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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Lost Name ~ The Band ~ 
7th-Dec-2007 11:11 am
uru drama
HigH PItchEd SCreeEeeEeeEAaaAAAaaAam

I'm sorry guys, sorry but but UwAaaAaA±!!!!±_$^!£(£*EEI!wW

Thanks tayru for sending me that picture grmbl and thank you yuri_desu for the link...




Ahahahaa... *kinda hates to fall for so many bands at the same time*

*kinda loves that too*

They start threatening our sane lives, don't they? xxxD

A bit too much for my breakfast... I think I'm gonna be too full xD Yeah well I have to head to college soon, so I'll just up really quickly and leave you with this *cough*

Heee~ Have fun.

≥≥≥≥≥Singer≤≤≤≤≤ mine. But I'll share. Wait... The Drummer, Shivi... mmmmhhh... Ahhh hehe they're all not that bad eh xD

*clicks on Shun and Shivi* Aaahhh? Hey? What?? Free delivery ... quantity discount? Oh... haha... then I'll take Yuki too. Ah whut? Okay, Issei can cum too 88D [I somehow get this impression that マオ lately was a little too much... I'm still on Mao!Crack, ist das fassbar... ]

Seriously, they might not stay with me for very long [check on me in two weeks xD], I already have a lot of petloves, but that leggy Shun love can stay in my bed for longer, uhuh... He's a Taurus too so heheheh *cackle* ... Issei has lovely hair.. .O_o *blinks* And I like Yuki xXD ... Say? They're all born either February or May xD Fun.

AnD tHE bEsT tHIng!!! is yet to come... MaahahahAHAHaAHAHAHAhahaAH!!!

THeY hAvE amEbLoGS!!!

Uwa, Yuki's eyes... yes yes, I'm already whoring on Ameba XD~

Homupeeji is here, ne. My shit. They're so new and already so professional... Well, the homepage is, ne...

Hehe... I'm diving through Shun's latest entries, ne xD There's one video where he umm, well he taped the watch on his wall sorta terrified because suddenly the smallest finger went backwards a little xD *pats him* I seriously am wondering if I should post the pictures on here or not XD ... Not that people suddenly are convinced that... ah whatever XP *grabs Shun*

Ohh I'm jealous... his little ameba creature has many more items than mine... Guess I should blogspam xD So mine gets more. *starts a race against Shun*



Shivi ~ しび


8th-Dec-2007 01:04 am (UTC)
YESH it is *__* Sankyuuuuu~ <33

*listens to it over and over*
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