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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
目の前に 「Before my eyes」 
3rd-Sep-2007 05:03 pm
mao distorted
Notes: My latest Poem. Ahh... okay that's a lie, I just wrote two today. I might post them later on, too... Don't know yet. But before them, this is my latest one. I had a kind of a down regarding poems lately... that means I didn't write any, or only very few. And I realized that in my latest poems... new issues start... bobbing up. 面白い. *raises eyebrow*
Hmmmm I used to show my mom poems... since she always wanted to read. Hm sure. I'll give her that one. *more arching eyebrows*
Sigh. Anyway, enough babbling.

目の前に「Before my eyes」
(24. august 2007)

Black blood spilling from the clouds around my head
Sharp shards of darkened glass replace my bed
Wherever I look, my vision is hazed
Whatever I do, my actions are dazed.

The blade that slashed my veins last night
Keeps disappearing out of sight.
I look for it in static frenzy
Only that it’s in my hand is what I can’t see.

Captivating fetters I just can’t unbind
Make my cry out in pain, make me go blind.
Restrictions they free me, wings that are knifes
Wound me and stab me, but hand me back life.

Hurt me, forever, for only then I see clear
Promises made solely with words do nothing but leer.
I’m being emptied by the cold seeping in through my slashes
Please hold me with your thorny warm skin, with love that lashes.

~Some sore sense scattered my seared soul,
But a hope-devouring haunting horror made me whole…~

Splinters of depravity sticking to my heart, so fast
I scratch and pound but they only grow vast.
I’ll never get rid of the darkness around me,
My hurt back I’ll never be able to turn, and never I’ll see ~

Remaining in dusky darkness I’m drained for all sense
Deciding that ultimate agony will be my last strategy of defense.

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3rd-Sep-2007 04:14 pm (UTC)
無名〜One with no name
I have so much I could say but it rarely comes out in the way i envision in my mind. Painful,dark,vivid imagery...pain can become beauty when channelled
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