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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Shipped! ♥ 
31st-Mar-2008 11:58 am
mao distorted
I just got the mail from CDJapan. The 燃えるゴミ single has been shipped x3

Finally I'm gonna know what they actually sounded like... now that they've disbanded. *holds up her fan-banner still and still*

I had a dream... only remember bits of it, but I was sort of back in school. We had done an excursion to some place and now went back ~ less then we were when we started but o-O I guess they went home in some different way. Cause we didn't take the train or a bus, no, we had our private airline. Nice... It was a small but spacious airbus. When I got on, I took one of the empty seats right in the front, and one of the teachers said "Ohhh chief seat, eh?" I just grinned a bit and shrugged. Felt strange being with them. As if I was just a visitor and didn't really belong there anymore.

The thing was, she, the teacher adverted me to the little alcohol they still had left, to celebrate... my eyes went to the little table and WHAT did I see? Moet Chandon. Bottles! *____* FInnally, I thought, finally I'll be able to taste what he likes so much... Filled up a glass and GODS that taste! I was reminded of my mom who said she didnt' like champagne. Well, I don't like champagne either, but that taste was mild, and fruity, so good it almost didn't taste alcohol, yet it did... It was dreamy <3 I thought, in the dream "Gods, I have to take a bottle home to my mom... she'll love it, too" Hehehe.

Lol... and today at work, I had to go to a branch I've never been at before. All the way out... lol. There was hardly anyone there, but she who was there with me was a lot of fun. Svetlana. Russian. (of course XD Either they're Russian, or Czech, or Greek or this or that or ... most of the girls/women working with me are actually foreigners ^ ^")
Well, this woman came when luckily not many were in the shop, and Svetlana was just gone. She had her bag filled with change. And asked me if I'd take it. Erm... ^ ^" Sure, I'd love to XD

So I sat there and counted and counted and counted her bags full of 20ct, 10ct, 5ct, 2ct and 1ct pieces. YEAY! (Well at least I had something to do xD) All in all... all in all all those cents added up to 68,75€...


It took a bit heheh~ ^^"
31st-Mar-2008 11:22 pm (UTC)
ahh~ i've been wanting to listen to 燃えるゴミ for a while now....
could you give me a link to where i could buy their single?
if its okay with you :3
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