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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
摩天楼オペラ/Versailles Concert Review Part 2/2 
6th-Apr-2008 03:26 pm
Aoi red
And here's part II of the review. ^ ^


Well, some time went by, the girls sitting on stage again… the one in front of my got the playlist that Matenrou had taped to the stage, hehe. I read ‘Honey Drop’, forgot the rest ^ ^” [But now by listening to some songs again I can say for sure that they’ve been played, ne. They don’t have that many songs after all, plus the encore song was one they’d already played. Hehe. I love it somehow when it is like that. When you really just start out and just have as many song as to fill a live with, and when the audience wants more, you’d have to replay some xD]

Waiting... waiting... Finally it got dark(er)… The doors opened and closed, and I could make out some blond locks a couple of times. … At first I thought it was Kamijo, because I know the way he had his hair in the PV and the last shoot, yet it was Hizaki, hehe. And then it got really dark again, and the smoke came out … blurring our vision just a little too much ショック! Yuki of course was the first man out, looking really good in his turquoise cloths, the gauntlets or whatever you call sort of gloves that go up to over the elbows but leave the upper arms naked and don’t cover the hands o0 Mmm anyway, those. And he had really nice, high black&silver/white boots. A bit like cowboy boots. A roadie had carried a pair of black sports shoes around just a bit before they started. I went like “O-O What … do you have in mind about those… shoes?” … Well after carrying them from the left to the right to the left, he put them to Yuki’s drumset. I haven’t seen him change his boots… maybe he just slipped into them, or maybe he just needed them for a couple of songs. I don’t know.

Well anyway, Yuki. I liked him right away. He seems older, just like Kamijo. Have no clue how old they really are, but since Kamijo had been in Lareine, I guess at least he is one of the old school Jrockers, ne. Again I fail to remember who came on stage first and last, but I think of the three Hizaki came out last… So then I guess Teru, Jasmine You and Hizaki, but don’t pin me down. I really don’t know. ^^” Teru was wearing a bare midriff top, and again I had to grin, thinking of what the girl had said, how much she liked those. (Gods yes… he has a lovely belly *__*) And I just gaped at their costumes. I mean, wow, just…. wow. I’m not really into their music, ne, like it’s not the style of music I’d prefer for any other style, but I thought, since I had both chance and money, I should go, ne. Even if it would only be to stare at the beautiful costumes. All of they’re cloths were more or less exactly the same as in those last shoots, well the Revenant Choir PV, ne. At least Jasmine and Hizaki’s. Absolutely stunning.

People around me had been discussing the way Kamijo will probably appear. Some suggested him kicking the door open but… alas that spectacle did not occur. … lol. He appeared quite dramatically though and already the first seconds I saw him I went like “Ohje…” in my head ^^” Anyone who’s not German will probably not get this but I really had the impression of “Draaama, draama!” x-X

Well, his hair is shorter than in the shoot, and more in waves than locks. The left side of his face was mostly hidden behind a bang. Actually most of him was hidden behind his cape xP … The way he was holding it with his hand I was afraid his left might cramp, really oO It took a bit before I relaxed with that thought really ^^” He actually has lovely fingers and beautiful fingernails. And he seriously glared into the audience… Sorry but I giggled at that. I couldn’t really take him serious ^^” I was like “Shhh, Kamijo, it’s okay… Relax...” I know it’s part of the show… I just thought it a bit silly, really. He also blinked a lot and jerked his bang in front of his eyes to the side. There’s quite a lot of guys blinking overly, ne. Shou is… Isshi was, too. And Kamijo. (If it’s the contacts, maybe they should get different ones? ^ ^”)

Well, sad thing is that the technic didn’t really want to do it the way we and the band would have wanted it to work. I couldn’t really hear Kamijo’s voice well… I mean, I could hear it, but there was just nothing much to his voice the way it sounded. Additionally, during about the third song they played, Teru’s guitar didn’t want to work anymore. Or the receiver, just something, ne. So he went to the back, communicating with one of the roadies, trying his guitar, playing with no sound coming out, having his back turned to us. I… didn’t mind that view either. I inspected him quite thoroughly then ^^”

