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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Girugamesh Signing and Concert in Munich 
24th-Jan-2008 11:13 pm
mao distorted
I just returned home from the Girugamesh concert in Munich [and yes I know I still have to type down that review from JrockInvasion, ne~], it’s 23:14 and the internet connection is down, has been since half the day, so while I’m waiting for a reply from the provider, I’ll write what I have in mind, remember, all that ne.

tHe SiGniNg

Well the day actually began with me going to the signing session of Girugamesh that would be held in the NeoTokyo shop. I was surprised to see that there weren’t that many people there, so we were sure to get our things signed ~ yay! There was a guy in Pikachu costume there… and another … person? with a green costume that had a single antenna on its head… scary haha! It was… just baka-monothingy that I have been listening to their music since quite a while, but never really got into the band itself, to the extent that I’m never sure if that’s Nii, or “what was his name again? Shuu” . . . embarrassing XD So, I’m not a huge fan, I just like their music [As in... a lot... XD I have no idea why I never got into them as the persons they are, really].

When Dani, Anna and me were the next ones in front of the doors, I actually got nervous. I could look through the glassdoors and see them upstairs, sitting behind a table and signing. One of the guys looked down at me, I swear XD

We were only allowed to go in there one by one, but we waited for each other. Anna bought a poster first, then we went to the stairs… staring up… hehe… It was Shuu looking at me XD. And finally, one of the girls came downstairs, and I could go upstairs. Now. I had promised a friend to get something signed for her, too, but of course only one thing was allowed, ne~ But… and damn I only ever realized that it was Satoshi when I was standing in front of Nii haha! DARN! XXD Well anyway, I had given him the flyer first, which was for my friend, and then I slipped him the rest of what I had, which was a poster from a magazine [though I don’t really like that one] and a page from … shoxx, was it? that I’d printed out in the morning. Both he and me said ‘arigatou’ when he’d signed the flyer. And… it was so sweet haha~ Satoshi 左迅 looked at the other two things a little confused, the page and the poster, looking around if there was anyone coming behind me who it belonged to, but no no, there wasn’t anyone yet, heh! That’s when one of the guys from the store [there were only two of them up there XD] said to me that only one thing is allowed. ‘Course I didn’t know any conversations in Japs, but, already standing between 弐 and Shuu. And Shuu grinned at me . . . was I the only one up there then? I think Dani and Anna were already done, and Яyo looked at me, too…. Homgs RYO!!!!! *_________* I never noticed… aaaahhhh… he… he’s so… handsome *__* Well both he and Shuu wore sunglasses, hurrr who of them had the piercing? [See I’m bad at knowing them from each other XD] but Яyo had shorter hair, and two red streaks in them, and he grinned at me though I wasn’t even looking back… *_______* Hee~! Because I was looking over the ever seemingly bored 弐 (xD) to 左迅 , whom I had confused a bit it seems [I love doing that XD Al-ready enjoyed it with 葵 ]. He was already about to sign the page, but as I said, a bit confused, plus that the man said “only one”. However I quickly said ‘tomodachi…’ and heh, 左迅 nodded [弐 looked up, I think Shuu did too xD], while I told the guy in German that one of them was for a friend, and since he was a nice chap, he let me have two things signed. WHEE!
I exchanged a little Arigatou with 弐, too, he actually said it first… and then it went all too fast. Y__Y Shuu was so much fun! Just the way he looked at me XD Don’t know why he did, probably just the way I have this thing that makes people smile haha! The flyer had already been passed to all of them, so I picked it up, nodding my head and saying ‘arigatou~’ lol, and followed the page I had printed out until I got that again. I had actually intended to make them shake my hand xD but I just forgot then. It’s okay… … Яyo …. *__________*
I was somehow a bit shaky… funny XD But then I had to go downstairs again, and outside, and poof it was all over. Y___Y But so great! Awww…

Well, Dani came over to my place before we had off to the concert again. [Mmm I’m hungry… just eat-ing the rest of the chocolate sandwiches that had been moshed from the crowd XD]

Hmmm I start wanting to sleep, so let’s just skip over the waiting time [not that many people there at all. We arrived at about 5pm] and head straight to the concert. In the beginning, I was in second row, the mi-cro was a little left from me.

Th3 ConcERt

They started at about time… ten past 8pm, I’d say. Lights went out and people started shouting and screaming for them… Яyo came on stage first, then I think 弐, then shuu, and last was 左迅. All of them in their shiny black suits. Very nice. Red on the inside. [ha-ha -_-] I’ll fuck ordered thoughts no, I’ll just write what comes to my mind. As usual ne.

The concert was absolutely mad. The crowd was. So fucking hot. There was so much fucking moshing going on, dear Hel! Seriously! I started out in second row, then got into 3rd, then 4th, then 3rd again, but the moshers were behind me, jumping into me, pushing me against people… I got elbows into my sides and once into my face… It was so mad. At least I got some space for myself some-time during the concert that I was enabled to stand a little spreadlegged to do the heavy headbanging. 凹 However, most of the time I didn’t even have enough space to put down my arms. Totally mad. But a great spirit.

