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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
12012 Videos 
15th-Dec-2007 09:14 pm
I feel like making another video post ニコニコ

And since I've been listening to 12012's How about Truth...? over and over again [and just realized now that at least the title fits so very nicely to ... me.] during the past few days... Yeah. Why not make a 12012 video blog post.

It's just for... easy access. にひひ

I've never been too much into them, I must say, though there are some songs I really like, ne.



As far as I know, the newest PV. Shine... it's so dark ... and fast.


It's old, ne... That one and Burn were the ones I always had on my laptop. ... Burn because I really liked it, Heart because that time, there wasn't anything else XP

Ahh okay, that's a slight No Fair... I got distracted by Kirito 得意げ and am watching his PVs now ... lol XP so ummm... excuse me, I'll post one Kiri in here. Because I like... slow motion.

Cherry Trees

Well, on to more 12012 にひひ

Icy Cold City

Awesome... with subs.

Another Scene

... May I lie next to you and hold your hand? ... uh...eh? Heh... you weren't supposed to roll over. にひひ
But seriously... nice fingernails. ... ... He looks so... delicate on that floor.


Ah, I remember... the first pictures I ever had on my harddrive, of 12012, were from shoots for Pistol. For some reason, I don't want him to reach that pistol. Meh. Nice lips. ≥.≤


The curly hair, ne XD


Ahaha... lolz... I was just thinking "Oh so they CAN wear things that make them look un-sexy, and just that moment, he raises his cellphone to his lips, and there's that close-up, and I'm like O__o' hahaha!


My first 12012 PV ever.


Ahhh... people commented it was creepy... *watches interested*
Ohh... I see... yeah, well, traps [wana] tend to be not so friendly and nice... [Unless it's a song sung by マオにゃん, then it strangely ... indeed does nice things with me... hee~]


Ah, more of the old stuff, ne...

In favour of...? Venom

Ohhhhhh... 怖い〜好きだよ〜〜〜!「狂」was the first thing I noticed and I kept watching XD Yeah, insane, indeed, ne.


Ahhh good old Shudder... brrrr...

Boku no Kara kara [live clips]

And with that, I say 'goodnight', or rather バイバイ... I still have other things to do, ne.

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