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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
°•☆Shoes and only Shoes☆•° 
9th-Sep-2007 02:10 pm
mao distorted

I had to laugh so much...

You know, I had this fancy, this idea, to make a collection of Mao's shoes. Because he seems to be very proud of them. He always takes pictures of them when he's going out, ne, and I always had to giggle when I stumbled over one of those entries hehe~

So I started to gather them today [yeah... don't I have other things to do XD] and uploaded them... and I thought "Ahh okay, the next time he'll put a picture of a shoe on his blog, I'll post them to my blog. Interestingly, he had just bought new shoes the second I had thought that... Haha!

Well there you go... ~~~ お願いします!

20. july 2007 14. august 2007
20. july 2007
Look simple, ne?
14. august 2007
Whee haha! They look cute! Stop smoking, Mao~~
26. august 2007 27. august 2007
26. august 2007
Mrrm... *I* like them! (do I have a fable for red shoes? hmm?) *shrugs*
27. august 2007
White and innocent, how fitting. (^_^;)
29. august 2007 04. september 2007
29. august 2007
Shiny black hehe... kinda long, ne? Ahh and the car has different mats. Lol... Red carpets?
04. september 2007
Haha!! *no komento* Acutally, I do have to comment... hehe... ~ They look like Birkenstock. XD "Going out" with them, eh? Haha... *love*
09. september 2007 09. september 2007
09. september 2007
O_O I like them... *gasp*
09. september 2007
Just bought today! I'd like to see him wearing them (*^*)

I noticed that he always has his left leg over his right when taking pictures of his shoesies. Hehe... *giggles* It's unhealthy XD He should do it more... outbalanced. Ah! I just found something I could tell him in my fanletter to him haha! (*⌒∇⌒*)

So but now I have to go... My grandparents just arrived... there's keeekii!!! *嬉しい* 食べる〜

P.S: It's already the day after but I don't want to start a new entry for that XD It's just... I LOVE HIM!!!! haha... because today, he WORE those shoes!!! He just know what I want him to do, eh? Or... maybe I know what he wants and we both want the same things. [hey sheesh that would mean he wants... ... ... ... ... *restraints*] Erm...

Anyway, those shoes are lovely, really hehe.... ~~~

And they were at the airport too ^^ Mao's filming Shinji, but ... I guess it's "CO.IN.CI.DENCE" ~ he's filming his shoes, too XD

9th-Sep-2007 04:54 pm (UTC)
As random and silly as this entry was, I liked it!! I guess he really must like his shoes ^^
9th-Sep-2007 07:59 pm (UTC)
Haha... I ... suPPOSE XD

I like them too...

Though... I guess O_o... I like his feet without shoes even more.
I'd like him without clothes the most X__x

Huh!? *looks around with swift headmovements* I didn't... say anything at all!
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