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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Anyone want a seductive, sweaty Jrocker on a bed? 
12th-Mar-2008 12:32 pm
Aoi red

My mom sent me Jrocker vids and wanted my comment. Oh and comments she got XD

I've only ever heard the name "Eldorado" but never seen or heard anything by them. So I follow that link... hmmm interesting speech... Only understood so much *puts out index finger and thumb to show how 'much' she understood* and I can't remember it all xD but something about kill everything and then... uh... rebirth... hmmm... Another Vampirrrrre?

Ohhh and... I don't know why but somehow the images of bars... him behind bars... chained ... nnn... it's so prominent in my mind, I don't understand why ... xD... hmm... Ohhhh I can even see bloody streaks down his back and... oy? Hmm... *smirk* I can see mo~~~re... [You probably shouldn't know XD]
However... I went like "That guitarist... nyaaaaaaaaamine xD" hehehe...

She wanted to know if he 'always was so seductive' ne so she searched for other stuff by them.

Their PV Machiavelism. Well well... Her comment was "BIIIIIITCH!!!!" hahaha! [I like him better in the parts of the vid where he's not wearing the sunglasses. シガレット by the way, tayru.

Yeah, definitely, if ever anyone, the guitarist is my fave... [you can guess which one heheh] But hey, he's good at tying himself up... *considers* and his hair is really nice... hmm wait why do I like his hair? I have this hair thing, I realized a little while ago, that when one has a certain type hair I just like him without knowing why ehehehe...

HA! Now I know. Uru had that type hairstyle >_> Damn, I'm so easy xD

I looked for a few more... I liked Tenshi no Rakujitsu better. *paws* But seriously... Isn't he overdoing it a little bit? Maybe you can put too much sex into your vids XD May~be. [Put more sex into your vids GazeSid nnhnnn]... I just want to see if they could xD

He's got a nice face though. Ahaha! Did you notice the right guitarist's shoes in that one? XDD
And UWAH! YES! Totally that guitarist *___*

So hmmm yeah... the singer's got a nice face, but I don't like his voice too much, and I think he's overdoing it a bit. But it was interesting to watch.

And there was something my mom wanted me to blog... xD...

Ah yes. I showed her some scans of the MusiQ shoot [which has been ordered. *decided*], and she was like...

"Did you notice that Reita's chin... erm... it's... very bitable... ne ... you can blog that and ask your friends what they think erm ~ "


Well, I looked again, and I can see now what she means XD

And what was quite ironical, hehe, I was talking to my friend Suba on msn, about something completely else, cause I bought "The last Unicorn" DVD today [cheap for 8€ <3] and he said he could have given that to me. So I told him to next time please 'think louder' so I hear it when he got something for me what I'm just about to buy. [The 'thinking louder'-thing is an insider ne xD]

Anyway so he said...

wenn ich so laut denke dass es bis münchen und durch deine japanisch-musikalisch getäubten ohren und die vielen halbnackten männer in deinem gehirn bis zu deiner wahrnehmung schafft, dann zerreist es mir glaub ich den schädel

"If I thought so loudly that the thought pervaded all the way to Munich and through your japanese-musically-deafened ears and the many half naked men in your brain to your consciousness, I think that would lacerate my head."

... And he said that just while I was watching that live song of Eldorado, Circus. AHAHAHA! How comical xP *loves*
12th-Mar-2008 04:23 pm (UTC)
do you have simply a "hair thing" or a fetish as well :P
Would be ... hm. The 100th on your list of fetishes, at least? xD
(which I would - again - understand so very well *shrug* *g* ... ok, yeah, especially if Uruha had this hairstyle *gg* *willgeanuruhahairstyleforthegraduationball* *yay*)

... more sex in the videos. You know. I think (omg, I just noticed your mood icon ... *______* ... *scrollsdown* oh my *tryingtocncentrateagain*) ... where was I? Right, I was thinking. So. I think that one of Gazette's new songs would have big potential for a sexy vid *g* (not guren, not kugutsue, but the other one xD the one I still can't spell *grml*)

