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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
Youtube (シド) comments... xD 可愛いそう〜 
14th-Apr-2008 08:46 pm
mao distorted
Gosh. Hehe. I lo~ve youtube comments sometimes. Especially when they're on my vids XD This girl (I guess o-O xD) was commenting on some SID things I have upped.

She was like "I just want to scream to Yuuya to sit down, cus i cant stare at Mao when hes like that XD" Ahahahh! I can understand that so well xD I'm just the same o-O

That Mitsuyubi~Girl

And on the same vid she said again: "in 2:41, Mao is like "nan DESU KA?", or I think that was what he said...My japanese still sucks, but well..I love his voice when he raise it XD ...i can't seem to leave this page at all ...*blush*"

Isn't that cute? xD Just like me. ... I mean the... the way she is, erm, reacts XD lol They all were on the Mitsuyubi SO comment btw.

Then she left another one on the live performance of 涙の温度 that I have upped. And said:

"Haha, I'm commenting here as well.. Can't seem to leave you alone..Im just gonna hang here for the rest of my life then... *cough* What i wanted to say was that i love this live version of the song, though it was too short. And i love Mao. O.o"

Nnnnnn heee~~~ [You don't want to know what I replied to each xD *恥ずかしぃいぃ*]

But there was one even better, a while back~

I'll copy it just the way it is without spellcorrect XP Person Y was replying to a thing I had said.

Person Y: "True! Nothing can replace them or describe them other then SID ^x^"

Me: "Hehe ^___________^ Exactly desu <33"

Jamie a week later: " Sorry but... saying Exactly desu?
"I am Exactly? o_o ... Maybe you should learn some Japanese phrases or something. 0_0"

[I laughed so damn hard then and wondered what to say howwww xD ~ Don't eat me, I've never been to a single Japanese Grammar lesson and have no idea how to call it... nor to describe 'desu' just perfectly o-o ~]

Me: "Ummm... maybe you should learn a bit more Japanese my dear. ^ ^ Desu means as much as "to be", though it actually is just an auxiliary verb. "pan desu" = "it's bread"... just like "akai desu" = "it is red" ... or yes, "you are red, he is red, I am red". Ne. "

Jamie: "Uh huh... sure but.. then you shoulda said.... wait. Still you said To be exactly? -_-"

[Believe me, I was amused to great extent xD]

Me: "Haha, gods no. XD You're amusing me. <3 Thanks.">

[That doesn't even come CLOSE to what I was XDDDD]

Jamie: "Lmao. <3 xDD *pounce*"

Me: "*giggle* You're really funny ne... XD Or should I say... Funny desu? XDDDDDDDD [and yes, that would be correct Japengrish xD]"

Jamie: "... o_o send me your email thing.. msn... thing..er.. now? xD"

Me: "LOL! okay xDDD"

*laughs* *laughs more* *still laughing*

He's so funny really XDDDDDD Nya~n~

OMGS totally forgot about that one...

It was on another vid of mine, a SID comment as well.

Danni: "For some reason... the front-singer looks like a "girl", and yet a guy! Even thought I know he's a guy, I still think he's pretty. And I'm not gay. WTF?! XD"

[Ahahahaah!!! YES, it'll happen to you too, Danni xD It'll happen to you, too ...o-O Btw... front-singer? XD... ehehehehehehe]

Me: "Hahaha lol XD You're a guy? Cool. The singer's name is Mao. ^ ^
The line up you can see on that vid is
Aki (bs) Shinji (gt)
Yuuya (dr) and Mao (v)


[Putting '^ ^' there was an understatement of everything of course o-O xD]

Danni: "Well Mao is pretty then. xD

What does BS, GT, DR, and V mean? XD"

Me: "hahahah XD WEll... it means BASS... GUITAR... DRUMS... and VOCAL XD"

Danni: "Well anyways, I'm going to bed."

Me: "Good night~"

[O_o What happened? xDDDDDD]

And what does "Mitsuyubi" actually mean?

*laughs hard*

LoveYouBouHeart: "What's Mitsuybi on japaneese?"

Me: "How do you mean? What it is in English? Or how to write it in Japanese?"

LYBH: "yeah, sorry^^'' I'm 9 years, so... O_O"

[I still didn't really know what she was talking about, but since comments around her and me at that time was about the lyrics, and the meaning of the song and title...]

