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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
FREEDOM! . . . My last exam was due today 
11th-Feb-2008 10:41 pm

Ah well, or... let me pretend at least ター(*∂v∂)ノーシイ

Ah, so today was my last exam, out of not too many I must say. Wahh... I'm glad about that. \(⌒∀⌒*)

The Exam

Mmm well anyway... my last exam, but the most important one. While it's enough for me to "just make it" with all the other subjects, I actually want to make it good in 日本語, ne. [I still didn't study as much as I thought that I wanted to nnngggghh but well since it's my first year and I didn't learn that much new stuff... seeing that I always went into our little kanji tests unprepared (because I forgot ^^" ) and still got at least 95% ne... but... still... argh.] I knew I'd make it either way, heh, but as I said, I. Want. To. Make. It. Good.

Gosh that spirit of digging myself down in work just hasn't reached me yet. *遠く目*

I did a bit more in the morning, and when I left... nervousness kicked in. Ho shit. I was really nervous all of a sudden (and I'm not one to get nervous easily. It's a rather rare state) The only thing that would calm me down and keep me calm was Gazette's 傀儡絵 Kugutsue... I couldn't listen to anything else. Too fidgety. So I kept listening to it all the way to college. Diving into the guitarsounds. They're destructive, ne. Wah, I love it. All the way to the building. Had met a bunch of comilitones on the way. ... Arrived in the auditorium, got a place... I got dizzy. [Did I already mention I had only about 6 hours of sleep?... Less, maybe? Dang. Dunno. But I knew I'd make it through the first few hours of the day without it affecting me] ... Just, the nervousness added to it, so I tried to keep looking straight, not letting my eyes wander around too much. Drinking and drinking more of my water, until the sheets were passed through the rows and we finally were allowed to write down our names... and then begin.

We had to read a text first, answer questions, fill in the spaces and so on, a short grammar part, a translation into German (sounded like kindergarden German X-x") and then the 漢字 part. One whole page of them. Heh. I spent a lot of effort in writing them nicely and not in my hand writing. Duh. And then I notice there is yet another page with 漢字 only. Like, recognize them and write them in kana, or the other way around. All in all 50. I knew them all, I guess, though ARGH I mixed up jouzu... I did it before... That instead of 上手 I write 手上, ne... I just remembered that once in a test, that happened to me, and the one I'd thought was right hadn't been... so I sat there a couple of minutes writing it each way with pencil, trying to make up my mind which one looks real. [For some reason I thought that at the test I'd thought 'up-hand' and 'down-hand' and that's why I chose the wrong version] ( ̄Д)=3 ... Ah well. But then when I only guessed what the heck they meant with さんしゅうかん I guess I made up for it. Grr. Nnn. Ah well XD


Then the thing was, I had to go to work straight after. For some reason, they wanted me to go to a branch all the way outside of Munich, ehhh? Nn... well. I was just about to leave home again (just went there for changing my cloths) I get a call from one of the branch managers, Clarissa, asking when she'll get the keys back. I was the last one in the store on saturday, thus I had the keys, but she needed them today. ARGH. So I rushed there first, handing them over, then rushing to the U-Bahn rushing to the busstop eeteeshe, I had to work at 4 but at just a few minutes to four I got off at the wrong busstopp [not a reason for why I got off to early (it was because the street names were about the same), but during the bussride I kept asking myself how and the ways of how you were possibly thinking all that time about that 私麗 mmmmm *__*] so *cough* Well it's not that bad to come late... when... you have okay excuses, and I just couldn't do it any other way (but for not getting off wrong XDD) Hmmmm well... Clarissa had only shrugged and grinned and said it'll be okay harhar.

