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[翻訳] SUGIZO feat. 京 - 絶彩

I haven't properly translated lyrics in way too long, so I thought I'd challenge myself.

Just today, I found Zessai on YouTube again and so somebody had posted the lyrics, which I've taken from musixmatch. I took the chance, and here I am, bringing you a new translation haha [Especially since I find the fan-translation I saw floating around on the Dir wikia to be kind of lacking to say the least.] I guess I needed this for my own satisfaction. If you find some yourself, the better!
Either way, prepare for a lot of notes. Kanji from where stated, romaji and translation done by me.

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手足をもがれた肌色 絶望に誰が愛を与えてくれるというの?





確かに生まれた 鮮やかな



yami ni kawareru tame ni ikiteru wake ja nai
ai ga hoshii dake

asu mo nabiku kagerou no kodoku yuuga na honoo (1)
watashi wa miru anata no me wo

kizu ni nareru tame ni kidzuketerunja nai
aisaretai dake

asu mo nagareru watashi no inochi wa
anata mo onaji?
watashi wa miru anata no me wo

hitomi no shizuku ga nagaresomaru
gokusai ni

tsumiageru chiisana
kimi no kibou

mata asu aimasho

teashi wo mogareta hadairo  zetsubou ni dare ga ai wo aetekureru to iu no?
itsuka wa aeru? itoshii mama?

hitomi no shizuku ga nagaresomaru
gokusai ni

tsumiageru chiisana
kimi no kibou

yakeato tatazumu yume

kurutta yume demo
ai de sodatsu
gokusai ni

tashika ni umareta  azayaka na

hitomi no shizuku ga nagaresomari
shi wo utau

tsumiageru chiisana
kimi no kibou
sei wo daite ikiru (2)

sei wo daite ikiru

Suppressed Colours [0, 1]
It’s not like I want to be kept in the dark [2]
I just want love

Also tomorrow, graceful flames, just like a shimmering heat wave [3]
I watch your eyes [4]

I’m not hurting myself to get used to the pain [5]
I just want to be loved

Also tomorrow, my life will be flowing out
Are you the same?
I watch your eyes

A drop from your eye flows out and is dyed [6]
by rich colours
Small, piling up
hopes of you [7]

Let’s meet again tomorrow

Skin colour that came off of limbs [8]  In despair, who will give me love?
When can we meet? While so beloved?

A drop from your eye flows out and is dyed [see 6]
by rich colours
Small, piling up
hopes of you

A dream stopped in the ruins of fire [9]

It’s a dream that’s gone mad, but
It is raised with love [10]
In rich colours

Truly it has been born vivid

I stipulate a death (3)
That is dyed by a drop flowing from your eye

Small, piling up
hopes of you
I live, embracing life [11]

[0] The lyrics are likely to be sung from a woman's perspective, judging by the style of speech being more of a female speech pattern.
[1] Zessai is a creation of two kanji usually not seen together. The first means "sever, interrupt, suppress", the second "colour". While the colours in the lyrics aren't exactly suppressed, I still went for it here, because it fits into the image of tears. I'm not entirely sure what they'd be severed from, if that is more the meaning he was going for, other than maybe the severing of the two people's bond.
[2] Here, the keep of “keep in the dark” has a more literal meaning, the way you keep or raise a pet, instead of our English "not telling someone of something".
[3] While nagaku means "shimmer, flicker", it can also be more: in the sense of being swayed BY, bowing TO, obeying rather than swaying itself. There's a sense of obeying here - repeating and enforcing the idea of a pet. See also (1).
[4] Miru usually just means to look at, but the way it is written here, it is usually used for "watch" specifically. It's a little ambiguous here whether he means that the person will be watching tomorrow as well, or whether tomorrow is like a heat wave. I saw it more like the person likening the other's eyes to a heatwave.
[5] It's a little ambiguous here who hurts whom. She could be hurting him. She could be hurting herself, which, although it's not expressively said, makes more sense.
[6] It doesn't say whose eyes these are. I'm inferring it's the person she's regarding. It could also be many drops rather than one.
[7] These hopes could be both the actual hopes that the 'you' has, or it is her hoping for the you. Also interesting to note here, is that the pronoun changed here from anata, which is usually used by women to refer to their loved one, to kimi which can be either gender but often used for women. So maybe here's a change of perspective, and it's him watching her cry.
[8] The verb mogu (here in passive) was written without kanji, so the meaning is made ambiguous. It could mean "pick" or "pluck", but also "break" and "come off". Either way is difficult. Did the skin colour get stripped off the limbs? Or did something in skin colour break her limbs? Makes less sense, we could go for an imagery of the skin colour in fact flushing (I'm only using my imagination here, there's no indicators for this here), and it being expressed as the colour "coming off".
[9] So, here's a huge note. For one, yakeato literally is the devastated area after a fire (binding back to the first lines with the heat wave), but yake also can mean despair and abandonment, which would transform it into the "scars of abandonment", which I think he’s referring to, again, see first lines and the general meaning and feel of the song. Secondly, while he omitted particles that might show the agent of the sentence, tatazumu is an intransitive verb as it seems, meaning to "stand still" or "loiter", something that stops up itself, not something stopping something else. So it would be a dream that stands still, or maybe is being stood still, in a sense.
[10] In accordance to [2], "raised" here means raise like a child, or indeed, again, a pet.
[11] For one, sei could also refer to "myself" rather than "life", so "I live, embracing myself", then again daku (embrace) is often used with sexual connotation, so it could also be "you? live, embracing me" (aka sleeping with me), although I don’t really feel that version. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, the way he sings sei is more like sai, which is the one strong reference to the title of the song, which means colours, and binds back into the reoccurring theme of colours, see (2).

(1) We know how fond Kyo is of swallowing syllables, and this might be the case here - deliberate or not, who knows. Either way, instead of nabiku (shimmer, flicker), I keep hearing naku (cry, weep). Surely, heatwaves flicker, but crying is a theme in the song as well, so I wouldn't doubt he's doing it deliberately.
(2) He writes sei (meaning "life" mostly, but also a bunch of other things, like "myself" etc, see note), but he pronounces it a bit more like sai (in the case of these lyrics, "colour") and regarding the title I think that’s what he might be going for. See [11].
(3) I did turn the two lines around in the translation for easier flow; not something I'm fond of doing, but oh well. The way utau is written here, it means to "stipulate" or "express", while one is more common of hearing it as "to sing". So written, he stipulates it, but when listening to the song only, you'd think he'd (she'd) be singing about death.


So ARCHE/Sukekiyo. I saw someone comment on the video how hopeful this song is. Translating it myself, I'm not so sure that it is. ^^'
Despite the lyrics being quite overseeable, there's so much going on, my notes almost imploded haha. Just the way I like my lyrics - a monster.

Feel free to comment and object! But don't object too hard, my ego might not be able to take the pain ~.^

For more, feel free to check out my lyrics translation archive → here

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