my door this long, you've really done it! That's a record", and praised me further. I then struck a deal with him that, since he wasn't taking that deal, if ever I came back to his door selling something else, he'd owe me a yes. 😉

・I met an old journalist at some point, so he "knew the deal", we'd also stood and talked for quite a while, although he was not going to take it. In the end however he said that he really liked my approach of how open I presented it, and if the company were to give him a quality call to ask how he experienced the seller at his door, he'd give me top marks.

That's some of the interesting people I had met so far, although there were quite a bit more. Sometimes there's really odd people that you can't help but smile about somehow. Like today, I met this old guy who opened really late (I was already on the way back), and stood there holding the doorhandle just in an old dirty under-shirt and underpants, his hair a mess, and while I talked, he said "Yes... yes... no" and slammed the door. I wasn't even done and his answers didn't make sense in any part of the conversation hahahah!

I meant to add more recent ones, but in the spirit of trying to actually post more frequently, I'll uhm, try to do just that! 😝
12th-Oct-2017 05:58 am (UTC)
Thanks much for posting again!!
Yeah, really missed your entries - like I miss some really good book after reading boring or trashy stuff...

"History repeating itself?" I thought. Go back in time more than three decades, means more than your lifetime actually, and it could have been me writing this entry. Not only about the encounters - but about the mixed feelings accompanying a job you basically don't like because you tend to be too honest and straight forward.

In my late teen-years I started this job, running from door to door as "Avon consultant" - meant selling cosmetics to people. Yeah, memories come back - people smashing doors (I understood that very very very good cos I am the same - hating these selling guys at MY door) - but people opening doors full of trust and niceties, even if they definitely were not in need of eye-shadows and lipsticks.

Well, my sales statistics never was very good because I was not the one who could convince somebody of the unique qualities of some product that was more expensive than the usual stuff you could buy in drug stores - unless I used it myself and liked it. Alas, there wasn't much I used myself because I was never the one to use lots of make-up.

At this time it was more or less a job for bored housewives with lots of time and friends - they used to have sales numbers I could only dream of, and I always wondered how they managed to sell that much within one month. I was still at school, then at work, then raising a child. Not enough time to run around in the vicinity.

*sighs* memories of my youth ... (hahaha...)

The success of a sales person depends on the sales person itself, not on the product. Means: a good sales person is able to sell (almost) everything. Haha, my experience as "Sales Assistant" speaking ...

Please post more!!!!

12th-Oct-2017 01:48 pm (UTC)
Hahaha, that's true. I have one coworker who has crazy sales numbers! We average with 3 sales a day (or, should have 3 a day) and he often gets 7-9. I've had weeks when I average at 5, and my total average so far is 4,??
His methods might be closer to a grey/black zone but who knows haha...

We had a test run of a new area since last week though, and the numbers and results are atrocious hahaha... Augh. But as long as you can have nice conversations, it's not that bad. Meant to post about some of those recent conversations as well...
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