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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
My Mom and JRock... again. 
26th-Dec-2007 11:15 pm
aoi thinking
There she went again XDD

It was fun enough when we went to her parents in her car, and of course I inserted my little Jrock CD, ne, and turned up the volume, because she doesn't mind, ne.

And I told her of the newest of the news, and about Screw and UnsraW, whom I'm currently listening quite a lot to... Especially UnsraW. [Once, a band whose looks I don't really like, yet, love their music xD]

I didn't have much of UnsraW on the CD, yet, there was -9-, which I friggin love for the growls...

So there we're listening to it, and she's like... "That fucking ROCKS!" xD Like erm... she liked it XD

That song... haha! I wanted to tell her that it's going to be okay, he can't only GROWL, but sing, also, but well... she actually liked that hahaahha! She said that it's weird, and she doesn't really know why, because usually music like that would make her aggressive, but no, this one is calming her down instead.

She also commented on how great the guitars sounded and so on... and how great it was being in such a compressed room like a car ~ damn yeah!

Today I showed her more PVs, both the -9- one, and Gate of Death, and she LOVED them both. LOVED!!! I mean... haha! *is slightly surprised* xD

She also wanted to see some Diru PVs, but heavier ones. Censored ones. So we watched Dozing Green, and hey, why haven't I ever seen it before? It's like... hmm wow. Showed her Agitated, too. She didn't quite understand why Dozing was censored, but Agitated she did understand. *shudders*

So much to before we went to watch a movie... Well, in the breaks, I came back to my laptop, and one time I got back, I kinda jumped on the couch, and she went like "Hey!!"... I hadn't seen that she had done something there, it was too dark, so I kinda... jumped on Mao and Kyo xD Because while I was gone, she got what you call Pretzels, I think, but in shapes of letters, and little poppy seed stars, to munch away, but actually, didn't munch them but laid them out in front of us on the couch. Haha!

She said "Here, eat Mao."



xD Believe me, I did xD ... But I didn't pick him up with my fingers, no no, I went down and caught the O with my tongue to pull it back into my mouth and... and... erm, well ガーン ^^; [Only the O though]

I watched intrigued as she laid the others out again, and made more... or actually I think I stood up first and went out again, and when I arrived back again, she had Uruha, Aoi, Kyo, Mao there... XD

I thought about more xD And while she put stars between them I went like "Oh, we have a lot to do there, don't we." [...'eating them all' XD]

She went like "Eh?"

Me: "Well. It seems like... our New year's resolution or something."

xD Then she added more... *cough* Well that's what we got then in the end haha... にひひ We're She's so bad hahahaha~

Yah, I'd already eaten Kyo xD And some I suggested... there weren't enough letters for them left. No Os left, but most of whom I would have suggested have Os. Or too many As.

Well, and in the end, this was left...

And I must insist. It was HER idea. かお


Hahahaha! I LoVE my mom. キスマーク
27th-Dec-2007 12:17 am (UTC)
You have an AMAZING mother! I asked my parents for a few jrock cd`s but instead i got a freaking sexy night dress and a lady shaver T_T -_-;;
27th-Dec-2007 12:20 am (UTC)
Hahaha... Yeah, she is pretty "not normal" xD

But none in my family really are. My granddad for example... I showed him D once, a PV, and he watched with GREAT interest (he understood that they all were guys, he actually liked the way they dressed up as), and he said Asagi's voice was sexy.


At least it's a sexy night dress, ne XD Go and coax... whomever into your bedroom with it XD [Meev, maybe? xD]
27th-Dec-2007 12:58 am (UTC)
OMG I love your mom XP I wish we had letter pretzels, even though I don't like them XD I would buy them to have fun spelling things XD
29th-Dec-2007 10:37 pm (UTC)
Those pretzels.. LOL! Not the pretzels but the message of the pretzels..

Yes, I already told you before many times about how cool your mom is.

I have like 50 Kei icons to do for a community. I can't wait til I'm done. =D

And the remaining 30 ish Uruha icons.

I so should make icons just for you with all the Mao blog photos..
30th-Dec-2007 08:35 pm (UTC)
OMGS kill me!!! XXD
I'm actually still in Cologne lol, using up the free nternet time I got here... Can't wait to get home and post the concert report thingy omgs so much to DO when I first get home on my internet yargh! hahaha OMGS I MISS 'MAOOOO *cries* SOUUUU MUCH
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