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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Three and a half peculiar meetings 
12th-Apr-2008 10:58 pm
Mao eye
Today I was working at two branches again, the first from 8 to 12, at the other from then to 4pm.

Something 'funny' happened, well, at both. xP Mmm... Just yesterday, my coworker told me that there was a 'home' close to our branch, and warned me that in case there are people coming who behave weird or talk in a strange way, I should ask them if they actually have enough money before I start scanning the items. ... "home" ... aha... o-O Never knew. Heh. But yeah, there were some.

A woman and her keychain dog

I was just cleaning up a bit, when this woman in her 50ties came closer. She had a keyring in her hand with a tiny, dirty dog attached to it. The woman went up to the shampoos and asked "Nnnn so which one do you want to get today?" and put the doggie (stuffed, ne stuffed, at the keyring, not a real one, heh XD) with its snout up to the shampoo. "That one? Eh? *cough cough cough* Hmmm? No? *puts to next* COUGH! Ahhh... nn... ahalala... so we'll get that one? Yes? Yes? *cough* Yes? *cough* o~~kay then let's get that one. *dances away* *cough* Ohhh yes you're right mmm we still have to get a shower gel..."

... When she went up to pay, I already saw the 10€ she held in her hand, so no reason to ask her for money. She let the doggie pay XD And talked all the way to it, ne. I think that whenever she coughed, it was the doggie talking back ... You know... I found that really cute. x3 Naturally, other clients stared, some rather disgusted, but I just smiled. =D Who knows how the world she's living in is. I mean, I was talking to my stuffed animals as a child too, ne, taking them to where I went... (well, just my closest stuffed friends) . . . It's nice ~ Maybe her world is better than ours.

I actually met her again when I went back home. Met her on the street and smiled and said hello to her. She recognized me ^ ^ (poor woman though looked so very insecure out there... or generally, with people around. Rather interacted with her baby doggie <3)

He's A tiNy biT ins3cuRe ne

At the other branch, there was this 'scary man' again. ... Well, he's strange. Maybe he's from there, too? Once he came in, and just stood there, waiting for other clients to finish paying, looking all insecurely and asking me in this gentle, slightly shivering voice if it was okay for him to be here ... I was all cheery (on the inside "oO whot? why?") and told him, "Sure!~" ... Oo ... hmmm... He wanted cigarettes... and it's that they're in a 'cage' sort of thing, we have to unlock it, so no one can get any without us, ne. (people like to steal fags) So he asked me if it was okay... he wanted cigarettes... "Is that okay? Is that... okay?", smiling insecurily (with the corners of his mouth twitching nervously), asking again and again, laughing nervously... o-o"?

He came again today, ne. He looks so nice and lovable, like a bear you wanna hug <3 ... But there's clearly something not in order with him. A woman [OMGS SHE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! ♥.♥] *cough* had bought tampons, he was the next and only one in the cue and laughed shyly "Ohhh what was it she bought? Oh, ah yes, o.b., was it? ohh... heh... mm... ah well... heh... *ducks* it happens hmm... heh... *ducks* Hm, sorry, heh... eheh...sorry *ducks*, mmm, sorry." [as if she'd bought condoms and he was a 13 year old boy, really]

My favourite client キスマーク

OOooooOOOOo and my favourite client came as well <333 (he doesn't know yet ... I think XD... Though, I'm always like WHEEEEEE! when he's there XD) I love him ARgh GODS! ahah... the first 2 times he always wore his sunglasses (though there was no sun, ne), and didn't even seem to look at me while paying, but the last 2 times he didn't wear them, and today he even grinned at me when we met in the store heee~ *flails* And we laughed and giggled when he was about to pay... I almost forgot to give him the Euro back o-O Gah, don't go and confuse me ehehehehe...
[*cough* If Mao ever came to my store, he'd a) fall in love with my cuteness b) would have stay waaaay longer than planned because I'd forget to give him back the money, then forget how to open the cashier box without doing something wrong, then accidently scan some item that doesn't belong to him, then having to cancel it, so he'd have to unpack everything again and I'd have to rescan and.. .gggnnaarghhh ohgods... *flaut* .... *awkward* XPPP]

Oh by the way. That pretty blond guy... Eat me when he's not gay xDDDDDDDDDD

*IN LOVE* *dances* ラブラブ

音譜^, ^
13th-Apr-2008 02:09 am (UTC)
Hahahaha!! Loved reading this ^^
I can relate to this.
13th-Apr-2008 12:47 pm (UTC)
Ahahhhaha yeah xD For me it's weird costumers, and you get your strange people in the chat ne o-O

^__^ Glad you loved this XD <3
13th-Apr-2008 02:16 am (UTC)
Aw, this sounds like a real nice day of work even though it's always a little feeling of insecurity if there are those people. At least, I feel like this.
I don't really know how to hande upcoming situations, ne. So I always just hope that everything goes right. ^^
It's the same thing about physically ill people, like the mother of my Ex. ^^
13th-Apr-2008 12:51 pm (UTC)
Mmm well the insecurity I feel, if there's one (just with some I have that), is because I don't really know how to react if they actually did something. I mean, I'm always just me, but in case they stole something obviously or... well. I wouldn't really know what to do and HOW to react.

I just take it as it comes ^ ^ I found the doggie woman quite interesting. heh. And I hope that beauty comes again *_______* I was like "turns head* *blinks*" 8D
14th-Apr-2008 06:02 pm (UTC)
Yeah right, this kinda insecurity.

Hehe, I can imagine you like this sooooo much. XDDDDD
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