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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
摩天楼オペラ/Versailles Concert Review Part 1/2 
6th-Apr-2008 03:09 pm
Aoi red
I'll have to post my review sort of thing in two parts. ^ ^" The first part, this here, will be about Matenrou only, the other about Versailles ~ The pictures are from the photoset I bought and scanned. ^ ^ Those fuckers are all too expensive *rubs back of her head* Ah well. Click on them and you get them much bigger, ne xD I wrote the review before I scrutinized the picture set, and yeah, their outfits were more or less the ones on the images, ne. In case you take the scans, don't pretend they're yours. Kay? グッド!

It’s 0:32, and I just returned home from the Matenrou Opera 摩天楼オペラ/Versailles concert in Munich.
My hair smells like that artificial smoke x-X” … Lol.

Well, what can I say xD When I went to the venue, I took the wrong exit from the station, so while walking along it just didn’t feel right at all… until I turned around hehe. I arrived at the venue at about 5pm. I expected many more… but there were only a handful of people there, really. I overheard some girls saying there were only 86 had registered. We had expected them to open at 7pm, but they let us wait longer than 7.30. And it went all so fast… they didn’t even check our bags. oO [just when I’d decided to not bring my cam xDD] Well, I walked into the hall and Geez ~ Well I could have taken a place in first row, further right, but for some reason I wanted to be in the leftish middle, so that’s where I went. Second row. And tell you what… No barriers. No security whatsoever I was practically standing leftish in front of the box that Sono would be standing on.

Once we were inside it didn’t seem to take long until the concert actually started. I was really curious to see Matenrou, only have one song of them and checked them out just a bit before I got the ticket… which was… last week? xD

Matenrou Opera

Some of the girls were sitting on stage before it started, but when the lights went out, everybody quickly jumped down and got in their rows, and the fog started to come out… (*cough cough* … especially when you’re screaming for an encore xD) Yuu was the first one out, of course, walking on stage and jumping on the box, waving with his arms, slowly turning around and unhurriedly jumped down again, walking up to his drumset… his clothes were … nice *__* And the fucker had the hairstyle I love so much X____X I swear I was whimpering inside when I noticed. Cause I didn’t notice right from the start. Not consciously at least ^ ^” Didn’t help that he looks good additionally ARGH! … *cough* Well …

I don’t remember exactly in what order they came on stage. I think it was Ayame after Yuu. Ayame seemed really shy and awkward already then, gazing in that lost and cute way, waving weakly… That broad way he was standing though revealed a nice view on his naked, gartered thighs haha… I was talking to a girl before we went into the hall and happened to be next to her during most of the concert as well. Just before they started she said that if any of them happened to wear garters (or bare midriff tops for that matter of fact), she’d “die”. So when I got that really nice view on his thighs and the lovely black garters, I looked back at her and wiggled my eyebrows XD Poor her had to die so much haha! Then I think it was Anzi, guitarist, who came upstage and then You, bassist. Gah, Anzi has a beautiful face! It’s like chiseled. And You has a sweet smile (/^//^/)

What can I say… Well the very first song, once they were lined up, still a bit in the ‘fog’, Sono went back a few steps, looking down, moving to the music, until it was his time to sing. They all looked very very concentrated the first one or two songs… I can understand that, I mean, playing in front of an international audience in a foreign country when most of the guys (… girls xD) assembled weren’t even there for them, but for Versailles. Sure there’s this tension. But we dispersed that tension rather quickly. Yes, German fans are atsui XDDD It’s always fun to prove that. Prove it again, and again, and again. ニコニコ

They warmed up pretty quickly. Sorry I don’t have an idea about their playlist… I only ever knew one of their songs, which was Honey Drop, and yeah they played that one. ^^ I’m actually listening to more songs now, and they played Alkaloid Showcase. Wasn’t that the parapara song? I remember headbanging a fucking lot to that… and jumping? Yes! That was the song, I think, where he stretched up his hand and brought it down, jumping a bit, and we jumped with him raising and dropping his arm. Ohhh that was so much fun *___* Aaahhhh I wanna go back now! T^T

They also played Kaze no Tori. When everything got quiet and his voice came out really well. He has a nice voice. *nods* I was like O.O when that song started playing, or let’s say, when he started singing, all clear and without drums and guitars. Just piano. What a lovely voice, then. And the way he goes up with it. It was a real beautiful song.
And Sara… Yeah they played that one, too. It’s a slow song as well, but with guitars. I remember Yuu having his drumsticks up in the air, then clicking them together before he and You and Anzi started playing. And I remember Anzi playing that part before Sono starts singing. It’s so lovely… I just stood and watched. It was really really lovely… Gods those songs bring it all back.

