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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Omgs ~ My mom is taking the Biscuit 
5th-Feb-2008 03:25 pm
aoi thinking

I should probably give a bit of a background information on my mom's taste in music through the ages.

ThRouGH tH3 AgEs
Well she was born 1962, so... 70ies XD As a teen, she loved Sweet, [how ironic that シド have that song Sweet? XD Because I went like "Sweet?" when she told me. It's a long time ago xD] but she quickly found her roots in HardRock and Metal. All leather and motor bikes, ne. But she listened to Flock of Seagulls, Mr. Mr. and so on, too. She very much liked a-ha in the 80s and throughout all their areas, mainly because of Morten's beautiful voice. Until in the 90s, Techno came up, and she realized there was nothing more danceable than that. So she pretty much followed that direction, still loving Rock though, but in her car for example, there'd only be Trance. She doesn't like House at all, it's the Trance direction. DJ Talla is her favourite DJ.

Well I guess it was last year when she worked part-time at a bar that she got into Rock more again, taking out all her good old rock stuff to play there, and people loved her taste in music. [She actually had a tiny Enrique Iglesias era, but oof XD] She also had a short Eminem phase. She hates Rap, but Eminem she liked. Loved his lyrics'n found him as person very interesting. I got into Jrock, she tolerates every kind of music I'd be listening too, ne. Found the whole concept interesting. But most of my Jrock time I actually spent away from home, so she didn't get the full load.

Well lately she got very much into Marilyn Manson. Not the old, bad ass Marilyn, but the new, lighter, despaired, honest, breakable one. Got so much into him as person and the lyrics, she bought every album and just had to go to his show in Munich, though she herself said "I'm too old for this shit" XD... but she did. And after that, her view on things changed. She wanted to see a Gazette DVD again, because now she understood some things better. That... for example, when they do one little motion, everything about you is crying. たとえば. She respected them anyway, though she didn't really like their music. The ballads, oh she loved them. Not the harder stuff though, but she said "Well at least the guys are nice to look at" XXD
Now she knows what it is to have to cry while staring at some people making their music on a stage before you, just so damn moved... hmmm yeah.
/ThRouGH tH3 AgEs

The first sort-of wArnINg SigN popped up when we were in her car, going to my grandparents'. I had made a JRock CD so we could listen to music I would rather very much enjoy XD And as I said, she's tolerant, ne. I always talk about the artists, too so XD hmm... There was some UnsraW on it.

Now. She listened to HardRock and Metal, but not that kind of new metal that is mostly screaming and ... violence. She doesn't like that at all. And it was Karma coming up. I had only three UnsraW songs on the CD I think... didn't want to strain her nerves so much, ne. So... Karma. We had the music turned up quite loud. And suddenly she went "OH my!!! SHIT!! those GUITARsSS!!!!!" . . . ^^" Eeeh? Mom? So we turned it up even more. I think it was a bit later, when -9- came up. And well... then I was looking over at her and trying to reassure her that Yuuki actually is able to sing too, not only growling, though I friggen love that growling. But she totally didn't listen to whatever I said. She loved it. The guitars. Everything. She said "Normally, music like that makes me aggressive. I don't understand. This calms me down."

So, last time I went to her place, I gave her all UnsraW I had, and a bit of other artists, too.

Just a couple of days ago I got a letter from her [it was some bureaucracy-stuff], with a note in it that she'll go out running in a couple of minutes, listening to a Jrock CD she'd made of the songs, wondering how that will turn up.

Now, today I got an email from her. That email just totally took the biscuit.

Well it was two, in the first one she told me she had been looking for things on amazon, for mucc, too..

"dass ich dann bei mucc gestöbert hab, lässt tief blicken, oder?? naja, zu "kuchiki no tou" (richtig??) zu laufen ist unglaublich. aber da ist noch mehr: "dust to dust", "death's gate", "last quarter" HAMMER!!! bin ich jetzt ein unsraw-fan??? sind die hübsch?? *lol* ich glaub ich muss mal googeln. das gegröhle von dem sänger ist auf jeden fall irre. HIHI"

homgs XD Hmmm let's try this spontaneously.

