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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
[mem] Yaoi and JRock memes xD 
22nd-Dec-2007 02:13 pm
mao distorted

Which Unlikely Jrock Yaoi Pairing Are You?

Uruha & Kyo: Naughty and Nice. The two of you seem very unlikely, a drinker and a non drinker. The two of you are actually very passionate in private but in the open one is clingy and the other indifferent, still there is something unknown that calls you to each other. picture by pixychild
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Omfgs whyz? The second time I got that one down there, though 3/4 was the upper one. ^^;

Which Unlikely Jrock Yaoi Pairing Are You?

Ruki & Satoshi: Angsty. There are many differences between the two of you. One is trying while the other is resentful, but oh so sexy to watch. Keep trying your not so ideal partner may yet to come around, if he doesn't kill you first.picture by pixychild
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... Ohrly? That's interesting. The questions didn't let it sip through at all though. Like... at least I wasn't able to see the answer before I got it.

Wich Jrock \ Visual Kei band are you?

The GazettE 8D
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Ohh and then I did this quiz "What Mythical Creature Would You Be-friend?" It was very nice... Though the user doesn't let you copy the code.

You got:
The Vampire:
Isnt it strange that the one line most people make fun of on Halloween almost became your nightmare? You be-friend the vampire, no heart, cold distant, fear of loving because it will grow old and die something he wont.
So let me tell you what happened here.
His name: Amos De Tremblay
Age: 230 (still pretty young)
He was out for his usual walk and there you were sitting on a bench, he watched you not move from there for 6 hours when he finally decided to come over and great you. May I accompany your lonely soul tonight. His charm dazzled you and his looks didnt help. You started talking and he told you he was to be crown prince of the vampires soon, and you laughed and said but arent you like 800 years old? He saw something in you, but you grew old and died, but he carries a picture of you with him.

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This quiz has been taken 588 times.
32% of people had this result.

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Oh wow... this one's interesting... erm... only 8% got my result!! O_o

Which Jrock Sexual Bliss or Sexual Disgrace are you?

Satsuki - The Mystery. No one really knows how good your are or aren't, you're distant and have a rep for a being a mystery everyone wants to solve.
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I got that 3/4, but one time I got that one, ne~

Which Jrock Sexual Bliss or Sexual Disgrace are you?

Uruha - Sexual Bliss. Seductively beautiful and gentle to the touch, you sir set your fangirls ablaze with your mad love making skills!
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Ah, and then, Which member of The GazettE would hang with you? ... I don't know why, but there's been a similar one before, and I always get Ruki xD But well. There wasn't too much to that quiz

Omgs, watch this vid! I died laughing! aAhahahaha

Uwaaa, I'm scared XD

What Jrock band\artist are you most like??? (awesome pics)

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*raises eyebrow* 何?可愛いって?誰か?

Which Jrock Singer Are You?

You're Ruki from Gazette.. and you're a creep. But youre just so cute!! aww!!
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... So much about memes'n stuff. Now I can go and pack and... sort out things and throw away things. (yay?) XD
22nd-Dec-2007 07:59 pm (UTC)

That video, ahhaa. Love the Gackt moments.
22nd-Dec-2007 08:26 pm (UTC)
XD Yeah... no underwear, huh? xXXD
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