Ruri Shoku de egaku niji… WOW! I think that was the one they played again in the encore… maybe that was the hand raising jump-jump song too… He growled and HEL yes he did a good job RAWWWRRRR!!! … *cough* Yeah I mean… wahh! It’s so great! Ho~ly Gods. I think I’m something like a fan now, actually. Anzi coming in with his guitar, the solo, HEL yes!

Boukyaku Celluloid… The guitarplay. The fast drumming. Yes, I seem to remember that one as well. Headbanging as if there was no tomorrow. The rhythm.

Sono stood a lot on the box, his shoes about eye-level with. Nice (leather?) plateau shoes they were. I felt like touching them… and rub them a bit and just leave my hand on one and… *cough* lol ヽ(;´Д`)ノexcuse me for my JRockers-induced shoe fetish *cough*] He wore tight black cotton pants with a corrugated pattern and … were it gauntlets over them? With red frills anyway. The same red frills went down the front of his black, sleeveless shirt. He again wore fingerless black gloves that went up to over his elbows, leaving a patch of skin of his upper arms naked. And believe me it didn’t take me long to notice the mole he has on his right upper arm, just a bit beneath his shoulder... (^▽^;)

苑 Sono, Vocal

There were a lot of frills in all of their costumes. I noticed Ayame’s hair though… it was really lovely. Very full, and a light, shimmering chestnut brown with red streaks in it. Lovely cut. His outfit was mainly black and white, though I think the frills were of a shining light blue. He looked really awkward. The poor guy, really. I wanted to go up and hug him behind his keyboards. I flashed him a lot of smiles, hoping he’d smile a bit XD He looked so insecure. *pats*

彩雨 Ayame, Keyboard

I don’t really remember Anzi’s cloths, though yeah he wore a black jacket with a white rim. And one time he was standing on the box for a solo (His guitar I remember. It was red with a white and glitter inlay), the light fell fully on him and I saw that he… was purple. x-x … Well. His hair was really silver by the way, and in sort of spikes, yet not the standing-up kind of spikes, but hanging down type. Just like icicles. [Ice, ice baby? xD]. He has a very angular face, and lovely cheekbones *___*

Anzi, guitar

You… I remember his bass was beautiful. Pearly gleaming, grained and very wood-like. It was of some light colour… seemed to be a blending of yellowish and golden. And his bass-play was really good. I loved watching his nail-polished hands flit and move over the strings, and the way he slapped also… nnn, I liked it a lot. He was keeping his face straight most of the time… Apart from the times when Sono tried to talk German… ahaha! *pats* XP It looked almost as if You could have done it better, lol! Poor Sono xD *laughs* You wore a black cape around his clothes, and was it laced gaiters, for his arms, I mean? I’m not sure. He has a gentle face. Really lovable. Just like Ayame he seemed a bit shy, but not as awkwardly as the keyboarder (^~^) I actually don't remember if he had that ornamental thing on his head or not, but I don't think he had it.

燿 You, Bass

Yuu… *_______________________________*
… XD Well. Now you know everything you have to know, lol. Nah, seriously. That HAIR! GAH! And he had this ornament on the left side of his face, in blue and silver I think, looking like a fantastic plant spreading over it. So beautiful. [It's different than on the picture. It really spread over the whole half of his face. Plus, his hair wasn't hanging as much into his face ^^] He also wore white or very very light blue contacts. He was just wow. Really. I mean, girls around me said after the concert “Yuu is SO cute! *__*” Nyaaa no no… he’s not cute =____=” Again, I wanted to watch the drummer more, but the vocalist kept being in the way… Not in that way that I want him to go away, no no, my eyes were just drawn to Sono a lot of the time. Not that he looks so good, hehe. It was the attraction and magnetism that vocalists can radiate. He had it. He managed to pull me in.

