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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
☆ クリスマオ ☆ ...ワタシメと燃えるゴミ... 
25th-Dec-2007 05:52 am
aoi thinking
Ahhh... indeed, I had much more of a クリスマオ than a クリスマス, but I had expected that anyway. ^ ^

Hmmm... I'm so well, not tired, but drained, I need to go to sleep.

Yet. I'll try and do it short. [I failed XD I knew I would] (-。-;)

View from our balcony

So, XMas, Christmas, Yule, Weihnachten, hmm whatever you might want to call it, ours never turn out to be what they are supposed to be, not since a couple of years. My mom despises Christmas, and my grandparents don't care about setting up anything anymore, especially since I'm 'too old' for a proper Fest, ne.

So, tree? Forget it. Put up lights? Nope. My mom might have put up some stars, and maybe put out some xmassy table sets, if it wasn't for the fact that we'll have this big move in two days, and all the rooms are empty but for the furniture and the big computer and the TV and so on.

We went to my grandparents... And it was just another, ordinary day... Only, that it was quality time with my fam. I usually enjoy going to my grants, so did I today. It was just quite normal... not much difference to other times we're there. But for the drive there... it takes 40 minutes, and we listened to the CD I'd made before I left my home to go to mom's, so that our drive wouldn't be boring. (⌒¬⌒*)

So while going to my grants, it was JRock only hehe... And ShiT, she enjoyed SCREW! HA! Deaths' Door. Which is like... a little heavy. [I'm so looking forward to seeing them! I'm really curious what they're like live] Hehe. But I turned up the volume really loud mmmrmmr, and she was like "Geil... Those guitarsounds! GEIL!" Hahah... Also, Unsraw's -9-... I just love Yuuki's growling. So hawt. And she was like... "Hey... it's so strange... usually, music like that would make me aggressive. But that's... calming me down."


Well then, at my grants... Discussions and talks, and a lot of fun actually, though mom+her mom of course had to 'fight' against my granddad again, it's always like that, women against man, but for me who's just sitting there and grinning, hoping they'll stop shouting, but grinning since it's nothing serious, and I actually understand my granddad's dark dark humor. They call him a Crock, which he is, but then... I laugh at his being an asshole. *shrugs* Well. Hmmm, I also enjoyed telling mom and grandmom about Japanese, explaining how some kanjis work, what they consist of and what they mean... Mom was so amazed, haha. She said a lot of things that made me beam inwardly, actually. Just the day before yesterday, we were watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We've never seen it before, but I just loved that eccentric Willi Wonka, and we loved the film... I had to laugh so much, and those little dances were so entertaining, I danced along all of them, having my mom crack up next to me. Haha. It's just so much fun.

Mom said she loves hearing me laugh. Something is like... opening up inside of her, when I do, she said. Hmm. It's making me happy making people happy. I'm glad I can be some people's personal sunshine. Mom's. Rosy's. Rosy keeps telling me "there's just something about you... such a warmth" and I'm glad she feels that way. I try to make people happy... if that is what I can do. Here I am. ... As long as it doesn't drain me from ... well. I'm glad though, ne. (*⌒∇⌒*)

So... ah, the only Xmassy thing there was, was that tiny tiny fake tree... it's like... 50cm high or something, haha. But yeah... We had grandmom's lovely cookies, and an appletart... Dinner was Roulades (Bison meat... mmmyum) with Semmelknödel and Weißkraut. Yum. My granddad just makes that one so damn yummy. Better than in any restaurants I'd ever happened to eat it. It's just... so soft, and not sour at all, and so TASSSTY, haha.

Mmm well... Grandmom read a story to us at the table, haha... A sort of travelogue, witty and sarcastic, about hotels all around the world.

Hmmm I kinda hated that mom gave grandmom her little present already as we arrived, kind of secretly, and so did grandmom with her, later, just handing her something, for her. Ummm... I mean, harrow, it's Yule, right, we have this tradition of exchanging presents at the same time, somewhat... solemnly? Duh. Plus that grandmom didn't even try to hide the two presents from my gaze as she just opened her room like that. Sheesh.

Ah, well. ^_^ The presents were put on the table before me after dinner, hours before I unwrapped them. Were only two, and I hoped, but didn't really know, ne. ヽ(;´ω`)ノ

Mom's present for me was the flight to Cologne, I already had that, and from my grants two presents, a tiny one, and a bigger one in a box. Had an idea, but didn't dare thinking of it XD

So, heh, well, the tiny one was a 5m LAN cable... So finally I won't have to sit crouching on my chair, having my laptop on my lap xD ne, but I can be online at my DESK, haha. And the bed, I guess ^^

OH! That might be dangerous XD Hahaha... *sees self napping in bed, cuddling her laptop*

Hahah XD べーっだ!

And the other one ... that was.... oohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Just what I wanted!... yet, so much LARGER haha!

It's an eternal hard drive... and fuck me gently, but with 500 fucking GIGS!!!!



Wow. Haha. It's so pweety... black... with a blue light and... That's like... a .... LOT of GB xD Now I can start to erm.. slightly download more PVs hahaha~

Ahh guess that's about it... Hmmm, mom loves Kuchiki no Tou, listened to it when I went to her place, and she also loved UnsraW's Kyuumin Oyasumi. Hehe. And she knows Ruki's voice already, and well, Mao's XD And Shinji's guitar hahaha.