"... that I rummaged through mucc things gives a deep insight, doesn't it??? Mmm well, to be jogging to "kuchiki no tou" (is that right??) is incredible. But there's more still: "dust to dust", "death's gate", "last quarter" FUCKING GREAT!!! Am I an unsraw-fan now??? Are they pretty?? *lol* I guess I have to google a bit. That raucous bawling of the singer in any case is awesome. HEEHEE"

... She usually doesn't put ??? and !!! so I guess she was kinda passionate writing that XD

Her second email went like that:

"ähm, weiß jetzt schon wie die ausschaun. und außerdem erinner ich mich grade daran, dass du mir das video von "gate of death" ja schon gezeigt hast ...

apropos: kennst du das schon: link
ist so putzig, dass diese j-rocker alle so schön albern sein können *grins*

sänger = Yuki, hehe, lern schnell ...
ach und beim umanandastöbern ist mir noch aufgefallen, dass das gitarren-intro von "alive" ja so geil ist ... (schau grad so ziemlich alle unsraw-vids an)

oh und wo ich schon dabei bin, kennst du die da schon ... link
da hats nackige bäuche + legs und so ... oh mann, bei 3:24 kriegst die krise ...

jetzt biegts mich gleich weg vor lachen ... ich les ja immer die comments, und bei einem unsraw-vid hat einer gewagt zu fragen, wie alt die bassistIN ist. hier eine antwort: "They are men u faggot, u r the noob if u dont believe look up some interviews dumbass"

naja, die "legs" sind halt a bisserl verwirrend

so, jetzt muss i aber aufhören. da packt einen ja der j-rock-koller ...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Erm, okay, I know now what they look like. And besides that I'm just remembering now that you already showed me the PV to "Gate of Death"...

By the way, have you seen this already? [link]
That's so adorable that those Jrockers can all be so giddy. *grin*

The singer = Yuki, hehe, I'm learning fast.
Oh and while rummaging around I noticed that the guitar intro to "alive" is just plain awesome... (I'm just watching about all UnsraW vids...)

Oh and since I'm already at it, do you know them already? [link]
There are naked bellies and legs and so on... oh man, at 3.24, you just have to freak out.

Now I'm just about to die of laughter... I'm always reading those comments, and one dared to ask how old that SHEbassist was. An answer was "They are men u faggot, u r the noob if u dont believe look up some interviews dumbass"

well, the "legs" are a bit confusing, aren't they

So, I should stop now. Before I start throwing a Jrock-tantrum...


HAHA! My mom is ozzome XDD Of course I corrected her on his name XD

And here that lovely PV she sent me that I don't think I have ever seen before, or if I did, it was before I got into Japanese death growls... *cough* So ummm my morning started out very GOOD ... dear lords. That's just too ... nosebleedy ^^"

5th-Feb-2008 05:15 pm (UTC)
Your mum is fantastic!:D I read your previous post about her and couldn't believe there is a mother who reacts like this to music her daughter listen to^^

I know naked belies and legs are hard to resist, but still XD
5th-Feb-2008 05:30 pm (UTC)
Yeash ^__________________________________________^

. . . she very much is so XD Though I have to look at MM now everytime I'm chatting with her... ... That's sorta unfair, she gets to see beautiful Uruha *sniff* ... and ME? XD
5th-Feb-2008 11:58 pm (UTC)
Your mom rocks-hee!!!
6th-Feb-2008 05:47 am (UTC)

LOL yeshhhhh XXXD
6th-Feb-2008 03:09 pm (UTC) - Sweet!!!!
O_O I love Sweet!!! Mimi introduced me to them,they are so great! The hair and the campnesss!!!! YAY! Sugar Baby Love *_*
6th-Feb-2008 08:10 pm (UTC) - Re: Sweet!!!!
... LOL

And what do you think of -OZ-? Edible? XD
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