左迅 talked a lot of English, actually, or well, screamed XD For example “ssssSCREAM FOR ME!” . . . hurrr? I only ever realized now that that is … hawt ^^” It was a pity that the microphone was too low more than half of the concert. You could almost not hear all of his voice. Got better towards the end though. And the music was freaking awesome either way. And the way they don’t display beautiful thighs or shoulders, it’s easy to just keep head banging all the time haha! Nothing there you really have to look at. Though… Яyo… hehe… I don’t know if he recognized me, I doubted it, but he looked at me some time… *___* His smile… awww! He’s so… snuggly! Awww… heh… aw…. *tries to snap out of it* Nnn well. It was fun to see all their movements… I mean… 左迅 all bad ass on stage of course, with his typically furrowed brows and that grim look, hurr, the way Shuu is headbanging and moving his head… hee, lol. Both of his basses had a wooden structure, on of them was foxy light brown, the other a darker brown. Lovely instruments. The guitars were one black and one white one. White glitter, actually. Lovely, too.

Ohhh yes I love the way small men rock out on stage. Kyo… ルキ… 左迅… *__* So raw. Whole-body rock. All of them kept raising their fists and 凹 to us, we of course replying with the same and a lot of cheering. I loved the way 左迅’s hair got messed up during the concert, yet didn’t get messed up… it was pointing into all different kinds of directions in the end haha! Ohh and so grim he kept looking and staring, but sometimes, he made this ‘hey you’ thing with his eyes, and a couple of times he even smiled a bit. [aww~]

Яyo sometimes lifted a drumstick and whirled it around, between songs, as to make us scream and cheer and whirl our fists. *loves*

As I said, a pity about the mic. Whenever he had speaking parts, you couldn’t hear it at all. Y__Y But ohhh so much rocking out. I almost headbanged 24/7 . . . as long as I didn’t get squished or pushed around [can’t really call that push, ne. It’s more of a fierce ramming. >_>] Oh lovely head-banging… *cheers*

Яyo got really dirsty… I never saw 左迅 drink, I guess he did though. But one time after a song, Яyo got up and took the watercarton and sucked and sucked at the straw, so desperately haha… he seemed to have been rather very thirsty, ne~?

Oh hehe, I had written 左迅’s kanjis on my palms ~ I love doing that ^ ^ And even though it was written in a sort of hurry and with a non-erasable, but I’m sure he saw. He’s not one to keep a lot of eyecontact actually, his eyes are usually focusing on people in backrows. I don’t know about 弐… you can’t see much of his face during a live due to the hair whirling around ~ he’s head banging a lot ~ but he’s looking at people in quite direct ways, ne. Shuu, I didn’t see so much of him, but Яyo is well… he enjoys drumming, it’s spleen to see him drumming lol! And he both sings along and tries to get eye-contact with the fans. *__* [Haha… yeah… He sorta grew on me there lol]

Nnnn and there was a song when 左迅 had my full attention out of a sudden as I realized that a) I should remember what he looks like live and on stage b) because hmmm he was all sweaty and it was nice to look at. I kept staring at his palms for a while. I like that kind of proportions of fingers to hands like he has… [Jon BonJovi has them too xD] It… looks as if most fingers were of about the same length, and the palm is quite quadratic. Sweat kept rolling and dripping down his face… Hmmm I wanted to stare into those black eyes for a while, just to find out who he truly is, ne. Ohhh and the lips. Beautiful. [I have a thing for singers with beautiful lips it seems] The rows of his pearly white teeth, so straight *_* I love his profile, too. Very lovely Japanese. Yes. Nice man.

Oh darn I wanna go to bed… Y___Y Hmmm… Well I’ll write what had really… just gotten me there, like, and I’ll add things tomorrow, or whenever internet will work again. *glares*

You know, I’d really wanted them to play Kowarete iku sekai, because I just damn love that song. And I thought that the chances were high, since it’s a PV, ne. I had also thought that the best time to play it would be right before the enchore.

So. Suddenly, silence. Then. Those drums. 弐 starting to play. The drums, the drums. And people fucking started to scream and cheer and stuff, they even sang along in the start, but luckily they stopped. … It’s hard to make people stop once they began something, hmmm… I guess there was just something about the whole atmosphere both the song and… 左迅 emanated. You could hear his voice perfectly. So little instruments in the start of the song anyway… beautiful voice. Then, when the voice gets louder, working towards the hard part… oh my … there was tension. 左迅 clung to the micro. Then, at the loud part, yeah, people screamed the song along, which was okay ne, sure, it was the ‘rocky’ part of it… The last refrain before the screams, he clung to his micro stand, painfully singing, his head bopping to and fro hard, abrupt, as if he wanted to beat it, himself, something, fucking painfully clinging to that mic and singing. And then 左迅 screamed those screams. One. After the other. After the other. After another. Long, pained screams. Just laid his head back and fucking screamed. Screamed so you could practically see the whole of his mouth’s inside. It is really straight teeth … Hmmm… The last one… the last scream… without the micro. The music is still loud and overall. But I swear I could hear his voice. So damn emotional that the microstand suddenly shortened down and he sank to his knees… I don’t remember now if that actually was before or after the screaming, I think after it. The talking part of the song was left out, I think, but there he was, on his knees, burying his face in his hands, hiding it behind his black hair, then again, singing, screaming, and everyone was just dead silent. People had gotten totally silent… I strived and stared at only 左迅… and there… a damn tear rolling down his face. Fuck. I mean… you could both see and feel how he meant every single word, every line, every beat and sound of the song. The desperation. And then the tear. I stood there almost unmoving, as silent as everybody else, and tears rose in my eyes, as well. Kowarete iku sekai, I beg you… The outtro was all too short me thought, because they left the stage, and left me with tears in my eyes. I wanted them to roll down. I just stood there while others cheered and clapped, already beginning to shout ‘enchore’. I weakly shouted a bit with them, clapped, before my hands dropped down and I just closed my eyes, those last sounds and images still in my ears and mind. So very, very beautiful.