The fun thing was, that about everyone was totally fixated on Kamijo where I was standing, ne. At least, whenever I turned my head, all other heads seemed to go into direction Kamijo. And since I wasn’t that much taken by him at all… especially not that grim face that I didn’t find remotely sexy ~ (but I had the thought that Kamijo fans probably were getting really warm under that gaze) I kept looking at the others. Unfortunately I didn’t see all too much of Hizaki unless I would totally wrench my neck and body. But I had a good view on everyone else. And I reveled in actually looking stolidly past Kamijo, totally ‘missing’ him, directly looking at Yuki… And I guess that when he looked back he was actually looking at me a lot of the times because… there weren’t that many others that would happen to look into his direction ne XD I just totally rocked out and then grinned and smiled and winked at him when I got the chance, lol. And since their music is much speedier than Matenrou’s, the headbanging was just the same… insane shaking right and left. I prefer the round and round one that is just perfect for Gazette, but no chance doing that there whatsoever XD And I totally had to orientate myself at the girl in front of me because when she did the forth back headbanging, I was better off doing the same, honestly ^ ^”

And I simply loved looking at Jasmine. He rarely took up contact with the people, and to be honest it was rather difficult noticing when he did due to the real black eyes and the huge, feathery lashes. The colours of his dress seemed variant with the different lights shining onto it. It seemed to be red normally, but then rather purple/pink/violet. The feathers are so lovely… the whole damn hair actually. It’s so incredible. I’m not sure if I would want to know how long it takes them to be finished with their clothes and make-up. Jasmine actually looked like a very beautiful man to me at some points. You know, I always have this second pair of eyes, trying to see them without all that. … His chin reminded me of Intetsu’s a lot XD He seemed quite ‘shy’, rarely looking up, but one time that he did it seemed as if he was looking in about my direction so I smiled reassuringly and… bright, and THERE IT WAS! A little grin flit over his lips and then he smiled, before he went into straight-face-mode again. Such a lovely smile, too! And his bass was beautifully grained in dark brown colours. You know the way he’s playing the bass, sure it’s quite ‘female’ but the way he’s doing it… it’s so … sexy, really. The way he moves with his instrument at times it’s like… sex o--o Beautiful, graceful, aesthetic sex. べーっだ! I really loved watching him hehehe.

Hizaki is just terribly pretty. And such a badass guitar player. I was glad for the times he switched places with either Teru or Jasmine, or even better, with Kamijo, standing right there in front of us. I loved his solos. And the way he sort of headbanged, his locks flying everywhere, yet careful not to bang to much in case something might be… displaced. His guitar was of a metallic orange colour. I loved the colour. *__*

Kamijo played a lot with his cape. And gosh, his boots! They were high heels, of course, but hmmm… ho to describe them. High black, laced leather boots with a heel that looked much more like a woman’s boot than a man’s. Hands went up and down those boots a lot. … he wasn’t afraid of contact at all. Kamijo stood up front a lot of the times, reaching out his hand sometimes, sometimes just standing, a little spread-legged, singing, with people holding pieces of his clothing or himself, touching him where they could reach… He wasn’t shy at all XD … Well of course not. o.O Kamijo and ‘shy’ don’t really go well together. What they did a lot was turning in a circle at the same time. [I found it rather funny looking actually ^^” But that way you got a good look at their dresses and clothes from all sides. And of course, the effect of a dress being swirled around is just lovely, ne. ]

That way he was standing, of course I reached out for him, too ^ ^” His knee and his thigh and… eh yeah. xD So often I didn’t count anymore. He always had a couple of hands on him. Or, his latex pants, ne. I mean, when mom and me were watching the UnsraW concert she went like “oO They’re so… civilised about touching him… only ever touching his legs and chest and… so on. Wouldn’t really be possible here, ne?” But actually, it is. Well, apart from the girl who tried to touch his crotch, lol, and he went back a bit while singing, sort of protecting that area with one hand and going ‘no no’ with his index finger, grinning though. Hahah! No touching the Kamijo crotch. But touching his thigh was okay ne. o-o XD It’s a very… hard (warm) thigh. Those Jrockers really feel hard [Though for some reason I’m unsure whether Uru’s thigh would feel remotely that way… I somewhat doubt it ^^] And I don’t know why, but it just feels nice touching them. In that way of touching, there’s nothing like “ohh baby I want you, I wanna touch you all over” in the touches, ne. It’s just some sort of feeling and holding on to.

