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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Top listener on last.fm . . . and Rosy analyzing Diru 
20th-Jan-2008 08:47 pm
Mao eye
I made it! I made it!! And I hadn't even intended it!


Today while listening to music, I happened to look at the last.fm device, while a SID song played, and what do I see?



I had to check this out immediatly... I mean ... WAH!


And yesh, it's true... I'm even on the ToP of the top listeners! *runs around and dances*

... I feel so good hahaah! Out of 3,137 listeners...

I'm on ToP!!!

*dances wildly* *sings native songs* *jumps around and rings the little bells tied around her feet and stumbles, shackled by Mao's voice* *whimpers a bit and dances on suddenly reminded of the pain inside* *adrenaline rising while dancing and trancing out* *ignoring any hints of pain*

*spazzes out squealing*


~ It's not a big thing I guess but... for me it is ... it feels good XD ~

Well and then, Rosy, my housemate, 57, I can only repeat it, and she loves my Jguys... great. XD

Today she visited me rather a LOT in my room again... [but I got a chocolate pudding from her plus housemade rice pudding, so wah haha! XD Why does chocolate pudding make me think of マオ?. . . Don't... answer that, I know haha~] ... to take a look around on all the posters eeteeshe.

Commenting on each and every thing ^ ^ She went all "Awwwww!" over SuG, yet again... about Takeru first. "Awww he's a doll isn't he? He's so... awww... awww! ... " I only grinned and nodded. And then her gaze switched to Masato "Awww and he's so PRETTY!! AWWW!!" hahaha! She said much more than that though... I just can't remember. And danach auf then on [why the heck was I slipping in German there? xD] Chiyu and she was like "Oh! Mmmmm..." hehe... And then one more left... heh... and back to Takeru and all in all she loved them XD


She took a look at my Diru poster once again ~ It's practically that one, just in BW

She really likes Kao on that one. And went analyzing them. ... About Kao... "He's a bit of an imp, isn't he? A jester hardly to get quiet?" I swayed my head from side to side. . . saying "Hmmm maybe... in connection with him there [Die]" She also said there's a lot of pain inside of them... And Kyo. She stood a damn long time in front of Kyo. She doesn't like his appearance at all, actually, but that doesn't keep her from thinking about him.

"So much pain... in those eyes, no? I think he must have lived through a hell. . . . It's really hard though to get through to him, isn't it? He blocks off, no? ... I don't think even a psychologist would be able to dig down into him. He won't let anybody close to him, right? No one really knows about him... There's so much pain. He really has a sick soul."


She has no idea whatsoever about their music, or anything about Diru... Of none of the guys, really. ... It's interesting to hear what she says about them sometimes, I think.

Well another thing she said was, about that pain, that they tried to be women and men and the same time, and that tears them apart, on the inside. I didn't agree to that... But it's a point of view, ne.

She also said "And do you know why it's so 'easy' to read them? To analyze them? ... Because they have REAL, open faces. All of them. ... I really like that."


Sorry for this messy entry. *sighs* Far too much on my mind, and still to do, and I won't get it all done but... ah well. At least I upped those two things now, ne.
(Deleted comment)
20th-Jan-2008 10:28 pm (UTC)
Thank you! *________* *flails*

*catches kiss*

Oh I'd say, both XD She's really interesting, lol.
20th-Jan-2008 10:23 pm (UTC)
Congrats!! I have an account there but I forgot my login and password months ago-lol!
20th-Jan-2008 10:28 pm (UTC)
Awww lol!

I never logged out, I think XD... ... lol haha.
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