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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
wUZzLy mINd 
kuroyume big

あなたに投げた言葉も 愛してくれるなら
目の前に居るあなただけを 信じていける


雪の結晶 痛い痛い...そう「あなた」じゃない 雪の結晶





Things change. This is still me.
If you think you can get a kick out of my personal entries, you got the wrong idea.

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12th-Mar-2018 12:33 am - If you wanted to make it count
aoi thinking
I've noticed a sort of trend in me, that I fight and fight when things seem tough or even impossible, like a marathon through the desert, I run 19 miles, just to let it all go 100m before the goal. I had come to another of those points. Those 100m are easy, aren't they? Just sit down, and read, and write. Peasy.

But somewhere in the process of stopping and staring at the goal ahead of me, I felt like I couldn't move on. People I have known had already passed their second, third or fourth marathon, somewhere a thousand miles ahead of me, not having to do anything with me other than a short shared distance of a few miles or less.

So I just stood there, and shrugged.

And when the rain started to fall in the desert, I smiled, threw my runner's badge aside and started walking toward a small, deserted oasis that I'd been noticing for a while, but never really dared to find a path to. Because what you need in life is medals, right? What you need in life, is recognition written on a piece of paper.

Just give it whatever you gotCollapse )

That's it. There's that. Let it rain in the desert.
Roaded on Jun 19th 2018, 4:54 am GMT.