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When everything turns to nothing, I'll still be there for you.
wUZzLy mINd 
kuroyume big

あなたに投げた言葉も 愛してくれるなら
目の前に居るあなただけを 信じていける


雪の結晶 痛い痛い...そう「あなた」じゃない 雪の結晶





Things change. This is still me.
If you think you can get a kick out of my personal entries, you got the wrong idea.

Peeking at my profile before adding me is something I would strongly recommend.



aoi thinking
☆ This is mainly about mah iPod, or apple rather, and various adorablenesses such as a certain Asian customer and eh, Irish actors |D

Yesterday I went to the apple store to get new earphones for my iPod.

My old ones seemed rather destroyed, outside as well as inside. The sound suddenly had started to sound as if coming from far, far away a week ago or so... for listening in my bed at night I almost needed to turn it up to 50% of its volume. ... Which is like, the max. I usually let myself turn it up to. Orz.

I still had this bittelite thought of it ma~~~ybe having to do with my ears.

I hoped not |D

じゃーんCollapse )

Some Asian surprise

On Friday at work, this tiny, smiling Asian man entered the store. Something about the way he smiled was just utterly pleasant and sweet, something about his eyes and the wrinkles, and as soon as I saw him, he nodded softly and almost simultaneously I hinted a row of nods at him. Whenever I started doing that "greeting Asians with nods" I'm not quite sure, might have been years back already but... |D When what ~I~ did automatically also was reflected in what he would do automatically, I already beamed across the whole of my face XD

His accent was adoarubble ;-;Collapse )

Hn well, as I already started to talk about things I flailed about lately, I guess I'm obliged to mention this as well.

[Watch out! Incoherent flailing ensuing]


kazamesu mentioned [Thank you SO much for doing so ;-;] in some of her entries how wonderful and flailtastic that show supposedly is, and since I felt like watching something non-Asian again, I promptly followed that sort-of-recommendation.

And Gods. ;-;

I don't know how long it is ago I flailed SO much about somebody ... male and western!! T^T

Eh... just when did I ever... Collapse )

Merlin might just help me wonderfully with that. I meeyn. Oll the acturs actshelly raylly have a noice accent! Merlin the moust, bot!!!! Olltogethar it's jost sou wonderfool! *CRI* [That is actually pretty hard, typing in non-mother-tongue-quasi-dialect |D] I missed that.


Isn't he jost!!!! TT^TT


Uhm. right.Collapse )
I feel like throwing sticks for him and have him get them back for me |D

... or give him shoes to chew on!

... or wool-balls to play with! 8D [Wait... that was... different >.O]

orzCollapse )

Oh well xD

I'll ららバイ〜
Roaded on Oct 19th 2017, 1:58 am GMT.