Me: "Wha O__O You're ... 9 years old, or? XD
I'm not sure I can tell you the content of that then ^ ^""

LYBH: "Haha ^^""

O_O Seriously xD Poor girl sheesh. For a dangerous place even youtube can be o-O
16th-Apr-2008 01:26 pm (UTC) - youtube comments... no comment:D
Hehe, the one with 'front singer' cracked mi upXD

There's so many peculiar people in this world, and somehow most of them comment on youtube ^+++^

Though those comments of fellow Maolover are cute^^ (biased)
16th-Apr-2008 03:25 pm (UTC) - Re: youtube comments... no comment:D
XDDDDD It cracked me up too xDDDD
"He's pretty o-o... Wait. I'm not gay! *horrified* But... he's ... pretty... *stares* BUT I"m NOT! *mewls*"

xD *sadistic cackle* I would have made him eat pwitty Mao pics to make him xDDDDD ... *cough*

Of course ne. ^//^

16th-Apr-2008 07:47 pm (UTC) - Re: youtube comments... no comment:D
It's amazing how some people decide that if they like person of the same sex (as in think they're attractive) they have to be gay:D And then the whole "But I'm NOT GAY" thing starts. Really. though it's amusing to read^^

You!You're supposed to be M^^ Aaaaa, you're this kind of M, sou ka sou kaXD
16th-Apr-2008 08:35 pm (UTC) - Re: youtube comments... no comment:D
Hehehhe yah well... so far it only seemed to be men who have that kind of problem. I never met a girl that was that way. I mean, girls say "Ohhh she's pretty *__*" all the time, ne. We don't really have a problem with that YAY for bisexuality! *cough* uuhhhh um, yeah ^ ^''''

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN "Suuuuppposed to be"???? *BRISTLES* I'm NOt SUPPosED to b3 ANYTHI~~~~~~~~

Mao: *standing in a little distance behind me, leaning against the doorframe in his mitsuyubi clothes, playing with the whip between his hands, looking innocently down* Mmmm.. what exactly are you doing there.......?

Me: O_O"""""""" *cold shivers running down my spine* *shudder* Uh.. uh..emmm.... *slo~~~wly turning around* .... *seeing him stand there so narushisuko* ... o-O *ZONG*

Mao: *slowly lifts his gaze, staring directly into my eyes* ... Well...? *lets the materiel run through his fingers*

me: o.O Hyyy..... *mewl* uh... nnn... yyyy... nnggg... uhh...

Mao: *lifts eyebrow*

me: *sweats* *growing weak in my knees under his stare* Uhh.. nn.... wha~ what?~

Mao: *breathes in* *breathes out* What was that supposed to be? ... The light and... totally inappropriate outburst.

Me: Uh! Ummm... *fickles with hands* Uhh.. n...hyynnn... nothing. o.o *shudder*

mao: Mmmmhmmmmm~.... *smirks and pushes self off door frame*


17th-Apr-2008 07:14 pm (UTC) - Gulp:D
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, what was next, what was next? ^++++++++++^ Longer version, pliiiiiiiize:D:D:D:D:D
*likes to see outori squirm and nnnnnnnn^^y*

Actually I planned on doing illustration for this during lectures, but they were so boring I felt asleep-_-; So no pictures:P
17th-Apr-2008 08:32 pm (UTC) - Re: Gulp:D
Nnnnnnnnnnn ... you S you!


*pretends to not like that at all* XD

You're SO curious.. n... shall I... read through that again and ... go on....ggghhhrrrhhnnggg *trickle* *spurt*

Aww... boring lectures... hhhhhhhheellllllllllsss
17th-Apr-2008 08:46 pm (UTC) - XD
Thank you thank you^___________________^ I'm feeling very S today^^

One thing: how is it possible you (and me too actually) have any blood left? After all those nosebleeds and tricklesXD
17th-Apr-2008 08:51 pm (UTC) - Re: XD
Ahahahahahhahahah*coughcoughcough* nnghhhrr X-x


Sheesh what was that? *points upwards* nn? XD

Oh well. You know, blood regenerates neeee... So I guess we're just...fast when it comes to that ne XD
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