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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
@};- My Day... A Rose for me! -;{@ 
16th-Feb-2008 04:00 pm
uru drama
HO what a day... oh what a day... ♬♪

Nyaaaa seven hours of work, more or less... was great. First three hours in one branch, had to put away goods while being at the cashier desk, ne, we had just gotten a major delivery in the middle of the week.

After three hours, counting the money eeteeshe, and hoy, no difference [I'm master in having a difference in my little cashier... box... <_<”]. I had about half an hour break before I had to be at the other branch, so I took a little walk along the Isar River. So cold and crispy... There are lot of people down there, running or walking their dogs. It's nice, ne. Listened to the river flow and watch the seagulls, swans and crows. There was some ice... I threw stones into the water. While sauntering along and scrambling about the bigger rocks I thought about walking there with Mel. It happens, ne, that I am at places and have these thoughts of being there with her.

There was this big stone lying near the shore, it looked as if having broken off a building. This huge Christian cross had been chiseled into it. I wonder where it came from. Looked very old.

Well after a couple of minutes I walked back... laughing at this little white dog chasing the crows. He would try and catch them, speeding up, but the only thing they ever did was flapping a little with their wings, lifting off and flying a couple of metres before sitting down again. Yay for the crows hahaha...

Had three hours at the other branch as well, ended up alone there, but it was great ne. I love that particular store. Only ever been there once, but the clients are really nice. It's amazing just how nice. Lol. [ah, at the other one, I had another gay customer. He was blond, really pretty and aww those white dazzling teeth... sunglasses... he seemed a tiny bit shy, never looking up, but then grinning when I was all cheery hehe. I love gay guys. ]

Well, closed down... and counted money eeteeshe, and hogods, difference. I never had one when I was alone. I counted again. Still there. So I stood there with pouting lips and stared at the cashier box while it printed out my balance sheet, and HOGODS 250€... but PLUS! Ho holy fuck... haha... Something went terribly wrong there haha... Well I found out *cough* that I had entered the 250€ I had in 50€notes DOUBLE in the calculator, and that twice... ... Ah well. I hope my lil boss won't mind ^^" Since it wasn't a real difference [what the heck do you call it? Is it 'difference'? Or balance? Or...?] I actually had about 1,50€ plus. And hey... my average daily sales was the highest I've ever seen, ever, ever, ever hahahaha [and that without the difference ne, it doesn't matter for the daily sales]! Usually it's between six and eight, the most I saw this month was ten, and I had fucking twenty. Har har har... You have to forgive me my lil stupidity and hitting stuff wrong, ne, I'm so good XXXD *cheers*

Ah I noticed I haven't been listening to music all this time... I always do, ne, but I came home and sat down right away to write this...


The thing is, when I walked back home... cheery me... there were these three people turning around the corner and coming towards me, or like, heading in the opposite direction. A woman and two man, packed into thick coats (and me without any, ne, lol... ) One of the men was a tall one, dark skin, black long hair... he seemed native (South) American. The other was older, about 50, a bit short... and he started saying something, already from farer away looking at me, ne... He looked at me and flashed this huge smile, and asked

"Ohhh are you living yourself, are you? With that smile?" ["Du lebschd disch selbst, oda? Mit dem Lache?" loved his dialect xD]

And I went like "Nnnn hai~" [no.. XD I said.. "nn ye~~~s~" XD said that 'with that smile', like <33

And he stopped and started chatting away with me... holding this flower bouquet, or rather, those roses, in one hand, ne. "Ahhh then you'll get a rose" So he fumbled with the roses "Ahhhh if it only would get out..." and, I dunno, we said things all the time, like, me, laughing, him laughing lalala (He was as gay as pink pants on Chacha <333), and the other fellas already walked on. I said
"Ehh see, hehe, they're running away now... "
... We hit it off right away XD And as I said, I love gay guys. And he was just awesome. He said that he had a special permit to go out today, he was actually from Stadelheim (which is the prison), so in my head I went like "Oooooooh? Tell me the story of your life! (☆☆) *pleas*"

What was great, ne, after having given me the salmon/pink colored rose, he wagged his... nn.. bum while asking [in what a gay voice too, just GREAT haha] "Do yoo hav a lilll felllaaaa?" and giggling. Gods he was so cute haha! ["Hascht du a kleins Kääärlschn?"] Lol... I said "nn no... but I have a woman" XD LOL Though I don't think he heard, cause he was just bowing down, doing something, I dunno, the others did I think [it was when they still were standing there]

And lol, you know he called me 'child' and 'mouse' ["Mäusele" ♥ so cute *___*], and private space, what's that? lol! Touching my arm lightly all the time, looking deep into my eyes and all awwww hahha <33

He told me he was just living around the corner (the other two had stopped in front of a house gate about 60m away, waiting). He asked me my name, and guessed "Lenora?" hehe... nice guess but no <33 I told him, and he repeated it (seemed to like it hehe) and then said "I'm Bert." ... lol! ["Isch bin Bährt!"]

It was so so funny... he said good-bye then after a while, and I was still laughing, hehe. He told me to esteem the rose and take care ["Gell Mäusele, pass auf disch auf, ne" ... wadde hadde dudde da XD], I told him I would, ne, and as we parted I beamed even more.

"The rose speaks Melissa the rose speaks Melissa the rose speaks... Okay. *clears throat* <_<The rose speaks Bert."


Mmm well when I got home... I notice that the rose... (at least in that light) has exactly the same colour as the roses mom and me had gotten for dad's funeral.


Since one M wasn't there, I gave it to the other M instead...

What a day hehehe...

Oh and what I really love is when I get nosebleeds to appropriate times XD... like yesterday, Mitsuyubi came up and


I love it XXXD


... I should finish this entry before the only thing it says is "hahahahhaha" ... cause that's how I feel right now neee hehe <33
16th-Feb-2008 04:34 pm (UTC)
"He was as gay as pink pants on Chacha"

That gave me the serious lulz. I'm glad you had a good day, Gwen. <333 I wish I had a rose to sit here and sniff. I could smile more.
16th-Feb-2008 04:49 pm (UTC)
HAhaha... I'm glad you luled a bit <33

*lends you her rose*
But be careful. I must cherish it. ^XXXXXXXXXXX^ [=thousand kisses]
16th-Feb-2008 08:17 pm (UTC)
Seems like you had a very gayfilledinteresting day^o^

The part about nosebleed cracked me upXD although I know there's nothing funny about them It just sounded so... outorish:P judging from your post at least:P
16th-Feb-2008 09:43 pm (UTC)
lol... kinda? XXXD

Oh they mightn't be funny but I love them XD okay sometimes it's terribly annoying when you can't do anything for a couple of minutes cause you have to stop the bleeding somehow, lol... Outorish, eh? ... love that word ♥

lol... <333
(Deleted comment)
16th-Feb-2008 10:48 pm (UTC)
Lol... YOu mean 250€ Differnz in der Kasse? Halleyuuya!


.. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... *lays her head to the side, then gets up and walks into her secret garden, plucks a light pink rose and comes back, reaching her hand out to you* =D There you go. <3
(Deleted comment)
16th-Feb-2008 11:19 pm (UTC)
XD あーそうか?

XD A pleasure <33
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