"Did you notice that Reita's chin... erm... it's... very bitable... ne ... you can blog that and ask your friends what they think erm ~ "
First of all, you've got a very cool mom if she knows those bands and thinks that way about them and even /tells/ you she thinks that way xD
And ... hmmmmmmm ... To me, the chin looking most bitable always is Aois xD (surprised? *cough*) ... and ... Uruha *____* Kai ...
I'd love to someday say that Reita's nose looks bitable, though xD *rofl*
... oh, forgot someone: *cuddlesruki*

and I can't watch those clips for they won't show at all, for some reason *grml*
12th-Mar-2008 05:40 pm (UTC)
LOL What a long comment XD *loves*
Erm, not it's not a fetish ^ ^ Unless you add 'm' and 'a' and an 'o' in front of it, then about everything is ^^", just a slight thing. I love hairflicks though *_*

... LOL you got a bit distracted by my moodbaby? lol hehee well I can understand that XD Yea, Kyomu no owari would, very much, but there won't be a vid, ne, since it's already on the single. (mom demanded a PV of that, too xD)

She doesn't have a thing for Rei at all (she likes Kai the most, but only cause erm... Aoi and Rei were already taken and erm she thought -at that point of time- that Uruha would only call to her 'lesbian side', heh (she got a tiny bit baffled at seeing him on live DVDs cause oh so manly he suddenly was XD) erm... well and she never goes for those that about everybody thinks is hot, which would be Ruki haha... So Kai.

Biteable nose... xD My friend would say it is. She loves him and ... yeah... xD

Hmmm must be your comp. Or is it like... do you see the stills? Or just black? You can also click on them, a new window should open with the youtubesite and the vid, ne.
13th-Mar-2008 06:52 pm (UTC)
hmmm *thinking* *goestoadd'mao'infrontofit* :P
like it that way? xD

I can always get distracted by anything that's got Aoi on it *_______________* (*höhö* ... no, I won't share my evil thought now :X ... )

and yeah. too bad there won't be a pv, actually ._____.
(then again, there was one for chizuru as well *g* I don't know them long enough to know the actual reason, though xD)

... *counts* reita and aoi taken, kai as well (I guess?) ... *pokes* who's got Uruha? *höhö* *wouldnotbeinterestedATALL* ... *loesthatman* ... *lovesallofthem* ._______. I am SO lost.

And everyone thinks Ruki is hot? Oo he can be ... but he's ... hmmm. Everyone thinks that way?? xD The majority? really? *gg* (Ruki's cute and nice ^.^' hot as well, but not /the/ hot man, at least to me xD)

I saw just black. The vids are working now, though ^^ *willlookatitlater*
13th-Mar-2008 07:49 pm (UTC)
XD ... I actually don't. ... I love Mao hair. Not as much as Aoi's or Uru's, but the fact that it's Mao's makes me love it yeahit'sasbadasthat

You know, you don't need to share those thoughts, I have a lot of them myself ^ ^"

Chizuru was an exception, because it was used as the theme song, or creditsong for a Japanese movie, that's why they made a PV.

Uruha is taken by now ^^ He wasn't at that time, but he is now. Heh.

o.O How can someone think of him as 'da cutesh' with that hipthrusting and groping and fondling oneself... O.O

Sou sou, you saw black XD Mmmmhmmm... what were you doing? XD
12th-Mar-2008 08:30 pm (UTC)
Your mom is so damn cute >_
13th-Mar-2008 12:30 am (UTC)
Hahahhah ^___^

yeah I love my mom XD... ... Hmm... Maybe you should get together or something XD Or wait... polygamy is still NOT legal in the states, right? XXXXD
12th-Mar-2008 11:30 pm (UTC)
LMFAO. This is why it's good to try new things. =D
13th-Mar-2008 12:32 am (UTC)
Hahaha! Indeed, ne XD It's just so interesting XD ... I used to be the one looking for stuff on youtube, following related links and all that, finding new or old bands... now it's mom doing the job and telling me. Lol.
15th-Mar-2008 10:00 pm (UTC)
The concert clip is... *fans herself*

Not my type of songs, but I've to say that being a man and wearing shorts THAT short and tight (and still looking sexy/seductive) is quite an accomplishment:D

Your mum as usually rules^^y
15th-Mar-2008 10:22 pm (UTC)
Hehe, it's nice ne XD... Well it's not my type of songs either, but as I said, was interesting watching.

Hehe. Ummm... I'll tell her ^ ^
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