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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.

~ ♠ 曖昧愛情 ♠ ~ 「マオ専用」
14 May 1987

UnsraW Blog Translator @unsraw

GoD b

Chosen to be co-mod @unsraw along with being their more-or-less official translator mostly for the UnsraW blogs 2010/03

UnsraW Tumblr
Fuck Yeah UnsraW

As to the place facing you

mao spam blog smaller

So there... you have been warned.
By the way, in case you didn't notice, I won't add anyone back without them telling me why they added me.
(Yeah, thinking about making one of these handy posts for everyone to add their comment)
(... Still thinking)

Fanfiction Archive
Poem Archive

Lyrics Translation Archive

I do not believe there is only one world we live in.

(Marie Zucker)

Addicted to music.
Not really living in what goes by "reality".

Prefers harsh truths to sweet lies.

Studies and loves abstruse languages such as Japanese.
Been defined as eccentric.
Frequently being defined as amiable, floating, and calm.

Vixen roaming the background.
Tree hugger, animal lover.
Practitioner of the Shamanic ways.
Someone who sees things.

Eternally in love with Gods, Dreams, artists, and people that do not exist
in this world, as someone recently pointed out.
Walks and talks in Otherworlds.

Capitalizes for reasons.

current me prof

Former lost soul.

Besides this being my private blog with all kinds of randomness and ravings, I also offer help in healing.

Any questions? Ask. I won't bite.
Unless you want me to.

Find me when and where you will.


I lay my head on マオにゃん's chest and let him sing me to sleep everynight

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Made by inv2 for me. ありがとうな.


A giant bear hug

Awarded by
Duo Simulacra
to Outori

That beautiful, beautiful Layout [that I'll never want to change] was done by orgazemic, wherever she might be these days, and I thank her from the bottom of my soul
for her effort and artistic everything.
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