悠 Yuu, Drums

So much, that when he stood on the box, and leaned in, my hand was one of the many hands reaching for him. He didn’t keep close though. He chose when people could touch him. He reached out his left arm… and hands connected with his. I once got the touch of his fingertips for a bit. They were quite cool. It was during one of the first songs. I know I turned around and grinned at the girl next to me when I had touched him, stars in my eyes I’m sure… aww… I don’t really know why, but I liked that touching his hand. I mean, in comparison to other Jrockers, he doesn’t mean anything to me. But he was able to connect with me somehow during that concert. As in… that I felt some part of him, he really put himself in there, and yeah, I absorbed it, and now he’s there. *touches where her heart is* … Aww… (♥.♥)
The second time was a while later. I touched his clothed right palm with my right hand. I held it. (Such small hands, actually… ) He still felt cool. And so strong. I mean, he wasn’t really holding anyone by force, I’m not sure if he held our hands, or just let his be held… But it was so strong. Hmmm… The third time, I held the outside of his left gloved hand with mine for a while. Wah. It felt good. It really did. *__* It’s like… holding on to someone who’s gonna save you. Not as if he was … it’s just that type of feeling, I guess.

Anzi and You changed their places a lot. Running from here to there to here again… Skip skip ^ ^ Once both of them stood back to back to each other on the box. That was one of the aww-moments. All smiley and… akk (*^.^*) Anzi smiled a lot. He was actually sort of non-stop smiling. He kept seeking out people in the audience, too. I mean, there weren’t that many ne. Maybe five rows, or six? o.O I don’t know. But we heated them up properly hehehe… All of us. I think I caught his look once or twice. Anzi’s, I mean. Well as I mentioned before, I tried to grin as much so that Ayame just had to smile but … he never really smiled. Always very concentrated. He rarely took up eye-contact with the people. Though actually, once he did something that came close to smiling, hehe, and yeah that was just when he looked in my direction and I just smiled and grinned at him but ... xD I don’t know. Hehehe…

What I noticed about Sono… besides his mole o.O and the bird-like, narrow face and the small adam’s apple… it were his eyes. When the light shone right into them, they appeared to be illuminated from within. They were practically shining in a light brown colour, strewn with darker spots me thought. He was reaching out into the crowd a lot. Both while standing, you know, just reaching out his arm to everyone, and when kneeling down, actually having people touch him.

He tried to speak German sometimes XD And… I’m sorry to say that but he failed ^^” At least neither me nor anyone around me got what he was trying to say. Well, “München” and “Wir sind Matenrou Opera”, things like those are understandable. But there was something he insisted on saying, and none got what he meant LOL! It might have been “spielen” or something (to play) but I dunno. xD He kept repeating the word and looked back to his bandmates. You grinned and laughed (and then looked down at the floor as he was laughing haha! He’s so cute *_*) and even Ayame grinned and was like “Eeeeh, I don’t get you either!” You actually looked a bit as if he had an idea, but he kept quiet about it, hahaha! And grinned as if he was saying ‘sorry for his bad German’ Awww! Even Yuu smirked XD It was great. Sono gave up, laughing, after a couple of tries. Me and some around me were like “Eeeehhhh??? NANI?” xD [Well I was the one going ‘えええぇぇぇえ?’ LOL! I just love it too much hahaah]Very much audible XD Haha… He didn’t really know what to say, then. He tried a bit with English, too, and well, Japanese strewn in xD He went like “mumblemumblesomething… ehhh… HEPPI!” and touched the place where his heart is a couple of times. (awww)

And they even did fanservice! ラブラブ! GAH! Well… between Sono and You. One time they both were on the box, or Sono was, and You was halfway on it, next to him, and Sono leaned down, and put his arm around You’s shoulder, while he was just playing on and grinning, and Sono leaned closer, still singing, pressing his mouth to You’s cheek and singing into him. Of course, everyone went “WHAAAHEEEEEE” lol. You grinned a bit embarrassed and then went back to his place. He really seemed to be embarrassed by that, hehe…
If you don’t count extreme closeness and bodycontact, then that wasn’t true fanservie, but Hel, we cheered. にひひ