And I got back home, and my personal クリスマオプレセント was that I got accepted into a couple of other ameba blogs, erm, as amemba I mean, so yeah, on I go whoring, also in the next year XD It's nice though... I applied a few days ago, and now they accepted ^ ^

It's the TwoManBand ワタシメスラッグ [umm... what kind of a slug? XD], and heck yeah, again I have no clue about their music. XD Well it doesn't hurt being amemba. Maybe they're like LM.C, but sheeesh who knows, ne. There's Soshi 総史, vocals, at first I had my eyes on him, ne, but mm-mm it's Leo for me now XXD 総史 is damn cute though~≥ ♡

So, here's them~

That's 総史

And here レオ

And then a few more from their blog, ne~

He's fun though, haha... There was this tiny, oddly shaped cloud, and he took a picture of it going like "UFO??" haha XD *pats him* I seem to like it when they're slightly paranoid. Was it his blog? I'm not sure now, but I think it was his, or maybe another band's, and the guy made a little video, recording that the clock on his wall suddenly went backwards a few seconds, over and over again haha! He was so 'scared' xD

*flails* ヽ(☆ω☆)ノ

But! Leo ドキドキ

... and I really like his hair. And his hands. Plus the way his fingernails are polished silver. I dunno. I just really feel like "Yeah I'm into you." xD *chuckles*

YOO DON'T FOOL ME BOY! You'sh hawt! (///∇//) ... lol XD

Here's a comment by them. Sheesh... Soshi is really wai haha XD

And then, since I wanted to blog about Miya's [燃えるゴミ]cats, or well, put the pictures up here... he really loves them haha. ^ ^

He was giving them some good stuff to eat... So yeah, they're enjoying it, ne.

Mhhhm. I'm actually done with this entry XD

Lovely Holidays to you!

Dunno if I'll do a blog entry before it, probably, but I won't be online after tomorrow for at least five days. I know you won't miss me XD I'm just telling you you have at least five days without having your FL spammed with マオスパッム XP

Ah, yeah... moving out day after tomorrow, ne. There are 60 boxes all in all, and more than 50 are already filled up. There's not much left... My old room is used as a storage room. It's so so blank and 'empty'. Y_Y

And that's my mom's room, in which I sleep those days lately. [Kinda easy to recognize that I do xD My iPod is there haha~]

And here the living room... well, a tiny part of it. The plants might fool you. It's all white. Scary.

25th-Dec-2007 07:25 am (UTC)
Haha, Watashimeslug. Lol.


The outfit and shades reminds me of Ruki. XD

I'll say more about this entry later. Or tomorrow. 2 am and I want to eat. >_< Gbye!
25th-Dec-2007 02:33 pm (UTC)
LOL, yeah the leopard hahah XD

I found a comment of them on youtube lol. Soshi is so waii haha.
26th-Dec-2007 06:59 pm (UTC)
Since I said I was gonna comment more..

First off, Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka is *______*

2nd.. I ENVY YOU! EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE!? I want one so badly. Need to put my pictures there and music.. and videos.. T.T

AND AWWW! Yes Gwen you are very warm! :D

What a happy family you got. T.T

26th-Dec-2007 07:54 pm (UTC)
Hehe... Johnny Depp is ususally *_____* anyway, no matter which role. He's plain awesomeness.

That's why I'm so happy!!!! I didn't even ask for a huge one! *♥*

Warm? ... *feels hands* Well usually I am... being abused as oven mmhmm... at the moment I'm not so warm XXXP

Awww... happy? Aww... haha. <3
26th-Dec-2007 03:04 am (UTC)
Wow. the monster post of DOOM, indeed. XD
[I figured you'd have a クリスマオ but it still made me snort to read it. XD My aunt and mother gave me funny looks. I did not explain. XD]

...those two boys are adorable. *cough*
And the view you posted of putside your window is gorgeous!

*has DIED at the thought of a five-hundred-fucking-gig-harddrive*
Like... goddamn. Whoa. I don't even know how I would react to that. the thought alone is paradisical or whatever. *still shocked*

Well, good luck with the moving!
26th-Dec-2007 03:19 am (UTC)
Well... I could have made 3 posts out of it, but for some reason, I didn't want to.
[snort? how? Y_Y]

Yesh, they are hee~ x3
And the view I posted from PUTside the window... well it was on the balcony, no window there XD Ah I like it when the trees are sprinkled with this powder-sugar like hoar (or... icing sugar xD I just like the word with the powder more)

MMmmmmmya... *strokes it affectionately again* Well, you know XD We might have to use each our own laptop (oh yes), but until you get your own five-hundred-fucking-gig-harddrive, I'll share with you. *_*
26th-Dec-2007 03:15 pm (UTC)
[because you're a compulsive blogger. XD]

UGH. I did another bad typo. God. XD
Anyway, it's gorgeous <3 There is barely any snow where I am and just before I left home there was a huge rainstorm so it didn't eve LOOK christmassey -__-"

500 gigs... *is still in shock*
I mean, what do you DO with all that space?! No, don't answer... XD You do plenty. *glances at megaupload and such* XD
26th-Dec-2007 03:31 pm (UTC)
Well the thing is, it isn't even snow. It's just hoar frost on the trees. Clinging to the twigs like white sharp needles.

What am I doing with that space... slowly using it up XD Yeah... MU and the such. I'm not intending to put anything on it though. I'll only allow myself to download vids AGAIN, now XD *finally got some Unsraw and screw stuff AND more making ofs etc*

And... I didn't even ask for a 500gig one, I only said "an EHD" ... My granddad is organizing all the technical stuff in our fam, so he asked me about the EHD, and what I'll need it for ["Vids!!" *sparkly eyes*], and asked me how many gigs my lappy has [120], and then he said like "Ohh... well then I guess my old EHD, the 160, won't be enough... "

O_o Well, yeah, would but erm... okay? XD ^^'

*got lucky* (*____*)
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