Well so I stood at the busstop and checked out the timetable, realizing that my destination was 4 more busstops away. Now... that wasn't in the city at all. It was industrial area, ne. Messestadt, sorta. So no matter where you looked, just that loooong long street, a few industrial buildings, or principal offices of some sort, and else only fields and ... fields XD Checking out the timetable I also realized that the next bus wouldn't arrive before 20 minutes, erm, and it would take the bus one minute from here to the next station so well... I'm not a person who's gonna stand still and wait for the bus to arrive. I'm a person who's gonna walk to the next stop... seeing there that it only would have taken the bus another minute to the next, trying her way to that one as well... and since that also only was about five minutes from the last, walking on, lalalala *cough* and of course just about missing the bus going nicely past her when she's only five minutes from that next stop XXXXD

*cough* Yeah that's me. I could have waited then after the third, because the next one would come in about 7, but hehe, nooo of course not. I had already almost arrived in the 'town' or village where the store was... And now I already was in a walking mood, and you know, crispy clear weather, sunshine... cold, but lovely. And I WISH こんな夜には just made it so much better, along with *______* 焼却炉があるほうへ and so much more XD... ... Lovely, to speed-walk along those fields. No one around whatsoever, ne, totally all by myself. I knew I'd make it until about 4.30 or 4.40 so it was okay. Hnnn... all alone... and 傀儡絵 came on and GOSH I just couldn't prevent myself from snarling... and death growling XXD And I was just death growling for serious when, yes, JUST WHEN THE FUCKING ONLY person around in kilometers passed me on their bike. AHAHAahahhaaAHAHAhaaaaa *squeallaughs*



hehhehehe... I was like... *gigglelaugh*... ... XD Shite... It's so so typical ... Well at least that old man didn't fall off his bike, ne~ *coughcough*

βακα?..._φ( ̄  ̄|||)

Hehe XD That didn't keep me from death growling on though, once he was out of sight (he came back twice O-o), and darn harhar I just couldn't wipe that selfsatisfied Rukisnarl out of my face for minutes and minutes after the ... about third time of playing it in a row XD NnnNNnnNNN heehe なるしすこ。

Well, work was good, she didn't mind me coming too late, she was happy to just have someone there... there was some brat stealing *growls*... his friend was all cute and so on, ne, while the other one, the brat with the ear ring (they were about 13yrs) mumbled something about getting money from his parents since he forgot, and out of the door he was, and WeeEEEeeWWweEEEeWwEeWW *GROWL*... The other woman working there saw it too, ne, she was furious xD... The other guy asked if he should get his friend back, nnn, he did, but of course then he didn't have anything in his pockets anymore. *sighs*

BUT!!!!!!!!! ... When I did the cashing up everything was in place and order and I did not have a minus hahahwwaaaahhhh! ゜*。(*´Д`)。*°


Oh dang I was looking so much forward to getting home... finaaallllyyyyyyy DONE wahh, yay... At least, it feels a bit freeee ne.

And I'm glad... when I got home, Rosy was still up, and I sat down with her and we had a good chat... we hadn't been talking for I guess a week or two, just because I never really am home, ne... I only ever heard her talk to people on the phone, breaking down almost every time... she has a really tough time at the moment it seems, ne, but she wouldn't talk to me, either... she's so sensitive ne, always thinking that one doesn't like her just because they're not talking much, and then retracting and so on... but I just didn't have the time and maybe strength to listen to her problems just those exam weeks, ne... So I'm happy we finally talked and laughed again. ... Joking around. It's good ne.......

So. I'm back...

BRrRInG iT OooNnnNNn

*dirty little laugh*
11th-Feb-2008 11:53 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you had a full and very busy day. <3
11th-Feb-2008 11:58 pm (UTC)
Lol, kinda XXD

12th-Feb-2008 12:09 am (UTC)
Thats so funny you walked to the next bus stop cause I used to do that too (when I used to take the bus and didnt have a car) ^^ When does school start again?
12th-Feb-2008 01:35 am (UTC)
Lol... ... Just that I didn't walk to the next, but the next after the next after the ne... ho wait, I'm there already XXXXD

(well took over half an hour hahahaha)

Not before in two months, but I need to study and read a lot still *___*
12th-Feb-2008 09:18 am (UTC)
gaha~ what is this uber long post XDD i cant belive i read it all...

that only means im not as busy as you ;__;

12th-Feb-2008 12:15 pm (UTC)
Hahahaha... apparently, yeah XDDD

]My posts usually are long[ funny you read it all xD

If you're not as busy as I am, ho... what are you doing at all?? XXXD
12th-Feb-2008 10:03 am (UTC)
お疲れさんさん~~~~~ ^0^y

Heh, kanji part is always the best part for me (unlike grammar-_-;) and it sounds like you had fun with them too:P

So how much of blissful-doing-nothing do you have now?