Kamijo talked some English, too, ne. Well, he was a bit better than Sono, ne ^^” I can’t remember everything he said, but something about Japanese, maybe whether we understood some or not. Then he said, pointing at the crowd “Japanese…. Dragonball?” There was some confusion whether he’d meant us with that, or Teru, because he also pointed at him as he said that, having him laugh. Haha! Well, Teru’s hairstyle was a bit dragonballish ne. Like Goku’s, just in blond. XD

I liked Kamijo much better as he started smiling and laughing a bit, you know. Then he said “Takeshi?” and the crowd still roared with laughter. にひひ Another thing that happened was that he reached down into the crowd and fished out a fan one of the girls had held. He got up and opened and closed it and then looked all startled at it, almost taken aback… or simply surprised. He closed and opened it a couple of more times, and I laughed and then turned back in direction Teru and said something, and Teru and Yuki laughed at whatever he’d said. It was a Japanese ink painting on it, a man… like in some old books. He seemed to be surprised at that. Kamijo then said “Mm… it’s a … Japanese sensu, ne!” … I think he said ‘sensu’ cause it sounded like ‘sense’ xD And it was a sensu ne XDD

Other things I remember about Kamijosan apart from the glaring and frowning and blinking during most time of the concert was the veins in the front of his neck that showed very clearly when he leaned his head back. o-O (No wonder whoever bit him ‘to make a vampire out of him’ , really xD) And the film of sweat you could see at and underneath his neckline.

I think it was after the first encore (they gave two… ) that the girls next to me took out their huge sign they had made, that read “Versailles, let’s go out tonight” There was a guy who thought it embarrassing, but it was only meant for fun to see their reactions. I had talked to the girls who done it ne. (and had given the guy who was with them a cookie for standing outside as a windshield for us LOL! Well… I said “i can give you a cookie for doing so… “ but didn’t give him any, and after a couple of minutes he looked at me with those puppy eyes ne, and said “What about … my cooookie?” So I had pity XD) When they put it up, Kamijo was just turning around, looking down, so it took a while before he looked up and saw the sign, and at first he just grinned, then narrowed his eyes to actually read it… and narrowed them more, concentrating real hard it seems… and then he smirked and laughed, and made an ‘ok’/O - sign with his right index finger and thumb, winking and turning around again xD I didn’t see any of the other guys’ reaction, though I think Yuki and Teru laughed at it. I thought it was funney xD And yeapp, I’m easily amused sometimes XD

Versailles didn’t stay away from fanservice like things either, ne. The first time Kamijo went over to Teru to do ...something I noticed too late because Hizaki had come over to us, in the middle, to play some nice riffs and of course my eyes were all on him… until I noticed some movements in the corner of my eyes and when I looked, Kamijo was next to/behind Teru, his head over his shoulder, stroking his chin with his hand affectionately and Teru smiling back at him. The next time he did it, I saw more of it XD
And the third time was when Teru stood up front, playing, his hands flitting over the frets, and Kamijo came from behind, winding his arms around Teru’s… was it chest? and lifting him up… It was really cute in some way… though ‘cute’ and Versailles don’t reallllly go well together but… ^ ^” The way they both smiled and smirked and… awww. I think, Kamijo even lifted that light weight twice or three times while they were standing there in that way.

Even in Kamijo’s solo, when everyone but him had left the stage, his voice didn’t come out fully, unfortunately. Sono’s voice came out much better, really. There also was a lot more eyecontact between Sono and the crowd than with Kamijo and the crowd, I had the impression.

I very much liked Yuki’s drumsolo. Not as lovely as Shou’s, not as lovely as Izumi’s, but great in it’s own way, and some of the parts really rocked out. How many parts did it have? Three? Four? I don’t know. ^ ^” I loved the way he kept altering the rhythm somewhere in the middle and then went back into the old one without it sounding like totally different pieces or… ah I don’t know how to explain.

I was able to touch a bit of Jasmine’s dress ^^” I was curious what it would feel like. The outside is a quite hard fabric. … I don’t know any fabrics names but cotton, wool and polyester I’m afraid xD Have I mentioned the row of ‘bells’ on his dress? I loved that.

