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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Lately... About a hitchhiking experience ^_^ えと...マオも. 
9th-Sep-2007 01:36 am
mao distorted
Hummm... I really should write some sort of diary, because well, my proper one has run out of free pages... and I didn't really write anywhere what has happened lately, so I though I should just put it down here.

It's about what I experienced last Wednesday.

I had just gotten up, more or less, well lets say, about an hour ago, when my best friend and soulsister whom I hadn't had been in contact with for about 8 months, called me again ~ it was about 2pm XD [yeah yeah, late to bed]. One of her spontaneous things...

She had seen a band playing on a street in Munich the night before, and after having come back home and listening to their single over and over again she'd decided she wanted to see them again. And since she knew they would play in Salzburg [a town in Austria. It's about 200km away, and in the neighbour country XD] the next day, she wanted to go there. With me.
Ummm... well I was a little surprised, but I don't say no to spontaneous crazy little adventures.
I didn't know just how adventorous it would be, hehe.

Because when I met her at the station... she was just about to finish a sign... [and she was 40 minutes late *cough* as usual. I love my iPod] So I was like "ummm?? Are you... intending to tramp there?? *little laugh*" "Yepp!"

Haha, damn, what a craze. So well... we walked in direction motorway, and luckily, after having walked for about 15 minutes [sunshine and nicely warm weather, about 5pm], just having crossed a traffic lights, a BMW flashed it's lights at us, and the driver waved. Yay!

He was very kind ^^ They talked about politics [ANTI politics rather] while I enjoyed sitting in the backseat, listening. [I am a listener]
She could even put the CD in, so I could get a clue what we were traveling so far for hehe.

He hadn't planned to go to Salzburg at all, however, he was taking us to the motorway. Once there, we stood there and waved our sign and danced... It was fun to see the driver's faces.
She's been doing a lot of tramping during her last year in France, trying to destroy all those prejudices.

Well, after only 20 minutes, a lorry driver stopped for us. We got so lucky. He was from Croatia. XD Haha! And... he liked her a lot ... wanted to marry her even, but well... it was okay, he wasn't too pushy. He even paid a drink for us at a petrolstation's restaurant.
Actually, I saw some norwegian bikers there. One of them had the norwegian flag on his leather jacket. When we were about to leave, no, as we were leaving, I turned around once more... not really knowing what to say, but then I just asked them in norwegian, if they were from Norway, and wished them "God tur!!" Ahh... I love Norwegians. They're so heartily. Even to people they don't know at all. (//.//)

Ummm... it started getting darker and darker... I think the tour took about... three or four hours all in all. It's fun riding a truck... so high up... you can see everything... The music that was playing (that band, the very same 3 songs for hours and hours, but they were good, really. A German band, playing with Cello, Violin, Guitar and Percussion... Really nice.) sort of helped me impring the events... or... I mean whatever happened during our travel, it is forever connected to that music, etched into my mind. We weren't really talking a lot... She was sitting in the middle, talking to him, or thinking, while I was sitting on the right... Dreaming my time away... *sigh* It was beautiful. I only ever thought about one [Japanese]person, and that for about two hours. (^^*) Sheesh, if I don't love you, haha, I don't know o(~__^)b

Ummm... Well he let us off somewhere, at some slip road ~ turned out to be the wrong one to town, but but. As we were walking in thePITCHblack dark... A lady stopped for us, because she had pity haha... It was so much colder in Salzburg! Our breaths steamed white.
She was really nice and took us right to the citycentre, though it wasn't her direction at all.

It was already too late for the band, instead we just looked around the centre. And wow... I don't think I've ever been to Salzburg, but it's beautiful! So many small shops, the way the houses are built, the small streets, the way they are ordered, the gateways and shops in the gateways, the SORTS of shops there are... so old-fashioned and beautiful... and lots of top-designers, too. O__O

We went to the Steinterasse, it's the topfloor of a hotel, where Salzburg's youth supposedly gathers. Not on rainy days though. [yeah it had started to rain slightly, but we were too intoxicated to let it bother us. I didn't even take out my umbrella at first] We got to know cute Austrian waiters... I had Baileys on ice [must be] and an Austrian cake speciality, Sachertorte, while she had red wine. Tipsy? Umm... Hehe. It was lovely though. "Fua sii, nix süüses?" [trying to imitate his dialect. Akk he was sweet ^^]