The second time was a couple of songs later. If I remember correctly, Sono went over to You, and again put his arm over his shoulder, pulling him close while You concentrated hardにひひ, and Sono leaned in and kissed his cheek a couple of seconds, while everybody in the hall cheered and shouted like mad. NYAA! Fanservice = WIN. And again, You looked a bit embarrassed. Not as much though. I wonder … xD

I actually also got a bit of You’s hand in the end, I think it was when he went up on the box and reached out his hand for us, to said good-bye…

All in all they played about an hour, until 9pm, with a lovely encore. Gah, and when Yuu finally went up to the front again… Gods… such a lovely… appearance. *__* (And by far the most nonchalant one)

Yuu actually came out again after they had officially left and the lights were back on, to adjust something about the drums, or help the roadies adjust things. In fact, just a bit afterwards, “some guy” came out who was like… in costume *__* … ~Yuki~ ドキドキ People were cheering and shouting his name, but all in all it was quite composed. He screwed around with his drumset [erm… that sure sounds… interesting ( ̄▽+ ̄*) ], looking all serious, and Yuu came and helped him, talking to him a bit. After a while they both left and again left us there, alone… Waiting for Versailles to start. I didn’t watch the time, but I thought that we had to wait longer than the usual 15 minutes. Some roadies also shoved the box that the guys had been standing on away and adjusted the two speakers in a way that they would be directed at the one standing at the middle front (being Kamijo ne XD) That Japanese roadie actually was very pedantic about how they should lie. He came back several times and adjusted them not even an inch, you know. Already then I was like “Uh oh… Kamijo seems to be … very … picky xD”

Next Part is Versailles
6th-Apr-2008 07:10 pm (UTC)
I didnt even know they were playing there ^^
6th-Apr-2008 07:16 pm (UTC)
You mean Matenrou? Hehe... Well I didn't really get it either, even though my friend had told me versailles had another band coming XD It was so~ great though <33
7th-Apr-2008 01:58 pm (UTC) - Damned * Damned * Damned * Damned
無名〜One with no name
... so it seems I've missed the next awesome event after GazettE, Dir en Grey ... (well, I wasn't that much into it at that time) and J-Rock Invasion in Cologne and oh the fuck YES I regret it so much after only reading about Matenrou's Opera ... *yells in pain*, well I could have left after them because I don't like Versaille's music that much ... Oh gosh, why am I always SO level-headed??????????? Grrrrrrrrr PLEASE press, squeeze, urge, drive me into the next J-Rock concert, whatever band there will be (you may use my whip, hahaha)!!!!! Hmmm what I found very interesting indeed is that now you have a "J-Rocker's induced shoe-fetish", hahaha, I remember times of Norwegian-men induced nose-fetish, ne?
And what makes me think is your enthusiasm about Yuu - hei, he's the drummer, and ALL of the drummers are MINE *smiling* (wishful thinking)... so now I will go on reading about Versailles ...

*u know who sent this*
7th-Apr-2008 03:57 pm (UTC) - Re: Damned * Damned * Damned * Damned
Ahahahha of course I know you XDD

Yeah I really thought you missed something ... x-x But well. Thinking that it's so expensive and you would only have watched an hour of it, maybe it was okay you didn't go. I promise though I'll urge you into the next =D

... Which will be... Kagrra or Mucc or Miyavi probably xD So I don't think you'd try to resist so much.
... You'd go and see Meev, ne? He's gonna come down in June. To munich ^___^ You should probs listen to some of his new songs. He changed his style a lot, ne. You can watch Hi no hikari sae kono basho de here ne. Don't know why there is no better quality of that vid. Nnn...

I will definitely use your whip if you won't go to Kagrra, I tell you. Cause Isshi ... *_____* ... Well. <_< It's just soo beautiful and sooo different. *sigh*

Whot? You didn't know about the shoe boot fetish? lol... ^ ^"" Well Jrockers induced a lot more fetishes than just that. Moles for example *cough*

Nix da. Yuu net. Den kennst ja gar net mal *Geraeusch*

and it's my first time using this icon hehehe
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