It was during their second encore I think that Kamijo stretched his arms out left and right in shoulder height, looking expectantly at us while clenching them to fists. You know, Kamijo, if you’d just said it in Japanese, I would have understood sooner what you’d wanted us to do. But somehow we understood it, and took the hands of our neighbours, raising them up high and waving them to the slow (and then faster, and then slower) rhythm. There were some confusions about directions and speed, heh, but it sure was a great thing. I mean, we really weren’t that many, but it seemed to really move them how we all were so much into it.

Ohh I’d actually had the chance to grab a bit of Teru, too. Teru and Yuki being my favourites in Versailles ne… When he stood up front, somewhat kneeling down so we could actually get a hold of him, (I think he wasn’t playing then, ne… it was before they left) I held his clothed left forearm in my hand. *__* So thin and warm and hard/strong and… ahh *sigh* There’s just something about that sort of contact… I guess I’d die if 麗 ever reached out his hand and I held it… in that sort of situation… … Holy… I mean, in comparison to Gazette, or… マオ… Teru and Yuki mean nothing to me. And still it meant a lot touching them. It’s just so… akk. T^T

Hizaki went up front in the end as well, stretching out his hand to us, smiling lightly, shaking and touching hands. That’s when I got a bit of his warm, sweaty, tiny left hand, too. So~~~ warm. And tiny. Really o.o

And I’ve been waiting for Yuki to come down… I always seemed to have that much contact with him during the concert (I reveled in ignoring the one about 90% seemed to be constantly staring at and looking at him instead にひひ), so I was like “(>_<) Yuuuuukiii come ‘eeerrrre purriiiiiizuuuuu~ “ … *cough* yeah ^ ^ He went along the edge of the stage and touched the hands of people he’d come in contact with. *got a bit of his hands and fingers too* *cheers* ^___^ … For some reason I seem to remember his fingers as being a bit cool of touch, but is that possible? Him being drummer and all? … Mystery over mystery. Oh and by the way… he sang along to some of the songs. xD

Ohh and during on of the last songs, a girl stretched a red rose out to Kamijo. She was in about the third of fourth row [Ok, considering that she was in 3rd or 4th I guess there were more rows than just 4 ^^” Probably six or so?]. In the beginning, she just stretched and stretched… until Kamijo finally reached out and took the stem between two of his fingers, palm facing upwards, then he got up, sang, and slowly kissed the rose… Then threw it behind him in direction Yuki and Jasmine and turned around after throwing, meeting the bright smile of Yuki. Aww, haha. Yuki really grinned and smiled a lot ニコニコ Hmmm… was it actually that song where Kamijo said in the beginning… something like “Next song… me… *pointing at self* and *making slow, elegant movement with his arm, bowing lightly* you… lovers…” … Ohhh he got some cheers there. 得意げ Hmmm and all in all they played three socalled ‘last songs’, ne, and to each that was laster then the last one before it, Kamijo was like “Last song. LAST song.” Emphasizing that it’s really, sadly, going to be the last ^ ^” I grew to like him a bit more towards the middle and end of the concert, ne, when he got more emotional or let’s say… closer to the people on a mental level. [If he had gotten any closer to the people on a physical level, he would have to stage dive ne lol]

Songs they played were amongst others Zombie, Suzerain, Revenant Choir, Forbidden Gate, Love from a Dead Orchestra, Red Carpet (shout), Shout & Bites, and maybe Sympathia? I listened to the Versailles songs I have and thought I’d recognized this and that song… As I said, I’m not really a fan ne. ^ ^ I know that they played Zombie and Suzerain because the girl in front of me jumped to see the playlist before they started out, and she read ‘Zombie’ and ‘Suze’ and wondered what it would be XD One of them was even the second song they played. Others asked her what the first song would be, and she said she couldn’t read it because it was Japanese. … I’m guessing but what about イントロ? XDDDD *shrug* Well I don’t know ^^” But it’s a possibility, ne. >-> Though, Intros aren’t really on any playlist ne? … I just don’t have any song by them with a Japanese title. O.o