And yeapp they gave an enchore. Came out on stage again, all refreshed, 左迅 “Are you ready for MORE??” Hmmm his English is so… r...aw. Unnatural [probs because hearing English from Japanese just sounds unnatural], but a better pronunciation than most have, and so deep and heavy… just, wow.
And they gave more. More and more and more headbanging [and moshing. Grmbl.]

At the end of the concert hmmm… Яyo threw his drumsticks and Shuu pulled the strings from his bass-guitar, the light brown one, one string after the other, slowly… he kept looking into the crowd while he did it, with that stern face of his heh ummm… at first I didn’t realize what he was doing… O_o and I guess he threw them into the crowd and then he… even gave the guitar into the cowd O_o I was like “WAH fucking LUCKY!” but the security had their eyes on there and pulled it back in. . . I don’t know if they returned it to the band then, I think so. Seemed a bit unfair, since he’d already given it into the crowd, no?

Hmm okay, it’s 1.17am now… I’ll go to bed ^ ^ [Since there’s no マオblog that could distract me now since there’s no connection, I’ll even make it. Heh.]

It’s the day after, I just returned from college and get a little rest before heading out for work. During my class I remembered one thing I was pretty sure I would not forget… XD Just somehow I didn’t think about it before today. It was after the enchore… but not the first song, maybe after the first or second, the guys had their backs turned to us again, and then 弐 turned around and started to play that melody that made everyone go crazy. I don’t know who made the original melody, but I’m pretty sure you all know Crazy Town’s Butterfly [I think that’s what it’s called]. It was that melody. O_o WAAHHH! So great! It was a real big surprise, huh! They played a bit around with that, Яyo joining in with drums and all… firing up the crowd before they went into their next song.

Ah oh and yes... Dani got one of Shuu's pics... and Anna got a bass string. *blinks* I was allowed to... hold it. (Well she rather carelessly asked me to hold it while she took off her coat, or put it on, or... don't remember. And I still held it when she had sunken down in the chair afterwards. She didn't seem to be so desperate about having it herm xD
27th-Jan-2008 02:27 am (UTC)
Wow! I cant believe the signing was not that full, that is so weird.
I love Girugamesh live ^^ They are so awesome!
27th-Jan-2008 02:39 am (UTC)
Well there weren't THAT many people at the live either. Plus, the only ones who actually knew about the signing were those that get the newsletter from the shop... OR have friends who do or who do have friends who do... well, you know XD

I only knew because Dani had told me, whom had been told of Anna. Ah well ^^
27th-Jan-2008 02:31 am (UTC)
*reads...reads...groans* Damn, woman..you have to be the luckiest person I know *le sigh* giru.... I'm glad you had a very good time. I missed you while you were off line. Thank you so much for this review. I loved it.

27th-Jan-2008 02:41 am (UTC)
Hmmmmm no pet, only in some aspects I am lucky ^^

Noone can be lucky everywhere at everything and... all that, neeee

*sighs* I missed everything. Wonder how long these fuckers from the company will NEED to get the new modem. Hargh.
(Deleted comment)
27th-Jan-2008 06:51 pm (UTC)
Awww... *pets your hair* How are you doing anyway?

Would you have gone to Munich, or Bochum? (I guess since we're talking Munich here... XD) Hai ... Kowarete iku sekai... *_*
Yesh, it makes sense. Just afterwards I didn't remember 100%ly if it was Shuu who had it or Ryo, but yes. <3
28th-Jan-2008 07:15 pm (UTC)
Girl.. You were SO LUCKY that you were there! I hope next year go on their concert too. But now it's only a dream >_>
And thank you! <3 You know for what xP

30th-Jan-2008 12:58 pm (UTC)
Yes I do XD

... I still don't have internet at home, that's my first time taking my laptop to college (so he'll get smarter XD If that's possible at all... *strokes affectionately*)

You're welcome XD I think I'll make it to the post office tomorrow, lol XD Hmmm and then I really hope whatever it says on the envelope is enough for it to get through to you. Or else. Uhoh XD
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