傀儡絵 is love!Me couldn't stop listening to it yesterday^^
12th-Feb-2008 12:52 pm (UTC)

Ai rabbu kanji ♥ I actually think that whether someone can be successful in 日本語 or not depends strongly on the person's way of dealing with them. Surely... I guess... it's possible to make it through all the years of studying when not liking kanjis, it's a terribly hard way, but if they just keep at it I guess it's possible けれど... XD Hmm. I wouldn't want to be them argh. We should start a campaign of some sort... "Kanji lovers to the front!"... ummm... "Kanji lovers come further in life"... とか...

ん〜にゃんララレレ〜 ~ξヾ( ^-x-^)フ dummy just came up... what do you think... very sweet and innocent 声ねぇぇぇ〜 *爆*

Well let's call it 'blissful-doing-less-than-usual'... since there are things I have to do, and I have my job ne xD But it's two months until college starts again. [bet that time will just fly by]

12th-Feb-2008 05:58 pm (UTC) - hey never give up
never give up outori you had a real bizzy day but you hung on there good job how have you been??? thursday is valentines day everyone so happy valentines day
12th-Feb-2008 07:24 pm (UTC) - Re: hey never give up
Thank you ^ ^

I'm fine, how are you? Are you doing anything on valentines day?
Have a lovely one ^ ^
12th-Feb-2008 07:29 pm (UTC) - Re: hey never give up
na i'm working on valentines day which aint tooo bad right now i'm in the library i'm suppose to studying but the library is so cold that i think i'm frozen to my seat and i think i'm subconsciously e-mail everyone just to keep warm hahahaha anyways you take care and tell me how you are doing, are you doing anything on valentines day??
12th-Feb-2008 08:36 pm (UTC) - Re: hey never give up
Ohhh, I see... brrr... cold libraries aren't fun at all. X-x It should be cozy when reading books, ne~

So far I'm not doing anything special on valentines day... but we'll see, ne ^ ^
12th-Feb-2008 08:38 pm (UTC) - Re: hey never give up
thats cool keep your options open, where do you live ilive well in the usa
12th-Feb-2008 08:45 pm (UTC) - Re: hey never give up
I'm living in Germany ^ ^

Where in the us are you then?
12th-Feb-2008 09:02 pm (UTC) - Re: hey never give up
virginia, cool what part of germany-sorry i'm taking so long to respond i'm cleaning out my mailbox
12th-Feb-2008 09:13 pm (UTC) - Re: hey never give up
Bayern... Munich to be exact. ^ ^ If you've heard of the overall known Oktoberfest, that's where I'm at XD

Ahh no worries... I've been making food and all sorts of different things, too ^ ^
8th-May-2008 10:21 am (UTC)
*hehe* your way to work really made me laugh now XD and OF COURSE you missed the bus when walking to the next stop XD that's something which always has to happen *g*
(I once ran in order to still catch the bus. Until I reaches the but stop. The bus not having slowed down. Not having stopped. I then read what was written on the bus' screen which usually shows the bus' number and so on: "Betriebsfahrt" ... -_- thanks. And all those people at the bus stop looked at me ... weirdly. Laughing. Grinning. *grml* *laugh*)

Shop lifting. Hm. Just because I'm curious XD does it happen often?

btw. reading about you working makes me think that I indeed ... should think about ... working someplace. Actually. Reading about you working or even when you just say you'll go to work ... it ... motivates me to look for a place to work at ^.^'
Not now, that wouldn't make any sense anymore, but in cologne *g* I'll see ^.^' (*hehe* but it's good, so please keep me motivated XD even though you are not doing it on purpose *g*)

And about college ... you've said it's your first year. I thought it was your second XD (4th term ... so it's actually your 2nd now?)

8th-May-2008 07:07 pm (UTC)
Hehehehe... aww... well at least you got a bit of exercise ne? ^ ^"
And hmmm... Shoplifting, yeah, often enough ^ ^ You'd never believe it, heh. Most of the time you don't even notice. Just find the empty boxes in the store o-O

Okay... I'll try to keep you motivated... without purpose. ... erm, yeah ^ ^"

And that question about which year is cleared up, ne ^ ^
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