How long did they play? … I don’t remember… Longer than an hour for sure, I think. When I got out I was so damn thirsty I wanted to get the new solero milkshake at McDo’s so urgently I got a bit pissed as I arrived there to get to know they already had switched off the damn McFlurry and Milkshake machines. ARGH. I was looking forward to that. … I guess it’s a sort of tradition to get icecream after a JRock concert. ^ ^” It’s enough liquid and ‘food’ to make me both not thirsty and hungry anymore, ne. Next time I’ll ask them when they shut down the machines, so I’ll know =__=” I think I arrived somewhat after 12 at home… traveling about 30 minutes. ^__^

And here's Part I of the review, Matenrou Opera in case you missed it XD

As a side note… I felt some excitement in my bowels, no, feel, NO, have been feeling it about the whole day now. It’s Gazette’s grand finale today… [thanks thebsi, it's not but... almost XD] Gods. It is as if I get some of their spirits. It’s really strange. My heart is jumping in my chest ne~ xox

頑張って下さい Well I know they’ll give their best but… ニコニコ nnn… just… give your best. x-X ... *fails at words right now* … and have lots of fun…
Gods when I think about that their tour will have ended so soon then… [Will it? Will it? Or is there 05 coming up? No, ne?] And… they’ll have time for studio work again. … Maybe maybe they’ll get some break before that though? Nn… Gosh. *heart bumping* *fails*
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6th-Apr-2008 02:06 pm (UTC)
本当に? (//.//) *hides* XD Well... I still want them to do their best xP

... Oh right... there are two more? xD *cough*

Welcome ^ ^
6th-Apr-2008 05:33 pm (UTC) - Revenant Choir

I checked out PVs for Versailles and hmmmmm Yuki's arms are...


and Kamijo's voice...the tone reminds me of...someone...can't place it :P Any ideas???

Oh and Jasmine is so pretty *loves*

<3 good job on the reviews (comme d'habitude ^,^)
6th-Apr-2008 05:38 pm (UTC) - Re: Revenant Choir
*giggles* Ohhhh doesn't it feel good being able to type in 日本語 just like that? xD
Ohhh Yuki is lovely. ^___^ Hai, kamijo's voice is nice... sadly it didn't reach during the concert. Maybe his voice reminds you of... Kamijo? xD I think we've been listening a tiny bit to Lareine. I don't think it was still in Ireland, or maybe it was? ... Never much though.

Hmmm... Asagi maybe, of D? Well I think they're very different actually but hmmm >_>

Gods, the way Jasmine looks in vids and all can't be compared to him in real life. *___* The way he moves and all... *is liking JasmineYou* xD

ありがとう〜 (arigatou) Merci beaucoup ^ ^ mais bien sure ehehe...
6th-Apr-2008 05:48 pm (UTC) - Re: Revenant Choir
ばかグウェヌちャん!LOL (attempt at Gwen chan^^)Of course I can read ありがとう *pokes your nose and expects to get away with it just because it's so brazen ^^*

I know a lot more かな now yay!
6th-Apr-2008 05:49 pm (UTC) - Re: Revenant Choir
Oh and
P.S.: Yuppie it is sooooo fun that Maccies let you switch and use languages sooo easily YAY!

6th-Apr-2008 05:56 pm (UTC) - Re: Revenant Choir
Ohh so you're (trying to) being a good girl, eh, and learning kana? XD Ne, that is great えへへへへ〜

そして〜 for further references, my English (EH WHAT? I meant normal) name is グェンドリーン。。。とかグェンちゃん XD

There's so much to Mac you still have to figure out <3333

*throws the ばか馬鹿 right back at you* XD ... EY! *pokes your nose back*

7th-Apr-2008 02:25 pm (UTC) - Headbanging problems *LOL*
無名〜One with no name
My compliments, that report is great (looking at it from an editor's point of view) and I had to laugh a lot, really!! Many funny pictures appeared before my eyes ... especially about the coordination of the headbanging (I know you like it going round, haha) ... and ... THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for mentioning Shou, yeah, probably the best of all drummers ... :-) :-) :-)
7th-Apr-2008 03:51 pm (UTC) - Re: Headbanging problems *LOL*
Awwww you're so cute about 匠 XD ... I mentioned him? XD *lol* [ah yes I found it again hehe]

Thank you for the compliments ehhh ^ ^"" You were laughing? About... ? xD Well I was amused about Kamijosan, really xDDDD Maybe that feeling is somewhat conveyed in the way I wrote ehehe.
Hmm I guess you've seen me while headbanging around and around a lot of times now ne XD

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