Ahh and she's so disordered, haha... I was wondering why everything had worked out so smoothly so far. She's member of the hospitality club, and she had organised a place for us to sleep in, had the directions to get there from a certain point and everything... He had told her to ring about 12 to see where we were and to get further directions and so on. It turned out... well she didn't have the NUMBER. I just smashed my palm against my forehead and buried my face in my arms, laughing. It's just so typical! ヾ( `▽)ゞ

It was half past 11pm when we started our search for internet cafes that would still be open. Some told us that there might be some near the station, about 20 minutes to walk. So we went. We asked more people on the way (not that there were many, ne), none really knew. Well, I asked that girl, and she wanted to know why we had to find one (seeing that Katharina had a heavy bagpack and me carrying bag and blanket XD). Having explained our situation she was like "Oh, but you could sleep at my place!"

Ahhh, nice people (^^) That's what we did so. *sigh* Lying on her flatmate's matrass, wrapped in sleeping bag and blankets, we shared my iPod *had to think of Chibi and me sharing*
It was such a lovely lovely day...

The next day...
Wasn't as easy going. It was even colder, and I only had sandals and my skirt muahaha! It must have been around 8C... maybe even colder. Anyway... we got some lovely bakery stuff... I was being satisfied by being able to follow a group of young Japanese guys... and ha! Quite a lot of Chinese guys there, too... XD We had a sort of breakfast of bread and tomato-sardines in a tunnel, looking very dosserish indeed, hehe. Katherina wanted a picture of us both, but none of us had a camera... we asked some people to take a picture with her sister's phone, but that was of crappy quality...

When we had eaten up, on our way to the motorway again, we passed a large group of Chinesemen, and swiftly asked them for a photo... hehe! The man took a picture with that camera, but he was all dissatisfied because it really was crappy. While another Chineseman took a picture of us posing with his camere, the other one motioned that he could take one with HIS, and later send the picture to our email. So we did that... And what a camera. Yeah, Asians they have the right gear XD

It rained and rained...
And we had no clue how far away the motorway really was... We just followed the signs, stopped at two different petrol stations, hoping for some people going to the motorway... We walked for about 30 to 40 minutes, then waited for about an hour outside the second of those stations until a woman stopped to take us to that other station which was nearer the motorway. So kind! And damn, that was a long way! It took her almost 5 minutes to go there.
It just got colder and colder...
There were a lot of people passing through that gas station, but none... or only very few were going to the motorway ~ our direction at least. The only ones that did were against trampers. Or, she was.

Anyway... after another hour or so, a woman would take us at least out of Austria to a town in Germany, close to the border, but still about 150km away from Munich. While in her car, we decided to not tramp home the whole way, but instead take the train.

Oh so lovely and wonderful to be in a WARM train after all that cold and rain and waiting and standing and brrrr.... It was just great to be able to sit in a warm place again.

All in all, it was a great experience. My first time tramping, really ^_^

Haha, damn this is being long.

Well another thing I wanted to tell, it's about マオにゃん様 again. [冗談じゃない!At last I understood a little more of that one MC of his... and he actually was talking about all those funny little suffixes... mentioning the craziest of possibilites. XD 好いだった!]

Not the thing I wanted to say, but I love his dialect. Though I don't comprehend XD 分かりませんばい、でも楽しいだなあ〜!

Ummm... he... I'm glad, ne? Because lately I was thinking a lot about wanting to write him fanmail. So many people do. I wasn't exactly sad that I couldn't, though... a bit... somewhat doleful. Not that I would know what to write *excusing grin*
嬉しい! He he... he... I'm very exicted, you know *smile* He put his fanmail adress on his blog today!!!

I must love him.


He said "Fanletters [hehe: fanrettaa] are my energy."
This is... lovely. I mean... so many people get slightly annoyed at the masses of fanmail they get, which is understandable. But then there are those people who love fanletters.
He's one of them.

Well, wasn't too hard to guess, he always takes pictures of drawings and paintings, putting them on his blog, too.

Anyway, under the address, he put:

届いた手紙の封を 初めて切った あの日の喜び 逃がさぬように 閉じ込めて…

It really lifted me up. Really. 本当に!

What's he doing to me? It's only getting worse. (涙)

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